• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 1 - A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step (Rewritten)

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go the way you want? Connor was having one of those days. Connor had failed to secure another job he applied for. He is long term unemployed and has been applying for any job he is capable of doing within reasonable travelling distance. He couldn't remember how many jobs he's applied for. The most common reason he gets for being turned down is due lack of experience, which Connor never understood. How was he supposed to get experience if he isn't given the opportunity in the first place. He usually applied for store work, warehouse assistant amongst others. It's not like he didn't try getting a job, he's lost count of the number of jobs he's applied for and interviews he's had. Still, at least he's making the effort to find work and his parents and family keep an ear out for any jobs they find that he could do.

What didn't help with being turned down for another job was the fact that his parents were arguing yet again. They fought over the most trivial things from who would clean the house the next week to what they were having for tea. It really was pathetic Connor thought. It seemed to get worse with each passing year. What didn't help was that Connor bore no resemblance to his father. He had asked his parents several times about it but was told it was better he didn't know.

This understandably made Connor angry. What were his parents hiding? If Connor's 'father' wasn't his father then who is? He had no idea, his birth certificate had his 'fathers' name but he was sure he was another mans' son. Still, at least he had family. His mother had no parents, siblings, cousins or anyone except her husband, Connor and her thee daughters. His mother was a very kind hearted woman who would always do the best she could for her children. But the lack of any family from her side mystified Connor. Another thing that puzzled him was her lack of knowledge on history and customs. She was also a little clumsy as well though but that could be due to a medical condition. She was also extremely reluctant to talk about her childhood. She told him that he wouldn't believe her and that even if she did, he may not like the answer. All she said on the matter was that it was very traumatic and that she couldn't return home no matter how much she wanted to. Connor's father also stayed silent, stating that he promised he would never go against the wishes of his wife.

Yep, they're definitely hiding something.

With nothing better to do he decided he'd go camping for the week end. Connor took a few things with him; spare clothes, his laptop and tablet, headphones, solar powered chargers and mobile phone. He went to some woods he spent many an hour in in is youth, camping with friends. His friends however moved to other parts of the country due to jobs or university and they eventually stopped communicating. Connor didn't want to go to University as he didn't want to be crippled with debt with a degree that may not be worth anything. Connor only went as far college, getting a BTEC National Diploma in Interactive Media.

Deciding to rest in the peace of the woods, he set up his tent and listened to music on his phone and made his tea, a small tin of vegetable soup. After watching a film on his laptop, he decided to get an early night and quickly fell into a restful sleep.

Connor woke rather groggily. He checked his phone and saw it was around 7am, also noticing he didn't have a signal on his phone despite having full bars the night before. It didn't matter, it's not like anyone would ring him up or he ring them.

Going outside his tent he almost immediately noticed he wasn't in the place he was before. These woods looked similar, but they were no doubt different. Looking around he noticed that everything looked....different somehow.

This doesn't feel like a dream.

Deciding to find out what was going on he began to pack up his tent. After doing that he picked a random direction and started walking, sticking to what seemed to be a dirt path. After walking for about two hours he was at the edge of the woods and what he saw took his breath away. Coming out into the clearing, a vast stretch if lush green hills and towering mountains in the distance adorned the landscape. Whilst it was several miles away, he could clearly see a castle on the mountainside.

"OK. That's not something you expect to see," he said aloud to himself.

As it was the only civilisation he could see he decided to head in the direction of the castle, fear beginning to grip him as the reality if the situation began to hit him. The weather however, looked good. There were a few clouds in the sky but no sign of rain yet, so he decided to waste no time and set forth on his short journey.

As different thoughts went through his mind on his current situation, he caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye. Looking over to get a better view, he only caught a glimpse for all of a second before whatever it was disappeared behind some clouds.

Was that a Pegasus? Connor wondered, hypothesising he's seeing things. No. Can't be. They're only mythological.

The rest of the journey went by without any more sightings. As he approached the castle,it towering structure standing proud and high, he could see a drawbridge and portcullis where he supposed would be an entrance.

I'm definitely not in Kansas, Connor thought.

Looking around a but more he saw something else. Or rather somepony else.

I wasn't seeing things. They're real Pegasi, Connor thought as he looked around a bit more, And there are Unicorns as well.

