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I got curious, that was all.


For a familiar trio of grown mares, Nightmare Night was always their favorite time of the year. And this year would be no exception as they'd go out and try their hands at collecting enough candy for all of them.

Only one problem; a heavily gravid Sweetie Belle has made a promise to not eat too much candy or she might end up with the same unfortunate events that occurred when she was a teen. Will she keep her hands off her candy and fulfill her promise? ...safe to say we all know what to expect.

Contains: Pregnancy, Hyper Pregnancy, candy stuffing

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 5 )

... I keep coming to the thought of, "How would it turn out if the ending turned NSFW?"

Not bad, though I wonder how exactly Sweetie got pregnant.

I liked this fic but wish there were more to it.
Its cute

How many kids is she having? If she’s as big as you wright her out to be I’m beginning to think she’s carrying more than twins, let alone more than triplets!

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