• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Private Pregnancy Practice - Pacificside18

A student with an embarrassing interest into pregnancy needs to retake a test but has to be lectured by his own pregnant teacher.

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A Second Chance

On a Monday afternoon, Canterlot High, home of the Wondercolts (and a sleuth of unusual happenings) was ready to release their students to enjoy the rest of their day with friends and family. In a classroom towards the back, the last health class of the day was taking place. Mrs. Twilight Sparkle wrote on the whiteboard with percentages of how the students did on their most recent test. There were a few A's, plenty of B's and C's, two D's, and a single "F".

Not all the students in the class were very eager to see their results. One of the students, Drop Shot, feared for his results as he awaited for the tests to come back. He sat in his chair, shaking ever so slightly from the anxiety he felt. It was only this class in the school that he had a tough time struggling in over the past semester as every other class was a either a cakewalk or just passable. He wouldn’t have so much trouble in his health class if it weren’t for one unusual distraction.

Mrs. Sparkle finished writing on the board and turned towards the students but accidentally knocked over her empty coffee mug on her table. The students chuckled by the teacher's accidental bump but there wasn't much she could do with the little room she had, especially with her stomach as big as it was. She chuckled along, setting the mug back up and grabbed all of the tests.

“Alright, students,” she said, collecting the student’s attention, “I'm very impressed with these scores and you should all be happy with the results. When I call your name, please come up and fetch your paper. Now then. Jet Wave, Grape Bush...

Drop sat in his seat and felt a little calmer knowing that his grade won't be known to the entire class. If there was one thing he really dreaded, it was looking like an idiot in front of his peers. He continued to waited for his name to be called.

“...Teddy Stitches, Black Widow, Drop Shot…”

Drop got up from his seat and collected his test. He brought it back to his desk and looked at it for a moment and was horrified. He sat back down in defeated mood. The large "F" on his paper signified his sentencing as soon as he'd return home. But there seemed to be a sticky note on the back page of the test. He unstuck it and read it to himself, "Drop, please speak to me after class. Mrs. Sparkle"

Drop became a bit more worried. Not only would his mother be disappointed, but the teacher wanted to talk to him. That was never a good sign. He waited quietly in his seat until the bell rang.

“...Arm Stretch, and Branch Breaker--”

At that moment, the bell rang its final call of the day as the students all began to pack up and exit the classroom one-by-one.

“Don't forget, class,” the teacher called out, “Page 157, answer numbers 1-5! Be ready with your answers tomorrow at the beginning of class!”

The classroom had dispersed but Drop sat there alone and in a small panic. What was she going to say? It only made Drop more and more worried. He put a nervous smile on his face as Mrs. Sparkle walked, or rather waddled, up to him. She held a concerned face as she sat sideways in one of the desks towards Drop.

“Drop, this was the third test you've failed this semester,” she spoke to Drop in a sincere tone, “I won't pull any punches; if you don't do well on this last test, you will fail this class.”

Drop hung his head. He couldn't bear to look in her direction.

“I know, Mrs. Sparkle,” he responded, “I've been trying my best, but I can't get this nailed down.”

“Each test has had a lower grade each time you've taken one. Are there any problems with your study? If you're having trouble with questions or concentrating, you can speak to me whenever you wish. You know that, right?”

Drop looked up at her for a moment, then back down. His eyes landed right on her mountainous middle.

“I, uh, I know.”

“But I can still help you. You can boost this grade with a retake this Friday after class.”

Drop's eyes lit up when he heard those words, and he looked her in the face with a little hope.

“Do you mean it, Mrs. Sparkle?”

“Of course, Drop. I can schedule a one-on-one study group between the two of us alone wherever you may feel comfortable to learn. This classroom, the library. Whatever works for you.”

Drop blushed slightly at the thought of that.

“Me? Alone with my heavily pregnant teacher? Gee, I never thought what that would be like. Wait! What am I thinking? Come on, Drop! Focus!”

“In-In the library,” he said, snapping out of his trance.

“I can work with that. But I'll only be available on Wednesday so you'll need to do some self-studying so you'll have a good place to start showing what you've learned. From there, I can help you with whatever you're struggling on.”

“Okay, thanks for letting me do this, Mrs. Sparkle.”

The teacher pulled out a pen and a planning book with her daily schedules.

“Are you available at 3:00 Wednesday?”

“Yeah, I’m just needed back home by five for dinner.”

She wrote down the tutoring session in her planning book quickly.

“Alright, so for now, tell your parents that the test results were delayed due to an unexpected doctor’s appointment with my pregnancy and don't sweat these results. I'm confident you'll do a better job when you retake this test.”

“I’ll try harder, Mrs. Sparkle, thank you.”

Drop collected his books and exited the classroom. During his walk out of the building, he thought back to when she mentioned her pregnancy.

“This is just either weird or surreal or maybe both! Me and my pregnant teacher, together and alone in a study session. Ugh, I don’t know how to feel about this! The test topic is human reproduction, for Pete’s sake! Sh-should I probably ask if I could be able to feel a glimpse of her baby for an example...maybe? ...Oh there I go again--snap out of it, Drop!”

Drop’s maieusophile nature had been the major learning block for the past several months. Back when the semester began, he was unable to think of anything else in his health class but his pregnant teacher, who had started off small, but slowly grew to her eight-month size. The bigger her belly grew, the more distracted Drop became. And being the second-to-last test, if he hadn’t been spoken to by his teacher, he would failed have failed his class for sure.

“Mrs. Sparkle is counting on me, Drop spoke to himself, “I can’t fail her again. This time I’m going to go home, read through the chapter again, and not get distracted by my own material. ...why does that sound harder when I say it out loud?”

He shrugged the question off and exited the building.

Author's Note:

This particular story is a remastering of an old collaboration I did with another friend of mine who's no longer a brony but gave me permission to do so. This might be a stub, but next chapter, prepare for a lot of reading.