• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 28 - Viva Las Pegasus

Connor flew furiously through the air, heavy rain pounding his face as he flew against the howling wind, making his way to Las Pegasus, the 'Las Vegas of the Skies' as he called it. His flight-suit was fortunately waterproof but wasn't brilliant at keeping warm. The cold weather was beginning to work its way to his bones making Connor feel like hypothermia was taking place, though still fuming inside over the way he was treated.

He decided to go along with it as he thought it would be a brief laugh amongst friends, but when they laughed at him, it felt exactly like that. Laughing AT him, not 'with' him. Had they ended it right after that he would have forgotten all about it, but the succeeding four hours of frequent snarky comments, Rarity almost constantly getting him to sit up straight 'like a lady' and getting him to sit with his legs together......it took a long, and awkward, explanation as to why human males sit with their legs apart.

It wasn't so much wearing the dress that bothered him, it was being laughed at.

He did feel a tang of regret at the letter, feeling it was a bit too harsh....but what's done is done.

He would have to face them eventually though.

He could only hope they could still be friends.

Especially Spitfire.

Despite what had happened, he still loved her.

In the castle conservatory, Celestia put down the scroll. She had just finished reading a letter from Twilight explaining the situation with Connor. The letter explained the little bet she had with Connor, and what each other had to do if they lost. The letter then went on the explain the main issue and Connor's subsequent reaction.

Celestia felt several things. Disappointment that her ponies would take a joke too far and ignore what their friend was feeling, concern of Connor's whereabouts and his condition, also concern for Twilight and her friends. Though what they did wasn't intentional, it was clear from reading the letter that they were deeply upset at their faux pas.

Celestia knew that her ponies were very emotional and tended to take things hard. She was mulling over several possible solutions to the problem when Luna walked in.

"Sister, 'tis a pity about the weather; is it not?"

Celestia looked up to Luna, then looked out of the window, "Indeed. Though I suppose it is fitting."

"Sister?" Luna asked, confused.

Celestia levitated the scroll over to Luna who took it in her own magic and read it.

"I see," Luna said, putting the scroll back on the table, "What do you intend to do?"

"I will attempt to talk to Connor myself, though I do not know where he is or where he's going, only that when he left Ponyville he was headed for Cloudsdale."

"Maybe we should ask ponies there, they may have seen him."

Celestia nodded, "Agreed, I shall write to the Mayor immediately."

Celestia got up and began walking out of the conservatory, accompanied by Luna.

"Will you talk to Connor yourself?" asked Luna.

"Perhaps, though I doubt he'll wish to speak to me."

"What makes you say that?"

"As soon as he sees me, or you for that matter, he'll know whey we'd be there and he doesn't seem to be in a talkative mood."

"Then perhaps you should go as Sunny Skies."

Celestia smiled, "Yes, I think I may. I haven't been Sunny Skies for a while."

Connor touched down in Las Pegasus, the pouring rain forcing every pony inside. He quickly made his way to the Aerarium Stabulum. A five star hotel and restaurant. Walking inside where it was far warmer, he walked over to the reception desk which was occupied by a cream coloured Pegasus mare with an electric blue mane and tail.

"Excuse me," Connor said, trying to get her attention.

The mare looked up and did a double take.

"A-are y-you Connor Wakefield, th-that monkey thing from another world?"

Connor refrained from face palming.

Humans are not evolved from monkeys, I thought I made that perfectly clear in almost every interview I've had since I came here.

"I am Connor Wakefield but I'm not a monkey. I'm a Human-Pegasus hybrid."

"Oh I'm sorry, it was unprofessional of me. I was just surprised to see you here."


"Well you are one of the most famous ponies in Equestria. Well, maybe not pony but-"

Connor held up a hand.

"I know what you mean," he said gently, "But to business, are there any rooms available?"

The mare got out a heavy looking book and placed it one the desk in front of her and flipped through the pages, "Bare with me a moment while I have a look."

After a few seconds she planted her hoof gently down onto the book, "Yes, we have some rooms available. Do you have any preferences?"

"Single room with double bed."

