Foal Fable - Equestria Called

by Hoofed_Writing

First published

An amnesiac pony finds him self in the small town of ponyville in search for what he has lost, his past.

Music Stand has no idea where he is and what he was doing before he found himself in the Everfree forest but he needs help and plans on finding it. The place that he goes to get it... Ponyville.

(currently in revision process as of 3/20/17)

1 ~ Where? Why? Who?

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Wriggling in the coarse grass the small blades of greenery itching and prodding my fur-lined spine. I roll over with a growl of mild irritation after waking from my beautiful slumber. Rapidly blinking a few times seeing many trees, I shake my head in attempt to clear my mind as if I was gazing at some hallucination, but looking up reveals my efforts were in vain. I try to stand, but my hoofs aren't stable enough to support my slowly waking body and I quickly fall down to my knees. Why am I so weak? Where am I? And, then it occurred to me ... who am I?
I look about in attempt to perceive somepony, looking for either ponies or just some form of civilization. Pushing onto my hooves, I stand. Shakily taking a few staggering steps forward before falling again, I smack my muzzle into the ground inhaling a dirt-grass pie combo. As I sit back on my haunches, I release a groan as I cover my nose turning a light pink from the rough landing and embarrassment. I look about, but see nothing but a few colorful butterflies hovering above where I ate the earth. I take in some ragged breaths, and look about like a spastic lunatic, before falling back into the embrace, of the sweet black nothingness.
Rapidly flicking my ear about, I hear the distant noise of crickets chirping in disharmony, the things can’t seem to get the tune that they want to orchestrate right. Sitting up, I notice I've only progressed a few feet from whence I came. I feel the back of my head with my hoof, noting that there's a knot forming from when I passed out. Grimacing I stand, slowly let a smirk peak on my face. Maybe all I needed was some more beauty sleep. Looking up at the sky I see that celestia has already started to lower the sun. That puts some drive into my mangled exhausted body. As I give one last glance at the spot that I had been for who knows how long, and give a long drawn out sigh and start my trek to get out of this bucking forest.
The grass swishes around my lanky legs as the hopefully not so long walk lags on. My enjoyment of this wonderful walk doesn’t last long at all, if I had any to begin with. Screeching to a stop I arch my back like an old tabby at the sound of a low growling.
Whimpering I splay my ears flat, “W-who’s there?” The growling sounds again, and at that moment I feel a gnawing in my stomach. It was me. Chuckling, I pat my belly and continue forward; the only sounds that follow, are the crunching of leaves under my ever marching hooves.
* * * * * *
With my head hung low and my spirits even lower, my stomach constantly complains that it needs something edible. Mumbling, I keep going straight before tripping over a root that just so happened to be where I was walking, lucky me I guess. I receive a nose and mouthful of dirt, again. I moan, spitting out the not-so-tasty dirt pie and rub the top of my head; just happy that I didn’t sprain a hoof … or worse. Now actually seeing where I landed, an ecstatic grin spreads across my face.
“Perfect landing, sport.”
After I finished emptying my mouth and nose, I step forward to stare at the small town, but of course there were no ponies milling about. I mean yea it is night-time now so I guess it would make sense... Trotting into the shabby town looking for someplace that I could get info or something to eat, preferably the latter. I see that none of the buildings have lights on which begins to discourage my idea of help, or food.
* * * * * *
After what seemed hours that had lagged on forever I find large roundish building towards the center of town, with lights. Stepping up on the pavilion I peer through the glass trying to see if anypony is home. The glass I was on was not a window sadly, it was a door, which slides open giving gravity the chance to let me eat dirt, again, or in this case waxed flooring. Letting loose a small yelp I fall, before my muzzle can hit the ground my forehead has a sharp pain and I bounce up a bit and land on my chin instead.
Rubbing my horn groaning from the shock of the fall, which I completely forgot was there I flop back on my haunches looking up at it to see some of the decor of the round hall. It for the most part is fairly simple, nothing too great like a royal’s place nor crappy like my house. Half way through that thought I stop abruptly… My house? As I pondered the subject but not before the sound of somepony clearing their throat caught my attention. A young unicorn mare was staring at me with a glare that could pierce everything unholy, or holy at that.
Putting down the stack of papers she was currently putting into a saddle bag she quizzed my presence. “What are you doing here?” her dissatisfied frown grew unfriendlier by the second.
“I was … looking for somepony who could help, me” Still sitting back I watcher her for signs of hostility my gaze as sharp as a hawk. Sizing her, watching, gaging that she's pretty c… never mind that thought.
With a scoff and a roll of her eyes her whole sentence says, uggg “ you know the town hall is closed right?”
Ah, so I’m in the town hall, my awsome investigation skills working at top performance, “No, I did not.”
“Well you do now.” Flicking her ear after she spits the venomous remark, she loads up her saddlebag and heads towards me and with much sass, “You can make an appointment tomorrow morning” She looks down at me with a frown still accompanied by the evil eyes and I simply smile weakly. “You're not from here are you?” Her face showing some of little concern, lightening her piercing gaze to annoyed.
“Frankly I have no clue where I’m from or where I am.” Looking down at the ground like a lost puppy frowning in thought.
Rolling her eyes she shows some sympathy by reaching in her bag and dropping a few shiny objects right under my nose. Bits. I look up at her quizzically wondering why she gave me money. “Buy yourself a room in the nearby hotel.” she tries to play it off like some cool kid.
I blink a few times chewing on this unseen kindness feeling like my whole world has changed. “... Thanks?”
She shakes her head before pushing me to the side and walking out of the door. At the edge of the pavilion she stops in a voice that is soothing but threatening, “I’m Lyra heartstrings.”
This would be the moment in every cliche RPG where a menu saying [ENTER NAME HERE] would pop up. But lucky for me that wasn’t the case. But to my surprise something did come up. “Music.” She looks back at me confused, with one eyebrow raised. “That's my name, Music stand”
She smiles softly, her face looking very motherly compared to her evil scowl earlier. “Well, welcome to ponyville, Music.”

