Foal Fable - Equestria Called

by Hoofed_Writing

3 ~ Knowledge

I stare at the young mare questioning how this could be the student of the princess. She so young I would think that she would at least be 100 years old. Her smile faltered, did she somehow read my mind? Using a dark magic only the princess knows and teaches to her disciples? I blink a few times as we sit in awkward silence, which she was the first to break.

“So ... can I help you?”

I smile softly remembering why I’m here. “Oh … Um … I think so.” With a wave of her hoof she motioned for me to go inside the tree, house, thing.

“What do you need…” she made a twirling motion with her hoof as she searched for my name.

“Stand, Music Stand,” she smiled softly and headed for the foyer of the… tree house library. She idly shuffled around some books making some small talk.

“So Mr. Stand I’m guessing you need something magical done, or perhaps” - she turned to me with a glint in her eyes- “in need of a good book?” I nearly laughed out loud from that, but I managed a small giggle.

“Maybe both,” she gave a small gasp of joy and clapping with her forehooves acting like a giddy school filly.

“Oh how wonderful, I have plenty of great books,” and with that she went off listing book after book, pulling each off of the shelve explaining the plot of each with massive detail, man she sure did know her collection well. I couldn’t pay attention due to I need to see if she could help me with my memory.

“Um… Ms. Sparkle?” she looked back at me grinning like she had won the lottery.

With a small chuckle she replied to my manners “oh please twilight is just fine.”

I smile “all right, Twilight, the reason I’m here is because I need your help.” her smile faltered a bit and she cocked her head to the side.

“Yes?” I look down and reveal my condemna.

“I have no clue who I am.”
Twilight simply stared at me before coming up to me and circling, gazing me up and down like I was some lab rat.”What do you mean?”

Grimacing a bit I go into a little more detail. “I mean I have no memories of my past, except for my name.”

“So amnesia huh?” she taps her hoof on her chin thinking. After mumbling to herself she started pacing, I simply stood there not knowing what to do. I clear my throat getting her attention wondering what's up.

“What's wrong?” she simply sits down and thinks some more, I guess, I never have any clue what mares think. After some more thought she looks up and gives me as small smile.

“I don’t know,”

I blink...once … twice… three times, before I could do anything. “So you can't help me?

She grimaces “No, I never said that. It’s just… -” I can tell she is about to explain a lot of in detail stuff with the sigh she gave, so I sit down on my haunches and prepare. “- memory loss is a very touchy thing. You can’t just bring back memories with a wave of your horn it is also quite dangerous. I mean you could break a ponies mind if not done right.”

Hearing all of this my spirits fall into the depths of tartars. Twilight of course sees this and pads up and gives me a hug causing my muzzle to flash bright red.

* * * * *

After a very awkward silence she backs off and smirks. “I’m guessing that you will need a place to stay.”

And with that I start backing off to the door the blush on my white fur clear as day. “W-well I think I'll be fine, I have a friend waiting for me anyways.” I run out with a confused Twilight standing at the door calling out that I’m welcomed to come by, anytime. By the time I stop running I’m gasping for breath until I feel a hoof on my back my fur bristling in fear. I turn around and jump what I thought to be twelve feet
in the air to see Lyra laughing her plot off.

“What was that?” she is wiping her tears of joy away. Admittingly it was pretty funny but that didn’t stop me from glaring at her.

“What do you want?” that stopped her laughter as my sharp tone pierced her ears.

“You ok Stan?” I burst out laughing. “What?”

“Stan?” I’m leaning on a nearby lamp pole laughing due to that she called me Stan. She scoffed and rolled her eyes waiting for me to calm down.

“So what's with the attitude?”

I sigh and grovel a bit. “Sorry I was a bit flustered with the meeting with twilight. As soon as I finish that sentence she grins the most evil grin I have ever seen.
“Oh, somepony has a crush,” that took me by surprise. I almost smacked her across the face at that moment.

“I only just met her!” I turned away knowing that my entire face was laced with blush, of course that tempted Lyra to tease even more.

“Suuuure … you're in love with her,” her cooing enraging me, but thank celestia she stopped before smirking and dragging me away again. “Come on I’m hungry.”

* * * * *
We sat there eating oat burgers from a nearby food truck, I have to say it was ok for fried food but hey it was great to sit down and eat for once. Lyra was clearly enjoying her burger. After I finish my current bite I thank her. “Thanks for the food Lyra,” she smiled and put down her burger.

“No problem stan,-” with that she smirked “- you don’t mind me calling you that right.” I shook my head and smiled.

“It's fine as long as you don't make any cutesy nicknames,” Thinking about it sends shivers down my back. Lyra clearly saw my discomfort but before she could say anything I stood up and set my hooves on the table a little harder that I meant to. “Twilight!” The purple mare saw me and simply waved back. I begged my pardon to Lyra who just shrugged as I got up and cantered over to Twilight.

“Hey Music Stand,” her smile on her face genuine even though I ran from the scene of her generosity.

“Hey Twilight, sorry for bailing on ya earlier,” I gave an uneasy smile.

“Oh it's all fine I’m sure you're just shocked from all of this,” she gestured with a hoof to ponyville itself as if all the smilling ponies where the problem. I nod my head.

“Yea, um… I would like to take you up on that spot, for the night,” Twilight was about to say something before Lyra came bounding and wrapping a hoof around my neck giving us devilish looks.

“Sorry pal but you're staying with me tonight.”

Twilight looked blankly then just smiled. “Looks like you already have a place to stay.”

I stand there wondering what happened before I’m whisked away and see Twilight waving goodbye to Lyra and I.