• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 22 - Cloudsdale II

Connor and Spitfire were up and about after a restful nights sleep. After a morning shower together they got changed into Wonderbolt flight suits. Connor also styled his hair into it's spiky look once again, giving his hair a far more awesome appearance. A further examination revealed that Connor now had naturally occurring red highlights that match the colour of his wings. Connor was rather pleased, mostly because he would save a lot of money on hair dye. Being a Yorkshireman he is naturally thrifty and has a dislike of high prices.

Connor was just finishing zipping up the front of his flight suit when he heard Spitfire speak up.

"By Celestia you look good in that."

Connor turned around to see Spitfire looking at him pleasingly.

"As do you," he replied smirking.

"Touché," she replied, "In that case I'll have to wear it more often. Since you like it so much."

Spitfire deliberately walked across the room to a pitcher of orange juice, swishing her tail from side to side. Connor could only watch, hypnotised by her moving plot and tail. Spitfire poured herself a glass of orange juice and turned around, smirking devilishly at the sight before her.

"You really do like looking at me when I'm wearing this."


Spitfire pointed to his sides. He looked to his sides to notice his wings had become ironing boards again.


Spitfire started to laugh as she watched Connor try to de-stiffen his wings by forcibly trying to fold them with his hands.

"Go floppy again you stupid things!"

The comical scene made Spitfire laugh even harder prompting Connor to look at her. The Wonderbolt flight suit perfectly hugging her perfectly toned body did nothing to help his predicament.

Stupid sexy Spitfire.

After a minute of thinking unsexy things, which is extremely difficult considering Spitfire's in the room, his wings became not-stiff again. Connor fastened the accompanying belt around his flight suit and put the goggles over his head, letting them hand from his neck. He admired himself a little more in the mirror, flexing his muscles and wings.

"Would you like some time to yourself?"

Connor stopped admiring himself in the mirror and turned around to the source of the voice.

It was Celestia. Who was trying desperately not too laugh.

"Oh h-h-h-hi Celestia. I d-didn't know you were there," he said rubbing the back of his neck, his cheeks red a little red.

Celestia walked over to Connor stifling a giggle, "I was wondering if the two of you were joining us for breakfast?"

Connor looked to Spitfire, who also was stifling a laugh, and asked her if she was up for it.

"What about it Milkshake? Shall we?"

"Sure," she replied snorting out a laugh, "You'll be able to strut your stuff on the way."

Connor rolled his eyes, "I was stretching my muscles, nothing more."

"Of course you were," she replied teasingly, kissing his cheek.

The trio walked out of the room and made their way to the dining room. It was another bright, sunny day again with a warm temperature to finish it off. Ideal weather for the trip to Cloudsdale later where Connor would be viewing a property and pay Cara and Vulcan a visit.

"When do we leave for Cloudsdale?" asked Connor.

"Shortly after breakfast," replied Celestia, "I've arranged for Royal Chariots to take you there."

"Thanks Celestia," replied Connor, "Are you coming with us?"

Celestia shook her head, "I'm afraid I can't. I have Court to hold today."

"My condolences."

"It's not that bad Connor, besides one day you may be in my Court seeking my guidance and assistance."

"Maybe but not likely, in my country we don't go to the monarch for such things. We write too or see in person our MP, who can bring the matter up in the House of Commons if needs be."

"Yes, Twilight told me of your country's system of government."

"I thought she might. She certainly likes learning new things."

"You've no idea," replied Celestia.

"You OK Spits, you're being rather quiet."

"I'm fine, just enjoying being with my stallion," she replied as she wrapped her hooves around his neck, "And the Princess of course."

"And I enjoy you being here Spitfire," replied Celestia.

The trio, who were now outside the dining room, entered and saw Twilight and Co, Soarin, Misty Fly and Fleetfoot, Shining Armor and Luna. There was a chorus of voices greeting Connor and Spitfire as they entered and sat down next to the other Wonderbolts. Connor was between Spitfire and Rainbow Dash while Celestia took her place at the head of the table.

"Hi Connor, I haven't seen you in a while," said Shining, "But I heard you've been through quite an ordeal."

"That's one way of putting it," replied Connor leaning forward and resting his elbows on the table, "Not something I'd like to go through again."

"I can imagine. Sorry I couldn't be here, but I got posted to our military base in Zebrica for several weeks."

"I understand. You go where your posted and do as your told."

"That you do. Is it like that in militaries in your world?"

"Yep. Especially my nations' armed forces. Insubordination is a court martial offence and can result in a prison sentence and a dishonourable discharge."

"It's the same here."

"How about the rest of you, you all OK?" Connor asked.

"We're fine thank you darling," replied Rarity, "And I must say again that you look truly splendid in your flight suit."

"Well I am awesome," he replied with a cheeky smile.

"Not as awesome as me though," interjected Rainbow, "Eight out of ten I'd give you."

"I'm guessing you're a ten out of ten?"

"Of course I am. I'm Rainbow Dash," she replied grinning.

"So you're 20% more awesome than me?"

"You said it," she replied hoof bumping Connor.

A cough could be heard from the head of the table. It was Celestia getting the attention of everyone as a maid had entered the room to take orders. The maid went around the table getting everyone's orders. Some ordered pancakes with syrup, some ordered porridge. The maid then came to Connor.

"What would you like sir?"

"I'd like a bacon sandwich please."

The maid was accustomed to serving Griffons and Minotaurs so she wasn't phased by the order of meat.

"Would that be all sir?" she asked as she finished writing the order.

"Could I have extra bacon with my bacon sandwich?"

"Certainly sir, anything else?"

"A side order of bacon with extra bacon please."

The maid dead-panned at Connor, clearly unamused at his joke. Connor held up his hand and apologised.

"Sorry, couldn't resist. Just a pot of tea please."

"OK. Thank you sir. The orders shouldn't take too long," the maid said before turning to the Princesses, "If you'll excuse me your majesties."

