Foal Fable - Equestria Called

by Hoofed_Writing

4 ~ A Playdate

A hardwood door was enveloped by a teal arora as it was forced open and a unicorn mare pushed me forcefully into the mane hallway. “Oi! Not so hard Lyra!” Lyra stood there and giggled putting her hoof over her mouth as I pushed myself up from the embarrassing position.

“Nice plot,” blushing I cover my rear with my tail growling.

I stand and and brush myself off before Lyra starts to push me further into the house. “Oi!”

“Well get out of the way’” she huffs and just pushes me down to the ground and climbs over my grounded body heading towards what I think is the living room, not that it really matters. I sigh and push myself up again glaring at the back of her head and follow her. She turns sharply before heading into the living room and closing the door, bathroom maybe? I just continue forward before I hear Lyra call out to me.

“Hey you!” I turn around to see Lyra smirking leaning over a bar, how nice. I sit up on a bar stool and smile back at her.

“Bartender bring me a martini… shaken not stirred,” I say that in my best smooth voice. She simply rolled her eyes and goes to the back of the kitchen and to my surprise she pulls out tons of alcohol bits and bobbles. That pulls a chuckle out of me.

Her hooves like lightning she successfully creates the beverage that I asked for, I smile and nod my head in thanks before taking a sip. “I will put that on your tab’” I suck up more than I wanted to at her sly comment.

“What?” I coughed, the alcohol burning my throat. She smiles softly at my reaction.

“Why you still owe me bits,” she coos.

I set down my drink glaring at her. “So you want me to owe you even more?” She rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“I was joking,” with that we both started laughing. I picked my martini back up and took another sip.

“This is really good by the way,” she nodded her head and went to the back and poured herself some hard cider. When she returned we sat in silence as we drank. I was the first to break the silence.”So how long have you been a bartender.”

She closed her eyes as if she had to think far back. “Well legally 4 years,-” she gave me a wink ”- but over all 7.” I stuck my tongue out at her answer.

“Somepony is a bad one,” she punched my forearm for that.

With a very toothy grin she said, “Oh shut up,” I simply scoffed and continued to drink.

I stretched back and yawned Lyra looking at my empty glass, finishing up her cider. “So, where's the guest room, my most beloved hostess.”

“There isn’t one.”

I frowned and blinked a few times. “Where am I gonna sleep?” Putting her elbow on the counter she leaned in putting her muzzle inches away from mine.

“The couch,” I felt like glaring and saying some sort of sarcastic comment but she beat me to it. “Or… you could sleep with me.”

My white fur turned crimson at her sarcasm, and with another punch to my forearm she started to back away and put up the dishes we had used. “Perv..”

I gasped a little, “I am not…!” she started laughing so hard that she had to set down the glasses.

“You get embarrassed too easily,” I sighed angrily and moved myself to the couch. After some time I had started to nod off and Lyra plopped herself next to me, I could tell she was tired to. We smiled at each other before I pushed her over playfully, but to my demise I fell with her and I guess she didn’t care because we both passed out on the couch.

* * * * *

I had no idea what time it was but I did know it was early morning. The sun shined into my eyes blinding me, damn you Celestia. I turned over so the sun was out of my face, opening my eyes I see nothing but teal. Huh odd color choice for a pillow, It also had a lyre on it. I guess Lyra really likes her cutie mark. I nuzzle the pillow, It makes noises too … weird. I hear a low moan from above my head. I look up to see the source, only to find out that this isn’t a pillow… but Lyra’s flank.

“Aaaaaaaiiiiiii!!!” with a loud yelp I jump from the couch to the other side of the room waking Lyra with a start. She looked at me funny then started to rub her side which was a little red with my face being on it all night. I mean my face was red too, but for a different reason. Lyra got the catch.

“Enjoy your rest?” she padded her side seductively causing me to blush harder.

Not wanting to lie I nod my head, “Y-yea,” Lyra raised an eyebrow before yawning and standing to stretch. She wandered to the kitchen and started to shift items around eventually making her way to the fridge.

“How about some breakfast, I bet you're hungry after your night of fun,” it didn’t help that my belly started to growl at that exact moment making Lyra smirk.

“I… I need to do some stuff,” I rush off to find a bathroom leaving a laughing Lyra to prepare breakfast.

By the time I retuned my fur is white again and the smell of waffles fills the small house. Sitting at the same spot as last night, Lyra settles next to me shoving a plate of wheat waffles and daisies in front of me.

“Bon appetit.”

I nod my head in thanks and chow down on the meal which I have to say was quite good.

After our lovely little breakfast was finished Lyra spoke up. “I’m going to take a shower, and you might as well afterwards,” I nod my head before falling back asleep on the counter.

I awaken to a soft prodding in my side and Lyra telling me it's my turn. Groaning I push myself up swiping at her to get her to stop poking me.

“All right, I get it, -” I glare softly at her, if that's even possible “- I'll take a shower just no peeking all right?” She scoffed and pushed me towards the bathroom.

I enter the bathroom, it's nice nothing to big and fancy but not cramped either. While gazing around I find a very plush looking towel folded nice and neat, for me I presume. Using my magic I turn the faucet on causing the shower head to spirit water. Gingerly I set one hoof in to test the water: perfect. I step in wetting my mane and the rest of my body releasing a huge sigh of satisfaction as my muscles loosen up from the heat. Sorting through my arsenal of cleaners I find the mane shampoo and use it to suds up my mane. Half way through I stop and perk my ears, did the door just open? I stick my head out and look at the door.

“Lyra?” there was no response so I shrug and pull myself back into the shower. And this is where everything goes wrong. I feel some pony's hooves wrap around my waist and I hear the familiar whisper of the teal mare.

“Hello there sweet boy,”

* * * * *

I sit on a bar stool glaring daggers at Lyra my mane getting in my eyes due to the fact it is still wet.

“Come on stan it was just a prank,” I could tell she was really sorry but she came into the bathroom while I was showering and grabbed me.

“That was a violation of my personal space.” Lyra sighed.

“Really? We never wear clothes anyways.” I growl standing to head to the front door but stop before I can open it, if I leave where will I stay.

“Uhhhhggggg,” I turn tail and sit back on the same bar stool that has kept me company for the past day.

Lyra smiles at me, “I knew you couldn’t leave me.” I just roll my eyes and scoff.