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I spent a good amount of time thinking of a witty comment for my bio, this is what I came up with.

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dumping one of the containers in...

OH MY GOD, PINKIE IS CLUELESS!!!:rainbowlaugh:

Welp, going to sleep early.
Going to expect the worse and have like 2 likes and 50 dislikes when I wake up.
I may expect the worse, and I may vent it out in small hopes it won't happen, and I may be writing this one one of those vents, and I may have no real way of ending this sentence, and I may just kinda end it awkwardly, and I may, oh screw it.

I don't want to be 'that guy', but support would be fine. Please Like, Comment, and Subsc- uh, you get the point.

I can't really think of any more jokes to hide my insecurity, so, just going to leave this message here

So, who's next? AJ? Flutters? Twilight?

7493272 I'm assuming you mean a story separate from this one.

I'm currently planning and writing two stories, both Twilight Sluttification. I'm still planning everything out and making a outlines, so, going to be a while.
After those, either the Applejack one I have planned, or the Starlight one I have planned.
I'm not that focused on after those, though I have a decent amount of stories I have planned but need written.

This was absolutely amazing. Some of my top fetishes, and used on my favorite character to boot.

Liked and faved.

7493345 Thanks. Right now I can't even sleep from constantly refreshing this page and feeling really nervous. I tried a lot harder making this, and it might not be the best story in the universe, but being the writer and all I really like to see the positive feedback.

I have a few stories planned, sadly none focus on Rainbow though. If you want, Whenever I post a story about Rainbow again, I could send you a PM to inform you about it.

Oh, Dash is gonna be surprised alright. If she becomes more catty because of this,Twi is definitely gonna get her ass chewed out by her.

A bit clunky at times, but still pretty good. It's better than quite a few wannabe authors on this site. Upvoted.

Wait, Rainbow didn't masturbate before?

(Spoilers for the ending!)

Well, the ending definitely wasn't what I was expecting. I honestly thought that Twilight would have a panic attack by the time she found out about Dash suddenly turning into a bimbo, which would then lead to more panic later down the line when she tries to undo what it is that she ended up doing, only for Dash to refuse to be treated and ultimately end with the effects on her mind eventually wearing off, and she screams in panic at everything that was done, eventually going after Twilight to get back at her.

7493628 It's not stated in the story, but she has. But, it's not a common thing to happen.

7493690 Well, I felt like that was the obvious approach. I do like this ending a bit better though... And, Twilight had no real reason to know she caused it. By the time she found out, the Potion had left Rainbow's system. She still tried test after test to fully understand what had happened, never finding a result that helped her out. Twilight did learn, from context clues, that Rainbow had sex for the first time, thinking there is some way it could of 'enlightened' her or something. And those points added with the face that 8 months had passed, makes it believable, in my opinion, that it could happen like that.


Even so, I'd like to think she would know something was wrong based on her appearance alone, being guaranteed of that tenfold when she heard how she was acting.

YES! "Long Authors Note At The End" is my favorite fetish :derpytongue2:
I haven't read the story yet, but I plan to.

" [i[‘Fuck… Guess I really didn’t know her.’ "

Little mistake there.

7493289 Sorry if I was a little vague, but yes, I meant a separete story from this one. Well good to know that we will see more of your work in the future. I wish you good luck.

You don't know i hate it when someone constantly says 'Like'.......It only misses that she starts saying 'Teehee'......

Any chance of Rainbow changing back to normal or will Twilight finally figure out that the potion she made with Pinkie is what did this to Rainbow?

Mind Altering should validate a Dark tag. Cause that's really, REALLY, fucked up.


I have to agree, since Twilight pretty much killed Rainbow Dash, and replaced her with someone completely different. Seriously, we even read RD begging for help as she slips away. Clop is one thing, but Bimbofication, no matter how silly or idiotic it sounds, is a frightening concept once you start thinking about it.

Welp, this was a story.

Just a heads up, stories written in present tense read like crap. Not because of content, but because the wording is forced to be awkward to accommodate it. You should really, really, really not write stories in present tense.

7493980 Fuck, I spent a good amount of time staring at my ceiling just thinking about words someone like that would say. I sadly couldn't think of much, but good suggestion for the future.

7493983 I can write a sequel like that if enough people want it.

7494351 That would be cool, of course I don't see how Twilight didn't figure out that the potion she and pinkie made had done this to Rainbow.