2 ~ Meeting

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There was a noise, a loud one that had woke me up. Mumbling, I rolled over cradling the thick comforter that the hotel supplied for its beding. The loud ratting, opening my eyes a bit more, ticked that someone or something had disturbed my slumber. As I slowly rolled out of bed the knocking continued to get louder and louder, this pony was obviously not leaving. “OK OK! Give me a sec,” hopefully my grumpy, tired voice carried through the thick oak door, because either they left or are now waiting outside.

Groggily I use my magic to open the door to see a scowling teal unicorn. “Oh hey!” I'm surprised I got to see her again, the pony who had helped me last night. “What was it, Lima String-bean?”

With a huff and an over exaggerated eye roll she corrected me. “Its Lyra Heartstring, thank you very much.”

That seemed to tick her off ... my bad. “Oh whatever I was close. What do you want?” I said that with a little more attitude than I meant, but oh well. Her only response was a glare.

“Well, I was gonna help you out but it seems that Mr. I Don't Know is fine. Also I wanted you to pay me back the bits,”

I grimace at the last comment, the hotel room wasn’t cheap and that was a low blow at my current mind state. “Alright I’ll pay you back but I haven’t any money on me, and I would love your help, Miz huff and puff,” oh that got her, anger flashed on her face before she simply turned tail with a hmp and walked towards the lobby. Smiling I follow knowing, that I well have nothing in the room and that I had scored a win.

Music - 1 Lyra - Zip

We make our way outside and she makes her way to the town hall, that gets me thinking. “Shouldn’t you be at work?”

She glances back still ticked by my retaliation. “No… I was merely helping out yesterday, I don’t work there.”

“Where do you work?” I’m curious about this pony.

“I work at a nearby bar.”

Nodding my head, I wonder what we are gonna do while gazing at the now lit streets of ponyville the sun's rays dripping the morning light on everything. “So…”

She looks back awaiting for what i needed to say. “What?”

I have to admit that this mare’s face is an easy one to look at… sweet Celestia what am I doing. “... what are we doing here?” My voice fast from becoming excited a thing that only foals do.

Closing her eyes and stopping for a short moment Lyra replies “I was hoping that they might have records over you… maybe find your family.” She mumbles something under her breath that I wasn’t able to catch.

And with that we walk into the town hall, the front desk was occupied by a… well I had no idea how old she was. I’m pretty sure that she was younger that Lyra and me.

“Excuse me, we would like to look up this ponies records” Lyra was the one who took initiative which I was pretty happy that she did, her head thrown back like she was in charge.

And in the most monotone voice that I ever heard the mare asked us a single question.


It took me a few seconds to get over how boring she sounded. “Uhh… Music.”

“Last?” her voice was just… bleh. I can’t handle it.

“Stand… I’m Music Stand,” she went to a filing cabinet with the most remorse and searched through the files for a good ten minutes, after she well I guess found nothing she turned to use with some confusment.

“I’m sorry to say but there are no records for, Mr. Stand,” I guess that was normal for a small town but I couldn’t help to see Lyra shift her weight.

She came up with an idea. “Is there a way we can check the canterlot archives?” the pony at the desk tapped a hoof on her chin thinking.

“I guess… I can send in a work order. I give no promises that it would come in anytime soon but I sure can try,” I guess she finally got the hint that something was wrong. ”May I ask why you need the records?”

That kinda caught Lyra by surprise but I was prepared, I the amnesiac unsung hero needed this information.

“I have no recall about my past other than my name,” the mare blinked a few times looking at me like I just asked an impossible riddle. “I woke up in the nearby forest and made my way here.” That hit home.

Both ponies gasped in shock and yelped in unison. “You were in the Everfree forest?!”

As both of the ponies stared at me with ghastly faces, which made me really uncomfortable I kneaded at the hardwood flooring. “Uh… yea, so?”

Lyra shook her head and was the first to break out of the trance. “The Everfree forest is one of the most dangerous places in all of equestria,” great, that made my day.

“Say what now?” so to my knowledge I had been in someplace that could have killed me for… probably hours.

This time the countermare piped in. “Yea, the only ponies that have come out of there alive is twilight and her friends,” before I could ask who in the hay is twilight, Lyra gasped and slammed her hoof into the counter.

“Twilight!” and with that she grabbed me by a forehoof and dragged me outside leaving the countermare stunned in silence.

We make our way across the plaza, still confused about what's going on I use my magic to tug on Lyra’s mane. With that she stops mid track looking back at me panting.

“Um… What's going on?” As soon as I ask the question Lyra who couldn’t hold it in started to laugh loudly nearly fall to the ground.

After she pulled herself together using her hoof to wipe away a few tears that leaked out when she was laughing. “Sorry. I was gonna take you to twilight, I bet that she would be able to help you out,” and that reminded me the 1000$ question that I had no time to ask.

“Who is Twilight?” Lyra simply facehoofed herself.

“Sorry… Twilight Sparkle is a student of Princess Celestia. She knows all,” after that description the image of an old wrinkly mare popped into my head. That sent a shiver down my spin. Lyra didn’t notice my reaction and continued to drag me through town, the act of brutality causes some few ponies to stop and stare at the poor stallion, that is me.

We finally made it down a street that had an enormous tree. Yep, a tree. That really confirmed my suspicions that twilight was some old librarian. Lyra nuzzles me up to the door with a smile.

“This is your ride,” with that she cantered off leaving me at some old tree house, alone. With a sigh I use my magic to grab the knocker and of course knock on the door. I still half expected to see a desert of a face to come forth from the opening door.

“Hello?” to my surprise a young purple mare stepped through the door. Again… with my adult mind I was taken back by a mares looks. She smiled “Oh you must be new here. My name is Twilight Sparkle.”

3 ~ Knowledge

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I stare at the young mare questioning how this could be the student of the princess. She so young I would think that she would at least be 100 years old. Her smile faltered, did she somehow read my mind? Using a dark magic only the princess knows and teaches to her disciples? I blink a few times as we sit in awkward silence, which she was the first to break.

“So ... can I help you?”

