• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Private Pregnancy Practice - Pacificside18

A student with an embarrassing interest into pregnancy needs to retake a test but has to be lectured by his own pregnant teacher.

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The Retake

Friday rolled in as the final bell rang for the weekend but Drop knew where he had to be. He exited the classroom and traveled to the library and climbed up the stairs to the same tutoring room he was taught in. With a newly sharpened pencil, Drop was ready to show just how much he'd improved...if the teacher was already here. Once again her absence was noted, but thankfully she arrived before any thoughts could be made.

“Whew...sorry about that, Drop,” she spoke a little out of breath, “You know why I'm late, right?”

“Yes. I understand, Mrs. Sparkle.”

“Alright, come and get your test. I'll wait for you to finish.”

Drop took a deep breath. A rare second chance had surfaced, and he intended to take full advantage of the opportunity. He took the test back to the desk and began answering the questions one by one as Mrs. Sparkle pulled out her pregnancy guide book and began to read it. Drop’s eyes darted left and right reading each question as carefully as possible before answering. His test was a multitude of different answering methods. Blank lines, A-B-C-D, matching vocabulary and a final paragraph along with the extra credit she mentioned. It took half an hour but Drop finished the last question and began reviewing his answers. After a quick run through his paper, he had finished his retake test.

Drop got back up, and headed over to the teacher's desk. He laid the sheets of paper in front of her and returned to his seat. His teacher put away her book and began to grade it. The only noise being made was the ticking of the tutor room's clock.

Drop sat there, waiting. His eyes wandered around the room, looking first at the floor where he saw a lone ant making it's long trek across to the door, then over to the board where Mrs. Sparkle had drawn the models a couple of days ago. It was a long lecture, but an informative one nonetheless. Then his eyes settled upon his teacher. He watched as she took her pen, and looked over his answers cautiously.

“That kid of hers is going to have a loving and responsible mother. I’m sure of it.

The deafening silence ended as Mrs. Sparkle's pen tapped against the desk and she approached Drop with her paper. He sat there, eyeing the back of the second test, hoping for a more positive grade than before. The teacher finally placed down on his desk and her teacher removed her hand. 105. Drop's eyes widened. He had confidence but he never expected a grade quite like that. He sat there in silence for several moments, heavily certain that 105/100 wasn't anything to cry about.

“YES!!” he exclaimed, throwing a fist pump into the air.

“I was hoping you'd enjoy your score.”

As Drop looked back at his grade with pride, his eyes accidentally noticed his teacher' baby making its presence known through her dark purple shirt with a small kick. His pride turned into shyness as he hid his face using his test papers. But his teacher did notice the kicking and placed a hand where she felt it.

“I think he's happy for you, too.”

“Uh, is he now?”

He looked back down at his teacher's round middle again.

“I think he is.”

She rubs the spot she was kicked at and gets an idea to congratulate her student.

“Drop? If I allow you to do something, will you promise me to do much better with the rest of the semester?”

“Of course, Mrs. Sparkle. Your lecture has given me a passing chance in health for sure now.”

She walked around and took a seat on the chair next to Drop and removed her glasses.

“Would you...like to feel him?”

Drop's face became noticeably redder than before.


“This is only between you and me,” she shared, “Plus with that grade, I think you deserve it.”

“O-Okay. Thanks, Mrs. Sparkle.”

Drop looked back down at her baby bump, fighting hard to push away his shyness, as he slowly brought his hand forth. He placed his palm calmly on her purple shirt that was being slightly stretched by her stomach. His hand was right where the baby kicked, and he could feel some movement under her skin.


For some strange reason, Mrs. Sparkle's face was actually turning red. But unlike Drop, her skin wasn't red enough to hide her blushing.

“Are you okay, Mrs. Sparkle?”

“Well, um, I don't allow anyone but my husband to do this, so...this is a really rare occasion.”

“O-Oh,” Drop muttered with a blushed, looking back down at her belly, “Well, this is actually the first time any woman has ever invited me to do this.”

“I felt like you wanted to know how it felt...heh.”

“I was always a little curious.”

“We should both be glad students can't see through that glass, or this would be extremely awkward for both of us.”

“Y-Yeah. It would be, wouldn’t it?”

“Now, I was thinking of planning a farewell party next Friday. A class get-together at the local bowling alley for a pizza party after class.”

“Hey, that should be fun.”

“They wouldn't charge me for bringing my own bowling ball, would they?” she joked.

Drop laughed, “No, I don’t think they would mind.”

“Hm-hm. I'm sorry, that was terrible. Pinkie wanted me to make that joke.”

“I figured that's who'd come up with it.”

“And that same person will help pitch in for our pizzas, thank our lucky stars.”


“So don't tell anyone about this yet; I want it to be a surprise for next Monday.”

“You can count on me, Mrs. Sparkle. My lips are sealed.”

After a few more moments, Drop removed his hand. Both he and his teacher sat in silence for a moment.

“So, are you going to miss me when I'm gone?”

“Yeah. You're the only teacher that's offered a tutoring session and a test retake to me.”

“Just me? The teacher asked with confusion, “Are you sure some of the other teachers haven't done the same? Or have you just not participated in these kinds of sessions until now?”

“None of them have...at least that I'm aware of.”

“I can assure you any of the staff here at Canterlot High would have brought it up.”

“I never heard about it if they did.”

“That may be something you want to pay attention to next time. I won't be around for much longer, after all. And you did promise me to look into doing better after I'm gone. I hope you keep it for both our sakes.”

“I'll do my best, Mrs. Sparkle.”

The teacher carefully sat up and offered a hand to Drop. She picks him up and looks at his student.

“And I know you will Drop,” she finished.

Drop is suddenly embraced by a hug from his teacher as her own personal farewell gift. With one more blushed face being caused by the belly against his body, Drop returned the hug with enough care to not hurt his pregnant teacher. The hug ends and they both separate.

“Well, let's not keep our families waiting. We've got futures ahead of us, do we not?”

“We sure do. Thanks again for helping out.”

“See you Monday, Drop.”

Both Drop and his teacher exited the room and went their separate ways with a small farewell. With a 105 on his paper and a confident smile, Drop Shot exits the school to tell his parents the good news.

Author's Note:

It was nice to go for a normal style, slice-of-life pregnancy rather than the heavily-fetish way. But lesson learned; don't remaster a story as early as 3AM in the morning!

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Thank you for this story! It was very nice for a heartfelt slice-of-life. I'm interested in pregnancy myself, although not in the way Drop Shot is. Again, thank you for writing this story. It definitely deserves a fave from me.:twilightsmile:

Did you ever make a follow-up story? I'm genuinely curious as to how "Mrs." Sparkle is doing with her husband and child. =)

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