Celestia nodded, "You're excused my little pony."

The maid left the room and headed towards the kitchen. Connor leant back in his chair to make himself more comfortable and looked around the room. He noticed everyone was staring at him. Some, like Misty Fly and Fleetfoot, looked like they were doing their best not to laugh.

"Errrr.... is something wrong?" asked Connor.

"No nothings wrong," replied Misty Fly.

Connor couldn't help but feel he was missing something but decided to let it slide for now. His bacon sandwich was due to arrive any minute. He told them he likes his bacon done in the microwave and to his surprise they were able to do it like that in Equestria also. What he does is place three or four sheets of kitchen roll on a plate followed by some rashes of bacon (with the fat cut off), followed by some more kitchen roll. The kitchen roll absorbs all the fat and grease of the bacon leaving a much nicer taste, in Connor's opinion.

"Before we go to Cloudsdale I'll go back to my room and collect my laptop and other things. Thanks for the new bags by the way Rarity. They're great."

"You're welcome darling," replied Rarity as she was applying eye shadow.

Rarity had made new bags for Connor to carry his laptop and other gadgets. The messenger bag he had before went over his shoulders and the strap would press against his wings, preventing or severely restricting movement. So Rarity made a bag that would fasten around his waist allowing him to carry his stuff without impeding his wing movements or flight ability. The bag itself rested just above his backside so it was essentially like what he had before only with the strap around his waist and not over the shoulder.

Connor liked it and it was made with magically reinforced materials and in the same colour scheme as the Wonderbolts so that it matched his flight suit. On a related note, the necklace Celestia gave to Connor that prevented excessive magic being used against him now had that enchantment removed. As it was felt Connor wasn't in any real danger anymore Connor and Celestia agreed it was the right thing to do as Connor didn't want to waste such a nice gift, after all what was the point in wearing a magical enchantment if you have no need for it.

He was wearing the now un-enchanted necklace and Spitfire was wearing the one Connor bought her. In fact, they only enchantments they had was one to prevent them slipping off from around their necks. Very useful for when one is flying around.

After breakfast which was a excellent as ever, the Wonderbolts, Spitfire, Connor, Twilight and Co made their way outside towards the chariots that had been prepared. The Wonderbolts and Rainbow decided to fly whereas Connor and Spitfire went in the chariots. It would take around an hour to get to Cloudsdale so it gave plenty of time for Connor to play some Football Manager on his laptop.

Connor was a ruthless manager. One player complained about being left out of the first team so Connor demoted the player into the reserves, placed him on the transfer list and successfully sold him in the next transfer window.

Spitfire watched with fascination as Connor played and respected his no nonsense approach to management.

An hour later the chariots and the Wonderbolts touched down in Cloudsdale. Twilight again had cast a spell that allowed the non-Pegasi to walk on the clouds. Connor and Spitfire had an appointment to view a property in the outer suburbs of Cloudsdale. Connor would also be visiting Cara and Vulcan afterwards. First Cara's, then to Vulcans' for a meal out at his favourite fish restaurant.

"So, where we headed to first?" asked Connor as he put on his pair of Oakley Radarlock Path sunglasses. They had black lenses and a red frame.

"We'll go into the Market District if you like, have a look around," suggested Spitfire.

"Sure, I'm cool with that," replied Connor as he fastened his new laptop bag around his waist. As the group made their way over to the Market District, they unsurprisingly attracted a lot of stares. A lot of them where directed at the Wonderbolts and the Elements but a fair few were looking at Connor and Spitfire. They had become the talk of Cloudsdale after all, the Wonderbolt Captain dating winged-human who actually has pony parents wasn't likely to go by unnoticed.

Spitfire was flying at Connor's side with her hoof held in his hand. She liked it when he held her hoof, granted it was better when it was with his bare hands but it was still nice.

"So Milkshake, anywhere in particular you want to visit?"

Spitfire thought for a moment, holding her other hoof to her chin, "There's a candle shop I've been wanting to visit for a while down on Cirrus Street."

"We'll go there first if you like?"

"Sure, is anypony else joining us?"

The others quickly talked amongst themselves and decided to go off in their own groups. Fluttershy, Misty Fly, Surprise, Fleetfoot and Rarity went together, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Spike went off together, Soarin, Blaze, Rapidfire, Lightning Streak and Fire Streak went off together also.

Before going their separate ways they agreed to meet again for lunch at the same Tea Room Connor visited on his last visit to Cloudsdale. That would give them a couple of hours to have a look around at wherever it was they wanted to go.

Spitfire and Connor were walking through the streets of Cloudsdale towards the candle shop on Cirrus Street, their bright and colourful flight suits attracting attention. Even if they weren't wearing them, they were both famous enough to be recognised without them. They were stopped on the way a few times for autographs and photographs. The colts and fillies particularly liked Connor.

They eventually approached the candle shop and went inside, the abundance of aromas filling their noses as soon as they entered. The candle shop had candles of all different shapes and sizes. They slowly made their way around the reasonably sized store, discussing whether to get some candles for their new home. When they eventually get one that is.

"What about these ones?" asked Spitfire.

Connor looked at the candles she was pointing a hoof at. They were the large Jar Candles with dozens of different fragrances.

"They look good," he replied picking up a jar of Amber Moon, "Smell good as well."

"Shall we get some?" asked Spitfire as she smelled a jar of Honey Clementine.

"Sure, I'll go an get a basket."

Connor returned moments later with a basket and the duo made their way around the store filling the basket with candles. Large Jar candles, Décor Pillar candles and Tea Light candles with varying fragrances.

They spent about 2000 bits (£200) on candles and candle holders. Connor wasn't really a candle person but Spitfire, like many mares, loved them. 2000 bits wasn't much for the duo really, especially Spitfire considering her income. An income that would soon increase when sponsorship and Air-Show Day revenue start rolling in.

Rather than lug heavy bags around they arranged for the candles to be delivered to Wonderbolts HQ, at no extra cost due to spending so much on candles.