I smile softly remembering why I’m here. “Oh … Um … I think so.” With a wave of her hoof she motioned for me to go inside the tree, house, thing.

“What do you need…” she made a twirling motion with her hoof as she searched for my name.

“Stand, Music Stand,” she smiled softly and headed for the foyer of the… tree house library. She idly shuffled around some books making some small talk.

“So Mr. Stand I’m guessing you need something magical done, or perhaps” - she turned to me with a glint in her eyes- “in need of a good book?” I nearly laughed out loud from that, but I managed a small giggle.

“Maybe both,” she gave a small gasp of joy and clapping with her forehooves acting like a giddy school filly.

“Oh how wonderful, I have plenty of great books,” and with that she went off listing book after book, pulling each off of the shelve explaining the plot of each with massive detail, man she sure did know her collection well. I couldn’t pay attention due to I need to see if she could help me with my memory.

“Um… Ms. Sparkle?” she looked back at me grinning like she had won the lottery.

With a small chuckle she replied to my manners “oh please twilight is just fine.”

I smile “all right, Twilight, the reason I’m here is because I need your help.” her smile faltered a bit and she cocked her head to the side.

“Yes?” I look down and reveal my condemna.

“I have no clue who I am.”
Twilight simply stared at me before coming up to me and circling, gazing me up and down like I was some lab rat.”What do you mean?”

Grimacing a bit I go into a little more detail. “I mean I have no memories of my past, except for my name.”

“So amnesia huh?” she taps her hoof on her chin thinking. After mumbling to herself she started pacing, I simply stood there not knowing what to do. I clear my throat getting her attention wondering what's up.

“What's wrong?” she simply sits down and thinks some more, I guess, I never have any clue what mares think. After some more thought she looks up and gives me as small smile.

“I don’t know,”

I blink...once … twice… three times, before I could do anything. “So you can't help me?

She grimaces “No, I never said that. It’s just… -” I can tell she is about to explain a lot of in detail stuff with the sigh she gave, so I sit down on my haunches and prepare. “- memory loss is a very touchy thing. You can’t just bring back memories with a wave of your horn it is also quite dangerous. I mean you could break a ponies mind if not done right.”

Hearing all of this my spirits fall into the depths of tartars. Twilight of course sees this and pads up and gives me a hug causing my muzzle to flash bright red.

* * * * *

After a very awkward silence she backs off and smirks. “I’m guessing that you will need a place to stay.”

And with that I start backing off to the door the blush on my white fur clear as day. “W-well I think I'll be fine, I have a friend waiting for me anyways.” I run out with a confused Twilight standing at the door calling out that I’m welcomed to come by, anytime. By the time I stop running I’m gasping for breath until I feel a hoof on my back my fur bristling in fear. I turn around and jump what I thought to be twelve feet
in the air to see Lyra laughing her plot off.

“What was that?” she is wiping her tears of joy away. Admittingly it was pretty funny but that didn’t stop me from glaring at her.

“What do you want?” that stopped her laughter as my sharp tone pierced her ears.

“You ok Stan?” I burst out laughing. “What?”

“Stan?” I’m leaning on a nearby lamp pole laughing due to that she called me Stan. She scoffed and rolled her eyes waiting for me to calm down.

“So what's with the attitude?”

I sigh and grovel a bit. “Sorry I was a bit flustered with the meeting with twilight. As soon as I finish that sentence she grins the most evil grin I have ever seen.
“Oh, somepony has a crush,” that took me by surprise. I almost smacked her across the face at that moment.

“I only just met her!” I turned away knowing that my entire face was laced with blush, of course that tempted Lyra to tease even more.

“Suuuure … you're in love with her,” her cooing enraging me, but thank celestia she stopped before smirking and dragging me away again. “Come on I’m hungry.”

* * * * *
We sat there eating oat burgers from a nearby food truck, I have to say it was ok for fried food but hey it was great to sit down and eat for once. Lyra was clearly enjoying her burger. After I finish my current bite I thank her. “Thanks for the food Lyra,” she smiled and put down her burger.

“No problem stan,-” with that she smirked “- you don’t mind me calling you that right.” I shook my head and smiled.

“It's fine as long as you don't make any cutesy nicknames,” Thinking about it sends shivers down my back. Lyra clearly saw my discomfort but before she could say anything I stood up and set my hooves on the table a little harder that I meant to. “Twilight!” The purple mare saw me and simply waved back. I begged my pardon to Lyra who just shrugged as I got up and cantered over to Twilight.

“Hey Music Stand,” her smile on her face genuine even though I ran from the scene of her generosity.

“Hey Twilight, sorry for bailing on ya earlier,” I gave an uneasy smile.

“Oh it's all fine I’m sure you're just shocked from all of this,” she gestured with a hoof to ponyville itself as if all the smilling ponies where the problem. I nod my head.

“Yea, um… I would like to take you up on that spot, for the night,” Twilight was about to say something before Lyra came bounding and wrapping a hoof around my neck giving us devilish looks.

“Sorry pal but you're staying with me tonight.”

Twilight looked blankly then just smiled. “Looks like you already have a place to stay.”

I stand there wondering what happened before I’m whisked away and see Twilight waving goodbye to Lyra and I.

4 ~ A Playdate

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A hardwood door was enveloped by a teal arora as it was forced open and a unicorn mare pushed me forcefully into the mane hallway. “Oi! Not so hard Lyra!” Lyra stood there and giggled putting her hoof over her mouth as I pushed myself up from the embarrassing position.

“Nice plot,” blushing I cover my rear with my tail growling.

I stand and and brush myself off before Lyra starts to push me further into the house. “Oi!”

“Well get out of the way’” she huffs and just pushes me down to the ground and climbs over my grounded body heading towards what I think is the living room, not that it really matters. I sigh and push myself up again glaring at the back of her head and follow her. She turns sharply before heading into the living room and closing the door, bathroom maybe? I just continue forward before I hear Lyra call out to me.

“Hey you!” I turn around to see Lyra smirking leaning over a bar, how nice. I sit up on a bar stool and smile back at her.

