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Hello... I am hoofed writing. I write stories of the vast world of ponies. (along other beings) I'm in love with peaches and they help me write. Peaches ~ <3


Music Stand has no idea where he is and what he was doing before he found himself in the Everfree forest but he needs help and plans on finding it. The place that he goes to get it... Ponyville.

(currently in revision process as of 3/20/17)

Chapters (8)
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You have my attention. Let's see what happens next...

Great beginning! I just found two tiny mistakes:

“Perfect landing sport”

You forgot the period at the end, and I think your meant spot instead of sport.

“Well welcome to ponyville Music.”

You should capitalize Ponyville, and add a comma before Music.

7199055 Ah I will fix those right away. But, I did mean sport. Music was calling himself sport, you know kinda like how the typical baseball dad would. But thank you so much for the feed back. :twilightsmile: It means alot to moi.


Oh, then you should add a comma before sport.

7201639 huh well that does make more sense. Thanks.

So why is this story called Foal Fable - Equestria Called?

7227801 Can't tell... spoilers. :derpytongue2: well foal fable because this pony's life will become a bedtime story told to foals all across Equestia. The latter is a secret. But i will say this, the next one is... Foal Fable; Equestria Falling

Is this a rough draft unedited version loaded by mistake?:rainbowhuh:

8041942 lol I mostly wanted people to know I was still alive I'm still going through each chapter and making it 100%

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