• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 17 - A Heartfelt Reunion

Connor sat motionless in his bed as Cara continued to hug him tightly, her soft fur brushing against his face. He could see test result papers clearly showing a one hundred percent match. HIs vision blurred as he became misty-eyed and, overcome with elation Connor pulled Cara on and returned the hug.

The two siblings stayed like that for several minutes, neither saying a word and both unaware of the moon rising high in the sky and the cold breeze blowing through the window. Releasing each other from the hug, Cara sat on her haunches on Connor's bed and dried her eyes with her hooves. Connor reached over to the box of tissues next on the bedside table and offered Cara a tissue.

Taking the tissue Cara blew her runny nose and threw the dirty tissue in the bin, her accuracy spot on.

Cara tried to speak but a lump in her throat prevented her. There is so much she wants to say that she doesn't know what to say.

"So," Connor started, a few tears still running down his face, "You're my big sister?"

Cara nodded, trying to hold back more tears.

"Yes. Yes I'm your big sister," she replied before putting on a smile that could warm even the coldest of hearts, "And you're my baby brother."

Just then the room door opened and in walked Celestia and Vulcan. As they walked in he could see the tears in their eyes glistening from the moon's reflection. Celestia he recognised. He seriously doubts he'll ever forget her, especially after the hooves-on personal care she provided earlier changing his soaked nappy and giving him a sponge bath.

He shuddered at that memory. Maybe he could find some Whiskey to help him forget.

If I don't remember it then it didn't happen.

The stallion he hadn't seen before. He is a large Pegasus with charcoal coloured fur and a bright orange mane and tail. He noticed his mane was styled similar to that of Thunderlane. Vulcan is physically imposing. He's around the same size as Luna and has excellent muscle tone due to decades of blacksmithing. If molten lava could walk and talk then it would be Vulcan. Normally he possessed a piercing gaze that could melt lead.

Today though, his eyes showed joy and relief. The stallion spoke up.

"You are Connor?" he asked, an arm wrapped around Cara again who had snuggled up against him.

"Yes. Who are you?" Connor asked with trepidation.

Vulcan breathed in through his nostrils.

"My name's Vulcan," he said trying to not to break down into tears.

Vulcan paused momentarily to steady his quavering voice.

"I'm your father."

The silence was deafening. Connor felt his muscles tighten and his breathing stopping.

He stuttered a response, "M-m-my father?"

Vulcan slowly walked up to Connor, "Yes. It is good to see you....son."

Vulcan leaned forward and wrapped his forelegs around Connor who affectionately returned the embrace. Connor was now laying on his hospital bed with an arm around Cara and Vulcan. Overwhelmed with emotion he let the tears flow, he could feel Vulcan's soft fur as he nuzzled his cheek. The three of them remained like that for a few seconds, though it felt like hours. After releasing each other, except for Cara who remained snuggled up next to Connor, Celestia approached and spoke up.

"I am truly delighted at this turn of events. I will leave you now to give you some time to yourselves. And Connor, seeing as you are the offspring of native Equestrians and would have been born in Equestria had events turned out differently, I see no problem in granting you full Equestrian citizenship and all the rights that come with it. You may also keep your current citizenship."

Connor dried his eyes, "Thank you Princess. It means a lot."

"You're welcome Connor. Your friends are wishing to see you, as is your marefriend. She is on her way back to Canterlot now and she is deeply upset at what has transpired."

"I'd like to see my friends. And don't worry about Milkshake, she'll be fine."

Vulcan cocked an eyebrow while Celestia and Cara stifled a laugh.

"What?" asked a confused Connor.

"Milkshake?" inquired Cara, still trying not to laugh.

Connor went wide-eyed and face palmed. He just called Spitfire by his pet name for her.

"Err....yeah. It's.....my pet name for her," he said rubbing the back of his neck and avoiding eye contact with everyone.

"Awwwww, my little baby brother is in love," teased Cara as she hugged Connor.

Conner rolled his eyes in mock annoyance and returned the hug, he could see from her cheery smile that her antics would bring great amusement to him. The two siblings released each other from their embrace and focussed their attention back on Vulcan and Celestia.

