Foal Fable - Equestria Called

by Hoofed_Writing

8 ~ Good news

8- good news

It's been a good week since I stumbled into ponyville and made new friends with everypony. The elements of harmony and lyra and the gang, who have given me the best time ever. I found out that I loved ponies and helping them out, even if they weren't my beloved friends.Twilight has been a most gracious hostess and let me stay home with her in the guest room on the bottom floor, which had a very comfy bed. She has fed me and showed me the town, her kindness has shown no bounds. In fact I have become very fond of her, very fond. To pay her back I always did odd jobs for her or helped her with chores. She always wants to pay me for my help, but I refuse every time.

Me and twilight were cleaning up the library, stacking books and dusting shelves when the oak door decided to shout at us with various knocks. Twi rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at me and went to the door to see the cause of the disturbance. She cracked open the door to take a peek at whoever or whatever was at the door. She smiled and opened the top half all the way to greet our guest.

“Welcome to the library, how can I help you?” standing there was a familiar young mare holding a file tucked under her wing and the oh so terrible monotone voice. She stood there with a smile seeing me, for once showing emotion.

“I came to see Mr. Stand about those files he and Lyra requested last week,-” she smiled meekly and waved at me, I nodded with an eyebrow raised.”-apparently this is for his eyes only. As it was given by the princess herself,” she handed us a sealed file and scuttled away toward the center of town.

“My eyes only huh,” I take the file from twi who is now peeking over my shoulder as we gaze into the now gaping folder after I broke the seal on the side of the manila folder.

At the top of a single white piece of paper next to the namespace it said, Music Stand, 18, and we both stared at the next word printed in black ink.


* * * * * *

I sit there staring, there is no other information to be found. Twi looks at me sadly and gives me a heart warming hug while I flip the paper back and forth looking for anything. Maybe it was a joke from pinkie pie or rainbow dash.

“I’m so sorry Music,” she never lets go, but I don’t want her too. I just found out that I’m supposed to be dead. No memory, no birth place, no family. I have nothing but my age and name. I get up and stumble over to my room that I am currently help up in. I go to the far side of the room falling into a corner, curling up into a ball and just leting go.

I sit there for hours thinking, contemplating whether I should leave or stay. I’m no use here, I just do odd jobs and take up other ponies space. The “official” states I'm supposed to be dead, why not make that the truth.

I grab a blanket and roll up in the corner once more, sobbing. I haven't eaten since morning and it's getting late, my stomach growls but I don't care. I sit there and the sun sets. I try to sleep but no avail, there's a feeling I can't push away and I keep hearing the sound of magic out side along with fire. I want to check on Twi but I can't get up from exhaustion.

That's when Twi knocks on the door and comes in.

“Hey ... you might want to see this,” her face just as grim as mine. In her purple aura she held a note, but not just any note, no. This note had the royal seal on it.

“W-whats that, a death warrent?” Twi looked shocked and a little disgusted.

“The princess would never kill anypony without reason, just read it.” she tosses the note at me and leaves with a flick of her tail her rump swishing as she leaves.

I sit there unrolling the note and reading it out loud in my head.

Dearest Music Stand,
Twilight has been telling me about you, and how you have been a kind pony to the towns folk and helping them even though you have no reason too. Of course you should know who I am by now, yes it is I, Celestia. My sister and I have received information that you have lost your memory and we would like to assist you. We welcome you to canterlot with open hooves.

P.S - Your friends are welcome to join.
Signed Celestia and Luna

* * * * * *
I look at the note, staring. I read it, reread it and read it again. Could this be true? My heart soars at the thought of my past, but sinks quickly. What if they can't help me? What if it's a trap to set things to document. I shake my head and let hope deep into my aching heart.

I ran out of the room sliding and tripping falling onto my side skidding to a stop right under Twilight, she looks down and smiles my own grin ten times as big.

“I told you,” her smile turning to a smirk, and I hug her tight now knowing that I might have a chance to know my past to figure out who I am. She is squashed against me and she turns away her purple face turning a shade of pink. Not having any concense I nuzzle her from excitement.

Eventually Twi got out of my iron grip and flopped next to as my eyelids got heavy from the sleepless night before. She sees this and boops my nose as I drift but not looking at her a goofy smile plastered on my face.

She hoofs my face a bit, “Stop it you,” I give one last toothy grin and pass out into a well earned rest.

* * * * * *

The rest of the day my body rested but my mind was busy, I dreamed I was in an area with fog everywhere. I couldn’t see in any direction not even down, the fog shrouding my hooves. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest as fear filled my body. I started to run and run the fog was so thick and I felt like I was going nowhere. Eventually I see a city scape in the distance, what was this? The city looked like a cluster of skyscrapers but at a closer look they didn’t look like skyscrapers but domes.

As a ran thinking I was getting close a dark figure loomed over me coming out of nowhere, he held a curved blade and swiped at me, the black edge of death consumed everything as it came towards my white furred chest.