• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 13 - Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Spitfire just stood there, frozen. Time seemed to stop as her brain processed just what she had been asked. A strange creature that had not been in her life for more than a week had just asked her if she would be his marefriend. She wouldn't deny that she enjoyed her time with Connor but wasn't it a little soon? She looked back over the events of the previous few days. Connor was respectful and courteous towards her, not to mention he seems to have a natural ability to walk on clouds. A strange ability for a seemingly non-magical being. He got on well with almost everypony he met, her fellow Wonderbolts considered him to be one of them.

But she wasn't sure if she should say yes. She has dated stallions before who it turned out were only interested in Spitfire the Wonderbolt, not Spitfire the Mare. They were only interested in 'dating' Spitfire for fame and attention. So much so that Spitfire would many times cry herself to sleep at night wondering if she would ever find anypony who wanted her for who she is, not what she is.

But Connor seemed different. She knew that he is interested in her, if his pet name for her, his staring at her tail and flank and the kind comments about her are anything to go by.

And she did take a leave of absence specifically to see Connor, and she paid for a VIP ticket for him and she arranged for Connor to have his own genuine Wonderbolts flight suit.

Damn he looks good in that, and those wings......

She looked at Connor, seeing nothing but sincerity in his eyes.

He is being serious about this. Not to mention he looks terrified. He wouldn't be that way if he's joking.

Spitfire made her decision.

"Connor," she said.

"Yes?" replied Connor with apprehension in his voice.

"Yes. I would like to be your marefriend."

Connor's brain went into meltdown. He had never felt to jubilant than he is now. Before he could do anything else he found himself being firmly embraced by Spitfire, who had tears rolling down her cheeks. The two continued hug each other, unaware that they were being watched the entire time.

The other party guests looked on as the duo continued to embrace each other. Whilst Celestia had her usual motherly smile on the outside, on the inside she was absolutely jubilant. She never expected Connor to become this close to one of her little ponies so quickly. She couldn't be happier.

The other Wonderbolts looked on with approval, Soarin giving Connor a salute.

The Mane Six all looked delighted. In particular Pinkie Pie had a huge toothy Cheshire Cat grin and Rainbow Dash looked had stars in her eyes, no doubt elated at seeing one of her idols date her 'awesome new flying buddy'.

Connor and Spitfire finished embracing each other to the sound of stomping hooves and cheers.

"Wait right here a moment, I need to get something," Connor said to Spitfire.

Spitfire nodded and watched as Connor went over to his bag and got out a box that had been wrapped up in dark orange wrapping paper. Walking back over to Spitfire he handed her the box.

"Here you are Milkshake, I got this for you the other day."

Spitfire took the present and unwrapped it which uncovered a varnished mahogany box. She opened the box to find a gold necklace with an orange sapphire embedded in the middle. It was similar to the one Connor saw at the jewellers in Ponyville, which had been gold plated. The one he got Spitfire was nine carat gold. It cost more, but she was worth it.

Spitfire went wide eyed when she saw the necklace.

"It's beautiful," said Spitfire shedding a tear.

"Just like you," replied Connor as he took the necklace and out it around her neck.

Spitfire smiled and kissed Connor on the cheek, "Thank you."

Connor's brain froze and he went beet red....again.

Spitfire giggled at Connor's embarrassed state before going over to her fellow Wonderbolts. He could hear their compliments and admiration of the necklace and of himself. As he stood up he saw Celestia walking over to him with that motherly smile of hers. Talking softly so that only he would hear her speak.

"I'm proud of you Connor. In less than one week in Equestria, you have made many friends and started a relationship."

Connor shrugged, "I didn't plan to, it just happened."

"You're too modest Connor. Come my little human, there is still some cake that needs eating."

Connor didn't need telling twice. As he approached the Mane 6 a cyan Pegasus suddenly hugged him tightly.


"Hi Dash," replied Connor.

Rainbow Dash looked up and it suddenly dawned on her what she was doing.......that is to say she was showing her soft side. She quickly unwrapped herself from Connor and flew back a few feet after apologising, still with a blush on her face.


Connor turned around to see Spitfire and the other Wonderbolts coming towards him.

"Hi Spits. You OK?"

"I feel fantastic. I was just talking with my team and we'd like to offer you a job with the Wonderbolts."

Connor's (and Rainbow Dash's) eyes lit up.

"What kind of job?"

"Events Manager," replied Spitfire.

Connor thought about it for a moment. He had no experience of it but on the other hand he was being offered a job with the most famous team in Equestria. He would need a job regardless anyway. He is being offered one now, he would be fool to turn this down.

"I accept, though I should warn you I've never done it before. And isn't becoming a manager straight away jumping ahead a little?"

"That's not a problem," said Soarin, "You can learn. And we wouldn't offer you the job if we thought you weren't suitable."

"You wouldn't need to move away from Ponyville either as we can set you up an office there. The other part of the job is when you're out and about attending shows and official functions," added in Fleetfoot.

"That sounds fantastic, when do I start?"

"Right now," answered Spitfire.

