Foal Fable - Equestria Called

by Hoofed_Writing

1 ~ Where? Why? Who?

Wriggling in the coarse grass the small blades of greenery itching and prodding my fur-lined spine. I roll over with a growl of mild irritation after waking from my beautiful slumber. Rapidly blinking a few times seeing many trees, I shake my head in attempt to clear my mind as if I was gazing at some hallucination, but looking up reveals my efforts were in vain. I try to stand, but my hoofs aren't stable enough to support my slowly waking body and I quickly fall down to my knees. Why am I so weak? Where am I? And, then it occurred to me ... who am I?
I look about in attempt to perceive somepony, looking for either ponies or just some form of civilization. Pushing onto my hooves, I stand. Shakily taking a few staggering steps forward before falling again, I smack my muzzle into the ground inhaling a dirt-grass pie combo. As I sit back on my haunches, I release a groan as I cover my nose turning a light pink from the rough landing and embarrassment. I look about, but see nothing but a few colorful butterflies hovering above where I ate the earth. I take in some ragged breaths, and look about like a spastic lunatic, before falling back into the embrace, of the sweet black nothingness.
Rapidly flicking my ear about, I hear the distant noise of crickets chirping in disharmony, the things can’t seem to get the tune that they want to orchestrate right. Sitting up, I notice I've only progressed a few feet from whence I came. I feel the back of my head with my hoof, noting that there's a knot forming from when I passed out. Grimacing I stand, slowly let a smirk peak on my face. Maybe all I needed was some more beauty sleep. Looking up at the sky I see that celestia has already started to lower the sun. That puts some drive into my mangled exhausted body. As I give one last glance at the spot that I had been for who knows how long, and give a long drawn out sigh and start my trek to get out of this bucking forest.
The grass swishes around my lanky legs as the hopefully not so long walk lags on. My enjoyment of this wonderful walk doesn’t last long at all, if I had any to begin with. Screeching to a stop I arch my back like an old tabby at the sound of a low growling.
Whimpering I splay my ears flat, “W-who’s there?” The growling sounds again, and at that moment I feel a gnawing in my stomach. It was me. Chuckling, I pat my belly and continue forward; the only sounds that follow, are the crunching of leaves under my ever marching hooves.
* * * * * *
With my head hung low and my spirits even lower, my stomach constantly complains that it needs something edible. Mumbling, I keep going straight before tripping over a root that just so happened to be where I was walking, lucky me I guess. I receive a nose and mouthful of dirt, again. I moan, spitting out the not-so-tasty dirt pie and rub the top of my head; just happy that I didn’t sprain a hoof … or worse. Now actually seeing where I landed, an ecstatic grin spreads across my face.
“Perfect landing, sport.”
After I finished emptying my mouth and nose, I step forward to stare at the small town, but of course there were no ponies milling about. I mean yea it is night-time now so I guess it would make sense... Trotting into the shabby town looking for someplace that I could get info or something to eat, preferably the latter. I see that none of the buildings have lights on which begins to discourage my idea of help, or food.
* * * * * *
After what seemed hours that had lagged on forever I find large roundish building towards the center of town, with lights. Stepping up on the pavilion I peer through the glass trying to see if anypony is home. The glass I was on was not a window sadly, it was a door, which slides open giving gravity the chance to let me eat dirt, again, or in this case waxed flooring. Letting loose a small yelp I fall, before my muzzle can hit the ground my forehead has a sharp pain and I bounce up a bit and land on my chin instead.
Rubbing my horn groaning from the shock of the fall, which I completely forgot was there I flop back on my haunches looking up at it to see some of the decor of the round hall. It for the most part is fairly simple, nothing too great like a royal’s place nor crappy like my house. Half way through that thought I stop abruptly… My house? As I pondered the subject but not before the sound of somepony clearing their throat caught my attention. A young unicorn mare was staring at me with a glare that could pierce everything unholy, or holy at that.
Putting down the stack of papers she was currently putting into a saddle bag she quizzed my presence. “What are you doing here?” her dissatisfied frown grew unfriendlier by the second.
“I was … looking for somepony who could help, me” Still sitting back I watcher her for signs of hostility my gaze as sharp as a hawk. Sizing her, watching, gaging that she's pretty c… never mind that thought.
With a scoff and a roll of her eyes her whole sentence says, uggg “ you know the town hall is closed right?”
Ah, so I’m in the town hall, my awsome investigation skills working at top performance, “No, I did not.”
“Well you do now.” Flicking her ear after she spits the venomous remark, she loads up her saddlebag and heads towards me and with much sass, “You can make an appointment tomorrow morning” She looks down at me with a frown still accompanied by the evil eyes and I simply smile weakly. “You're not from here are you?” Her face showing some of little concern, lightening her piercing gaze to annoyed.
“Frankly I have no clue where I’m from or where I am.” Looking down at the ground like a lost puppy frowning in thought.
Rolling her eyes she shows some sympathy by reaching in her bag and dropping a few shiny objects right under my nose. Bits. I look up at her quizzically wondering why she gave me money. “Buy yourself a room in the nearby hotel.” she tries to play it off like some cool kid.
I blink a few times chewing on this unseen kindness feeling like my whole world has changed. “... Thanks?”
She shakes her head before pushing me to the side and walking out of the door. At the edge of the pavilion she stops in a voice that is soothing but threatening, “I’m Lyra heartstrings.”
This would be the moment in every cliche RPG where a menu saying [ENTER NAME HERE] would pop up. But lucky for me that wasn’t the case. But to my surprise something did come up. “Music.” She looks back at me confused, with one eyebrow raised. “That's my name, Music stand”
She smiles softly, her face looking very motherly compared to her evil scowl earlier. “Well, welcome to ponyville, Music.”