The duo left the store and started to walk down the street again.

"Anywhere you'd like to go?" Spitfire asked.

"Hmmm.....I think I saw a model shop when I was last here. Can't remember where though, Galleon's Models it was called."

"I know the place, come on we'll go there now."

The pair made their way through the streets again, and once again were stopped for photos and autographs which they gladly provided. The ponies showed no fear in approaching Connor, as far as Cloudsdalians were concerned he was one of them.

They arrived at the store fairly quickly and went inside. The model shop was fairly modern looking by Earth standards with glass cabinet displays showing what was available. There were many models of old sailing ships like the HMS Victory and a few more of more advanced steamships like the SS Great Britain. Ponies were close to finishing a steamship that looked strikingly like an Olympic class ocean liner that was due to be launched in about two years.

There were also models of steam engines and rolling stock, scenery, track, signals and so on. Connor had an interest in model railways and had a small but enjoyable layout at his old home. It was about 12ft long and 8ft wide but in an L-shape that fit into the corner of the room. It was set in the early 1960's when the transition from steam to diesel was taking place.

"Seen something you like sir?"

Connor looked to the source of the voice and saw what he presumed to be the store owner.

"Possibly, a lot of these steam locomotives look strikingly similar to steam locos from my country many decades ago."

"How similar?" asked the stallion.

"If it weren't for the dark blue colours they could have run on the lines without anyone realising they didn't belong to British Rail. Back then the entire British Railway Network was nationalised you see."

"Yes our Railway has been nationalised for many years now. Would you be interested in purchasing any models today?"

"Maybe, what's the scale of these models?"

"We have three different scales, P Gauge is the middle with a scale of 1:76.2 and models running on 18.83 mm gauge track with 4mm to one hoof, Double P Gauge is precisely double that hence the name and Half P Gauge is.....well, half P Gauge."

"Which is the most popular?"

"P Gauge. Half P Gauge is second most popular and costs pretty much the same. Double P Gauge is for those with deep pockets and plenty of room."

Connor thought about buying a load of things but first it would be prudent to view the property first, and the one in Ponyville. It's no good getting a load of models of there's no room for them.

"Seen anything you like?" asked Spitfire.

"A few things. It's better to wait though and see what the property is like before I buy anything. I'll definitely be back here again though, can't let these fine models go without a good home."

The stallion's eyes lit up with pride. Many ponies including some family and friends said that opening a model shop was a waste of time and that no-pony would be interested in buying models, let alone look at some.

"Thank you sir," he replied gleefully, "Oh I must apologise, I never introduced myself. I'm Golden Galleon, or if you prefer GG or Galleon."

Galleon extended a hoof which Connor respectfully shook, "I'm Connor Wakefield."

"Yes, all of Cloudsdale knows who you and Spitfire are."

Connor had the thought that Galleon could be another sponsor, that candle shop also if they're interested. He made a mental note to arrange a meeting to discuss the matter.

"Yeah it's going to take some getting used to," replied Connor with a smile, "I was never one for the limelight."

"Same here. I much preferred staying inside building models but it was my sister who pretty much dragged me outside and forced me to socialise. I owe her a lot, in fact it was her who gave me the funds I needed to set up shop. I tried getting a bank loan but that's difficult to do when you're sceptical father is the bank manager. I could have gone to another bank but with the connections he has, I would have been wasting my time."

"What does your dad think now?"

Galleon sighed, "Despite running this shop successfully for eighteen years, always having a comfy profit margin and even never having to lay off workers he still thinks I'm wasting my time."

"What about your mother?"

"She seems okay about it now but she's still worried the business will go under."

Connor laughed a little, "Well, if I move into a suitably sized property there'll be less chance of that seeing as I'll be coming here more often."

A beaming smile made its way onto Galleon's face, "And I look forward to receiving your custom. Are there any other models you'd be interested in aside from railways?"

"Yes I think I saw what looked like a steam ship," he said walking over to where he saw it, "Ah yes. This one. It looks like the Olympic class ocean liners that travelled across the North Atlantic Ocean in my world a century ago."

"Ah yes, this is the Sol Class steamship RMS Equestria. She was, at the time the largest passenger ship in the world and by far the fastest with speeds of up to 20 knots. For a vessel with a gross tonnage of 45,000 tonnes that's quite impressive."

Connor looked at the model. It was 1:350 scale, making the model around 2 1/2 feet long, and highly detailed. Though it did need putting together first. Connor looked at the price and saw it was 800 bits.

Sod it, Connor thought, I'll just get it.

"I'll take one."

Galleon was pleased about it if the speed at which he went to retrieve a model from the backroom is anything to go by.

"Here you are sir, is there anything else you'd like?"

"Is there a catalogue for the model trains available?"

"Yes, we have catalogues for each of the gauges and companies that make them and there is also a company that specialises in making track. Would you like one?"

"One of each please."

Galleon got one of each catalogue, seven on total, and placed them on a bag. He went to the till and totted up the sums.

"That'll be 1130 bits please."

Connor handed over several bit notes and received his change. Taking the bag and his model he thanked Galleon and promised to visit again. Galleon showed Connor and Spitfire to the door and thanked them for visiting and said he'd look forward to them visiting again.

"Where to now?" asked Connor as they stepped into the street.

"Let's just have a browse. We've got plenty of time."

Connor and Spitfire did just that. Amongst the stores they visited included a book store, a sweet shop (it turns out Spitfire loves liquorice), a home-ware store and a toy store. They then came across a store that sold soft toys/plushies.

Included in it's range were the Wonderbolts themselves in their flight suits. That was expected, after all Spitfire and Co gave their consent.

What surprised them was the plushie of a winged Connor, complete in his flight suit. It was rather well detailed and high in quality. According to Spitfire the store hoof made every one at a factory then shipped them to the store where customers could stuff the plushies in store.

