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HA! I like this so far, And I can't help but hear Celly's voice in like the girl's in this:

Hmm... And I like the Scoots in this. I'll start on the... hairband (Of Adagio's, since she'd be in it and... Luna would use it.)

6729101 Hairband? What hairband? XD And glad you liked it. XD We both worked hard on it. XD

6729101 Glad you like it, and like Regreme said what hairband?

6729260 It's great!

6729265 Well, if there are pictures in the journal, wouldn't Adagio's hairband be in there? I mean, she oozes sexuality. And if say... Luna, the more forward thinking of the two Principals, if she wore it to see how it looked, it'd possess her, making her usually conservative sweater and jeans into thin tee, leggings, and a vest. Her orthopedic flats into high-heels, and her hair from free flowing to a column of smoky blue mist (like NMN's) and instead of holding her tongue, she'd say what came to her mind and be aggressive and act like a temptress.

I have like 16 ideas for others, if you want to read.

6731541 Nice idea, we'll take it into consideration.

Also if you what to suggest ideas just pm me with the character, an item and what would happen. And please be specific.

6731541 We already had plans for Luna's, but we're open to hearing suggestions.

6732495 Both for the most part

Hey, wait a minute...
I thought I recognized this plot from somewhere! So, now's an officially posted story! You now have my attention. :trixieshiftright:

6732436 Glad you like it.^^ As you can tell though, Celly isn't a vapid bimbo. She still has a bit of her old self with her wisdom, eh?^_^

I guess Celestia found the D-Note.

And no, the 'D' doesn't stand for death.

Quick tip: You keep switching from past to present tense throughout the story. It's usually better to pick one and stick with that!

Anyway, Celestia thought the womens' proportions were ridiculous, but there were men drawn in the book as well. Did they look normal? Is it just going to affect girls or both genders? Or are they boys going to changed to not notice what's going on with their female classmates and teachers?

6732697 maybe we'll see in the future and thanks for the tip

6732563 Glad to hear that.^^ Like how we made her as a bimbo? Though still a bimbo, she's not a vapid bimbo like most bimbo transformations make. XD She keeps a bit of her original self via that wisdom of hers.

6732697 The notebook focused more on the girls involved, so the changes are either on females... or into females. And as Sunset proved, it's possible to notice the changes... if you're not the victim being changed, that is.

6732812 I'll be honest, you had me going thinking that Luna was going to get her mits on the pom poms, but Celestia is still nice. I am intrigued, however, how you made it so that the items in the notebook were pre-drawn, rather than having the notebook blank and having the drawings been made as the book gets past around campus. But I suppose sticking with a set number of items is prime, especially if their not limited to just one character (if having Sunset eventually falling under their spell *giggity* is any indication).

6732854 (lol to the last bit about Sunset.) Yeah. But, since it's a box, it's possible to have other items beneath the more visible ones she noticed. So, we haven't decided all the stuff yet. Easier said than done sometimes, eh? XD Though, we already have ideas for some, like for Luna and Flash for certain.

6732568 Yup! Loving it so far! Are you the Editor?

6733276 Yep. Came up with the idea, my friend here accepted the idea and wrote most of it thereafter. Helped out here and there, but he did most of the work. I mainly just proofread thereafter.

6733296 Heh. We got ideas for what to have Luna and Flash change as. But, still open to suggestions for other options.

6733300 I got plenty. Please, let me know if you desire my opinions.

6733309 Just send a note, and we'll hear them out.

6733309 As my friend said send your ideas. We appreciate them

6735764 lol Can't blame you in the slightest.

6736124 Can't blame you in the slightest. Helps that she can be surprisingly wise and kind on top of it, eh?

YES, I've been waiting for this story, and SO worth it:pinkiehappy::heart::pinkiecrazy:

6736480 lol Glad you think so. Like what we did to Celestia?

6736586 I'll answer with another question, is Rarity the biggest drama queen?:duck:

6736605 lol Well, did you like how we didn't make her vapid though?^^

Wouldn't their first point of order to be to inform princess twilight via the book?

6739341 One: Set after Equestria Games, where it was learned one can't just wait for answers to come to them.
Two: With how... hindered, Sunset's mind is, it's not surprising she forgot that option.

6739452 6739679
All of the mane 6 know of the journal, or at least should, and at least one of them should have come up with it as a suggestion. Secondly, even if they have to wait for help, they should still actually call for help, just as a back up plan, considering it shouldn't take all that long to jot a note there is no reason NOT to. Thirdly, while asking Princess Twilight for help is probably their best answer, it's also just as much a legitimate strategy one of them could come up with to say "Magical contaminant outbreak. Don't come through the portal unless we can fix it, too much of a risk to you and the princesses". I'm not saying the journal will fix all the conflict in the story, there are plenty of ways to write around it, I just find the fact that no one mentions it as a possible avenue really odd.

6739812 Well, it's definitely something to consider adding in, no doubt.

6740079 I see you're paying attention.^_^

6740248 curious to see where the tg warning kicks in

6740313 Well, two planned ones for that for a certainty.

This... won't end well, but hilariously.

6745182 *shifty eyes* Not telling

6745182 lol Like Luna's results?

6745219 Yeah, that's going to be something... good or not.

6745188 Gotcha, boss.

6740313 Missed this somehow. Well, you'll find out soon enough. Hope you like the new chapter.^^

6739812 Handled that issue this new chapter.^^

6738844 Hope you liked the new chapter.^^

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