"Yes we have several available. Also included for the price of the room is 24 hour room service, free tea and coffee, in-room safe, kitchenette including fridge and microwave in the room, washing and dry cleaning and free access to the spa."

"How much is it per night?"

"1,100 bits per night. Will you be staying with us?"

Connor mulled over whether to or not. The price wasn't bad for a five star hotel and all it included. He could easily afford a stay given his wages and financial settlements he received from Blueblood; and another financial settlement from a red-top national tabloid newspaper that publishes outrageous and libellous 'news' devoid of even an iota of truth. The newspaper in question published a story about Connor with claims he made up the story about how he had pony parents so as to be accepted more easily into pony society, that Cara and Vulcan where' actors' paid to make the story more believable, and that Connor used the disappearance of Star Light to attract attention and sympathy to his case.

They were lost for words when it was pointed out to them that Cara and Vulcan were actually the husband and daughter of Star Light.

The paper in question was forced to pay a 2 million bit settlement for damages and libel. Connor donated three quarters of the money equally between Equestria's orphanages and kept that remainder for himself and Spitfire to be used on a rainy day.

"Sure, sounds good."

"Excellent," the mare replied, smiling in delight, "Which floor would you like to be on? Actually, I think the Wonderbolt Penthouse is available on the top floor for 8,000 bits per night, due to yourself being a Wonderbolt. Would you like that room instead?"

Connor's wings fluttered in delight, "Yeah, go for it."

"Certainly sir. Please wait a moment while I get the necessary paperwork."

Connor waited patiently as the mare got what she needed. Thoughts about earlier where still lingering in his mind and whether he should just go back now and work things out. He dismissed the notion though, he was here now and needed some time to himself. And hopefully win a few bits at the casino.

"Here we are sir, sorry for the wait. Now, how long will you be staying? The penthouse is available for a maximum of eight nights before it has to be vacated for pre-booked guests."

"Then I'll leave then or before, do I need to pay a deposit first?"

"Yes, you need to pay whatever one night costs. In your case it's 8,000 bits and a damage deposit of 1000 bits. The damage deposit is refunded when you leave if no item is replaced. Do you want to pay by cash or cheque?"

"Cash," he replied, taking out his wallet.

Connor took out the necessary notes and handed them to the receptionist. The notes, similar to the UK pound sterling, bore the images of Luna and Celestia on the front and had distinguished individuals on the reverse, with each denomination in different colours.

"Thank you," the receptionist replied, putting the notes in the till, "You'll just need to sign this form."

She hoofed over the form which Connor began to read. It was your standard T&C's such as behaving yourself in the hotel, leaving your room in a tidy fashion, treating hotel staff with respect and so on. Seeing no problem with the form, he signed it and handed it back to the receptionist.

"Thank you and here's your key. Would you like any help with your bags?"

"No thanks, I can manage."

"Very well sir, enjoy your stay."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome sir."

Connor picked up his bag and made his way to his room, eager to get a shower and put on some clean clothes. Walking towards the lift he took in the interior of the hotel. It was mostly a neutral cream colour with slightly darker carpets, and the lamps on the walls helped lighten up the lobby and corridors; giving them a light and airy atmosphere.

Eventually finding his room, he unlocked the door and went in.

He mood was instantly lifted at the sight.

His wings twitching in excitement he started looking around. The lounge had quite a modern appearance by Earth standards. The was a large , light blue corner sofa in the middle of the room along with two accompanying reclining arm chairs. There were numerous Wonderbolt insignia throughout, notably on the entrance door itself.

He walked into the bedroom next, and like the sofa, was stuffed with clouds to give impossibly comfortable relaxation. The bedroom was white and blue in colour with a few bits of yellow here and there, mimicking the Wonderbolt logo. The bathroom contained a large bath big enough for at least four ponies and included an assortment of complimentary bath oils, lotions and so forth.

Putting his bag on the bed, he began stripping off his flightsuit and made his way to the bathroom and began running himself a bath, pouring in generous amounts of oils. Whilst that was running, he helped himself some of the complimentary chocolates that were on the coffee table.

