• Published 5th May 2016
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Foal Fable - Equestria Called - Hoofed_Writing

An amnesiac pony finds him self in the small town of ponyville in search for what he has lost, his past.

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2 ~ Meeting

There was a noise, a loud one that had woke me up. Mumbling, I rolled over cradling the thick comforter that the hotel supplied for its beding. The loud ratting, opening my eyes a bit more, ticked that someone or something had disturbed my slumber. As I slowly rolled out of bed the knocking continued to get louder and louder, this pony was obviously not leaving. “OK OK! Give me a sec,” hopefully my grumpy, tired voice carried through the thick oak door, because either they left or are now waiting outside.

Groggily I use my magic to open the door to see a scowling teal unicorn. “Oh hey!” I'm surprised I got to see her again, the pony who had helped me last night. “What was it, Lima String-bean?”

With a huff and an over exaggerated eye roll she corrected me. “Its Lyra Heartstring, thank you very much.”

That seemed to tick her off ... my bad. “Oh whatever I was close. What do you want?” I said that with a little more attitude than I meant, but oh well. Her only response was a glare.

“Well, I was gonna help you out but it seems that Mr. I Don't Know is fine. Also I wanted you to pay me back the bits,”

I grimace at the last comment, the hotel room wasn’t cheap and that was a low blow at my current mind state. “Alright I’ll pay you back but I haven’t any money on me, and I would love your help, Miz huff and puff,” oh that got her, anger flashed on her face before she simply turned tail with a hmp and walked towards the lobby. Smiling I follow knowing, that I well have nothing in the room and that I had scored a win.

Music - 1 Lyra - Zip

We make our way outside and she makes her way to the town hall, that gets me thinking. “Shouldn’t you be at work?”

She glances back still ticked by my retaliation. “No… I was merely helping out yesterday, I don’t work there.”

“Where do you work?” I’m curious about this pony.

“I work at a nearby bar.”

Nodding my head, I wonder what we are gonna do while gazing at the now lit streets of ponyville the sun's rays dripping the morning light on everything. “So…”

She looks back awaiting for what i needed to say. “What?”

I have to admit that this mare’s face is an easy one to look at… sweet Celestia what am I doing. “... what are we doing here?” My voice fast from becoming excited a thing that only foals do.

Closing her eyes and stopping for a short moment Lyra replies “I was hoping that they might have records over you… maybe find your family.” She mumbles something under her breath that I wasn’t able to catch.

And with that we walk into the town hall, the front desk was occupied by a… well I had no idea how old she was. I’m pretty sure that she was younger that Lyra and me.

“Excuse me, we would like to look up this ponies records” Lyra was the one who took initiative which I was pretty happy that she did, her head thrown back like she was in charge.

And in the most monotone voice that I ever heard the mare asked us a single question.


It took me a few seconds to get over how boring she sounded. “Uhh… Music.”

“Last?” her voice was just… bleh. I can’t handle it.

“Stand… I’m Music Stand,” she went to a filing cabinet with the most remorse and searched through the files for a good ten minutes, after she well I guess found nothing she turned to use with some confusment.

“I’m sorry to say but there are no records for, Mr. Stand,” I guess that was normal for a small town but I couldn’t help to see Lyra shift her weight.

She came up with an idea. “Is there a way we can check the canterlot archives?” the pony at the desk tapped a hoof on her chin thinking.

“I guess… I can send in a work order. I give no promises that it would come in anytime soon but I sure can try,” I guess she finally got the hint that something was wrong. ”May I ask why you need the records?”

That kinda caught Lyra by surprise but I was prepared, I the amnesiac unsung hero needed this information.

“I have no recall about my past other than my name,” the mare blinked a few times looking at me like I just asked an impossible riddle. “I woke up in the nearby forest and made my way here.” That hit home.

Both ponies gasped in shock and yelped in unison. “You were in the Everfree forest?!”

As both of the ponies stared at me with ghastly faces, which made me really uncomfortable I kneaded at the hardwood flooring. “Uh… yea, so?”

Lyra shook her head and was the first to break out of the trance. “The Everfree forest is one of the most dangerous places in all of equestria,” great, that made my day.

“Say what now?” so to my knowledge I had been in someplace that could have killed me for… probably hours.

This time the countermare piped in. “Yea, the only ponies that have come out of there alive is twilight and her friends,” before I could ask who in the hay is twilight, Lyra gasped and slammed her hoof into the counter.

“Twilight!” and with that she grabbed me by a forehoof and dragged me outside leaving the countermare stunned in silence.

We make our way across the plaza, still confused about what's going on I use my magic to tug on Lyra’s mane. With that she stops mid track looking back at me panting.

“Um… What's going on?” As soon as I ask the question Lyra who couldn’t hold it in started to laugh loudly nearly fall to the ground.

After she pulled herself together using her hoof to wipe away a few tears that leaked out when she was laughing. “Sorry. I was gonna take you to twilight, I bet that she would be able to help you out,” and that reminded me the 1000$ question that I had no time to ask.

“Who is Twilight?” Lyra simply facehoofed herself.

“Sorry… Twilight Sparkle is a student of Princess Celestia. She knows all,” after that description the image of an old wrinkly mare popped into my head. That sent a shiver down my spin. Lyra didn’t notice my reaction and continued to drag me through town, the act of brutality causes some few ponies to stop and stare at the poor stallion, that is me.

We finally made it down a street that had an enormous tree. Yep, a tree. That really confirmed my suspicions that twilight was some old librarian. Lyra nuzzles me up to the door with a smile.

“This is your ride,” with that she cantered off leaving me at some old tree house, alone. With a sigh I use my magic to grab the knocker and of course knock on the door. I still half expected to see a desert of a face to come forth from the opening door.

“Hello?” to my surprise a young purple mare stepped through the door. Again… with my adult mind I was taken back by a mares looks. She smiled “Oh you must be new here. My name is Twilight Sparkle.”

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