Foal Fable - Equestria Called

by Hoofed_Writing

6 ~ The Elements of Harmony; Part 2


The white fur on my face had turned ruby red from the random affection that RD had shown me when I shared some words of kindness. Twilight and I continued to walk down the street, me of course trying to hide my blush with no avail. Twilight giggled at my attempts making matters worse by bringing some attention onto us, shesh mares theis days.

As the two of us head off the street I find myself in front of a, eh how to explain. It was a very uppity looking building of what could be a noble. Twilight opened the door without even knocking how rude.

Twilight saw the dirty look I was giving her “It's a store,” she rolled her eyes and walked in a bell sounding as she did.

“Coming!” A high pitched voice of a mare rang out from some place in the very well decorated interior. I followed as Twilight stopped and was smiling gleefully. A white mare with a very pompous mane bouncing with every step. “Welcome to parasail boutique, where everything is…” she stopped as she saw who entered the so called store. “Oh twilight,”

“Hey rarity,” she waved her hoof and smiled, all while rarity had a grin eyeing the two of us from behind her spectacles.

Her grin grew bigger with a hint of malice “My Twilight, I didn’t know you got a colt friend,” Both of us gasped as our jaws hit the floor.

“What?!” looking at Twilight eyes big as the moon I questioned her.

She looked just as surprised as I am. Rarity got the hint and giggled. “Oh sorry my dears,” Twilight sat there moving her mouth but no words came out so I figured that I had to, eh introduce myself..

“Um we are just friends,” yep, introduce myself.

“I can see that deary,” Rarity deadpanned so hard. But thankfully she came up to me and grabbed my hoof shaking it gingerly. “I am rarity, if you would so need something designed I’m your gal.”

I scoffed pulling my hoof away, “Thanks I’m not one for fancy cloths.” Rarity gave a clear cringe from that comment, guess I hit a soft spot. Twilight finally out of her shock coma walked up next to me.

“Well Rarity this is Music Stand,” I puffed out my chest, just a bit.

Rarity’s eyes lit up at the sound of my name “Oh a musician! Why darling you must play for me someday, or or you could accompany the ponytones! How splendid would that be,” I didn’t even register the latter part of what she said, a musician? Is that what I am? I look over to my flank and to see a simple music stand as my cutiemark.

Twilight bit her lip, “Well you see Rarity, he has no memory of his past,” She gasped at that.

“No memory! Oh you poor dear,” I could tell things were about to get mushy.

“It's ok I’m fine,” Rarity gave me a look of honest pity.

“Oh but dear you aren't. We must fix this, why I bet a concert would help jimmy those memories back in.” I roll my eyes.

Before I could say a thing Twilight threw in her two cents, “That sounds like a good idea-” she saw my discomfort with the idea ”- well not today, Music here is still settling in,” she used her hoof to pat my head like a foal.

Rarity nodded her head “Yes of course, it is completely understandable that he would need time to get things together,” she started to trot to a doorway in the back. “Would either of you like a cup of tea or something to munch on?”

It had been a while since lunch and I could use something to drink after running about making “friends”. I nod my head. “Sure I would like that, how about you Twi?”

She smiled “Of course I would,” Rarity gave us a grin and motioned to a table with some chairs in the kitchen.

“Have a seat please,” We sat down in the white wood chairs as Rarity set some water to boil and opened cabinets gathering small white tea cups with golden trim on the rim. She set the cups on matching platters humming while she put a tea bag into the water. Twilight and I sat in silence as the aroma of an exotic type of black tea wafted into the air.

Rarity turned from her work looking at us, “Milk or sugar?” she asked us in a sing song type of voice. Twilight and I replied in unison.

“Just sugar,”
“Just sugar please,”

We just looked at each other causing Rarity and Twilight to giggle and my just give a goofy smile.

When the tea was ready Rarity served it with little cakes, I really liked the tea but the cakes… well I made a mental note to never eat them again. All three of us sipped the tea before Rarity broke the gentle silence.

“Well, where are you two off to next?” I shrugged and gave Twilight a glance.