Once again though, his mid drifted back to earlier in the day.

He slightly regretted reacting in the over the top manner like he did, but he didn't regret fighting back and standing up for himself.

He decided to deal with it another day when he's calmed down a little more, and find some way to make it up to the girls for the brutally savage letter he left them.

He made his way back to the bathroom to check on the bath, putting his hand in to check the temperature.

Deciding it was OK, he got in. Almost instantly, he felt the tension in his muscles and wings ease away. Grabbing a sponge, he began washing himself. After a few minutes of washing his body, he began on his wings.

"Oh for crying out loud!"

Connor became agitated once more as his right wing sprang out again, but this time all the bath lotion bottles were sent flying; some falling onto the bath.

"It's easier when Spitfire does it," he mumbled to himself.

When he bathed, he usually did so with Spitfire. Mostly to help clean each other's wings and sometimes Connor help clean Spitfire's flanks. After a few minutes he finally cleaned his wings and dried himself off. Going to his bag he got out some clothes, specifically a pair of socks, some skinny red leggings and a pair of knee high brown boots.

All made by Rarity.

Sighing deeply, he sat on the bed and rested his head on his hands.

"I was far too harsh on her," he spoke quietly.

He sighed once more before putting the clothes on.

"I'll make it up to her. Somehow."

Connor was now back on the ground floor making his way outside onto the strip. Now it was night time, the strip was lit up just like Las Vegas; bathing the area in a forest of neon lights of all different colours. Ponies, griffons and minotaurs walked up and down the strip, the vast majority going into the casinos. Heading for a casino himself, he looked for one that on the outside at least, would peak his interest.

It didn't take one before one did. The casino was called The Four Hooves. Making his way across, he ventured inside and made his way over to the slot machines.
Finding a vacant machine he sat down and entered a bit into the machine and pulled the handle.

He didn't win anything, so he put in another bit.

After twelve attempts he finally won a few bits, 25 of them.

Pleased he decided to try his hand at Roulette. Heading over to the one with fewer ponies, the Pegasus dealer welcomed him to the table.

"Welcome to the table, will you be playing tonight?"

"Sure," Connor replied, handing the dealer 10,000 bits in monetary notes, "Change please."

"Certainly sir, do you want a mix of hundreds and fifties?"

"Yes please."

The dealer took the notes and counted them out, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets at the amount of money. He nonetheless gave Connor the correct amount of chips.

"Here you are sir."


"You're welcome sir. Place your bets everypony."

Connor took a five of the hundred bits and placed them on Black 26. The other ponies playing placed their bets also, but on different numbers. The dealer set the wheel going, everyone watching as the ball bounced around before landing on Red 27.

"Bugger," Connor said.

"Hard luck sir," replied the dealer, swiping the chips towards him with a wooden rake, "Place your bets."

Connor this time placed five more chips on 1st 12, increasing his chances of winning.

His tactic paid off as the ball landed on Black 8.

Connor was now 500 bits richer than when he first started the game. Understandably pleased, he continued placing bet after bet with differing levels of success.

A couple of hours later, a very happy Connor left the casino cage richer than when he entered the casino. About three quarters of the way through his roulette game, his gut feeling told him to place a 5,000 bits on Black 17.

That won him 175,000 bits. £17,500 in the Queens English.

He played for a bit longer afterwards but kept his bets much lower as to not spoil what was a good night.

Putting the money on his wallet, he went back out onto the strip to find a takeaway joint. He hadn't eaten anything that could be considered a meal since the morning and was starving. After asking a few ponies he was eventually directed to a pizza restaurant. Wasting no time he went inside and was greeted by one of the waiters.

"Good evening sir, will you be dining alone tonight?"

"Yes," Connor replied, already starting to miss Spitfire.

"We have a table available, if you'd like to follow me."

Connor followed the waiter to a small table with two seats by the window, giving a good view of the strip lit up on all its glory.

"Here you are sir, there's menus on the table. Would you like a drink in the meantime?"

"Yeah, can do. What cold drinks do you have?"

