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Ted Cruz was probably the Zodiac Killer

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Will you be making more like this or continuing this story? Good story!

Yes. Very softcore and heartwarming. I like it!

this seems like every moment between them......... is missing. yeah, you said fluttershy was distant, but there had to be moments where she did something. anything.

I wrote this in two hours or less. I doubted it was going to be brilliant. I simply chose this story because I found that the picture told it quite nicely.

Thank you! I will indeed do my best

Yeah thats my style I guess. thank you!

Requires better grammar, but I give a 10/10 because f.s. is best pony

Indeed it does. I've fixed pretty much what I could see. Although usually I utilize proofreaders, I didn't for this and simply clicked upload.

I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless

Since I wasn't a pony, I was bizarrely classified as an animal.

Sorry, this just really takes me out of it. Minotaurs, Griffins, Breezies? Any of these ringing a bell? They clearly have a concept of non-pony sapience.

Indeed they do. But I tend to forget these subtle details when not focusing on lore. I'll do something to amend that if it helps.

I enjoyed the cuteness of it all, it reminded me of a young teenage couple experimenting together for the first time.

well done.

im crying, this was cool, but i am VERY immature and it ruins everything

Pretty good. Could have used more descriptions and general awareness of surroundings, but it was pretty cute and decently sexy for what little there was.

I find ponies who don't find nudity to be sexual in of itself really hot, so that gave this bonus points in my mind.

I appreciate the critique and am glad you enjoyed it nonetheless.

So I expect a fucking sequel.

Um, how many times do you need to submit this to High-Quality Mature Fiction? It only just got accepted a week ago!

7641171 I only resubmitted because I couldn't find it.


Cool Cool.... Thanks for letting me know. :twilightsmile: Resub revoked.

Well it seems that the name my little pony does not apply to this story. But a good read anyway

Followed for the Dark Souls. :) And the nice fics.

As always :raritywink: Glad you enjoyed this one too! :heart:

i took a trip down memory lane and fund this one and i just realize that this one is allmost 4 years old to me it feels like this come out last year time flies

I feel like it was just yesterday when I looked at the response to the story and thought, maybe I should release another of these NEXT weekend... Well... Just a few years delayed :twilightsheepish:

Hm from the middle on it kinda felt rushed... ~ take your time, no worries, we can read a few more words :p

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