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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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You should make this multi-chapter.


Yeah.. I probably should have. Hopefully, at least this could inspire others to do something better with the same premise of this story.

I would love to see this done seriously, but this story is good too. Anybody know any serious stories with this premise?


I'm not sure. But someone could write it.

And write a better silly one like this story.

7F #5 · Nov 5th, 2015 · · 2 ·

Please some one wirte bendy in equestria


I think Meta is against the site's rules.

Anon actually dodged the bullet on this one
the true twist :rainbowderp:

Bendy #9 · Nov 5th, 2015 · · 1 ·


How so?

6604086 Nobody I Know, Likes Futa. The Fact They Were After Anon Was Enough To Make Me Laugh.

First of all I'm thrilled to see that you're adding new materials to your story, also it's freaking weird (and funny nonetheless)

And to my relief no actual buttsex happens... :twilightblush:

Bendy #12 · Nov 5th, 2015 · · 1 ·


Some people do. Some even like female on male futa. I personally don't like it. But I don't mind female on female futa.


Yeah... I personally would not like to describe futa mare on male human sex. Not my thing.

John Dash approved.

I died. You killed me with laughter. Murderer.

Futa is awesome. I wish someone would make a serious fic about a mare and a human that fall in love with each other and him "knowing" that she has a penis but still loves her regardless.

Anon needs to stop being a coward and take it like a man.


And to make it even better he's heterosexual. And he eventually does it for her, even though he doesn't like it very much... at least at first. XD

It's not too late, Bendy~ :rainbowkiss:

Hey, see that group over in the "Featured In" box? The one that says "Futas with Males"? Yeah. :raritywink:
Oh, you're already there. Right.


I'm sorry... but I would probably do the exact same thing Anon did in this story.


I'm not sure I'd want to write a long story about a romance between a futa mare and male human. It's a bit weird for me. I think I'll just leave this story as it is.

Others are more than welcome to expand on this story's concept though. (And don't even need to ask me for permission to write their stories based on this story's little universe.)

But self inserts aren't, so you can do it yourself.

The human is like me, I really hate Futa.
Can somebody who likes Futa try to explain it to me? Would be very interesting for me.
I'm male and straight btw.

Why are all the ponies dicks?:trollestia:


Yeah, they are real dickheads. XD

Maybe he should be fucked, if he's such a pussy. That there is sexual harassment, worthy of a bitchslap.


The futa ponies in this story aren't rapists. They want Anon to love their big horse dongs.

6604645 But he just takes the cockslap meekly. Pussy should've hit back, to hell with her insincere excuses.


You forget this is 'Anon'. Anon is insane and this is a trollfic... kinda.

6604658 Insane? Or a wimp?


No. He's just very forgiving.

Also every human being a manly man that eats bullets for breakfast is sometimes kinda boring. He suited for Anon of this stupid story.

6604670 So if you're not a manly man, you're a doormat? Fascinating.

This... made me laugh lot, cheers.

I wasn't asking for a romance. Just anon's interactions with the other ponies. We only saw Twilight and Celestia here.

This is the part where I carve out my brain and eat it like ice cream.

6604098 Apparently people don't agree with you mate.

6605018 Some people do. Futa is creepy.

6605018 its a mixed bag for me. sometimes it can be ok great or straight up nigthmare fuel

6605113 I was just stating the obvious mate.

6604098 I can't believe we're having such a conversation, but I'm hoping people are mature enough to read this(and I mean others, not you). I was curious as to way many love futa so much and I started asking others who I knew like it and they all basically told me the same thing.. "It's because they get the penetration without the man."

In a way I can see what they're saying but often times some take it a little to far, just a little food for thought.

"Anon, all I would have to do is cast a magical protection charm on your anus and your butthole could even take a pounding from Princess Celestia's giant horse dong!"

6605018 And I Really Don't Care. I Was Just Voicing An Opinion Is All.

6605679 And you're entitled to an opinion so yeah......

ok that's some good satire

Human Avoids Futatwi

What a faggot.

Bendy... do you get off from writing an endless stream of terrible smut fiction? Because that might explain a few things...

Mmm, nah, no words. Just wheezing laughter, the sound of lungs being entirely deflated and desperately trying to get more air into them.
That's what's goin' on here.
Top notch, have my like.


And somewhat realistic reaction from a heterosexual man, yes?


That seems to happen a lot to the readers of my stories.


Yes. How did you know?


Careful now, don't die from laughter by me.

"pounding from Princess Celestia's giant horse dong"

this part right here made me spit out my drink from laughing too hard.

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