"We have a selection of beers and lagers available."

"Do you have Allborg?"

"Yes, we had a delivery just yesterday actually."

"Can I have one of them then?"

"Certainly, I'll go and get one for you."

The waiter left Connor who began looking through the menu. There was a wide range of pizza's available with a selection of different types of crusts. It didn't take long for Connor to decide though, and made his decision just as the waiter returned with his drink.

"Here you are sir," the waiter said, placing the bottle and a glass down on the table, "Have you decided on your meal?"

"Yes, I'll have a large meat feast with the deep pan crust."

The waiter wrote the order down on his pad, "OK sir, anything else?"

"No, just that for now please."

"That's OK, I'll take your order to the kitchen and there'll be a wait of around 15-20 minutes."

The waiter left Connor once more who began pouring the drink into the glass. Taking a sip, it tasted to him very much like Carlsberg. After about five minutes of looking out of the window watching ponies, he noticed a reflection in the window. Turning around he saw a white pegasus with pink mane and tail, and a 'sun' cutie mark, looking at him.

"Hey there," she said.

"Hey, what brings you here?" Connor replied.

"Oh, just having a night out and then I thought I'd come in here for something to eat."

"Fair enough, but why were you looking at me?"

"I've never seen a creature like you before, well I've seen pictures of you. Oh and my name's Sunny Skies."

"Well Sunny Skies you've seen me now," he replied, a little irritated that ponies still gawked at him like he was an animal in a zoo, "Is there something you wanted?"

"Are you OK? You sound angry. I haven't done anything wrong have I?"

"I'm fine. I'm not angry and no, you haven't done anything wrong."

"That's a relief."

"But some of your subjects have."

"Excuse me?" 'Sunny Skies' asked, clearly hiding shock.

Connor leaned down closer to Sunny Skies and whispered to into her ear, "I'm not stupid Celestia."

"I don't know what you mean. My name is Su-"

"Celestia, Sol Invictus of the Sun," he replied before sitting back up again, "Why are you here? Did Twilight or one of the others send you?" he asked, his eyes boring into Celestia.

'Sunny Skies' sighed and looked down from his piercing gaze, "They're worried about you, but I came of my own accord after Twilight wrote a letter to me."

"There's nothing to discuss, so leave me alone."

"Connor," Celestia said as she hopped up to the other chair, "Please let me help you. I know you're angry over what happened but I assure you they didn't intend to hurt your feelings."

"I didn't intend to end up in here in Candyland but it still happened."

Celesta ignored the swipe at Equestria and focussed on the main issue, "Connor, I know what's upset you-"

"No you don't. And about earlier, I'm assuming Twilight divulged information?"


"Right there is an issue I have with this world. Ponies poke their noses in too much, they're completely incapable of minding their own business and staying out of matters that don't concern them."

"But this does involve them, and ponies are very sociable and seldom keep things to themselves."

"I might technically be a pony, but my mind is human and humans do not like it when their privacy is violated."

Celestia, still disguised as Sunny Skies, sighed and poked the table with a hoof, "Connor, why are you so upset over the incident. You said just now that I don't know why you're like you are, so please tell me. I am your friend after all."

Connor mulled over the decision. He preferred to deal with problems himself rather than ask for help, but having Celestia on board could help smooth things out.

"Fine, I'll tell you. But at least order something first."

Celestia grabbed a menu with her hooves, remembering not to use magic when disguised as a non-unicorn, and flicked through the menu.

"I'll think I'll get a Tuna and Sweetcorn with deep crust."

"I'll go and let the waiter know," replied Connor, "Do you want a drink?"

"Just a lemonade please."

"Sure. I'll be back soon."

Whilst Connor was gone, Celestia racked her mind wondering how to help Connor and restore his friendships with her subjects. She did wonder what had caused him to be so emotional over the incident though, to her knowledge nothing bad had happened to him recently that would warrant such a response. Connor wasn't long before he returned.

"The order's been made, it'll be about 15 minutes."

"Excellent. It has been quite a while since I last went out for a meal."

"How long?"

"About a hundred years."

