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Growing feelings for someone in text form is one thing, but what happens when you meet for the first time? Anon meets his long time penpal and crush from overseas, Aryanne

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I want to make love to you Priest, but it wouldn't be someting you would Reich.

Dear fucking Christ....

A very lovely couple indeed.

But that word play at the very end needs to go into the oven.

though i got a little sad at the dream line, but it all worked out

What is that weird stuff around Aryanne's mouth?

I lost my concentration towards the end of the story, but I'm glad I didn't Auschwitz off. By the end you had re Jews me to tears.

Good job Priest.

Shading. I zoomed in too. It's kind of a case where it looks good in high resolution, but bad in low Rez

So you said you wrote this on the airplane? Christ, I wonder what the guy next to you was thinking

“Is not a big deal. I found filthy Juice in your refrigerator.”

You just don't give a fuck anymore do you

Fluttershy needs to cosplay as Aryanne.

I have no words...:rainbowlaugh:

I don't know what I was expecting...

7865406 I would love to probe his thoughts just for an answer.:rainbowlaugh:

Burning. The. Juice.

I'm so going to hell for laughing at this.

7865329 And it was that joke that made me do a Hitler and shoot myself in the head.

7865452 But you DO have an emoticon.

Deliver me my last rites Fra. Flutters

7865360 The remains of the last author who wrote a story about her.

You almost forget that you're reading a story about Aryanne, and then at the end,

7865370 Okay, I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything and I'm not bad-mouthing this story when I ask this question...but did you ever at all feel a slight bit awkward about using a pony character who has in many other fanfics been used as an extreme facist / racist / cock-hungry sex slut / Neo Nazi / Cat in the Hat at one point, I think?

Again, I must stress that it is your story and I'm not trying to be a dick in any way possible here. I was just curious as to what made you want to pick this pony for your story rather than any other existing character, canon or non-canon. I mean, this isn't a bad fanfic, but after the crap I've seen this pony in before it's very off-putting for me. But that's just me.

Am I the only one who finds the character of Aryanna offensive?

no shit sherlock

This story is awesome!! :rainbowlaugh:

It made the Führer proud.

Then... why make a story about it?


Humor is subjective. While some find some things funny, others clearly won't. Puns aren't everyone's cup of tea, and some definitely don't like nazi jokes. But just because not "everyone" would like something, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. I have plenty of humor I don't find funny, but I thoroughly enjoyed making this. I'm sorry if this isn't something you enjoy, but I made this for myself.

Life isn't about 'playing it safe' or trying not to offend someone.

You wrote this on a plane? Well I read this on a plane hahaha. Now that's something that doesn't happen everyday.

Das ist gut ja?

No, I'm glad you made it for yourself! I'm sorry if I came across as rude or anything. This is actually the first time I had actually heard about her character, so I was a little confused about its implications:twilightsmile:

His longtime crush?
Where is the romance tag?

I'm surprised she didn't gas the juice.:rainbowlaugh: (I know I'm going to hell for that but aren't we all?)


LOL, I lost it!

And damn fine work Priest you glorious shit you, hahaha XD this was awesome.
Nicely done.

At first I was confused as to the reason why Ary would hate juice to the point of burning it:rainbowhuh:.... but then I realized the close synonym, and her Nazi cutie mark for the cover art. I was shocked when I figured it out, yet I was laughing for all the wrong reasons. Guess I'm another one of those awful kinds of people:rainbowlaugh:.

Hitlarious. :rainbowlaugh: <—see what I did there? I'm gonna go to hell for this, aren't I?


She's not actually racist. She just has very harsh breakfast expectations.

EDIT: It's funny, but there was no clarification. The juice might have been quite expired, and her fluency just wasn't up to the task. That makes us the racists here! :pinkiegasp:

Flutterpriest, you're changing my outlook on life. Please stop. I don't want to drink the sin away.

Have an upvote.

Wow. A clear oversight on my part. Fixed.

I can't take the 'anon' tag seriously, it looks too different in style from the other tags. It cracks me up looking at an expressionless green face as a character tag...

Anyways, this strikes a little close to me so colour me interested. I'll read it later.


7865883 The character of Anon is almost never meant to be taken seriously, so a silly-looking tag fits nicely.

You are a filthy bastard and I hate you.

Für die Herrlichkeit des Sonnenreiches. Verbrennen Sie den Saft, verbrennen Sie alles


OK, I'm just thinking she has to sparkle like sunshine to pull that sort of junk !

Have an upvote for not being politically correct.


Oh my god. That pun.


dude, FUUCK YOU. I laughed way too hard at that line. Fuck man, bravo. You made my heart flutter, and you made me feel for characters in... what is basically a really stupid story.

I love this website.

The Juice did this!

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