Taking a deep breath, Connor walked towards the gates where he could see armour clad guards on sentry duty.

Just act natural, just pretend it's completely normal.

Connor walked over the drawbridge and was approaching the guard's' position. They turned their heads towards him and went wide eyed in amazement, but did not say anything; to him or each other. Connor carried on walking, not wanting to do something that would attract unwanted attention.

Walking through the streets of this strange place, he took in what was around him. The buildings, the environment......the populace. And they were looking at him too. As he continued to walk through the streets, ignoring the dirty looks and remarks he was getting from some of the ponies, in particular the well dressed ones, he saw a way to the castle and made his way there, assuming there would be someone in authority there that could help him.

As he approached the castle however, he heard someone shout.


Connor turned towards the direction of the shout and barely had time to register a yellow furred, fiery maned Pegasus fly into him knocking him to the ground. The force of the impact was great enough that the back of his head hit the ground and knocked him out cold.

The Pegasus who unintentionally crashed into him stumbled off of Connor's unconscious body and looked towards him. freezing at what she saw. This was a creature that was unlike anything she had ever seen. She stood staring at the strange creature for a few seconds before calling for assistance from the castle guard who, upon seeing the creature, sent a request for Princess Celestia to attend immediately.

Within minutes she arrived and the ponies all bowed to the Princess.

"Rise my little ponies. I understand there was a request for my assistance and came to see what the issue was. What is the problem?" asked the Princess with her usual grace and kindness.

Spitfire was the one to answer.

"I lost control flying when I think I sprained a muscle in my wing. As I was plummeting to the ground I saw this....strange creature, shouted to the creature to look out. The creature turned towards me but it didn't move and I crashed into it," Spitfire paused for a moment before continuing, "I guess I must have knocked it out?"

Celestia looked towards where Spitfire was pointing. She saw a creature she had never seen before. A seemingly bi-pedal male that wore clothing of sorts. He also had a large bag and a metal suitcase with him. Despite not knowing what this creature was she did not want to see him suffer and decided it would be best to tend to his needs.

"Guards, take the creature to the castle infirmary at once, he is not to be harmed in anyway. I will look after his belongings," said Celestia with an air of authority.

"At once ma'am," responded the guards. The unicorn guards levitated the creature with their magic and took him promptly to the infirmary.

Celestia turned back to Spitfire, "Are you OK Group Captain? You are not too gravely injured are you?"

"No ma'am. Apart from the sprained muscle in my wing and a headache from crashing into him I'm OK," responded Spitfire, still a little woozy, "If anything, he may have unintentionally cushioned my fall. Had I hit the ground my injuries could have been worse."

"Nevertheless I think you should also visit the castle infirmary, just to be sure," said Celestia with worry in her voice.

"Of course ma'am. I'll go there now."

Spitfire headed towards the castle for medical treatment, whilst Celestia turned towards the crowd of ponies whom she could see looked fearful. Most likely from the appearance of the strange being.

"My little ponies, do not let the appearance of the creature worry you. Though he was unconscious I sensed nothing malevolent from him. You do not need to worry. I will be dealing with this situation myself."

The ponies looked a little more relaxed, no doubt due to the Princess reassuring them the creature is not dangerous.

After returning to the castle, Celestia walked into the infirmary to check on the condition of the creature.

"Doctor, how is our guest?"

"No serious damage, oh and he's male by the way. Minor bruising on his torso, probably from the impact with Group Captain Spitfire," responded the Doctor with professional clarity, "Of course, we are making our assumption based on minotaur physiology as that is his closest 'relative' we had information on."

"That is good to hear. Inform me at once when he awakens, I wish to speak to him," the Princess said with a gentleness unmatched by others, "Also how is Group Captain Spitfire?"

"Apart from a sprained wing she's fine. I told her to take a few days off to recover."

"That is good to hear. I will leave you to your work now Doctor."

"Thank you your highness."

A few hours later, Connor groggily woke up and started looking around the room and saw he was in what appeared to be a hospital ward, albeit with stone walls and large windows at the far end of the room. Despite the ten beds in the room, he was the only one occupying a bed. Feeling something heavy at the foot of the bed, he looked down to find a certain sleeping Pegasus.

Eyes widening in realisation that this is very real he asked aloud a very understandable question.

"Where the FUCK am I?"

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