"So what happens now?" asked Connor.

"What happens now is that you get your rest whilst I sort out the necessary paperwork," replied Celestia.

Connor tutted, "Do I have to stay in bed?"

"Yes you do my little human," replied Celestia with a smirk.

"Don't worry little brother, me and Dad will be back tomorrow after you get some rest," Cara added giving Connor one last firm hug.

Vulcan shook Connors' hand, "I'll talk to you tomorrow. We have a lot to catch up on."

"We certainly do."

Cara and Vulcan left the room leaving Connor with Celestia. The two looked at each other for a few seconds, Connor's face a little red in embarrassment. Celestia was about to speak before Connor beat her to it.


He and Celestia went wide eyed as Connor realised he said that louder than he intended to. Connor went bright red which brought out a small giggle form Celestia.

"I was going to ask how are you feeling?"

Connor suddenly felt meek, "Oh."

Celestia walked to the side of the bed and fluffed up Connor's pillow with her magic.

"So how are you feeling Connor?"

Connor sighed, "I'm feeling a lot of things. Elation at finding out that I have family here and that my suspicions were correct in my parents hiding things from me. Anger at my parents for hiding it from me. In regards to Spitfire, Twilight and co and my new job I'm feeling several things from trepidation, excitement, eagerness, nervousness. So a fair smorgasbord of emotion."

Celestia looked a little sad at Connor. He's been through quite a bit on one week and the physical changes wrecking havoc with his body won't help matters, even though it will last only a couple of weeks.

"You don't have to struggle alone Connor. We are here to help you whenever you need it."

Connor gave out a long, tired sigh, "Thanks Princess."

"You're welcome Connor. Now get some rest."

"I will do. Would it be OK if I could have a cup of tea?"

"I'll go and ask one of the nurses. Goodnight Connor."

"'Night Princess."

Celestia left the room leaving Connor alone. The stale environment not doing much to brighten his mood, he drifted off into deep thoughts. He thought about the day he went camping. Had he decided to stay home that day, would he be here now? Would he have discovered the truth about his mother? What would his life have been like had his mother not travelled to Earth? How different would his life have been had he been born a pony?

Connor was so deep in thought he hadn't noticed he had company. He came back to his senses and saw a nurse prodding his arm.

"Your tea Connor."

"Thanks nurse."

"You're welcome."

The nurse walked out and left Connor to the greatest hot drink on in existence. As he finished stirring the tea, the door burst open showing a panting Spitfire. She was sweating and her mane was a mess. To say she looked distressed in an understatement.


Spitfire looked at Connor and launched herself at him, somehow managing to avoid knocking over the tea. Spitfire tightly wrapped her hooves around his neck and buried her muzzle into his cheek, her tears running down her cheek.

After a few seconds of sobbing into Connor's cheek she finally spoke.

"I-I-I heard w-what h-happened. I-I flew back a-as fast as I c-c-could. I-I-I'm so sorry."

Connor pulled Spitfire closer and rested his chin in her head. Her frazzled mane gently brushing his face as he spoke softly and quietly to her.

"Hey come on, I'm OK now. The worst of it's over."

"B-b-but you were in so m-much pain and I wasn't there t-to help."

"But you're here now. It means a lot to me that your here. I was worried about you."

Spitfire let out a small laugh that lifted he gloomy mood.

"You were the one in pain yet you were worried about me?"

"Yep. Are you OK?"

"I am now."

A sigh of relief left Spitfire's lungs and she let herself relax into Connor's arms. Connor slowly layed back into his bed still with Spitfire in his arms. She had already fallen asleep and had a look of content on her face. Connor gently draped an arm around her whilst he poured himself some tea.

Today had been an interesting day. He finally found out the truth about who his biological father is, found out he has a big sister and is to be granted Equestrian Citizenship. He began to wonder if he could have a day in Equestria were nothing happened.