Connor decided to go inside to enquire about the plushie of himself. As he did so there were a sea of open mouths as the customers and staff saw he and Spitfire enter. The fillies and colts were almost bursting with joy at seeing their Wonderbolt heroes. One of the store workers approached the pair.

"Can I help either of you?" she asked.

"Yes, I was wondering about the plushie you had in the window. The one....of me."

"Ah yes, I can see how you'd be interested in it," the mare replied smiling before looking fearful, "Is there a problem?"

"No no I was just wandering if it was the only one?"

The mare's fearfulness evaporated at Connor's answer, "At the moment yes, we would like to make more but there's all sorts of legal stuff that stop us from doing it. We're pushing it as it is with even the one?"

"Legal stuff like image rights?" asked Connor.

"Yeah and other legal mumbo jumbo that's above my pay grade."

"Well if you want to make more plushies of me go ahead, I don't mind. Considering the popularity I seemed to have acquired it wouldn't surprise me if it sold like hot cakes."



Connor jumped out of his skin as a familiar looking pink pony bounced into view.

"PINKIE! PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!" Connor yelled clutching his chest.

"Don't be such a scaredypony," she replied as she bounced away, "I'll see you later alligator!"

Pinkie bounced out of the store leaving a store of bewildered ponies, except Connor and Spitfire who had become used to Pinkie be Pinkie.

"Don't let her worry you ponies, she's just being her usual random self."

The ponies in the store just nodded and went back to their shopping. Connor turned his attention back to the sales assistant, "Where were we?"

"You were just giving your consent to allow us to make plushies of yourself."

"Yes, well I have no objections but we'll probably have to arrange a meeting to make a formal agreement."

"Sure thing, I'll let my manager know, she should be back in tomorrow."

"Thanks, I'll look forward to it."

Connor and Spitfire left the store and checked the time. They had about fifteen minutes left so they started to make their way over to the Tea Room to meet up with the rest of the gang. As they did Spitfire mentioned there are also action figures with their likeness, and the company that make them will no doubt want to make action figures of Connor.

There were also cakes with the Wonderbolts' likeness, stationary, school bags, posters, books and so on. It was similar to the merchandise of a football club.

Spitfire and Connor arrived at the tea room and went inside, the rest of the gang were already there and had sat themselves in one of the corners and put two tables together.

The pair waved to their friends and walked over, a pair of seats on the bench had been saved for them.

"How are you guys?" asked Rainbow.

"We're fine thanks Dash. How about you lot?"

They each sounded off as OK. From the number of bags with them it was clear that some of them had been doing their own shopping. After ordering drinks and food, a pot of tea and tune sandwich for Connor, they each told the others what they had bought. Fluttershy bought some things for her animals, Spike had bought some comics, Fire Streak and Lightning Streak had bought a bottles of whiskey each, Misty Fly and Rarity bought some mane products and Twilight unsurprisingly bought some books. Large, heavy books filled with the wordiest words wordily available.

I wonder what Twilight would make of Aristotle or Plato Connor thought.

Their food and drinks arrived much to the delight of Connor, Spike, Soarin and Dash how each wasted no time in devouring their respective food, garnering a mix of rolled eyes and amused looks from the others.

"Who coming with me to Cara's?" asked Connor.

"I'll definitely be there," replied Spitfire.

"Us too," replied Applejack referring to the Elements of Harmony.

"We'll go," replied Soarin, "And try some of your sisters fudge"

"I'm sure she'll appreciate it," replied Connor as ate more of his Tuna sandwich, "I'll be off out with her and Vulcan later on for a meal, Spitfire's coming also."

"Where're you going?" asked Rainbow.

"It's a fish restaurant somewhere in Cloudsdale....Catch of the Day I think the place is called."

There were a few wide eyes as Connor mentioned to place.

"Catch of the Day," repeated Rainbow, "That's one of the best fish restaurants in Cloudsdale, maybe even Equestria. I'd recommend the outdoor viewing area. You get fantastic views of Equestria and in the evening when the sun is setting and there's a cool summer breeze, a nice cool beer and the best fish money can buy; it can be a really nice evening out."

Everyone just looked at Rainbow. Her opinion was devoid of her usual brashness and came as a pleasant surprise to everyone.

"Dashie you make it sound so romantic," Said Rarity.

"Well my dad took me there many times when I was a filly, we still go occasionally."

"What's your dad's name?" asked Connor.

"Rainbow Blitz."

"Did he have a rainbow mane and tail by any chance?"

"He did, how ever did you know that?" Rainbow asked in pretend shock.

"Just a hunch."

Connor finished his tuna sandwich but was still hungry and ordered two toasted teacakes much to the amusement of Rainbow and the guys. The girls were all bewildered as to how Connor could eat so much but he pointed out he was twice their size so he would need more.

Besides, toasted teacakes were really nice. Warm, buttery toasted tea cakes.

Connor devoured the teacakes in little time followed by his pot of tea. Sat with an arm around Spitfire he was waiting for the gang to finish so that they could visit Cara. And get some fudge. Lots of fudge.

Cara would have a good business day today if she hadn't had one already. Connor couldn't help but feel that her business would boom now she was officially in a partnership with the Wonderbolts, and the sister of the colt friend of the Captain. Not that she would need it, she was perfectly capable of attaining such heights without affiliation with the Wonderbolts. Her fudge was just too good to go unnoticed.

The rest of the group had finished their drinks and made their way over to Cara's fudge shop, about a ten minute walk from the tea room. The group again unsurprisingly attracted the attention of Cloudsdale residents and tourists, a few of them asked for photos and autographs again much to the delight of Rainbow Dash.

Before long they were outside Cara's fudge shop and noticed a few changes. One was the posters in the windows stating her official affiliation with the Wonderbolts. The other noticeable difference was the store was now even bigger. It appeared that the store to the right had been incorporated into the fudge shop. Connor made a mental note to ask Cara.

Connor, being the big little brother of Cara was the first to walk in.


