• Published 5th May 2016
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Foal Fable - Equestria Called - Hoofed_Writing

An amnesiac pony finds him self in the small town of ponyville in search for what he has lost, his past.

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7 ~ Twilight with Twilight

My hoofs hurt from the long walk across Ponyville, although I was glad to make new friends I just wanted to eat something and lay down for a long time. Well, there was a hoof full of mares that I wanted to spend more time with; Derpy, Bonbon, and Burry Punch. They were quite nice to me and Twi, I had to go see them sometime soon. Speaking of seeing somepony I haven't seen… Before I could finish I saw a sky blue blob in the now orange sky. Her snoot peaking over one of the clouds and her multi-coloured tail hung over, what was her name… Rainbow Dash? Yea that was it, as she watched Twilight and I head to the library.

I gave her a little wave but she just dashed off, true to her name I guess. I trot up to Twilight’s side and give her a little playful flick with my tail. “So what's for dinner my most humble host,”

She rolled her eyes but gave me a smirk, “Something sweet,” I blinked slowly chewing these words trying my hardest to not let my mind wander when I realized that we were at the library.

* * * * *

The hardwood two piece door was enveloped in a purple aura as it was pushed open and I came flying through the door landing face to the ground plot up, “Oi! Twilight not so hard,” huh oddly this felt very familiar.

I stood up and brushed myself off as Twilight closed the door shrouding us in darkness. As I walked I ran right into Twilight, “Sorry Twi,”

Twilight gave a little huh which was from the other side of the room… If Twilight was over there then who is.

In then in all its blinding glory the lights came on and a huge red stallion that I saw at the farm earlier. Before I could squeal like a filly the rest of the ponies in the room yelled out in unison.


The big stallion gave me a pat on the back and gave a hearty “Eyep!” as I stood there dumbfounded by all the ponies in here.

Pulling back my ears I give an embarrassed smile,”I thought libraries were supposed to be quiet,” Twilight was next to me now and wrapped a hoof around my neck.

“That's what I said when Pinkie threw my welcome to Ponyville party,”

Looking at all the decor and all the ponies here who were now mingling with each other and eating cookies or sipping at their punch. “Pinkie did all of this?” This was an awful lot to do she would have had to been here all day.

“Heh yep! I suspected that when she left unceremoniously she was going to…” As Twilight started to finish her sentence the one and only pink fluff ball bounded on top of me.

“Throw you a giga-awesome party?” Pinkie was grinning ear to ear. “Are you surprised? Huh? Are you are you are you?”

I slinked back a bit from her energy, “Very… But how did you know I was going to be here?”

I swear her grin got bigger, “Oh that’s easy silly, my Pinkie sense told me,” Before I could ask what in the hoof was a Pinkie sense Twilight whisked me away.

“Allright, come on Music go mingle I will hold Pinkie at bay,” I gave a grinny salute and wandered into the crowd looking for a few ponies.

* * * * *

“Man this pony can really hold his liquor!” Berry Punch had a toothy grin as she held me up, I have to admit I had a few too many drinks… I think we all did.

I gave a loud bellow and rubbed up against Berry’s flank, “Hehe he likes you Berry,” Derpy who was probably the only one of us in our little corner that wasn’t tipsy… or worse drunk.

“Oh shush yoh,” my words were slurring together. Derpy giggled as Berry pushed me over so I layed on my side, we all burst out laughing. “Yoh guys ish great,” I gazed at all 3 of the mares my eyelids growing heavy.

Bonbon finally put in her input right after booping my snoot, “Your the great one Music,” Both Bonbon and Berry Punch’s faces were pink from drunkness, I’m pretty sure mine was too.

I sat up but fell right onto everypony but Derpy due to that she was hovering above us giggling at my efforts. And then somepony caught on, the librarian. “What is going on back here?” It was Twilight who you think was an ace student had her own little blush going, was everypony getting drunk?

“Oh hey Twiiii,” Giggling drunkly I waved my hoof at her.

Sadly she was sober and used her magic to grab my ear and started to drag me away, “Come on you have had way too much to drink,” Too tired to fight back I allowed myself to be dragged away to one of the side rooms waving to my amigos as they smiled and giggled.

She tossed me into the room, I gave out a little eep as I thought I was going to hit floor but landed on a bed instead, while Twilight fidgeted with the door I sat up and looked around the room. It was mostly barren aside from a nightstand that supported a lamp.

With a rush Twilight had jumped upon the bed landing on me giving me a glare. “H-hey Twi,” I gave her a small smile.

She sighed her blush still present, “You had way too much to drink Music,” she closed her eyes and shook her head.

I give out my own sigh, “Yea, I hab too much,” Twilight gave me a grin full of malice.

“Goodnight Music Stand,” Her horn glowed for a second before everything went black.

* * * * *

I woke up hearing birds chirping and somepony was moving about behind the door muttering loudly. I attempted to shift my weight over to my side for this headache was killing me, but as I tried I felt a huge weight on my chest, “What in the,”

Looking down I see a lavender unicorn curled up sleeping softly on me. If my head didn’t feel like exploding I would have freaked out, but I just gave a little smile and stroked her mane.

I’m guessing that she was a soft sleeper because she woke up.” Whuh?”

I gave a little laugh, “Rise and shine sleepy head.”

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