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This story is a collaboration with Bother.

Daring Do. Adventurer, archaeologist, scholar, philanthropist, and all around heroine to the ponies of Equestria. She's faced countless threats and challenges in her years traveling the world, and her efforts have earned her rewards, accolades, and prestige. However, she now finds herself against a new foe, one foul and sinister, so evil and diabolical that even she is powerless to fight against it.

Forced time off.

Banished by her superiors at Canterlot University to the dreary, ho-hum city of Prodigal Point, Daring Do is forced to find a way to cope with deal with her increasing boredom and insatiable curiosity. However, her attempts cause her to stumble upon a mysterious conspiracy, one being carried out by an enigmatic group of ponies with unknown motives. She's soon smack-dab in the middle of the action yet again, and while she's used to such things, she also winds up with a bigger problem that's completely new to her:

Picture by Kyrgyzpopstar.

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I think I'll read this.

Hmm, you've caught my interest.


Glad to hear it. I'll post the rest tomorrow. I'm dead tired right now.

This would make interesting smut...

That coverart is freaking me out.

I have no idea why.

6622589 And it doesn't disappoint. Tracking!

Read this before somewhere, by Bother, and I admit I found it interesting. Glad it's being brought here.

Also, tell Bother to update his story where Applejack becomes a fertility goddess, will you?

that would probably be cause that's its Mpreg.

square nose, short mane, lack of boobs.
that's a stallion.

>teen rating
>Daring's reaction to the massage in part 4
Might want to rethink that rating Habitual before some jackass decides to report it.

That said, awesome you decided to resurrect this! I remember reading it a long while back.

I like this story very much. Glad to see it finally here.

Huh. Weird. I didn't get a notification that this had updated.

The Amulet of Graveeda...

I almost want to read it for the name alone... :trollestia:

Hmm... I blame cherngelerngs (because propaganda is magic)!

They steal unborn pony foals with evil black magic and EAT THEM to give themselves life, since cherngelerngs are SO EVIL that life itself will naturally try to flee from them, so they had to make a deal with Pony Satan so they could survive!

*angry mob marches off to rain death upon the horrid bug ponies*

Excellent... :trixieshiftright:

6623867 This is what is known as a stylistic choice. The artist chose to portray Daring as having a short mane and a slightly squared-off snout. As for the boobs... they're being hidden by her stomach. Remember, this ain't anthro.

PPS #19 · Nov 12th, 2015 · · 8 · Part 6 ·

Would you mind using a different cover image? I don't have a problem with you writing what you want to write, but I have to scroll past this image in the Popular Stories thing when I'm checking for new stories and updates that interest me, and it's really not the kind of thing I want to see. I wish I could just filter it and not have to bother you, but the site doesn't provide any way to do that.

....Yep, I definitely want to see the end of this. Favourited.

Interesting that I didn't get a notification for either this story or your reply. :rainbowhuh:

I'm glad I gave this story a chance when I saw it. I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. The only thing that seemed to not have been tried yet to fix the curse is to hit the whole town with the elements when it resurges, though I guess that would be too easy. Either way I liked the ending so good job & a pat on back for ya.

Needs a one-shot half sequel about Daring and Quick Fix getting to "know" each other.

You know what? This story is great, just that last chapter seems a bit sexual...

May I cross-over one of my fics with this one? I really like this fic as it takes an over-used concept (magic pregnancy amulet) and makes into a super-hero-like action adventure. If you can make a pregnant Pegasus look like Doctor Who, you can pretty much make any plot work with any material.


You'll need to ask Bother on that one.

6668810 Where can I find him? On this site? Also, why do you have his fics?


He's on this site, and I don't have his fics. He's just the one who'd have the final say on the kind of thing you're asking.

6669461 Yea I was stupid for not looking at the freaking cover description...but I posted a comment on his user page, hope that's good enough.

Wonderful sweet little story, plus hits all the right sort of buttons :)

So if this demon bitch has been stealing foals for hundreds of years, am I to assume that she doesn't always do so, otherwise there would be no ponies there anymore?

For that matter, why hasn't anyone called in Celestia to help out? Why are ponies even staying in such a cursed town?

...Jet Cannon, Master of Overthinking Things. :raritywink:

There needs to be a sequel

>I’m not going to little a little discomfort
-I guess the first 'little' is supposed to be 'let', right ?

“I will personally see to it that both you and Brash are properly dealt with according to the tenants of our order, but right now I need you to be the stallion that earned his place here.”

that would be tenets, i think

Since ths seems to be the end, i can give a critique of this.
This story was a massive mother-lode of magnificent motherly madness! It had action, comedy, suspense, a satisfying ending.... all of the little ingredients that a story should have.

10/10 on the :yay:itude meter! if there's a sequel, i'm looking forward to it!

That was a good story you did a good job I hope more stories are good

I do wish there was a sequel to this! I love preg growth stories like this one!

7485056 Having just read this for the third time, i certainly agree.

Wow loved this story so much. Maybe if other couples in equestria have lost children she could help them too.

At least it could've been worse.

It thankfully didn't take long for her to do this,

Recognition dawned in the librarian’s eyes. “You… you don't even know what you are, do you?”

Reminds me of a scene in Toy Story 2 where Woody learns who he is.

and she was especially was hateful towards young children and their mothers.”

She picked up one of Daring's hooves

You must be excited!”

Well then, how about we stop dwelling on undesirable topics and give you that world-class belly message you ordered, hmm?”


He held the the pendant that seemed to glimmer less and less as he looked at it,

“Has business always been this been bad?” Daring asked.

Prepare yourself, Miss Do, for I know your weak-spots, and with all that stress inside just aching to be let out...”

Uhhh how did he know her name!? :rainbowhuh:

Either way, she didn’t want to spoil his mood with questions. “Bring it on, sponge-boy!" She blew a raspberry at him. "I’ve gotten in my share of hairy scraps before. Your dumb ol’ lotion doesn’t scare me.”

Reminds me of Spongebob.

“And that was just a dollop,” Teddy said.


She just wanted him to keep doing whatever it was he was doing.

Daring looked down at the refilled tub, remembering that it’d been empty when she woke.

Daring then turned to leave, but before she could, a voice from called from behind her.

——) Quick Fix swished his tail. “ I don’t have a lot of time. Please, can I come in and talk?”

The Godmother couldn’t have gone far,

However, if she said yes,

Graveeda to the her! Hurry!”

You need to come quickIy

Quick Fix knew this was going to be bad,

——) The stranger’s warmth was almost gone, no more than an echo within her body.

Graveeda’s form wavered, and she turned back into pure fire. She flew around Daring in dizzying circles, then without warning, she coiled like a snake and flew straight down into Daring’s mouth.

Reminds me of The Master from Doctor Who as a snake.

The lights wasted little time. Entire groups began diving into Daring’s navel, the passage slowly accommodating more and more until the stream was almost constant.

Makes me think of the star pocket from Dora the explorer.

not going to let a little discomfort

Daring groaned. “Would you relax, already?! I told you I can handle it! I thought I was the one calling the shots!”

She placed the Zephyr's hoof upon her slightly-pudgy paunch.

she’d known she was carrying twins.

She couldn’t see him over the enormous swell of her womb,

to size we can see to your restoring your room.

That was a nice story but I see a sequel for this. I would like to see Daring Doo writing a book for this adventure and seeing Rainbow Dash’s reaction.

Wonderful story!:raritystarry: Consider me a fan!
By the way, I could totally see something like this as an animated film!

Cool concept..

Huh. A little strange...But fascinating too.
Good story.

Congratulations this story became my 100th story added to my bookshelves :heart:

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