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Salem Tales

A lazy bug horse with a love for retro nuclear post apocalypse futures and cartoon equines.

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One chapter in, and I already dislike the "Lawbringers" and their hypocritical ways. Was this intentional?

They're harsh group, yeah but this is going to be a long story and the actions of some members (such as Bronze Star) might not seem so bad as the truth of the matter comes out :3 But, yeah don't blame you for disliking them. They are a self proclaimed organization bringing wasteland justice. Wasteland justice ain't pretty. (Calamity would fit right in before his adventure with pip)

Read the first chapter and found it pretty enjoyable. I really liked your characterization of the Lawbringers as a faction, and not just because I've been really itching to write a courtroom scene myself. There were a few lines in particular where I could imagine a few of them scoffing during the testimony. I'm interested to learn more about them as the story goes along. I also liked how you tied it into the original. Although, a couple things I'm curious about: did you end up taking any cues from Long Talons or MN7? Been meaning to get to the former myself, but I know there have been a few stories set in Fillydelphia. Did either of those influence you at all or did you just really want to write this type of story?

Nice work!

The story sorta comes from a lot of things. I'd gotten through to chapter 9 or 12 of Murky before this whole idea burst forth, so undoubtedly it played a part. And when I decided setting it around Red Eye's operations I buckled down and burnt through the entirety of Murky. Really love that story and Fuzzy is an amazingly talented writer, but largely I burnt through it because I wanted to avoid conflicts? As well as seeing if a story was even possible with all that goes on in Murky. I'll be making idle reference to Murky but Murky's story and Favor's don't cross paths. A few of the characters from Murky will get referenced directly (Protege comes to mind and so does Shackles) but truth be told, the origins of Favor and the central conflicts/personality traits involved are more about personal experiences and things I've seen and helped people through. This story's sort of... catharsis for me? I haven't felt the need to write this strongly since I was a kid. So clearly I've got something I need to get out.

Long answer short: Yeah a little? Never read Long Talons, might be something I look into?

Cool. Either way, happy you're writing. Wishing you the best of luck.

As for Long Talons I have heard it's pretty good. I would say 'yes...?'. Although I've been meaning to read it myself along with other things so I can't really say.

Damn good chapter! I like this story already keep writing!:pinkiehappy:

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Feel free to join us and self advertise.

Oh! Thank you!
And thank you very much. All this positive feedback is wonderfully helpful. Its encouraging to say the least!

Really love it so far! It’s going to be really interesting I can tell!

Thank you! Chapter two should be up very very soon

... the *crucial* editor that deals with catching my bad spelling and duplicate sentences ...

Oh. Sure. I'm not hurt or anything. :pinkiesad2:

Damn good! I like to remember how cool LP is. Good chapter. :pinkiehappy:

i'm going to be so sad if this story isn't finished

She's definitely a total badass. Don't expect to see too much of her though. She's got a goddess to slay. Might hear some news reports though ;3

I have no intent on bailing. This is a passion of mine. A story I can't stop thinking about. It's gotta be finished otherwise I'm gonna go crazy :p

Good chapter! Can't wait for more.:twilightsmile:

ETA on next chapter? This is a really good story so I'd like to know when the next chapter is (hopefully) coming out.

Next chapter comes out February 1st! It's in the roughest state atm just due to holiday and wonky work schedules.

Thanks always good to know about when something comes out

You lied to us.

Edit: Okay, damn. I just read your blog post. Take all the time you need. But please finish this.

It is coming, I'm so sorry it's been delayed. Life's been a bit insane this year. February and march weren't great for me. It's been hard to find time and motivation to keep going, let alone keep writing. I don't have plans to give up and hopefully I'll have chapter 4 up this month. I'm about to go into quarantine and self isolation, so at least I'll have time.

Now that slaver faces judgement at the hooves of better ponies than himself.

But, isn't the pony in the picture a mare?

Nope, that's Cherish. He's a marish looking Stallion.

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