He would have liked to see Vulcan and Cara for a bit longer. The reunion was very short considering the circumstances, but there is plenty of time later. Hopefully it wouldn't be as wooden next time as Connor felt like he wasn't emotional enough at the reunion. But considering the state he's in and everything he's going through, his emotions are understandably all over the place.

For now though, he can rest. He'll be seeing Vulcan and Cara again tomorrow and the mare of his life is sleeping peacefully on his chest. Connor switched off the bedside lamp and made himself comfortable for the night before drifting off into a restful sleep.


Cara couldn't sleep. Not because she was restless but because she was so overjoyed at being reunited with her brother. She was clutching the photo of herself and her heavily pregnant mother to her barrel.

She was restless as she had to wait several hours before she could visit her brother again.


Surely it would be OK given the circumstances .

She got out if bed and made her way to the infirmary. She didn't care if she would get in trouble, she wanted to catch up on all he time she lost out to with her brother.

It wasn't long before Cara arrived at the infirmary. She went inside and what she saw made her heart melt. There for all to see was the mighty, ferocious leader of the Wonderbolts snuggled up to her brother. Spitfire was on his left side leaving plenty of room on his right side. She walked around to the side of the bed and hopped up, being careful not to wake the sleeping pair. She carefully positioned herself and snuggled up to her brother, gently resting her head on his right shoulder.

This time, Cara very quickly went to sleep.

Unbeknownst to Cara, Luna was watching discretely from the shadows. She was understandably distraught earlier when she saw Connor in so much pain. Seeing him now however, with what will be two of the closest mare's he'll ever know snuggled up to him brought a sense of relief to her. She knew that her friend would recover and have coffee with her again. She decided that she would teach him how to make excellent coffee.

Luna walked quietly to the bed and telekinetically draped a spare blanket over the two mares. Luna stood there for a few moments when she heard hooves getting louder. Lune looked towards the door and noticed Celestia had paid a visit. Celestia walked in and noticed Luna which brought a smile to her face that brightened up the usually sterile room.

"Little Sister, it's nice to see you here."

"Likewise Big Sister."

Celestia quietly approached the bed and looked at the scene before her. She couldn't help but smile even more at the adorable scene before her. A feeling matched by Luna.

"He looks so peaceful," commented Luna.

Celestia affectionately nuzzled her sister, "Indeed he does. But come sister, we must let them rest. I came to see if you were OK."

"We are fine sister."

Luna followed Celestia out of the room and they made their way back into the main area of the castle. Celestia retired to her bedroom while Luna made her way to the Throne Room to begin Night Court. Luna hoped tonight wouldn't be as chaotic as before, she couldn't bare to see Connor, or anyone for that matter, suffer like that.

Back in her chambers, Celestia filled out the necessary paperwork that would grant Connor full Equestrian citizenship and all the rights it pertains. She decided she wouldn't just hoof it over in the hospital room. Instead she would grant it to him at a special ceremony at Canterlot Castle attended by the Elements of Harmony, the Wonderbolts plus a few others. She would have to invite the nobles but hopefully they would keep their snooty opinions to themselves.

After finishing the paperwork, she began in preparations for the ceremony. Normally foreign nationals would need to wait five years before applying for citizenship, but as Connor's birth parents are both ponies of Equestrian citizenship, Connor gains it through them.

She decided the ceremony would take place after he recovers and is given the all clear from the doctor. She would make sure there is plenty of cake available. Knowing her new friend really likes cake, that made her feel like a little filly all over again, she decided to commission a certain pink pony to bake a special cake for Connor.

Twilight and her friends were still in the castle. They would be seeing Connor tomorrow sometime. Celestia knew that Twilight had taken Connor's condition hard. Twilight felt that she was responsible for what happened, but according to the doctor his Pegasus genes would have eventually surfaced fully anyway. She just speeded things up a little.

Nevertheless, Connor will make a full recovery and settle down into Equestrian society. He will excel at his new job and be an excellent coltfriend to Spitfire. She wouldn't feel any shame in calling Connor her subject.

This was definitely one of the highpoints of her life.

Author's Note:

Apologies if anyone seems a bit wooden in this chapter. I've been dealing with work problems.

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