Connor suddenly got an idea into his head.

No Connor, don't do it!

Connor stepped backwards.


He stepped forward.


He turned around, crouched down and rapidly waved his hand through the sensor.


Out of nowhere he got hit over the head with a broom stick.

"Stop bing-bonging my bing-bong! Every bing-bong costs you two bits!"

Connor turned around to see an unamused Cara.

"Hi Cara, my little big sis, how are you?"

Cara’s eyes narrowed, "I'm having a problem with an annoying two legged creature."

"Spike, what have you done to annoy Cara?" he asked him.

Spike looked confused, "What the hay did I do?"

"I was referring to you, little brother."

"Oh," he replied trying not to laugh, "Sorry sis, couldn't resist. It wasn't there before."

"It was there it just wasn't working. I kinda wish it was still broke now."

"Spoilsport," he responded.

Cara just stuck her tongue out.

"Anyway, we looking for some fudge. You wouldn't happen to know anypony who sells it would you?" asked Connor.

"I may know somepony, why don't you have a look around while I find out?"

"Sure," he replied before turning around to the group, "Have a look round guys."

The group made their way inside.


Cara's eye twitched.

Connor looked around the store and the differences were impossible not to see. According to Cara the owner of the store next door sold all of their wares and took early retirement. Deciding to take a risk in the hope that her official partnership with the Wonderbolts would take off, she bought the building next door to expand her business. She hoped to open a café upstairs with the extra space and expand her product range. Before she only had the room to display a small amount of pre-packed fudge, but now she could stack several shelves of it and even new products. Connor suggested gift boxes containing drinking fudge, appropriately coloured and flavoured marshmallows and porcelain mugs complete as a gift box; or sold separately. He also suggested fudge selection boxes and a pick and mix where customers could fill a tub with pre-cut pieces of fudge of their choice, with the price depending on the size of the boxes/tubs.

Cara liked Connor's ideas and asked him where he got them from. He simply said they were things from his world. He did like the idea of a café and asked how long it would take before she could bring the plan to fruition. Cara couldn't give an exact estimate but it wouldn't be in the near future, for now she wanted to focus on her new expansion before going any further.

Cara let Connor have a look around the store so he could fill his basket. Which he did, he filled his basket with many different types of fudge including: mint/chocolate, orange/chocolate, cream/chocolate, blueberry, vanilla, clotted cream, chocolate/banana, cappuccino, caramel, white chocolate and peanut butter.

As he was looking around he noticed some fudge shaped in the form of the Wonderbolt's logo. Intrigued he called Cara over.

"You called baby brother," she said smiling.

"What's this?" he asked pointing to the display.

"That baby brother, is fudge."

Connor raised his eyebrows.

Cara giggled, "Sorry baby brother, couldn't resist. This is my new Wonderbolt inspired fudge. It is blueberry and banana flavoured shaped to match the Wonderbolt emblem. Some others are shaped as a lightning bolt which is available in many different flavours, the same goes for cloud shaped fudge. I was thinking of doing some fudge shaped as silhouettes of the Wonderbolts heads, yours included if that's OK?"

"I like the sound of that. I don't mind but you'd have to ask the others for their opinion. What flavours would they be in?"

"Probably one that matched their fur colour. Misty Fly would probably be clotted cream, Soarin could be Blueberry, you could be.....vanilla?"

"Sounds fine to me."

"I would make them available in other flavours of course," Cara looked over to the till and noticed the others in the group waiting to pay, "If you'll excuse me, you're friends are waiting. Are you paying now as well?"

"Yeah I should have enough here to last until next time."

Cara rolled her eyes at Connor's joke.

The siblings walked over to the tills and Connor went to the back of the queue. Eventually it was his turn to be served and he placed all the fudge on the counter. Cara punched in keys on the till and told Connor the amount.

"That'll be 200 bits please."

"Eh? I thought it was more than that?"

"It includes a 20% Wonderbolts' discount."

"Oh, well thanks."

"Wonderbolts, military, nurses, doctors, veteran discounts I don't mind. The members of those respective services chose to go into those professions and in some cases give so much so I feel a little discount is my way of giving them something back. Family discount is something I personally don't like. I just feel that getting a discount just because you're related to the owners is a little unfair to those that aren't."

"Has Vulcan tried to get a family discount?"

"He's jokingly tried a few times but in reality he respects my stance on the matter."

"Like me?"

Cara nodded, "Yes, like you. Anyway, I'd better let you get off. You'll want to get ready for later no doubt?"

"Well I'll only need to drop my things off, I'll stay in my flight suit."

"I thought you would," Cara chuckled, "You seem to like wearing it."

"Well I do look awesome in one."

Cara rolled her eyes, "You're beginning to sound like Rainbow Dash."

Almost on cue, she appeared, "Did somepony say my name?"

"Just me and Cara talking about how awesome we are."

"We certainly are awesome! Put one there buddy!"

Rainbow and Connor hoof/fist bumped, Cara rolled her eyes again.

Connor took the bag that contained his fudge and turned back to face Cara who was giving the counter a clean.

"I'll see you later Cara."

"See you later baby brother," she replied.

Connor walked out of the door.


Connor smirked. He quickly turned around and waved his hand over the sensor.


Connor narrowly moved his head out of the way in time to avoid getting hit with a broomstick. He ran away down the street laughing cheekily.

Cara shook her head and sighed, "Make sure he behaves himself."

"He will do, I'll make sure," Spitfire replied, trying not to laugh, "Well, we better catch up to him, see you later Cara. Come on guys!"

All remaining ponies and one drake exited the store in rapid succession.


This time, both of her eyes twitched.

Connor and his motley group walked through the street of Cloudsdale again. Spitfire and Connor had an appointment to see a property so Twilight offered to look after Connor's shopping and keep it safe in the library. Connor and Spitfire left the group and headed for the property in question. It was a route that required flying. Whilst Connor could fly he was still a little apprehensive about flying thousands of feet in the air.

