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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky


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Everything that the King of the Crystal Empire has at last come true. All his enemies have been defeated, all nations have been conquered, governments overthrown, revolutions silenced, traitors executed, and all of Equinity is now in slavery.

Just as Emperor Sombra had dreamed of.

Yet, on that night of triumph where he becomes the very king of the world, a voice broke out into mad laughter. Curious, the Emperor has him arrested and brought to question as to why would he dare laugh at him.

A major thank you to Shadeol for proofreading this story.

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Ahhh the one important question of what now lol

A very question that drove Alexander the Great to his winecup.

The answer is pretty easy, actually.

After you made sure Good is vanquished forevermore, you'll deny the universe the satisfaction of seeing you die at the hands of the righteous. Let the mad slave laugh. This is a matter of pride.

And if you fear you didn't defeat Good for good, you'll stay in power to make sure it can never rear its head again. That's kind of what the Good Guys tend to do, just in reverse.

And as Sombra walked away, he heard the traitors laugh.

Like I said. When you've got everything you could ever hope for and know you will leave eternal suffering behind, you can end it and laugh at the idea that now, you deny everyone else the satisfaction.

And if you think the suffering might stop if you die, then you'll stay in power and make sure Evil will always come out on top.


7237003 I had the same thought as i was reading,bit dissapointed it didnt happen.

7243968 So you both agree with Sombra then:

“He’s wrong anyway, what do insane ponies know about me anyway?”

I don't know is Sombra agrees with Sombra here. He let the servant get under his skin.

Maybe Sombra's one of those villains who lack the vision needed. Too short-sighted to see there's an answer. After all, whether there is one or not won't matter if Sombra never gets it, eh?

7244583 What do you think Alexander the Great cried over? Especially from that multiple Equestria Episode, it seems to me that Sombra might be the conquering kind.

That's possible, yes. If you ask me, Nightmare moon is another candidate. She's driven by jealousy and an inferiority-complex of planetary proportions. Once she gets what she wants, it probably won't satisfy her.

Tirek and Discord, on the hand... Tirek had a simple goal: Gather all magic and rule forever. Discord is a sadist who takes endless pleasure in tormenting his victims. Even now that he's reformed, he'll occupy his time messing with Twilight. I'm not sure he's capable of getting bored of it.

Villains never ask the "what now?" They always ask the "how?"
Then, it's never enough.
And what'd he mean by 'she'? Who was the previous tyrant?

7276364 Hint: "You can't have a nightmare, if you never dream."

7276600 Question: Who was the one that dared laughed?

This is the problem with conquest for powers sake, but it would not bother someone driven by ideals, by passions, sombra did it because of power to control, so the next logical step is immortality to prolong the control. Then to prefect it strip their free will and be the absolute master of every action, perfect control, except sombra wouldn't be satisfied with that end because as you put it he does not love. He doesn't have the passion to desire something enough that success is all that matters, ironically he isn't mad enough greed is a horrible motivator on the grand scale. Perhaps he might develop the idea to seek their approval to be loved by his slaves and be their god and absolute hidden master to satisfy his endless greed but again he isn't quite mad enough... ha.

What do you you do when you finish a videogame? You become mad? No, you play another one.

The multiverse is infinite, Sombra literally have an infinite playground.


There is no after the infinite.

Infinitely doing something = it never ends.

infinitely doing something you enjoy = neverending paradise.


infinitely doing something you enjoy = neverending paradise.

Sounds like Hell to me.


How so? If you enjoy doing something, why would you want it to end?

Because, if my very whims were being fulfilled on a daily basis, winning everything, getting everything I want in a paradise like that, no matter how fun it would be at first, eventually you'll want something to challenge you whereby there's a risk of losing. If I were Sombra, and all I got was success after success when it increasingly becomes more likely that all the odds will be in my favor, even if I wanted to do a crime, I still wouldn't like it as there's always the guarantee that I would get away with it because there's a pre-planned outcome.

To understand what I mean by this, I'm gonna give you the plot to an episode of one of my favorite TV show's, the 1960's The Twilight Zone. In particular: "A Nice Place to Visit."

After robbing a pawn shop, Henry Francis "Rocky" Valentine is shot by a police officer as he tries to flee. He wakes up to find himself seemingly unharmed by the encounter as a genial elderly man named Pip greets him. Pip explains that he has been instructed to guide Rocky and give him whatever he desires. Rocky becomes suspicious, thinking that Pip is trying to swindle him, but Pip proves to have detailed information on Rocky's tastes and hobbies. Rocky demands that Pip hand over his wallet; Pip says that he does not carry one, but gives Rocky $700 directly from his pocket and says that he can provide as much money as Rocky wants.

Thinking that Pip is trying to entice him to commit a crime, Rocky holds him at gunpoint as the two travel to a luxurious apartment. Pip explains that the apartment and everything in it are free, and Rocky starts to relax. However, his suspicions rise up again when a meal is brought in, and demands that Pip taste it first to prove it isn't poisoned. When Pip demurs, claiming he hasn't eaten for centuries, Rocky shoots him in the head, but sees that the bullets have no effect. Rocky realizes that he is dead, and he believes that he is in Heaven and Pip is his guardian angel.

Rocky visits a casino, winning every bet he makes as beautiful girls gather around him, and enjoys being able to torment a policeman after Pip shrinks him. Later, Rocky asks Pip if he can see some of his old friends who have also died, but Pip says that this world is for Rocky alone. Except for the two men, no one in it is real. When Rocky wonders what good deeds he could have done to gain entrance to Heaven, Pip takes him to visit the Hall of Records. Rocky looks through his own file and discovers that it only contains a list of his sins, but decides not to worry about it because God apparently has no problem with him being in Heaven.

One month later, Rocky has become bored with having his whims instantly satisfied. He calls Pip and asks for a challenge in which he might run the risk of losing. Pip offers to set up a bank robbery, but Rocky abandons the idea, saying that a pre-planned outcome would take the fun out of the crime. He then tells Pip that he is tired of Heaven and wants to go to "the other place," to which Pip retorts, "Heaven? Whatever gave you the idea you were in Heaven, Mr. Valentine? This is the other place!" Horrified, Rocky tries in vain to open the now-locked apartment door and escape his "paradise" as Pip laughs malevolently at his torment.

The closing narration to this: "A scared, angry little man who never got a break. Now he has everything he's ever wanted – and he's going to have to live with it for eternity – in The Twilight Zone."

I personally disagree with that, but i guess we can't really debate such worldviews that we can't even physically test.

But on to Sombra, theorically, in the multiverse, there is always Stronger than you, as such he will still get challenge and will probably, one day, be beaten. Unless he willingly choose to invade weaker universes.

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