"Well......well fuck me, this is very different from my world."

"In what way?" asked Spitfire.

"Well in my world I was long term unemployed, five years to be exact, and I was being turned down from every job I applied for. The most common reason was for lack of experience."

"That's a lame excuse," said Rainbow, "How can you get experience if you aren't given a job in the first place?"

"That's what I couldn't work out. I didn't have to worry to much though about finances. My parents were rather well off. My dad was a Group Captain in the RAF when he was fortunate enough to take early retirement. He would give me an allowance each week if I made an effort to look for work. Not sure how they made their fortune but it's not any of my business so I didn't ask."

"Your father sounds like a generous man," added in Rarity.

"He is. If you make the effort he'll help you. If you sit on your arse and do nothing he won't."

"Well things work a little differently here," said Soarin, "It's a good paying job as well."

"How much does it pay?" asked Connor.

"400,000 bits a year basic salary. There's also an annual bonus that varies each year depending on ticket and merchandise sales. There's also free access to all Wonderbolt shows, discounts at many high street shops, generous pension and VIP Access at official functions."

Connor looked impressed, "400,000 bits a year. £40,000 pounds in my world. A very good salary to have. Would I be considered a civilian worker?"

"What do you mean?" asked Spitfire.

"The Wonderbolts are part of the Air Force are they not?"

"They were. After the return of Princess Luna the Wonderbolts became independent from the Air Force as a way of celebrating centuries of peace. We're entirely on our own now. Though there may be times when we may be called in for military matters. But to answer your question, yes you'd be a civilian worker just like us."

"Fine with me. Who would I report to?"

"Myself or if I'm unavailable then it would be Soarin, the Second-in-Command. Fleetfoot is Third-in-Command."

"I've no problem with that."

"You'd be in charge of your own department with your own team," said Spitfire.

"Do I get to order recruits around as well?" Connor asked with glee.

The Wonderbolts laughed at Connor's question before Soarin spoke up, "Only if it's related to the job you're doing, otherwise no. Unless you joined the Academy and graduate and become a senior officer."

Connor nodded, "Fair enough. Could I at least strut around and look intimidating to the recruits?"

"I see no problem with that," said Spitfire with a smile, "Oh and congratulations on your new status as a Wonderbolt."

Connor's brain froze.

"Wonderbolt? But I'm not part of the stunt team."

Spitfire nodded, "True but you are still part of the team, ergo you are a Wonderbolt."

Connor was breathless. He hadn't been in Equestria for a week and already he's become a member of the most revered team in the world. Whereas Rainbow Dash, and many others, have trained and practiced their whole lives and still wait their chance to be called one. Hesitantly he looks over to Rainbow Dash expecting her to be angry with him for becoming a Wonderbolt before she did.

As he looks towards her she has a look of neutrality, not showing any emotion.

Shit. No doubt she'll be angry with me. Can't say I blame her.

Connor's inner thoughts were cut off as a cyan blur pile-drived into him with hooves firmly wrapped around him.


Connor was startled by this, "You're not angry with me then?"

Rainbow let go of Connor and looked at him with confusion, "Why would I be angry with you?"

"I just thought that.....I don't know really. A lot has happened so quickly, it's a lot to take in."

"No problem Connor. Just be ready for flying lessons which start tomorrow."

Connor mock saluted, "Yes ma'am."

The party goers all went back to stuffing their faces with food and generally having a good time. Connor stayed with Spitfire and his new Wonderbolt team mates who gave him a history lesson in the Wonderbolts. Celestia and Pinkie were discussing the relationship between cake and happiness. The others just talked amongst themselves, Rainbow Dash clearly jubilant about being best buddies with a Wonderbolt.

Everyone was enjoying themselves when Connor noticed a familiar looking colt from earlier enter the opposite end of the room, along with his parents.

"Swift Wind?"

The young colt looked up to see a familiar looking creature.


Swift Wind ran across the room towards Connor.

"Hi Swift Wind. Enjoying your birthday?"

"Yeah it's been loads of fun."

The young colt, still in his Wonderbolts outfit, had not yet noticed his idols who were all looking at him.

"I'm pleased to hear that. Would you like to meet my friends?" Connor asked gesturing to his fellow Wonderbolts.

Swift Wind looked to where Connor was gesturing. He went wide-eyed when he realised he was looking at his idols. The young colt just stood there, mouth open.

"Hey there Swift Wind," said Spitfire as she approached the young colt, "So, it's your birthday today?"

Swift Wind's mouth flopped up and down a few times before he managed to get words out, "Yes ma'am. I'm ten years old today."

Spitfire smiled, "Well you're practically a young stallion. Where you at the competition today?"

Swift Wind nodded, "Yes ma'am. I was really scared when you and those others started falling. But then that Rainbow one went after you and did that awesome Sonic Rainboom. It was awesome!"

"Did somepony say I'm awesome?" asked Rainbow Dash.

Swift Wind looked over to see Rainbow fly over along with the rest of the Elements, Spike and Princess Celestia.

