• Published 5th May 2016
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Foal Fable - Equestria Called - Hoofed_Writing

An amnesiac pony finds him self in the small town of ponyville in search for what he has lost, his past.

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5 ~ The Elements of Harmony; Part 1

“Just to get things straight the only reason I stayed was because I have no place to go.”

“Uh huh.”

Lyra and I are walking down one of the side streets with in ponyville as we head to an unknown destination in which the mare won’t tell me. While we walked, we bickered causing some of the nearby ponies to cast a variant of looks towards us. Some looked at us with concern, some worry, and some gave us that glance you would give when you see a perfect couple walk by. Yea, I would prefer the former two.

“Where are we going,” I had asked this for like the 4th time now and Lyra simply rolled her eyes and gave out a huff.

“We are going…” Before she could finish I ran right into somepony causing the entirety of space and time to fold over itself and explode, ending my life.

The End

Well that really didn’t happen. I looked up ready to chew out who ever ran into me, I was so angry that I could… “Sweet Celestia! Twilight I’m so sorry!” Yea, that was me chewing out Twilight. We both raced to help each other up and ended up bumping horns. No not in a lovey dovey way, more like we rammed each other.

Clutching our horns and groaning we both looked at each other cracking smiles before laughing so hard that we fell the rest of the way. While this was happening Lyra had this look like we just disrespected her ancestors. Finally after we calmed ourselves I got up and put out a hoof for Twilight.

“We should really stop running into each other like this,” she accepted my hoof as I pulled her up to all fours, her smile now turning into a smirk.

“Quite literally,” we stand there smiling at each other when we hear somepony clearing their throat.

“Well I see you two are getting along,” it was Lyra and boy did she look ticked. “Well this is perfect, Twilight you can foalsit Stan for me.” And with a swish of her tail she headed to a nearby building labeled “Dizzy Weasel” leaving me with my jaw on the ground and Twilight giggling.

* * * * *

As the shocked me finally got over what Lyra said I found that Twilight was poking my side. Looking at her smiling a little.

“Yes?” Twilight nodded her head towards the road signaling to follow. I followed thinking to myself about how lunch sounds really good right about now. With a pop Twilight used a teleport spell to change her position so that she was walking backwards and facing me.

“You hungry?,” that made me wonder if she could read my mind, damn magic.

With a smile I nod my head my mane coming into my eyes a bit. “I’m starving.” Twilight led me to a nearby restaurant in which we sat down and waited for a waiter.

When a waitress came by she asked us what we wanted to eat, I went for a simple daisy and hay sandwich while Twilight got alfalfa taco. The waitress gave a slight nod after scribbling some notes on her notepad and scuttering off to the kitchens.

After some time the young mare waitress came back with our meal and set down each meal in front of its respected owner both of us drooling with anticipation.

Looking at Twilight I smile “Thanks for taking me out to lunch,” she waved her hoof as she munched on her taco. With that I chowed down on my sandwich savoring the petals of the daisies and stands of hay. It took a few minutes before either party had anything to say, it started when Twilight's face lit up.

Putting her food aside she gasped, I look at her with an eyebrow raised. “I know what we should do today!” I blink at her outburst of excitement, “you should meet my friends!” And with that we set off to see the rest of some of the most beloved ponies in Ponyville.


Following the galloping unicorn was kinda hard due to her excitement giving her a burst of energy. Staying right behind her tail we came up to a… giant gingerbread house? Well this was most certainly an odd thing to find. As we walked up to the front door I found a little hanging sign that read “Sugar Cube Corner.”

As we wandered into the open door way I saw the organized chaos of a bakery. We went up to the front desk and waited for a pony to help us out.

“TWILIGHT!” A fomboint pink pony with a mane way overdue for a stylist hopped over to us giving Twilight a bear hug.

With a small squeak as she was consumed by the pink mess Twilight smiled at her, “Nice to see you two Pinkie,” this so called Pinkie stood up straight like a flagpole a toothy grin from ear to ear.

“What brings you here Twi? Come to get some cupcakes or cake?” she was way to energetic for and adult.

Twilight started to explain our mission, “well you see…” but before she could finish the pink psychopath interrupted her bouncing 8 feet into the air.

“Oh-oh, you're here to introduce your friend, who has lost his memory and you thought if we all got together he would feel more comfortable in Ponyville,” and with that she walked behind the counter and rummages underneath.

I sat there with me jaw on the ground, “h-how?” Twilight looked at me and shrugged.

“Just a hunch I guess.”

Pinkie had returned to our side of the counter and bringing her fore hoof back launched it straight towards my face! This pony wanted to murder me! But before I could react Pinkie stuffed a cupcake into my mouth and took my hoof shaking it vigorously.

“Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie and I hope we can be the best of friends.”

Trying my best to not become a milkshake I swallow the frankly really good cupcake and answered with the voice of somepony being in the squat middle of an earthquake. “Y-y-e-a, I-I-m M-u-u-u-s-i-c,”

She finally stopped shaking my hoof and smiled gleefully “Nice to meet ya Music Stand,”

I tilted my head, I never said my last name. Pinkie saw that and her grin only got bigger, meanwhile Twilight had a smile of her own but for an entirely different reason. I suspect that she thought of this humorous.

Pinkie looked down at her hoof and gasped “Oh no! I need to get back to my cupcake making-” before we could say our goodbyes she raced away to the stairs “- Bye see you guys later!”

I look at Twilight confused as buck, she simply shrugs and leads us outside to continue our day.

As we walk down a side road we hear a yell of expiration as a blue mass rams right into us flinging us several feet into a hay wagon. No whatever Twilight says I did not scream like a little filly, I swear it was not me.

“Yea! That, was, awesome!”

I push out of the hay scratching at my forehooves a bit and ticked off, a lot “That was not awesome!” Twilight manages to push herself out far from amused.

“Rainbow Dash!” Twilight stomped her way up to RD and glared at her who was chuckling nervously.

“Heh sorry Twi,” Twilight held her glare for a few more moments before sighing and and looking at me.

“Sorry about this Music, I know this isn’t the best way to meet a new friend but this is Rainbow Dash,” I shake my head and give RD a nasty look before walking next to Twilight silently.

“Sup,” thats all she said, the filly that ran me over simply says “sup”. I lower myself to the ground and growl at the blue pegasus.

The surprises Twilight, she gasps and puts a hoof over her mouth, “Music!”

I look at her blinking a few times, “What?” She narrows her eyes threatening me like a mother would.

“That was uncalled for,-” that causes RD to scoff and smirk at me, “-and you!” The tone of voice that Twilight used causes RD’s ears to flatten. “Apologize to Music Stand,” boy Twilight was really angry.
RD looked at me with sympathy “Sorry dude,” her ears drawn back and now looking at the ground got to me. I walked up to her and smiled gently putting my hoof on her shoulder.

“Hey it’s ok everypony makes mistakes,” she looked at me and flashes a smile.

At that moment probably one of the most embarrassing moments in my natural life happened, RD reached up with her hoof and grabbed the back of my head. Then… then, she nuzzled my cheek.

“See ya,” she left a shocked Twilight and a apple red me in the dust as she flew off.

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