7494361 Well, it was mainly for the story to end as it did, so I didn't explain it enough to where most people would believe it. But I explained it enough to where I would believe it. After Twilight found out, she did test after test on Rainbow, never finding a trace of the potion because it had left her system by then. Twilight also found out Rainbow had sex for the first time, thinking there might of been some way that inspired and changed Rainbow to crave more and act like she does. That combined with the 8 month break between chapters means she has had enough time to at-least accept it. But, she still has a feeling she might of done something, there just not being enough proof to piece it together for her.

With that said, Twilight instantly grows annoyed again, “Really? Really, Rainbow Dash, I’m doing something really important right now, I don’t have enough time for your stupid pranks!”

Just gonna throw this out there. Twilight is being a complete and utter bitch, and even if she's been pranked all month by Rainbow and I think the extent to her being angry here is out of character.

7495103 Well, it's she's had enough of Rainbow's pranks mixed with her doing some extremely important princess work.

Eh. It's a clopfic. Sometimes it's kind of repetitive, but it works.

Also, this epilogue really shouldn't have happened. Considering that Twilight was friends with Rainbow, I think she'd catch on something's gone horribly wrong with the potion within a week, more likely days, and brew something to reverse it. Yes, I know she technically noticed it at...some point, not really sure when, but considering how badly she fucked Rainbow over here and her general capability with magic and access to enormous amounts of resources as well as Zecora...Yeah.

Rainbow was fixed within a week, tops. Maybe she discovered a bit more of her "bimbo" side afterwards, but I highly doubt it was to this point.

7495151 Yeah. I explained it enough to where it fits for me, but apparently not most people. Though, after writing this, I'm deciding to add multiple endings for my other stories. Good, Bad, and Anything else I can think of. Well, all of my next stories, I have around 20 planned 0_0

I think this would be a lot better if Pinkie Pie wasn't so utterly retarded :facehoof:

I love me some bimbofication, but Pinkie Pie's cluelessness about the whole situation (and causing the situation) is kinda sucking the fun out of it.

Aww dem, man
this is what I love, good work!

7495481 Despite being skeptical, by the off-chance you're the real Elzzombie. Judging on the story's picture, and my profile picture, I might be a fan.
Anyways, thanks for the positive feedback!

Well, you can always check if I'm the real elzzombie just by asking me on websites like tumblr or deviantart. I always try to reply to messages I get :^)
I dont know as of feedback, I pretty much gave none. But girly rainbow dash is just my most loved fetish and I liked this fic!

You should make a sequel about the impregnation party.

7495584 Thought about it. If I want to and a lot of people also want me to, I will!

...I'm going to have nightmares about this...

7495626 I mean, it's honestly not that bad, it's fairly well written, but it's complete, utter, and total erasure of her mind and replacing it with something she most certainly is not. That is completely and utterly fucking horrifying.

This story suggests that masturbating makes you a slut.

7495349 I don't think she is a clueless as you think she is.

“Wait.. Rarity’s hair?” Pinkie asked.

“Well, she was my first choice, but thinking about it… I would place her more in the ‘Lady’ or ‘Woman’ category. I’m only going to use a small amount of hair from a brush I borrowed.” Twilight says.

Ooh I hope Opalescence's hair isn't mixed in with that brush? Reading on...

I'm reading this at 3 AM. My brain is too tired to process anything I'm reading so I'm just going to say the fuck? And re-read it after I get some sleep.

alright i want to get this out of my chest......THE WORD "totes" got really annoying really fast. Literally halfway into chapter 2 it got annoying really fast. thats my only gripe but in all honesty thats how i felt and it SHOULDN'T be taken seriously as REAL COMMENT FOR THE STORY. That aside the story was great I like the story line of rainbow dash acting like her polar opposite of herself its a great change of pace and i support it 100% great work

I made it to the shower scene, it then became why to fetish for me.

Of course Rarity has a fucking sex dungeon

7494380 Ending spoils it totally for me. Would have been so much more enjoyable if Dash was saved. Twilight has effectively killed her off. :scootangel:

7496684 Well, I could always make a sequel. I was throwing around some ideas, and ideas other people had. So, if multiple people want a sequel and want her to be saved, I could do that.

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