“Bartender bring me a martini… shaken not stirred,” I say that in my best smooth voice. She simply rolled her eyes and goes to the back of the kitchen and to my surprise she pulls out tons of alcohol bits and bobbles. That pulls a chuckle out of me.

Her hooves like lightning she successfully creates the beverage that I asked for, I smile and nod my head in thanks before taking a sip. “I will put that on your tab’” I suck up more than I wanted to at her sly comment.

“What?” I coughed, the alcohol burning my throat. She smiles softly at my reaction.

“Why you still owe me bits,” she coos.

I set down my drink glaring at her. “So you want me to owe you even more?” She rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“I was joking,” with that we both started laughing. I picked my martini back up and took another sip.

“This is really good by the way,” she nodded her head and went to the back and poured herself some hard cider. When she returned we sat in silence as we drank. I was the first to break the silence.”So how long have you been a bartender.”

She closed her eyes as if she had to think far back. “Well legally 4 years,-” she gave me a wink ”- but over all 7.” I stuck my tongue out at her answer.

“Somepony is a bad one,” she punched my forearm for that.

With a very toothy grin she said, “Oh shut up,” I simply scoffed and continued to drink.

I stretched back and yawned Lyra looking at my empty glass, finishing up her cider. “So, where's the guest room, my most beloved hostess.”

“There isn’t one.”

I frowned and blinked a few times. “Where am I gonna sleep?” Putting her elbow on the counter she leaned in putting her muzzle inches away from mine.

“The couch,” I felt like glaring and saying some sort of sarcastic comment but she beat me to it. “Or… you could sleep with me.”

My white fur turned crimson at her sarcasm, and with another punch to my forearm she started to back away and put up the dishes we had used. “Perv..”

I gasped a little, “I am not…!” she started laughing so hard that she had to set down the glasses.

“You get embarrassed too easily,” I sighed angrily and moved myself to the couch. After some time I had started to nod off and Lyra plopped herself next to me, I could tell she was tired to. We smiled at each other before I pushed her over playfully, but to my demise I fell with her and I guess she didn’t care because we both passed out on the couch.

* * * * *

I had no idea what time it was but I did know it was early morning. The sun shined into my eyes blinding me, damn you Celestia. I turned over so the sun was out of my face, opening my eyes I see nothing but teal. Huh odd color choice for a pillow, It also had a lyre on it. I guess Lyra really likes her cutie mark. I nuzzle the pillow, It makes noises too … weird. I hear a low moan from above my head. I look up to see the source, only to find out that this isn’t a pillow… but Lyra’s flank.

“Aaaaaaaiiiiiii!!!” with a loud yelp I jump from the couch to the other side of the room waking Lyra with a start. She looked at me funny then started to rub her side which was a little red with my face being on it all night. I mean my face was red too, but for a different reason. Lyra got the catch.

“Enjoy your rest?” she padded her side seductively causing me to blush harder.

Not wanting to lie I nod my head, “Y-yea,” Lyra raised an eyebrow before yawning and standing to stretch. She wandered to the kitchen and started to shift items around eventually making her way to the fridge.

“How about some breakfast, I bet you're hungry after your night of fun,” it didn’t help that my belly started to growl at that exact moment making Lyra smirk.

“I… I need to do some stuff,” I rush off to find a bathroom leaving a laughing Lyra to prepare breakfast.

By the time I retuned my fur is white again and the smell of waffles fills the small house. Sitting at the same spot as last night, Lyra settles next to me shoving a plate of wheat waffles and daisies in front of me.

“Bon appetit.”

I nod my head in thanks and chow down on the meal which I have to say was quite good.

After our lovely little breakfast was finished Lyra spoke up. “I’m going to take a shower, and you might as well afterwards,” I nod my head before falling back asleep on the counter.

I awaken to a soft prodding in my side and Lyra telling me it's my turn. Groaning I push myself up swiping at her to get her to stop poking me.

“All right, I get it, -” I glare softly at her, if that's even possible “- I'll take a shower just no peeking all right?” She scoffed and pushed me towards the bathroom.

I enter the bathroom, it's nice nothing to big and fancy but not cramped either. While gazing around I find a very plush looking towel folded nice and neat, for me I presume. Using my magic I turn the faucet on causing the shower head to spirit water. Gingerly I set one hoof in to test the water: perfect. I step in wetting my mane and the rest of my body releasing a huge sigh of satisfaction as my muscles loosen up from the heat. Sorting through my arsenal of cleaners I find the mane shampoo and use it to suds up my mane. Half way through I stop and perk my ears, did the door just open? I stick my head out and look at the door.

“Lyra?” there was no response so I shrug and pull myself back into the shower. And this is where everything goes wrong. I feel some pony's hooves wrap around my waist and I hear the familiar whisper of the teal mare.

“Hello there sweet boy,”

* * * * *

I sit on a bar stool glaring daggers at Lyra my mane getting in my eyes due to the fact it is still wet.

“Come on stan it was just a prank,” I could tell she was really sorry but she came into the bathroom while I was showering and grabbed me.

“That was a violation of my personal space.” Lyra sighed.

“Really? We never wear clothes anyways.” I growl standing to head to the front door but stop before I can open it, if I leave where will I stay.

“Uhhhhggggg,” I turn tail and sit back on the same bar stool that has kept me company for the past day.

Lyra smiles at me, “I knew you couldn’t leave me.” I just roll my eyes and scoff.

5 ~ The Elements of Harmony; Part 1

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“Just to get things straight the only reason I stayed was because I have no place to go.”

“Uh huh.”

Lyra and I are walking down one of the side streets with in ponyville as we head to an unknown destination in which the mare won’t tell me. While we walked, we bickered causing some of the nearby ponies to cast a variant of looks towards us. Some looked at us with concern, some worry, and some gave us that glance you would give when you see a perfect couple walk by. Yea, I would prefer the former two.

“Where are we going,” I had asked this for like the 4th time now and Lyra simply rolled her eyes and gave out a huff.

“We are going…” Before she could finish I ran right into somepony causing the entirety of space and time to fold over itself and explode, ending my life.

