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Oh fuck yes! I love this story! So glad you brought it over.

Man, this hits uncomfortably close to home, but in a good way. I absolutely loved it, though my opinion might be a little bit skewed because I'm a member of the "target demographic" for this particular story.

Awesome work... keep them coming!

The rejection was highly unexpected. I love it. This fic was amazing. Ten outta ten great job!!

I really really wish there was sauce on that cover art. Oh man its so wonderful. :heart:

Oh yeah, the story. Asides from feels I wonder why anyone would bother enchanting a hat designed to make one socially awkward. Its probably just there for plot convenience but I'm super curious as to what would lead someone to invent such a horrific hat. Oh mysterious hat, reveal your forbidden secrets to me.

Maybe it instills the essence of Season 2 Luna into the wearer.

wow this story...i didn't see it coming i mean some of it reminds me so MUCH of this video XD

the fedora seemed evil and alive, almost was expecting you to have the fedora be a parasite like in this alternate version.

i was having a good time until the rejection scene came in and the music got in there. i swear only you can go from normal/ random/ comedy to fking serious sad and tragic, its so weird but good. really love your stories man...dammit now i cant say stuff like this on the comments without feeling like one of those guys in the story :unsuresweetie:

this felt like some sort of jab at certain people within the brony community although maybe im just looking too much into it. the way anon says at the end how people should learn to control themselves is so true. its almost like those annoying bronies that spam ponies in every goddamn video on youtube or bombard the comment when a reference pops up.

I admit, I don't really understand the "autism" comments and phrasing in this story. Can someone explain this? Good and interesting story, overall, though.

Peacekeeper, I'm happy you liked it. I'll elaborate for you the purpose of this story. And hopefully it will also explain a few things for 4375628 as well

On /mlp/ the general population of bronies are considered 'Fedora neckbeards' or by their nickname 'autists.' An offensive choice of words of course, but it's 4chan. What do you expect?

This story was designed to put the loveable Fluttershy in the shoes of a stereotype they hate. Make her emotions, actions something charming and have her not really see what she is doing is hurting her image and chances with Anon.

The rejection is showing to those targeted Anon's what they are doing to the general stereotype. How it hurts them, and they could be hurting their own chances for happiness. Fluttershy learns there is a certain line between a guilty pleasure and an obsession, while Anon keeps himself bottled up and doesn't express he has the same guilty pleasure and loses the chance to meet someone he Truely admires.

What it boils down to in the end is "Why should we judge someone for what makes us happy?"

At least, that's what I attempted. Hopefully that shed some light for everybody!

4378298 I felt mixed signals about your ending. When fluttershy buried the fedora and starts thinking about how society shouldn't judge doing what makes you happy. it gave off what you intended as a message. But then anon starts talking about how people should learn to control their desires and guilty pleasures to keep appearances. And how one should wear a mask in society which kinda felt conflicting with the story. Then in the end, the irony about how he would have liked to meet the pony who wrote the stories he liked. Like I said the jab at the community was a nice touch, you pulled it off nicely. Sick fedora bruh

fluttershy became a brony for humans?!

It's futa, isn't it. Just my gut guessing.

haven't read yet but my brain votes inspector gadget for some reason

4419423 She became, a Homie

"What do you think Rainbow?" you say eagerly as she flips through the pages of your romance story.
Your heart is filled with joy and optimism.
And it's tossed from your cloud city to the cold, hard Earth below.

She doesnt have a burn heal.:fluttershysad:

Wow...that took a 180 really damn quick.

The sheer irony !!!

I just wanted to laugh.
I only saw the comedy tag.
I didn't expect feels.

4683350 But what about stallions?

Pff. What about them?

4685931 Its like saying there is no girl bronies. But this time there isn't any stallions

No, I'm saying I don't get why they would care. Most girl bronies just call themselves bronies.

4689046 Idk I guess I heard the term pegasisters right. So I assumed

Well, yeah. There are girls who prefer the term pegasister, but I don't know any who honestly care. I know I sure as hell wouldn't.

I just...so many mixed feelings...what the Hell, have an upvote.

This was good 8/10

That fucking hat. The universal sign of autism.

*Looks at my own fedoras*... Those things are going away... Like, next year...

This felt like the first chapter of something longer. Alas, it says complete.

Cool story, YellowQuiet.

......I have so many feelings right now.
I'm not even sure what ai think about it.

This is a wonderful allegory for the brony fandom and the stereotypes thrown against it by others who irrationally hate on it. Loved it! :fluttershysad:

Hmm. Don't really feel complete. But it was an well written story. Have an upvote. :twilightsmile:

The universal sign of autism.

I swear on my life, the only reason I own one is because my ex gave it to me :twilightblush:
Great story though :D

Please write a nother chapter or a fellow up storie were they patch things up and they start datting

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