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I spent a good amount of time thinking of a witty comment for my bio, this is what I came up with.

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Trigger Warning: Starlight Glimmer



"Trigger Warnings: [Starlight Glimmer]"

Fucking love it. Have an upvote.

Great job. Poor Sunburst will be run ragged with a woman like that.

It turned out great! Nice job. Although...

Trigger Warning: Starlight Glimmer

:rainbowhuh:...I don't get it.

Nice job I enjoyed how the characters were in character

7661810 Yeah, that's the main thing I try to keep in every story as I write it. Though, it was kinda hard here since every story I've read with Sunburst hasn't really been in character. And every story I've read with Starlight had been far from being in character. I haven't read every story ever written, but I have read a decent amount and I think I did a decent job at trying to keep them in character and everything to be believable.

The artist made Starlight's face somewhat look like Mrs. Piggy from the Muppets xD

Or at least in my opinion

Do another one this time with Ember and Spike.

Enjoyable fic, although I'm wondering about one thing:

blushing a bright red as he looked around at everypony staring in their direction.

This feeling was made better as he looked around and even though he was naked, he saw nopony looking his direction. Public sex was out of the question because of everyone that would be looking, but if noone was looking at him, it would be a big thrill.

Huh? First everyone was staring at them (even through the invisible barrier), but now no one is?

7663950 Well, with the amount of time I stalled and a few different friends suggestions after they read it, I guess mistakes were bound to be found somewhere. :twilightsheepish:

7664264 Oh, wayyy ahead of you there. When I first started writing, I posted This

It's very nice. Cloppity clop indeed.

Reaction to the fic and the to the Public (sort of) sex that Starlight and Sunburst had:

I'm not planing to read the story based on this description, as I'm just not interested. But you can dam well bet I give the thumbs up because of the trigger warnings. kek.

I'd love if this got a sequel where they implemented the mind control.

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