The End

Well that really didn’t happen. I looked up ready to chew out who ever ran into me, I was so angry that I could… “Sweet Celestia! Twilight I’m so sorry!” Yea, that was me chewing out Twilight. We both raced to help each other up and ended up bumping horns. No not in a lovey dovey way, more like we rammed each other.

Clutching our horns and groaning we both looked at each other cracking smiles before laughing so hard that we fell the rest of the way. While this was happening Lyra had this look like we just disrespected her ancestors. Finally after we calmed ourselves I got up and put out a hoof for Twilight.

“We should really stop running into each other like this,” she accepted my hoof as I pulled her up to all fours, her smile now turning into a smirk.

“Quite literally,” we stand there smiling at each other when we hear somepony clearing their throat.

“Well I see you two are getting along,” it was Lyra and boy did she look ticked. “Well this is perfect, Twilight you can foalsit Stan for me.” And with a swish of her tail she headed to a nearby building labeled “Dizzy Weasel” leaving me with my jaw on the ground and Twilight giggling.

* * * * *

As the shocked me finally got over what Lyra said I found that Twilight was poking my side. Looking at her smiling a little.

“Yes?” Twilight nodded her head towards the road signaling to follow. I followed thinking to myself about how lunch sounds really good right about now. With a pop Twilight used a teleport spell to change her position so that she was walking backwards and facing me.

“You hungry?,” that made me wonder if she could read my mind, damn magic.

With a smile I nod my head my mane coming into my eyes a bit. “I’m starving.” Twilight led me to a nearby restaurant in which we sat down and waited for a waiter.

When a waitress came by she asked us what we wanted to eat, I went for a simple daisy and hay sandwich while Twilight got alfalfa taco. The waitress gave a slight nod after scribbling some notes on her notepad and scuttering off to the kitchens.

After some time the young mare waitress came back with our meal and set down each meal in front of its respected owner both of us drooling with anticipation.

Looking at Twilight I smile “Thanks for taking me out to lunch,” she waved her hoof as she munched on her taco. With that I chowed down on my sandwich savoring the petals of the daisies and stands of hay. It took a few minutes before either party had anything to say, it started when Twilight's face lit up.

Putting her food aside she gasped, I look at her with an eyebrow raised. “I know what we should do today!” I blink at her outburst of excitement, “you should meet my friends!” And with that we set off to see the rest of some of the most beloved ponies in Ponyville.


Following the galloping unicorn was kinda hard due to her excitement giving her a burst of energy. Staying right behind her tail we came up to a… giant gingerbread house? Well this was most certainly an odd thing to find. As we walked up to the front door I found a little hanging sign that read “Sugar Cube Corner.”

As we wandered into the open door way I saw the organized chaos of a bakery. We went up to the front desk and waited for a pony to help us out.

“TWILIGHT!” A fomboint pink pony with a mane way overdue for a stylist hopped over to us giving Twilight a bear hug.

With a small squeak as she was consumed by the pink mess Twilight smiled at her, “Nice to see you two Pinkie,” this so called Pinkie stood up straight like a flagpole a toothy grin from ear to ear.

“What brings you here Twi? Come to get some cupcakes or cake?” she was way to energetic for and adult.

Twilight started to explain our mission, “well you see…” but before she could finish the pink psychopath interrupted her bouncing 8 feet into the air.

“Oh-oh, you're here to introduce your friend, who has lost his memory and you thought if we all got together he would feel more comfortable in Ponyville,” and with that she walked behind the counter and rummages underneath.

I sat there with me jaw on the ground, “h-how?” Twilight looked at me and shrugged.

“Just a hunch I guess.”

Pinkie had returned to our side of the counter and bringing her fore hoof back launched it straight towards my face! This pony wanted to murder me! But before I could react Pinkie stuffed a cupcake into my mouth and took my hoof shaking it vigorously.

“Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie and I hope we can be the best of friends.”

Trying my best to not become a milkshake I swallow the frankly really good cupcake and answered with the voice of somepony being in the squat middle of an earthquake. “Y-y-e-a, I-I-m M-u-u-u-s-i-c,”

She finally stopped shaking my hoof and smiled gleefully “Nice to meet ya Music Stand,”

I tilted my head, I never said my last name. Pinkie saw that and her grin only got bigger, meanwhile Twilight had a smile of her own but for an entirely different reason. I suspect that she thought of this humorous.

Pinkie looked down at her hoof and gasped “Oh no! I need to get back to my cupcake making-” before we could say our goodbyes she raced away to the stairs “- Bye see you guys later!”

I look at Twilight confused as buck, she simply shrugs and leads us outside to continue our day.

As we walk down a side road we hear a yell of expiration as a blue mass rams right into us flinging us several feet into a hay wagon. No whatever Twilight says I did not scream like a little filly, I swear it was not me.

“Yea! That, was, awesome!”

I push out of the hay scratching at my forehooves a bit and ticked off, a lot “That was not awesome!” Twilight manages to push herself out far from amused.

“Rainbow Dash!” Twilight stomped her way up to RD and glared at her who was chuckling nervously.

“Heh sorry Twi,” Twilight held her glare for a few more moments before sighing and and looking at me.

“Sorry about this Music, I know this isn’t the best way to meet a new friend but this is Rainbow Dash,” I shake my head and give RD a nasty look before walking next to Twilight silently.

“Sup,” thats all she said, the filly that ran me over simply says “sup”. I lower myself to the ground and growl at the blue pegasus.

The surprises Twilight, she gasps and puts a hoof over her mouth, “Music!”

I look at her blinking a few times, “What?” She narrows her eyes threatening me like a mother would.

“That was uncalled for,-” that causes RD to scoff and smirk at me, “-and you!” The tone of voice that Twilight used causes RD’s ears to flatten. “Apologize to Music Stand,” boy Twilight was really angry.
RD looked at me with sympathy “Sorry dude,” her ears drawn back and now looking at the ground got to me. I walked up to her and smiled gently putting my hoof on her shoulder.

“Hey it’s ok everypony makes mistakes,” she looked at me and flashes a smile.