"That's longer than the average human life span and you say it like it's perfectly normal."

"It is for me. Now, what is it that go you so upset."

Connor sighed and reluctantly told her, "Today.........is my littlest sister's birthday."

Celestia immediately fell crestfallen for Connor. She had been in his shoes almost 1,000 times due to her banishing her sister to the moon. She knew far too well the feeling of missing out on siblings' birthday's. Like Connor, it was a younger sister.

"You have my sympathies," she said gently, "I know how you feel in the matter."


Celestia nodded, "Every year I would have a private party, hoping she would just walk through the door and so we could celebrate together."

"I take it it never got easier."

"Never once. It was't until her first birthday after her banishment, that it truly dawned on me what I had done."

"Why was she banished to the moon? When Twilight and her friends used them on Nightmare Moon it reverted her back to Luna. Why didn't that happen he first time?"

"It's.....complicated, but Nightmare Moon wasn't anywhere near as powerful then as she was 1,000 years ago. I truly wished I could have had my dear sister back the same night all those years ago, but it was not to be."

"At least you've been able to see your sister again," Connor replied a little too venomously.

Celestia recoiled slightly at the tone of voice, feeling as though Connor was blaming her for his predicament. Deciding a gentle approach was the best course of action, she spoke softly back.

"Connor, I do sympathise with your situation and I want to help."

"Then what are you going to do, or what do you suggest I do?

"I can arrange a get-together at the castle, and if necessary; act as mediator."

"I'm OK with that, but I want to spend some time here in Las Pegasus first."

"Fair enough."

The two chatted a little more, mostly Celestia telling Connor the history of Las Pegasus and its rise as a gambling city and a tourist hotspot it is now. Eventually, their pizzas finally arrived, and both Connor and a still disguised Celestia ordered another round of drinks.

"These look good," Connor said, grabbing a slice and taking a bite, "Tastes good as well. Pity my sense of smell isn't as good as yours."

Celestia giggled, "Don't worry Connor. I think your fingers more than make up for it, they're much more nimble and precise than hooves."

"Yeah, I suppose so."

The waiter from before brought their drinks to the table and set them down.

"One lemonade for the mare, and another Allborg for the stallion. Enjoy."

"Thank you," Celestia replied.

The waiter left the pair to their pizzas, who continued their conversation.

"Do you have anything like this on Earth?"

"We have Pizza's definitely, hugely popular. So much so there's no end of pizza takeaways and franchises. Two of the most popular are Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza. They're good, if a bit pricey."

"What's your favourite pizza?"

"Meat Feast, and the pizza I hate most.....any that have pineapple of them."

Celestia's face soured into a grimace, "Why would anypony put pineapple on a pizza?"

"I have no idea, it's like ruining cake with fruit, just.....why?"

"I hate fruit cakes."

Connor looked up to Celestia, shocked at the stunning revelation. Celestia not liking cake is like Jeremy Clarkson not not liking a Toyota Prius.

"There is cake you don't like?"

"Regrettably so."

"So if I made fruit cakes just so you couldn't eat them-"

Celestia put on a sweet but scary smile, "Then my little human I will find a way to force you to sit through a court session for an entire day."

Connor swallowed hard, fear creeping up his spine at Celestia's chilling threat, "You wouldn't dare subject me to such torture."

Celestia merely raised an eyebrow as she looked at Connor.

A worried Connor wisely backed down, "You know I don't like fruit cakes either so I think I'll only make sponge cakes from now on."

Celestia smiled sweetly, "I'm delighted to hear that."

"How's Luna?"

"She's OK, but she's concerned about you."

"About what? My grades are exemplary."

"Indeed they are, I've even read some of your coursework; but she was concerned about what happened earlier today."

Connor couldn't help but roll his eyes, "Is there anyone who doesn't know what happened?"

"Please don't be like that Connor, my sister is genuinely concerned. You are one of a few friends after all."

Connor sighed tiredly, kicking himself inside for over-reacting again, "I know, I'm, just......I'll talk to her, OK?"

Celestia smiled, "I'll let her know, she enjoys your company."