"OK OK, I can do this," he said quietly to himself.

"Connor, you OK?"

"Yeah yeah, just composing myself for actually flying."

Seeing Connor clearly nervous, Spitfire gently raised a hoof to his cheek and looked him in the eyes, "Connor, you'll be fine. If anything does go wrong then remember that I'm here, OK?"

Connor nodded and took her hoof in his hands, "Yeah, thanks Milkshake."

"You're welcome Sleepyhead."

The duo hugged each other and stood at the edge of the cloud. Connor steadied his breath and started to flap his wings. He slowly took off and was now hovering a few feet above the clouds, Spitfire joined him immediately.

"You're doing great Connor, keep it up," she said encouragingly.

Connor tilted his wings and body accordingly to move forwards. It was slow at first but he quickly gained momentum and was now flying at a steady pace, Spitfire kept up easily and continued to give encouragement.

"Great flying Connor, keep doing what you're doing."

"Thanks Spits."

In a few minutes they arrived at the property in question and saw the Estate Agent already outside. Connor and Spitfire landed gently on the cloud pavement and walked over to the Agent.

"Group Captain Spitfire, Mr Wakefield I'm glad you could make it, I'm Sky Drive. Shall we get straight to business?"

"Please," replied Spitfire.

Connor and Spitfire followed Sky Drive into the property up the front garden path. It had lush green lawns, blooming flowers in all colours of the rainbow and was very neat and tidy.

So far, so good, thought Connor.

They went inside into the large front hallway which itself lead off to several other rooms. The first room he took them to was the living room. It was very spacious with high ceilings, no doubt to give Pegasi room to fly, with marble arch windows. There were marble arch doorways throughout it seems. There was marble flooring and a stone staircase that lead upwards to the next floor.

Before they went upstairs, Sky Drive showed them the kitchen. The kitchen was fairly big with a two ovens, five zone hob, grill, integrated fridge and freezer and integrated dishwasher. There was also an adjoining dining room big enough for a table and ten chairs. The kitchen had the same marble flooring as the living room.

The other downstairs rooms included a back garden, another reception room and a utility room. Upstairs there were three spacious bedrooms with the master bedroom having a balcony overlooking the back garden and giving fantastic views of Cloudsdale and Equestria.

Upstairs too had marble flooring and arched doorways and windows. Connor felt the house had an Ancient Greek feel to it just like the rest of Cloudsdale.

The property had been well maintained, had excellent amenities and was a twenty minute flight from the Wonderbolts HQ. The area was relatively quiet and the neighbours were friendly and the house was fairly priced at 1.5 million bits, around £150,000. In England depending on where you lived, a three bedroom detached property with excellent amenities like would cost a lot more than £150,000.

Sky Drive gave his details to Connor and Spitfire and asked them to contact him when they decided whether or not to make an offer. At the time of viewing no offer had yet been made. The current owner was apparently a unicorn property developer in Manehatten who was selling a few of his properties to prepare for his retirement.

It was now around three in the afternoon and there were several hours yet until he Connor was due to meet Vulcan. To pass the time Spitfire invited Connor to Wonderbolts HQ and give him a quick tour, he would be visiting regularly anyway so it made sense to use he time while they had it.

The pair flew off for Wonderbolts HQ which took around thirty minutes. Spitfire could do it in half the time, quicker even if she was in a rush, but considering Connor was new to having wings he was doing well.

The tour went well. There were a few cadets and Wonderbolts around training and exercising. Spitfire informed them she was giving Connor a tour of HQ and that she would be leaving again afterwards.

Connor was impressed with the academy. They had extensive facilities at their disposal including specialised training courses to which the cadets and Wonderbolts alike would hone their skills to be the best flier possible. He made a point to test the courses himself to vastly improve his own flying and fitness. He didn't expect to have anywhere near the skill of Spitfire or the Wonderbolts but, if he could pull of a few stunts he would be pleased as it would show are marked increase in his flying ability.


Cara was locking up her fudge shop after an excellent days business. If she had more days like this she would be able to open her fudge shop café in no time. She locked the door and bang on time Connor and Spitfire flew down and landed on the ground.

"Hi Spitfire, hi Connor."

"Hi Cara."

"So, shall we get going? No need to wait around, we can talk on the way."

The trio took off into the air with the Connor flying just above and behind, following the mares as they flew to Catch of the Day.

"Is Vulcan meeting us there?" asked Connor.

"Yeah, he went ahead to get us a table in the Observation Area."

"Can't wait to see it," replied Connor.

As he flew, he could feel that cool summer breeze Rainbow Dash mentioned, it gently blew against him keeping him cool yet somehow it wasn't affecting his flight stability. He could hear the girls talking about girl stuff, of which none interested him in the slightest, as he saw what he thought the be Catch of the Day in the distance.

Connor saw the girls move to flank him, "Hey girls, what's up?"

"Nothing," replied Spitfire, "We just wanted to see if you're OK, you we're looking a little lonely flying on your own."

"I'm fine, I just heard you talking about girl stuff so I thought it'd be better if I stayed out of it."

"You could still have joined in," Cara replied, "We wouldn't have minded."

"I could have but I know more about Quantum Thermodynamics than I do about make-up tips."

Cara and Spitfire looked at Connor with blank expressions.

"Quantum what now?" asked Cara.

Connor sighed, "Never mind, I'll tell you some other time. It's quite complicated."

"If you say so."

The trio continued on for another few minutes talking about the day they had. They continued talking until they reached the restaurant and touched down onto the ground. As soon as they did a lot of eyes where on them, or more specifically Connor and Spitfire. Their bright flight suits always cause eyes to turn when wearing them in a public place. The trio walked into a restaurant and were approached by the door pony.

"Ah yes, you must be Group Captain Vulcan's guests, if you'd follow me please."

Connor was going to question how he knew who they were but it occurred to him that there can't be many creatures with two legs and a pair of wings about. That and Spitfire is rather well known in Cloudsdale and beyond.

