• Published 21st Jun 2012
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Tipsy - Anonymous Pegasus

Luna gets Twilight drunk to try and seduce her. Twilight, instead, gets VERY forward.

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my bed will have to wait.

Edit: i was smiling like an Idiot through the entire thing, fucking well done.
and the clop, it was *ehem* satisfying :3

I don't normally read clop, but...damn that was good.

I believe I have just developed another fetish. I LOVE SOCKS!!!!!!!!!

that awkward moment when i forgot to fave this because I thought it was a oneshot and the only reason I'm back here is because I was going through the recent updates...

Whelp, there went those shorts.:rainbowkiss:

i'm glad i'm not wearing jeans.

normally Princest is awkward to me...but you did it so well I just don't give a rat's ass...you sir deserve a medal...the only clop story i enjoyed more than this is four of two

The only thing better then Twilestia?

Twilunestia!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Well that was great. as I don't actually use ponies to satisfy myself I cannot call this clop, therefore, I really enjoyed this SUPER-SHIPPING story!

damn, in the middle if reading this i could NOT stop myself from getting up and putting on socks . . . Good clopfic . . . I mean AMAZING clopfic. You are really good at writing clopfics keep writing them

Im sorry but I saw this and the 400% more socks thing made me laugh now i need to read this

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow..... cool story bro:eeyup:

:pinkiegasp: The socks had not only been doubled. but QUADRUPLED! and i see im not the only one to wear socks on my hooves the whole fic! i love ponies with socks. ponies. socks. awesome.:rainbowkiss: ive loved every other chapter but this one was best. cotton socks on ponies. :yay: BUT NOW ITS OVER?!:raritycry: cant wait to see what you produce next. no pressure bro. to reiterate. Love your clopfics. Love pony socks. Love the whole Twilunestia relationship. this equals favorite clopfic ever. i want to say thank you for the amazing wing boner this clop produces! :moustache:

Soooocks... So many sooocks.. Hell yeah! Gonna read this right now!

Well this was.. Satisfying... Both princess at same time? I can only imagine luna saying one thing...



791212 I'm thinking of writing that next, but making it non-clop.

Good, I'd rather it wasn't clop because there's just so much story potential in it, and the inevitable day after scene. Lulz I'm looking forward to that.

This needs just one more chapter to finish all the pairings that can be done with the three: Luna x Celestia

The last bastion!

Can you make it happen? D:


YAY I knew it that you gona do TwixLunaxTia chapter ^^

This was great!! your story was emotional and you didn't even have to set anything up. just start with the premise that Luna, and Celestia both harbor red feelings for Twilight and let the clop commence!! The simplicity makes it work, i think. I do have one note for you though. Through out this piece, and especially in the third chapter you tend to over use the word 'sex', 'lave', and one or two others. don't be afraid to throw synonyms around like confetti. with 'sex' as in vagina, you could swap marehood, labia, maidenhood, pussy, need (used as a noun), desire (used as a noun) ect. my rule of thumb is to not use the same meaning of the same word more than once in any three sentences in a row. otherwise a great read and very well done!! :twilightsmile:

P.S. there is NEVER enough Twilunestia!!! thank you for writing the best clop 'pairing':heart::heart::heart:

794644 I usually use some VERY graphic words to describe that. The 'c' word gets used a whole lot. I felt that it didn't really fit in with the tone of the story though, and I shy heavily away from anatomical words. My family owns horses, and using things like 'labia' and whatnot just summons up images of REAL horses. Which I do not find attractive in any way. :twilightoops:

788227 I remember back when I watched porn that was at the very least human shaped.

My thoughts on this Glorious clopfic:
Oh my God Yes More!

Oh to be a horsefly on the wall while all this was going on... :trollestia:

Well done I must say, well done indeed! :twilightsmile:

Im not sure how to take this. I didnt know this was called a clop fic, or what that entails. But good god will i be reading more.

782121 How long have you been a brony? It was a HUGE meme for the brony community a few months ago.

814162 I've been a brony for a while, I guess? Just never really been big on the whole social networking side of things.

I mainly look at pony porn, PMV's, and watch the episodes. Oh, and write porn.:derpytongue2:

814199 Still seems hard to have missed with how big it was. Of course, this was when the Equestria Daily Drawfriends were still in the one hundreds.

814217 lol. Equestria daily.

I don't like EqD. Don't pay attention to them at all, any more.

Dammit... Now I definitely can't go back to regular porn...

"And snuggled in between the forms of Celestia and Luna, that was most definitely where Twilight was happiest."
What you did there, I see it.
I have the strangest feeling that this entire clopfic was based off this one pun.:trollestia:

822981 :pinkiegasp:

...I...didn't even notice what I did there until you pointed it out :rainbowlaugh:

If I was going for the ultimate, though, I'd have put 'that's where Twilight belonged'.

This story has everything:
Lesbian ponies
Twilunestia (OT3!)

I don't know what else to say so I made a video.

Very good scenes, but your delivery was hurt by punctuation errors. 2.5/5 stars overall.


That was quite... satisfying?
I wasn't expecting those parings to work, but this is exceptionally well done.

Twilight the lush... lol.

Princesst, hee hee hee! :rainbowlaugh::heart:

Wow! This was an absolutely phenomenal piece of writing, not just for the clop, but for everything you implemented in the procedure of writing it! Seriously, you had me totally gripped by daww, lol, and, well… you know.

By Celestias Beard this was outstanding.

Here have an internet.


PS: Socks!!!! Every bloody time you mentioned those, I died of laughter.

PPS: I found two errors while reading through:

“…powder blue to match her silky man.” Man? Mane…

“while Twilight herself had her muzzle buries in Luna’s sex!” buries? Buried.

Both princesses were wearing socks, as Twilight could clearly see. Celestia was wearing golden coverings on her hooves, while Luna’s were a soft, powder blue to match her silky MAN.

you might want to fix that one......

sigh... why can't people keep celestia out of these kinds of fics? she's just such a bland and boring character -_-

HERESY :flutterrage: *Exterminatus*

Oh shit! *flees to the warp... again* I'll be back corpse-worshiper!

Her silky man, huh? :rainbowwild:

The door swung open on its own accord under the renewed pressure of the unicorns knocking are there more unicorns :duck:

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