"Indeed," he replied before smirking mischievously, "She even shares with me her Jammie Dodgers."

Celestia stopped eating her pizza and looked at Connor is disbelief. Pain and anguish coursed through Celestia as Connor's words sunk in. Her own sister, had never, not even once, shared her Jammie Dodgers.

Celestia's lower lip trembled as she started pouting.

"She never gives me any," she sulked.

"You could just buy your own."

Celestia felt completely and utterly silly. Never in her entire life, did she ever consider actually buying, or even making, her own Jammie Dodgers. Connor noticed Celestia's expressions and decided to pile on the misery.

"Are you saying, that you, as intelligent as you are; never thought you could just go out and buy some?"

Celestia looked up and narrowed her eyes disapprovingly at Connor's amused grin, "I am now looking forward to the Grand Galloping Gala, more than ever. Especially now, as I have decided what your gift will be."

Connor laughed nervously, "Something nice?"

"It most certainly is," she replied, before looking him squarely in the eyes, "My little human."

Connor gulped.

An hour or so later, Connor and a still disguised Celestia left the pizza joint. It was late night and the bright neon lights lit up the strip far more than earlier, making the strip more vibrant than ever. The strip was buzzing with life as ponies made their way in and out of casino's, theatre's, restaurants, hotels and so on. Connor and Celestia walked down the strip, taking in the sights.

"This city never used to be here, it used to be just a random group of clouds but many decades ago a group of entrepreneurial Pegasi got together and built the city. It rapidly became a tourist hotspot and continuously draws in large numbers of visitors every day."

"We have a similar city called Las Vegas. It's really only at night when the city comes to life. The bright neon lights can be seen for miles around, I have a few pictures if you ever want to see them."

"I'd love to. Have you ever been?"

"Yes. On a family holiday a few years ago. In the same holiday we also visited Los Angeles and San Francisco. Warm weather, good food, plenty of great memories."

"It sounds like you had an excellent time."

"I did. One of my favourite memories was watching the Blue Angels, the aerobatics display team of the United States Navy. They fly F/A-18 Hornets in the same blue and yellow colour scheme of the Wonderbolts."

"They sound impressive, but I thought they were called the Red Arrows."

"No, the Red Arrows are the aerobatics display team of the Royal Air Force, my country's air force...and the best. Anyway, the Red Arrows fly the BAE Hawk; a subsonic fighter jet painted in red, hence the name. The Red Arrows have performed over 4,700 displays in 56 countries throughout the world, and are iconic in British pop culture. They're instantly recognisable even if you don't have an interest in aviation."

"They sound truly fascinating. Are there any other-"

Celestia abruptly stopped walking and talking. Connor noticed quickly and turned around, curious as to what what up.

"You OK?"

"I'm confused. You said the 'Blue Angels' were the display team of the United States Navy."


"I thought Navies had ships."

"Ah," Connor said, realising her confusion, "Many navies in my world have their own aircraft. Navies have massive ships called aircraft carriers, and as such, their own aircraft whilst still having a separate Air Force branch of the Armed Forces. The British Army has its own Air Corps as well."

"I see, it makes sense now. We don't have these 'aircraft carriers', only ships such as frigates and battleships, though that was many many years ago when there was less peace in this world. The Battleship was considered to be the most important part of a fleet."

"It used to be that way on Earth as well until the aircraft carrier came about. Aircraft carriers allow for a larger range of attack, aircraft can take off from the carriers, reach their targets and return to the carrier faster than any ship. Navies quickly saw the carrier as the most important asset to a naval fleet."

Celestia giggled, "You're a walking encyclopaedia Connor."

"I suppose I know a few things," he said modestly.

"You really must write a book on your world and all it's fascinating technology, ponies all over Equestria would be eager to read it."

"Maybe, but I've got a job and studies to focus on."

"Well I know of one pony who'd be more than eager to help you write it."


"Yes, despite what happened Connor, they're all good ponies. They simply made a mistake."

"I know. Anyway it's getting late I could do with some sleep."

"Then I shall not keep you, until I see you again Connor."