The trio followed the waiter to the Observation Area and soon caught sight of Vulcan. He was sat at a four seater table outside near the edge pf the cloud they were on. They had a clear and unobstructed view of Equestria and Canterhorn Mountain, on which they could see Canterlot.

"Cara, Spitfire, Connor it's great to see you," Vulcan said as he got up from the table to greet the trio.

"The trio replied with greetings of their own and sat down with Vulcan. Spitfire and Connor sat together opposite Vulcan and Cara. They ordered some drinks, Cara and Spitfire got some wine while Connor and Vulcan got some smooth bitter.

"So, how are you all?" asked Vulcan.

"Great, Connor and Spitfire came by my shop earlier. Connor bought lots of fudge."

Connor shrugged, "What can I say, it's good fudge. I liked the door chime as well."

Vulcan tried but failed to not laugh, "Did you give it a test run?"

"Yep. I take it you know of the door chime."

Vulcan nodded, "I gave it a test myself, enjoyed myself thoroughly doing it as well."

"So did I, until I got smacked with a broomstick."

"You got it also, that broomstick will rue the day it met me."

"Hear hear," replied Connor.

"Don't speak of my broomstick in such a manner," Cara said sipping some wine, "You both got what was coming to you."

Just then a waiter brought some menu's for the four of them. Connor looked through his and saw there was a fairly good choice if fish dishes available. Also available was roast chicken. Connor made a mental note about the roast chicken. The restaurant in fact reminded him of a fish restaurant in Whitby, not too far from the seafront.

Whitby, thought Connor, they make the best fish and chips in the entire world.

"Seen anything you like?" asked Cara.

"The smoked haddock sounds nice. I might have that."

"I'll have the cod," added Cara.

"Same here," added Spitfire.

"Dad, what about you?" asked Cara.

"I'll have theeeee......roast chicken."

Neither Cara nor Spitfire winced at his choice. Unlike Earth ponies and unicorns, Pegasi were perfectly fine eating meat. Right on cue the waiter from before reappeared.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Yes," replied Vulcan, "We'll have two cod, the smoked haddock and the roast chicken."

"Thank you, your order will be with you shortly," he replied as he jotted the order down on his notepad.

"How did the property viewing go?" asked Cara.

"It went great. I liked the place and I think Spits did as well."

"Sure did, we'll have to have a serious talk later over weather or not to put in an offer."

"Sure thing. I'm heading back to the castle tonight, where will you be going?"

"I'll join you back at the castle. Are you headed back to Ponyville tomorrow?"

"Yeah, it'll be nice to go back. I haven't been since before.....well, that happened."

"Well that's all over now and you're better again," Cara said reassuringly, "Besides, it's all worked out for the best hasn't it?"

"I suppose so," Connor mused.

Connor and Spitfire talked a little more about the property they viewed, explaining to Cara and Vulcan what the property was like. They suggested to go for it as it was an excellent deal but conceded it was up to Connor and Spitfire to decide. Cara also seemed to be delighted when Connor told her about the plushie of him. She said she may consider commissioning a life size plushie of him, just 'for amusement'.

It wasn't too long before their meals arrived. They were all generously sized and each came with chips and salad garnish. The chips were perfect, crisp and golden just as they should be. The haddock was cooked to perfection also. The seasoning was just right and complemented the haddock rather than overwhelm it.

The others enjoyed their meals also. Vulcans' roast chicken looked absolutely brilliant. Roast chicken was one of Connor's favourite foods and decided to definitely get that the next time he was here.

The meal continued on good spirits and as they ate it slowly became darker until the restaurant owners switched the outside lights on. They weren't bright lights but had more of a soft glow giving a cosy atmosphere inside and outside the restaurant.

The group had finished their meals and deciding not to end the night early, decided to get desserts. Cara got herself a Banana Split, Connor got some mint choc chip ice cream with chocolate sauce, Spitfire got a Knickerbocker Glory and Vulcan got a Rocky Road.

"So Connor, have you got any further with any more sponsors?" asked Vulcan.

"Not quite, I'm going to try and make some arrangements to get sort some sponsors out. Speaking of which I've been invited, Cara and Spits also, too Duke Fancy Pants house to discuss sponsorship possibilities. He has many contacts and a good word from him may be hugely beneficial for all involved."

"Let's hope it goes well. Duke Fancy Pants is hugely influential and has a lot of allies amongst the nobility. He may even be able to sway a few reluctant nobles your way."

"I'll bear that in mind but I don't want to come across as though I'm using him for personal gain."

"Don't be daft Connor, you're not the type to do that sort of thing."

"He's right Connor," added Spitfire, "Granted we've only known you a short amount of time but at no point have you shown yourself to use others for your own gain. Fancy Pants knows that otherwise he wouldn't have approached you."

"I suppose so."

Moments later the waiter brought the desserts and set them down on the table. They looked as satisfying as they sounded.

Again, all four enjoyed the desserts.

But, all good things must come to an end. It was starting to get darker and a look at the clock showed it to be about 8 PM. The group decided to head home for the night. After paying, which Vulcan paid for, Cara and Vulcan bade goodbye to Connor and Spitfire and went to their respective homes. After a goodbye hug from Cara of course.

Connor and Spitfire decided to catch a taxi to take them back to Canterlot Castle. After waiting about twenty minutes for a taxi they hopped on board and warmed themselves up with the complementary blanket. They didn't say much for the journey back, they simply enjoyed each others company.

The journey took about half an hour and like when he flied before, he could feel the cool breeze against his face. Despite the cool breeze the blanket kept him and Spitfire warm, and being cuddled together only made things warmer.

The taxi touched down at a Pegasi Taxi port in Canterlot, about a fifteen minute walk from the castle. After paying the taxi driver and giving him a generous tip they made their way to the castle. Hopefully Celestia would still be up and about, if not Luna would most definitely be up.

