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Kind of Brony

Well, I'm not much of a brony as I don't like the show, but I greatly respect the fans and their work. I often wish the fanbase of some other franchises were as talented and ambitious as the bronies.

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"fairly vanilla sex"
Except, y'know, the part where it's interspecies. I'd have explicitly included that in the kinks.

>whining about the purest love(between a man and mare)
B E G O N E, T H O T

I read this in sadnonny's pastebin. Are there significant changes?

I didn't say I had a problem with it, just pointing out that this was presumably the reason for the "fairly" and that a list of included kinks should have all of the included kinks. That I was downvote-bombed due to insufficient clarity is unfortunate. You other two people and counting, do what this guy did, I respect this guy for not trying to hide behind a thumb and instead insulting me directly.

Come on dude T. T, now you are teasing us with a sequel you most likely never write.

Yes this sequel really needs to be written please

Welcome to the internet, where we fantasize about fucking literally anything with a vagina. If it has a vagina and the main character has a donkey schlong, then itโ€™s vanilla

Given that we're on a website which exists for the sole and express purpose of telling tales about technicolor ponies, I'd argue that interspecies goes without saying in any mature story with the human tag.

Congratz, you got featured. 1/11/2020

holy shit, a fic that actually explains away that whole human x pony breeding thing somewhat. That's always been a pet peeve of mines that needs to get explained away or that I need to suspend my disbelief to such a point to even entertain that can happen.

This also screams sequel like someone else had stated.

Just Stuff added to the start to explain how Anon affords to support himself and lives in a house despite being new to the kingdom, and changing the name of the Equestrian Belgium from Boargium to Balegium.
Also some small corrections I made while changing the format to standard fimfic form.
Are you guys wanting the Incognito/Rarity story of the Omakepilogue?

I love when the feels give me a surprise fuck. It's beautiful.

Sorry I have to ask but what does RGRE stand for?

Reverse Gender Roles Equestria.
With how often I see this question, I'm starting to think that authors should just spell it out in their story descriptions.

RGRE primer

It's kinda a lot to say in a description with any sort of clarity, especially in the short description.

So... this was good I'd read the sequel. But first I'm baking Brownies!

Oh my god please make a sequel! That brother's story must be told!

You literally just linked to a sufficient explanation. Story descriptions can do that too.

Sometimes they're both humans, by way of AU. More often, they're both ponies, and that's the "definitely vanilla" you're actually referring to. More to the point, proper tagging is what makes stuff like this okay by way of ensuring that "don't like, don't read" is a viable option.

So pure, so wholesome, a splendid meal for the eyes and soul.

Very enjoyable. In my opinion, this is just the right amount of RGRE.

Where do you think you are, precisely?

Goddamnit I'm really mad they're literally both just a single side of the Diametric. Well played.

(Incognito made me fucking laugh as a joke tho holy shit)

Twi #25 · January 13th · · 1 ·

Human Tag and no Anthro Tag, so there you go. Now go and be a victim somewhere else please.

I bet She was hurting for a squirting

Me: oh hello there fluffy clopfic, let's see watchu got for me

Fluttershy: *cries*

Me: I don't care about this bullshit, ANON DO SOMETHING!!!

Very nice! The switching POVs was creative and the banter was great. Oh, and that ending killed me!

Love the cover art too!

This was awesome! I hope you know that I'm now starving for a sequel, yes?

This was an enjoyable story. Thank you very much!

But our run-in with Thunderlane taught me something important

:ajbemused: Yeah, no. This particular part here was awful. It's a "Don't worry, be happy!" message which is bloated, very sudden and takes itself way to seriously for this kind of story.

This meeting with Thunderlane taught him that you can score with three mares at the same time in Equestria. Three siblings, no less. Also, Anon never seemed to be on edge about public opinion of him (the natural fear of being indecent aside). He even made the first move (IN RGRE!).


Are you guys wanting the Incognito/Rarity story of the Omakepilogue?

Your Rarity is very entertaining, so yeah, I guess.

Although I can't help but be more interested in Thunderlane and his herd.


Hell yeah!

Or more Floored.
Or Family is Who You Love.

More anything would be good actually.

Haven't read Gilded Sister (yet), so I can't comment on that, but based on the fact that I've liked everything else you've written and the ratio of likes to views it has . . .

This was a lot of fun, though, not super a fan of the omakepilogy being canon as it were /laugh

I personally would like to see more of this, with Rarity included later on, what can I say I like herd fics, still was a fun read, thanks for the hard work

That a comfy little read. I wish it was broken into smaller chapters, just because it makes it feel slightly easier to read in case the bookmark system screws up. Other than that it was pretty amusing to read Flutters being a bit more forward due to the gender norms.

I love your interpretation of the MLP world! Well written story, good romance and a sweet yet steamy ending.

Other than the grammar/spelling issues that are apparent, this was a wonderful read. The situation with Rarity gave it the humor it needed to escape from the awkwardness.

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This story was adorable, loved every moment reading it.

Yes! What a sweet wholesome Quest. After the first date, she gives him a nice hug and kiss, second date? A show for the man, and third date, hanky panky! Wam, bam, thank you maam! :)

Bird mating dance? That is just too precious and cute. :twilightsmile:

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