At that moment probably one of the most embarrassing moments in my natural life happened, RD reached up with her hoof and grabbed the back of my head. Then… then, she nuzzled my cheek.

“See ya,” she left a shocked Twilight and a apple red me in the dust as she flew off.

6 ~ The Elements of Harmony; Part 2

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The white fur on my face had turned ruby red from the random affection that RD had shown me when I shared some words of kindness. Twilight and I continued to walk down the street, me of course trying to hide my blush with no avail. Twilight giggled at my attempts making matters worse by bringing some attention onto us, shesh mares theis days.

As the two of us head off the street I find myself in front of a, eh how to explain. It was a very uppity looking building of what could be a noble. Twilight opened the door without even knocking how rude.

Twilight saw the dirty look I was giving her “It's a store,” she rolled her eyes and walked in a bell sounding as she did.

“Coming!” A high pitched voice of a mare rang out from some place in the very well decorated interior. I followed as Twilight stopped and was smiling gleefully. A white mare with a very pompous mane bouncing with every step. “Welcome to parasail boutique, where everything is…” she stopped as she saw who entered the so called store. “Oh twilight,”

“Hey rarity,” she waved her hoof and smiled, all while rarity had a grin eyeing the two of us from behind her spectacles.

Her grin grew bigger with a hint of malice “My Twilight, I didn’t know you got a colt friend,” Both of us gasped as our jaws hit the floor.

“What?!” looking at Twilight eyes big as the moon I questioned her.

She looked just as surprised as I am. Rarity got the hint and giggled. “Oh sorry my dears,” Twilight sat there moving her mouth but no words came out so I figured that I had to, eh introduce myself..

“Um we are just friends,” yep, introduce myself.

“I can see that deary,” Rarity deadpanned so hard. But thankfully she came up to me and grabbed my hoof shaking it gingerly. “I am rarity, if you would so need something designed I’m your gal.”

I scoffed pulling my hoof away, “Thanks I’m not one for fancy cloths.” Rarity gave a clear cringe from that comment, guess I hit a soft spot. Twilight finally out of her shock coma walked up next to me.

“Well Rarity this is Music Stand,” I puffed out my chest, just a bit.

Rarity’s eyes lit up at the sound of my name “Oh a musician! Why darling you must play for me someday, or or you could accompany the ponytones! How splendid would that be,” I didn’t even register the latter part of what she said, a musician? Is that what I am? I look over to my flank and to see a simple music stand as my cutiemark.

Twilight bit her lip, “Well you see Rarity, he has no memory of his past,” She gasped at that.

“No memory! Oh you poor dear,” I could tell things were about to get mushy.

“It's ok I’m fine,” Rarity gave me a look of honest pity.

“Oh but dear you aren't. We must fix this, why I bet a concert would help jimmy those memories back in.” I roll my eyes.

Before I could say a thing Twilight threw in her two cents, “That sounds like a good idea-” she saw my discomfort with the idea ”- well not today, Music here is still settling in,” she used her hoof to pat my head like a foal.

Rarity nodded her head “Yes of course, it is completely understandable that he would need time to get things together,” she started to trot to a doorway in the back. “Would either of you like a cup of tea or something to munch on?”

It had been a while since lunch and I could use something to drink after running about making “friends”. I nod my head. “Sure I would like that, how about you Twi?”

She smiled “Of course I would,” Rarity gave us a grin and motioned to a table with some chairs in the kitchen.

“Have a seat please,” We sat down in the white wood chairs as Rarity set some water to boil and opened cabinets gathering small white tea cups with golden trim on the rim. She set the cups on matching platters humming while she put a tea bag into the water. Twilight and I sat in silence as the aroma of an exotic type of black tea wafted into the air.

Rarity turned from her work looking at us, “Milk or sugar?” she asked us in a sing song type of voice. Twilight and I replied in unison.

“Just sugar,”
“Just sugar please,”

We just looked at each other causing Rarity and Twilight to giggle and my just give a goofy smile.

When the tea was ready Rarity served it with little cakes, I really liked the tea but the cakes… well I made a mental note to never eat them again. All three of us sipped the tea before Rarity broke the gentle silence.

“Well, where are you two off to next?” I shrugged and gave Twilight a glance.

She took one last sip of her tip then setting her cup on the platter, “I was thinking Sweet Apple Acres,” Rarity nodded her head.

“I would love to join you darling, but alas I am a busy mare,” I gave a little frown.

“What do you actually do Miss Rarity,”

The white unicorn waved her hoof and gave a small smile, “Oh just Rarely my dear, and I thought you would know. I’m a dressmaker,” I sat back in my chair, I now know where I am not getting my clothes from.

Twilight stood up and gave a small bow, “Thank you so much Rarity for your hospitality,” she looked at me with an expectant smile.

“Oh yes, it was nice,” Rarity nodded her poofy mane bouncing a bit.

“Any time dear, come again,” and after our goodbyes Twilight and I made our way out of the front door.

I smirked at Twilight, “To Sweet Apple Acres then?”

She gave a short nod “Mmmhmm,” and we made our way to the countryside.


We were about a half mile from the farm which I could see now when a huge commotion sound to our right.

In a high pitched squeaky voice somepony warned us, ”Oh, look out…” I mean it sounded so timid that it wasn’t much of a warning but before I could think else of it a … uh group .... a flock… well whatever you call a bunch of bunnies it was headed right to us and right behind them a terrified yellow pegasus.

“Oh no...Twilight…” The bunnies well really didn’t trample us more like tried to cuddle us to death. I have to admit I have a soft spot for animals and these bunnies were damn cute.

The yellow pegasus lit down next to us her mane flowing over to cover half her muzzle, “I’m so sorry… They… Then,” Twilight and I giggled as we cuddled all of the bunnies.

“Oh it's fine Fluttershy,” I nuzzled the bunny closest to me.

“This is a mighty bunch you have here,” The pegasus finally noticed me she gave a whimper and crouched low hiding behind her bangs.