"P-p-p-p-princess?" said the young colt, completely in awe of seeing the Princess.

"Hello there my little pony. I heard that you are ten years old today?"

"Yes princess. Though I wasn't able to have a party though," he said looking a little sad.

"WHAT! YOU HAVEN'T HAD A TENTH BIRTHDAY PARTY?!" asked a certain pink pony.

Swift Wind shook his head and started to cry. Fluttershy was quick to embrace the young colt.

"We did make arrangements but the organiser cancelled at the last minute," said Swift Wind's father.

Pinkie the suddenly got out her party canon.

"Well then let me give you a party no-pony will forget," Pinkie said as she fired away.

The tables were suddenly refilled with cakes and pastries of many different kinds.

Swift Winds' face lit up, he quickly turned around to his parents who answered before he asked.

"Go ahead deary. Have fun," said his mother.

Swift Wind made a beeline for the cakes, quickly followed by Celestia. Everypony refilled their plates and continued to enjoy themselves.

Swift Wind's parents approached Connor and the mother spoke up, "We just wanted to thank you for earlier. He's really taken a shine to you."

"I'm glad I could help. He's a fine young colt."

"Indeed he is."

They looked over to see Swift Wind with Princess Celestia, each of them enjoying themselves.

"So what is it you do then?" Swift Wind's father asked Connor.

"I've just become the Wonderbolts' Events Manager. Apparently that means I'm actually a Wonderbolt now."

The parents went wide eyed, "You're a Wonderbolt?"

Connor nodded.

"Well," said the mother, "I suppose congratulations are in order."

"Thank you."

The parents made their way over to their son who was still with the Princess. Connor made his way over to Spitfire who warmly embrace each other. Rainbow Dash had joined them as well this time. The party turned birthday party was going well. Everyone was enjoying themselves and Swift Wind almost burst with excitement when the Wonderbolts asked him if he wanted his photo taken with them. Spitfire even signed his poster he had of her. Needless to say that Swift Wind had a very good time. Not only did he get to meet the Elements of Harmony, he also got to meet a dragon, Princess Celestia, a cool alien and the Wonderbolts. It was the best party he'd ever had.

Sadly though, all good things must come to an end. After the festivities finished and Swift Wind got some signed Wonderbolts memorabilia, photos with the Wonderbolts (including Connor), Celestia, the Elements and Spike and the biggest birthday cake he'd ever seen, he left with his parents saying it was the 'awesomest day' of his life.

Swift Wind and his parents left and it wasn't long before Celestia too had to leave.

"I must say that while I have enjoyed myself today and the presence of your company, I must be getting back to Canterlot. I bid you farewell."

Everyone gave the Princess a wave goodbye as she left. The Wonderbolts too began to leave, they did have an Academy to run and recruits to keep in line after all. Spitfire and Connor gave each other a parting hug and promised to meet up again for another date. Spitfire again thanked Connor for the necklace.

After clearing everything away, which didn't take long thanks to Pinkie, Connor and the gang made their way to the hot air balloon for the return trip to Ponyville. The trip went smoothly with everyone talking on how the day went, along with congratulations for Rainbow for winning the competition and for Connor for dating Spitfire.

It was fairly late at night when the gang made it back to Ponyville. Spike had already fallen asleep and was being carried by Twilight's magic. Everyone made their way back to their respective homes to get some sleep. Rainbow Dash promising to give Connor flying lessons before the spell ended and his wings would disappear.

Back at the library, Twilight put Spike to bed before she made herself and Connor a late night cup of tea. It wasn't long before the two of them made their way to bed. Entering his room, Connor removed his flight suit, folded it up and placed it on the chester drawers. He changed into some night clothes Rarity had made and got into bed, looking forward to his flying lessons tomorrow. And also to what had transpired in the last few days. A week ago he was out of work, no friends, single, no real purpose in life. Now though, he had friends, a relationship and a job. Whilst that made him happy, he was still frustrated at not knowing more abut his parents. He was sure his father wasn't his biological father and his mother was definitely hiding something, but what?

Sighing in frustration Connor made himself comfortable in bed and got to sleep.


It had been an interesting day today for Caramel Fudge. A strange biped dressed as a Wonderbolt came into her store, bought some fudge and revealed he had an interest in Spitfire. Cara didn't know yet if Connor had asked her but she was sure he would. She also had a great time entertaining the young colts and fillies who came in after he left.

It was a good day today.

But it was also a sad time as well.

Three days ago was the anniversary of the disappearance of somepony who meant a great deal to her. Cara had not seen this pony in a long time. There was no trace of their body and no-pony knows where the pony went. The authorities listed the pony as deceased and closed the case. Cara though, knew they were out there somewhere. Cara went over to a picture frame that was situated at her bedside table.

She looked at the picture with herself being cuddled by an older mare.

A few tear drops splashed on the glass cover.

"I miss you mum..."

Author's Note:

A shorter chapter this time. Had a bit of writers' block. Hope you enjoyed the chapter though.

Below is a link to my other story. A one chapter short story involving cake and Celestia. It's un-related to this story.


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