She took one last sip of her tip then setting her cup on the platter, “I was thinking Sweet Apple Acres,” Rarity nodded her head.

“I would love to join you darling, but alas I am a busy mare,” I gave a little frown.

“What do you actually do Miss Rarity,”

The white unicorn waved her hoof and gave a small smile, “Oh just Rarely my dear, and I thought you would know. I’m a dressmaker,” I sat back in my chair, I now know where I am not getting my clothes from.

Twilight stood up and gave a small bow, “Thank you so much Rarity for your hospitality,” she looked at me with an expectant smile.

“Oh yes, it was nice,” Rarity nodded her poofy mane bouncing a bit.

“Any time dear, come again,” and after our goodbyes Twilight and I made our way out of the front door.

I smirked at Twilight, “To Sweet Apple Acres then?”

She gave a short nod “Mmmhmm,” and we made our way to the countryside.


We were about a half mile from the farm which I could see now when a huge commotion sound to our right.

In a high pitched squeaky voice somepony warned us, ”Oh, look out…” I mean it sounded so timid that it wasn’t much of a warning but before I could think else of it a … uh group .... a flock… well whatever you call a bunch of bunnies it was headed right to us and right behind them a terrified yellow pegasus.

“Oh no...Twilight…” The bunnies well really didn’t trample us more like tried to cuddle us to death. I have to admit I have a soft spot for animals and these bunnies were damn cute.

The yellow pegasus lit down next to us her mane flowing over to cover half her muzzle, “I’m so sorry… They… Then,” Twilight and I giggled as we cuddled all of the bunnies.

“Oh it's fine Fluttershy,” I nuzzled the bunny closest to me.

“This is a mighty bunch you have here,” The pegasus finally noticed me she gave a whimper and crouched low hiding behind her bangs.

I looked at Twilight then at the shy pony then back at Twilight, “It's ok Fluttershy this is my friend Music Stand,” Fluttershy just gave a squeak and nodded slowly ever so slowly gathering up all the bunnies.


After the very very awkward run in with Fluttershy we finished our trip to Sweet Apple Acres to meet another friend of Twilight. As we trot I look out at the fields and see a large stallion working a plow with a filly standing on his back spreading seeds.

Twilight lead me to the trees that were off to the side of the field filled with apple trees, I wondered what we were doing here before she called out to somepony.

“Hey Applejack!” She waved a hoof in the direction that she was looking, I squinted my eyes to make out the figure of a orange pony in the distance.

Twilight broke into a gallop leaving me behind to catch up as the orange pony stopped what she was doing and wiped a hoof across her brow, “ Well howdy Twilight,” I finally caught up with the purple unicorn breathing hard a bit.

Applejack looked at me and Twilight gave a little oof “Oh this is Music Stand,”

“Nice ta meet ya Music Ah’m Aj, what can Ah do ya for?” I looked at the pony, she wasn’t… was she?

Twilight answered my question, well sort of, “Well we were just about and my friend here is new in Ponyville and needed to get more, acquainted to others here,”

AJ nodded her head, “Ah see, well Mr. Stand if ya in need of aneh buckin ah’m the pony for ya,” her southern accent was kinda getting on my nerves before the voice of a filly came up behind us.

“Hey sis we got the field done-” I turn to see the “sister” of AJ walk up to us”- oh hey Twilight,”

“Hello Applebloom, how's the crusading,” I watch Twilight and the filly chat as AJ gets my attention.

“So what you doin in Ponyville Sugarcube?”

I pawed at the ground and grimaced, “Well I lost my memory and, I just found myself here,” I found it pathetic that I had to use the same excuse over and over making other ponies pity me.

“Ah’m sorry ta hear that,” she took her hat off and lowered her head but before Twilight nudged me.

“Hey Music it’s getting late we better head home,” I opened my mouth to say something but she interrupted me, “Now now, I know you love your new friends but don’t worry we have a picnic planned for tomorrow, and yes you can come,”

Well frankly I thought that was a great idea, “Sounds great to me,”

We waved goodbye to the apples and head to the library.