I looked at Twilight then at the shy pony then back at Twilight, “It's ok Fluttershy this is my friend Music Stand,” Fluttershy just gave a squeak and nodded slowly ever so slowly gathering up all the bunnies.


After the very very awkward run in with Fluttershy we finished our trip to Sweet Apple Acres to meet another friend of Twilight. As we trot I look out at the fields and see a large stallion working a plow with a filly standing on his back spreading seeds.

Twilight lead me to the trees that were off to the side of the field filled with apple trees, I wondered what we were doing here before she called out to somepony.

“Hey Applejack!” She waved a hoof in the direction that she was looking, I squinted my eyes to make out the figure of a orange pony in the distance.

Twilight broke into a gallop leaving me behind to catch up as the orange pony stopped what she was doing and wiped a hoof across her brow, “ Well howdy Twilight,” I finally caught up with the purple unicorn breathing hard a bit.

Applejack looked at me and Twilight gave a little oof “Oh this is Music Stand,”

“Nice ta meet ya Music Ah’m Aj, what can Ah do ya for?” I looked at the pony, she wasn’t… was she?

Twilight answered my question, well sort of, “Well we were just about and my friend here is new in Ponyville and needed to get more, acquainted to others here,”

AJ nodded her head, “Ah see, well Mr. Stand if ya in need of aneh buckin ah’m the pony for ya,” her southern accent was kinda getting on my nerves before the voice of a filly came up behind us.

“Hey sis we got the field done-” I turn to see the “sister” of AJ walk up to us”- oh hey Twilight,”

“Hello Applebloom, how's the crusading,” I watch Twilight and the filly chat as AJ gets my attention.

“So what you doin in Ponyville Sugarcube?”

I pawed at the ground and grimaced, “Well I lost my memory and, I just found myself here,” I found it pathetic that I had to use the same excuse over and over making other ponies pity me.

“Ah’m sorry ta hear that,” she took her hat off and lowered her head but before Twilight nudged me.

“Hey Music it’s getting late we better head home,” I opened my mouth to say something but she interrupted me, “Now now, I know you love your new friends but don’t worry we have a picnic planned for tomorrow, and yes you can come,”

Well frankly I thought that was a great idea, “Sounds great to me,”

We waved goodbye to the apples and head to the library.

7 ~ Twilight with Twilight

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My hoofs hurt from the long walk across Ponyville, although I was glad to make new friends I just wanted to eat something and lay down for a long time. Well, there was a hoof full of mares that I wanted to spend more time with; Derpy, Bonbon, and Burry Punch. They were quite nice to me and Twi, I had to go see them sometime soon. Speaking of seeing somepony I haven't seen… Before I could finish I saw a sky blue blob in the now orange sky. Her snoot peaking over one of the clouds and her multi-coloured tail hung over, what was her name… Rainbow Dash? Yea that was it, as she watched Twilight and I head to the library.

I gave her a little wave but she just dashed off, true to her name I guess. I trot up to Twilight’s side and give her a little playful flick with my tail. “So what's for dinner my most humble host,”

She rolled her eyes but gave me a smirk, “Something sweet,” I blinked slowly chewing these words trying my hardest to not let my mind wander when I realized that we were at the library.

* * * * *

The hardwood two piece door was enveloped in a purple aura as it was pushed open and I came flying through the door landing face to the ground plot up, “Oi! Twilight not so hard,” huh oddly this felt very familiar.

I stood up and brushed myself off as Twilight closed the door shrouding us in darkness. As I walked I ran right into Twilight, “Sorry Twi,”

Twilight gave a little huh which was from the other side of the room… If Twilight was over there then who is.

In then in all its blinding glory the lights came on and a huge red stallion that I saw at the farm earlier. Before I could squeal like a filly the rest of the ponies in the room yelled out in unison.


The big stallion gave me a pat on the back and gave a hearty “Eyep!” as I stood there dumbfounded by all the ponies in here.

Pulling back my ears I give an embarrassed smile,”I thought libraries were supposed to be quiet,” Twilight was next to me now and wrapped a hoof around my neck.

“That's what I said when Pinkie threw my welcome to Ponyville party,”

Looking at all the decor and all the ponies here who were now mingling with each other and eating cookies or sipping at their punch. “Pinkie did all of this?” This was an awful lot to do she would have had to been here all day.

“Heh yep! I suspected that when she left unceremoniously she was going to…” As Twilight started to finish her sentence the one and only pink fluff ball bounded on top of me.

“Throw you a giga-awesome party?” Pinkie was grinning ear to ear. “Are you surprised? Huh? Are you are you are you?”

I slinked back a bit from her energy, “Very… But how did you know I was going to be here?”

I swear her grin got bigger, “Oh that’s easy silly, my Pinkie sense told me,” Before I could ask what in the hoof was a Pinkie sense Twilight whisked me away.

“Allright, come on Music go mingle I will hold Pinkie at bay,” I gave a grinny salute and wandered into the crowd looking for a few ponies.

* * * * *

“Man this pony can really hold his liquor!” Berry Punch had a toothy grin as she held me up, I have to admit I had a few too many drinks… I think we all did.

I gave a loud bellow and rubbed up against Berry’s flank, “Hehe he likes you Berry,” Derpy who was probably the only one of us in our little corner that wasn’t tipsy… or worse drunk.

“Oh shush yoh,” my words were slurring together. Derpy giggled as Berry pushed me over so I layed on my side, we all burst out laughing. “Yoh guys ish great,” I gazed at all 3 of the mares my eyelids growing heavy.

Bonbon finally put in her input right after booping my snoot, “Your the great one Music,” Both Bonbon and Berry Punch’s faces were pink from drunkness, I’m pretty sure mine was too.

I sat up but fell right onto everypony but Derpy due to that she was hovering above us giggling at my efforts. And then somepony caught on, the librarian. “What is going on back here?” It was Twilight who you think was an ace student had her own little blush going, was everypony getting drunk?

“Oh hey Twiiii,” Giggling drunkly I waved my hoof at her.

Sadly she was sober and used her magic to grab my ear and started to drag me away, “Come on you have had way too much to drink,” Too tired to fight back I allowed myself to be dragged away to one of the side rooms waving to my amigos as they smiled and giggled.