"Yeah, tell Luna I said hi."

"I will do, bye Connor."

"Bye Celestia."

Celestia took to the air and flew off back to Canterlot, Connor watching her until she was out of sight. Noticing a slight chill in the air he decided to head back to his hotel room. It didn't take too long before he was back in the hotel, in the lift taking him up to the penthouse. He was again going over what happened earlier in the day. Most of his anger was gone, his talk with Celestia having helped. All he felt now was mild annoyance more than anything.

The lift came to a stop and the doors opened. Stepping out into the corridor he walked the very short distance to his penthouse door and went to unlock it. His brow furrowed in confusion when it became clear the door was already unlocked.

I definitely locked it when I left, unless the hotel staff have been in and forgot to lock it again.

He cautiously opened the door, half-expecting Pinkie to burst out of nowhere and scare him half to death. When that didn't happen, he slowly walked in, quietly closing the door behind him, bit leaving it unlocked just in case he needed to make a quick escape. He walked silently in the dark corridor and into the lounge area. Dark and empty, he looked around and noticed light seeping through from the bedroom door.

Walking quietly once again, he creeped in the shadow of darkness right up to the door and slowly and quietly opened the door.

As he slowly poked his head through, he soon recognised a familiar looking Pegasus laid on the bed on her belly looking distraught.


Spitfire looked up and as soon as Connor walked in she pounced and launched herself at Connor. Connor had no time to react as his marefriend wrapped him in a tight hug and began crying into his bare chest.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!"

Connor returned the hug and went to sit down on the edge of the bed, still holding Spitfire in his arms. They continued to hug for several seconds as Spitfire cried, Connor feeling more sympathy than anger. He hated seeing her like this.

He gently stroked the beck of her head, "It's OK Milkshake, I forgive you. I'm not angry any more."

Spitfire pulled her head back and looked at Connor, tears still running down her cheeks, "You're not?"

Connor shook his head, "No. I was at first, but I realised I overreacted."

"But we still took things too far."

"Maybe, but that letter I wrote was just savage and brutal. Especially to Rarity."

Spitfire winced, "Yeah."

Connor, noting her facial expressions, felt something was wrong.

"What happened after I left?"

"Well, you didn't hear it from me, but apparently Rarity destroyed that dress. Absolutely tore it to pieces and cried to herself in her bedroom for several hours."

Connor felt like he'd been kicked in the guts.

"Me and my big mouth," he muttered.

"Come on Connor, Rarity's not mad at you. She's mad at herself, she thinks she's ruined her friendship with you."

"She hasn't, and neither have the others. Celestia's going to try and arrange a little get together to talk things out in a few days."

"Sounds like that might work."

"How did you find me anyway?" asked Connor.

"Some ponies in Cloudsdale said they saw you flying in the direction of Las Pegasus so I came here. I asked around the hotels and casinos until I arrived here, and they said you were up here in the penthouse. They assumed we were together so they let me in."

"How long have you been here?"

"A few hours. I may have taken advantage of room service."

"Taken advantage?" he asked, worried of the impact on the bill.

"Ordered a load of food and drink."

"Not too much I hope?"

"Don't worry Sleepy Head, I'll pay my bits towards the bill."

Connor breathed a sigh of relief, "That's good. So, what were you planning to do now?"

"I thought I should make things up to you," she replied, rummaging through her bag.


"With these."

Connor's heart rate increased and his wings began stretching out uncontrollably, "Just.....try not to lose the keys this time."

"I won't......at least not accidentally."


Connor's littlest sister, Elizabeth, sat with her elbow the table; resting her head on her hand.

"I wish Connor was here," she said sadly as she looked at her birthday cake, the lit candles flickering away.

"We'll see him again, don't worry," Star Light said, "I'm sure of it."

It was Elizabeth's 18th birthday, and due to their situation, only her parents and sisters were with her. She had gotten a few presents from her family including perfume, clothes etc. But nothing from her one and only brother. Growing up she and Connor would play each other on the Xbox and go to the cinema together, getting very close as siblings.

"I hope so, it's not the same without him around."

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