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I got curious, that was all.


Drop Shot hasn't been doing too well in his health class. A single distraction had been making him lose focus all semester long: his pregnant teacher, Mrs. Sparkle. Upon failing his most recent test on human reproduction, the teacher invites Drop to partake in a one-on-one tutoring session after class to improve his grade. Drop must overcome his embarrassing interest and get a decent grade, otherwise he will fail his class.

Contains: Normal 9-month pregnant teacher with a curious, shy student

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Thank you for this story! It was very nice for a heartfelt slice-of-life. I'm interested in pregnancy myself, although not in the way Drop Shot is. Again, thank you for writing this story. It definitely deserves a fave from me.:twilightsmile:

Things that sound relatively easy, or as easy it can be for some people, always sound harder when spoken out loud, Drop Shot. Trust me. :rainbowderp:

Keeping her complete composure even while carrying an active kid. Now that’s what I call professionalism. :twilightsmile:

So, did you actually research all of this?

Did you ever make a follow-up story? I'm genuinely curious as to how "Mrs." Sparkle is doing with her husband and child. =)

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