She tossed me into the room, I gave out a little eep as I thought I was going to hit floor but landed on a bed instead, while Twilight fidgeted with the door I sat up and looked around the room. It was mostly barren aside from a nightstand that supported a lamp.

With a rush Twilight had jumped upon the bed landing on me giving me a glare. “H-hey Twi,” I gave her a small smile.

She sighed her blush still present, “You had way too much to drink Music,” she closed her eyes and shook her head.

I give out my own sigh, “Yea, I hab too much,” Twilight gave me a grin full of malice.

“Goodnight Music Stand,” Her horn glowed for a second before everything went black.

* * * * *

I woke up hearing birds chirping and somepony was moving about behind the door muttering loudly. I attempted to shift my weight over to my side for this headache was killing me, but as I tried I felt a huge weight on my chest, “What in the,”

Looking down I see a lavender unicorn curled up sleeping softly on me. If my head didn’t feel like exploding I would have freaked out, but I just gave a little smile and stroked her mane.

I’m guessing that she was a soft sleeper because she woke up.” Whuh?”

I gave a little laugh, “Rise and shine sleepy head.”

8 ~ Good news

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8- good news

It's been a good week since I stumbled into ponyville and made new friends with everypony. The elements of harmony and lyra and the gang, who have given me the best time ever. I found out that I loved ponies and helping them out, even if they weren't my beloved friends.Twilight has been a most gracious hostess and let me stay home with her in the guest room on the bottom floor, which had a very comfy bed. She has fed me and showed me the town, her kindness has shown no bounds. In fact I have become very fond of her, very fond. To pay her back I always did odd jobs for her or helped her with chores. She always wants to pay me for my help, but I refuse every time.

Me and twilight were cleaning up the library, stacking books and dusting shelves when the oak door decided to shout at us with various knocks. Twi rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at me and went to the door to see the cause of the disturbance. She cracked open the door to take a peek at whoever or whatever was at the door. She smiled and opened the top half all the way to greet our guest.

“Welcome to the library, how can I help you?” standing there was a familiar young mare holding a file tucked under her wing and the oh so terrible monotone voice. She stood there with a smile seeing me, for once showing emotion.

“I came to see Mr. Stand about those files he and Lyra requested last week,-” she smiled meekly and waved at me, I nodded with an eyebrow raised.”-apparently this is for his eyes only. As it was given by the princess herself,” she handed us a sealed file and scuttled away toward the center of town.

“My eyes only huh,” I take the file from twi who is now peeking over my shoulder as we gaze into the now gaping folder after I broke the seal on the side of the manila folder.

At the top of a single white piece of paper next to the namespace it said, Music Stand, 18, and we both stared at the next word printed in black ink.


* * * * * *

I sit there staring, there is no other information to be found. Twi looks at me sadly and gives me a heart warming hug while I flip the paper back and forth looking for anything. Maybe it was a joke from pinkie pie or rainbow dash.

“I’m so sorry Music,” she never lets go, but I don’t want her too. I just found out that I’m supposed to be dead. No memory, no birth place, no family. I have nothing but my age and name. I get up and stumble over to my room that I am currently help up in. I go to the far side of the room falling into a corner, curling up into a ball and just leting go.

I sit there for hours thinking, contemplating whether I should leave or stay. I’m no use here, I just do odd jobs and take up other ponies space. The “official” states I'm supposed to be dead, why not make that the truth.

I grab a blanket and roll up in the corner once more, sobbing. I haven't eaten since morning and it's getting late, my stomach growls but I don't care. I sit there and the sun sets. I try to sleep but no avail, there's a feeling I can't push away and I keep hearing the sound of magic out side along with fire. I want to check on Twi but I can't get up from exhaustion.

That's when Twi knocks on the door and comes in.

“Hey ... you might want to see this,” her face just as grim as mine. In her purple aura she held a note, but not just any note, no. This note had the royal seal on it.

“W-whats that, a death warrent?” Twi looked shocked and a little disgusted.

“The princess would never kill anypony without reason, just read it.” she tosses the note at me and leaves with a flick of her tail her rump swishing as she leaves.

I sit there unrolling the note and reading it out loud in my head.

Dearest Music Stand,
Twilight has been telling me about you, and how you have been a kind pony to the towns folk and helping them even though you have no reason too. Of course you should know who I am by now, yes it is I, Celestia. My sister and I have received information that you have lost your memory and we would like to assist you. We welcome you to canterlot with open hooves.

P.S - Your friends are welcome to join.
Signed Celestia and Luna

* * * * * *
I look at the note, staring. I read it, reread it and read it again. Could this be true? My heart soars at the thought of my past, but sinks quickly. What if they can't help me? What if it's a trap to set things to document. I shake my head and let hope deep into my aching heart.

I ran out of the room sliding and tripping falling onto my side skidding to a stop right under Twilight, she looks down and smiles my own grin ten times as big.

“I told you,” her smile turning to a smirk, and I hug her tight now knowing that I might have a chance to know my past to figure out who I am. She is squashed against me and she turns away her purple face turning a shade of pink. Not having any concense I nuzzle her from excitement.

Eventually Twi got out of my iron grip and flopped next to as my eyelids got heavy from the sleepless night before. She sees this and boops my nose as I drift but not looking at her a goofy smile plastered on my face.

She hoofs my face a bit, “Stop it you,” I give one last toothy grin and pass out into a well earned rest.

* * * * * *

The rest of the day my body rested but my mind was busy, I dreamed I was in an area with fog everywhere. I couldn’t see in any direction not even down, the fog shrouding my hooves. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest as fear filled my body. I started to run and run the fog was so thick and I felt like I was going nowhere. Eventually I see a city scape in the distance, what was this? The city looked like a cluster of skyscrapers but at a closer look they didn’t look like skyscrapers but domes.

As a ran thinking I was getting close a dark figure loomed over me coming out of nowhere, he held a curved blade and swiped at me, the black edge of death consumed everything as it came towards my white furred chest.