After a slow, pleasant walk to the castle via the park they finally reached the castle gates.

The on duty Solar Guards, recognising Connor and Spitfire, opened the massive doors and allowed them to enter, "If you wish to meet Princess Celestia she was last in the Throne Room holding court."

"Thanks guys."

Connor and Spitfire walked inside the castle and the doors behind them closed, keeping out the chilly night air. They immediately made their way to the Throne Room to see Celestia. As they approached the Throne Room door, the on duty guards spoke up.

"Princess Celestia is currently seeing a petitioner, please wait here."

"Sure," replied Connor.

Connor turned around to see Spitfire had plonked herself down on a nearby bench just outside the Throne Room. he walked over a sat down beside her, wrapping an arm around her.

"You OK Milkshake?"

"I'm feel great," she replied a little sleepily, "I had a great time tonight."

She leant against his shoulder and the two sat in silence as they waited for Celestia to see them. Fortunately they weren't waiting long and after about two or three minutes the Throne Room doors opened. A pony Connor didn't recognise walked out looking deeply upset, even a comforting hug and nuzzle from Celestia didn't seem to lift his spirits.

The pony walked slowly away, past Connor and Spitfire, with his tail drooping between his legs.

Connor watched as he trudged slowly away. He wondered what was wrong but came to the view that it would be a confidential matter between the pony and Celestia.


Connor turned around to notice Celestia standing just a couple of feet away.

"Hi Celestia, didn't see you there. You OK?"

Celestia chuckled a little, "I'm fine thank you. How are you?"

"I feel great. Had a great day out finished off with a nice meal at Catch of the Day in Cloudsdale with Vulcan, Cara and Spitfire."

"I've heard of that place, a fish restaurant if I'm not mistaken."

"Yeah, and a really good one as well."

Celestia smiled, she was pleased to hear Connor was settling in nicely to Equestrian society and enjoying himself, "I'm pleased to hear that. What is it that brings you here though?"

"I was wandering if I could stop the night again and go back to Ponyville tomorrow?"

"Of course you can, Connor you'll always be welcome here. Don't ever forget that."

"Thanks Celestia. Would you be able to send a letter to Twilight if I write it, let her know what I've just told you?"

"Certainly, but I can write the letter if you wish. You're marefriend looks like she needs to be in bed."

Connor looked to Spitfire and saw her fast asleep, curled up into a ball.

"I can carry her upstairs, taking her flight suit off though might be difficult. She might have to sleep in it."

"That's no problem Connor, remember I can remove her flight suit."


Celestia looked at Connor like he'd gone daft and simply pointed a hoof at her horn.

"Oh," Connor replied feeling a little stupid.

Celestia giggled a little, "Don't worry Connor, I won't tell anyone you forgot I can do magic."

With a flash of her horn she removed Spitfire's flight suit leaving her fur exposed. He could feel her steady breathing as she slept and very carefully wrapped his arms under her barrel and lifted her up. She wasn't as heavy as he thought she would be. He thought ponies were heavier but considering Pegasi fly being heavy would be detrimental to that ability.

He carefully lifted her so that her head rested over one of his shoulders and her plot resting in one one of his arms. His other arm he placed on her back to stop her falling backwards out of his grip. Her tail hanged loosely with the tip touching the ground.

"Thanks Celestia, I'll take her up now and get her in bed. I'll join her after I get a bath, where did you teleport her flight suit to anyway?"

"It will be in your bedroom, would you like a pot of tea sending up in about half an hour?"

"Yes please."

"Very well, if I don't see you again tonight then......goodnight Connor."

"Goodnight Celestia."

Connor walked away carrying Spitfire in his arms. Celestia stifled a small giggle at such a sweet sight of chivalry. Celestia watched as Connor went up the grand staircase towards his castle bedroom. She continued to watch until he was out of sight before she headed off to the kitchens to get herself some cake.

In Connor's castle bedroom, Connor laid the sleeping Spitfire on the bed and draped the quilt over her before gently kissing her on the forehead. He switched on the bedside lamps and walked over to the bathroom, catching a glimpse of Spitfire's flight suit on a chair on the way, and went inside. He decided to have a shower instead of a bath, it's quicker and he's tired so he wanted to get getting cleaned over and done with. He removed his flight suit and stepped into the shower, turning the knobs to become drenched in warm water. He cleaned his wings the best he could, it was definitely easier with another person....or pony to clean them but he managed nonetheless. After washing his hair also he got out of the shower and dried himself off, putting on his Rarity-made pyjamas again.

He went back into the bedroom and got into bed himself, laying back into the unbelievably comfy mattress and draping himself with the equally soft quilt. The warmth of the bed a stark contrast to the rain lashing against the windows. He laid in silence for several minutes before a small knock at the door was heard. The door opened and in came Celestia with the pot of tea for Connor. She laid it on the bedside table next to Connor and quietly wished him goodnight once more, a gesture Connor returned.

After Celestia left the room and closed the door, Connor poured himself a cup of tea and added milk and sugar to just how he likes it. Reasonably strong with one teaspoon of sugar.

He quietly drank his tea, being careful not to wake Spitfire, going over the events of the day. The teasing of Cara with her door chime, viewing that property with Spitfire, the meal out just now. He really enjoyed himself today, especially the times he was alone with Spitfire. Just being with her makes him feel complete. He was truly glad he met Spitfire, maybe not in the manner he was introduced to her, but he felt that if he didn't meet her then his being in Equestria would have been much more difficult.

She filled a hole he didn't realise he had.

He couldn't imagine being without her.

Looking to his marefriend, who was still asleep, he leaned towards her and kissed her forehead again.

"I love you Milkshake," he whispered.

Small tears fell from her eyes as she slowly opened them slightly.

"I love you too Sleepyhead," she replied as she kissed his cheek.

Author's Note:

Here's Connor's sunglasses.

P Gauge is Equestria's P4 or Protofour that is used (rarely) in the UK.

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