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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 16 - Magic Gives You Wings

Author's Note:

Another chapter out soon, I'm on a roll. This chapter starts out a little gross though. This chapter does include incontinence and the use of nappies/diapers but solely in a medical context. It will be for the next two chapters at most. I wasn't sure if I should have this but I wanted to have side-effects to Connor's partial transformation. I wasn't even sure how to word this little warning.

I'm not being too kind to Connor am I?

A few hours had passed since Connor was rushed into the infirmary and it wasn't without incident. Connor woke up during the early morning and needed to go to the toilet. Due to a mix of extreme pain and tiredness he went over on his foot, fell on the floor and unintentionally voided his bowels. In a lot of pain, tired and confused, Connor just sat in his mess for a few seconds until nurses came rushing in and cleaned him up and helped him back to bed. The nurses decided to put Connor in nappies as a precaution, fortunately they had some in to fit Connor.

The doctor had to make an incision to prevent Connor's flesh from being torn by his wings and causing more damage. The two slits in his back now showed red feathers at the base of what will be his wings. The doctor could feel new bone joints and formations where his wings connect to his back, the wings will protrude between his shoulder blades. The base of the wing joint starts level with the top of his shoulder blades and finishes half way down his back. The precise same place as his temporary wings.

The doctor informed Celestia that Connor may need more operations if his wings try to force their way out again. He also informed her of what he believed to be the problem. Connor had Pegasus genes in his DNA that had remained dormant until recently. They have activated and are causing havoc on his body. The Doctor has stated that Connor will grow a pair of wings and develop eye-sight equivalent to that of Pegasi. He doesn't believe Connor will turn into a pony. He also mentions that due to his bodies activation of his Pegasus genes he will suffer side-effects ranging from incontinence, nausea, headaches, tiredness, diarrhoea and feverishness. Celestia nodded in understanding and thanked him and the nurses for their actions. Celestia walked over to the sofa on which Luna was sitting. She had passed out earlier when she saw the incisions being made on Connor.

"How are you feeling Luna?" asked Celestia.

"We are fine Tia," replied Luna quietly, her eyes showing signs she'd been crying.

Celestia, seeing Luna was still very distressed walked over and draped a wing over her, "Connor is going to be OK. He is in good hooves."

Luna nodded. Her eyes still wet.

"Has thou informed Twilight?"

"No not yet. I will wait until they are awake. In the meantime you should get some sleep. I promise you Connor will be OK."

Luna simply nodded and hugged her sister before teleporting to her room. After Luna left Celestia walked over to the Doctor and asked him to inform her immediately if there was any change in Connor's condition.

Celestia needed to find out if there was a relation between Connor and the Pegasus Star Light. A good place to start would be the Census records. They should tell if she had any family. The Equestrian National Statistics office in Canterlot should have the necessary file in their hooves. She sent her personal assistant to the office with a Royal Order to bring the last three Census records pertaining to Star Light. Like the UK, the Census is taken every ten years in Equestria.

Within an hour the necessary files were brought to her throne room. In that time, Celestia had informed the others of Connor's condition. Needless to say they were vey upset. Twilight broke down into tears. She felt she was at fault due to casting the modified wing spell on Connor. It took a while but Celestia convinced Twilight she didn't do anything wrong. Twilight asked if she could use the castle library to see if there was anything she could do to help Connor. Celestia gave her permission so Twilight and the gang went to the castle library.

Celestia looked through the Census records and noticed that Star Light did indeed have a family. A Pegasus husband called Vulcan.

Vulcan, Celestia thought, As in thee Vulcan, one of the greatest blacksmiths in Equestrian history?

She carried on looking through the files and noticed that there was another family member called Caramel Fudge. According to the most recent Census she ran her own fudge shop in Cloudsdale.

Celestia summoned two Pegasi guards and assigned each of them to bring Vulcan and Caramel Fudge to the castle. She handed to guards scrolls containing Royal Summons. She didn't want her two subjects thinking they were in trouble. They weren't. But when they come Celestia hopes she will be able to answer some questions.

The two Pegasi guards left the throne room to carry out their orders. Celestia hadn't heard from the doctor so she assumed there was no change in Connor's condition. She could go to the infirmary but she would just be in the way. If there was a change she knew the doctor would tell her immediately.

Besides, Morning court was due to open in a few minutes anyway. Hopefully there wouldn't be too many petitioners today.


Cara was prepping her shop for opening. As she was doing so she saw a Royal Pegasus Guard at her shop door. Wondering why a Royal Guard would be calling she walked over and opened the door.

"Can I help you?" asked Cara.

"Yes ma'am. I am here to tell you that Princess Celestia has issued a summons for you appear in Canterlot."

Cara went wide-eyed and started to panic, "Why? What have I done?"

"I am not at liberty to say. I have a scroll here containing the summons in writing."

The guard handed Cara the scroll who proceeded to read it. It had been written by Princess Celestia herself. It wasn't threatening in any way. It just simply requested her presence in Canterlot Castle.

"I'll be with you shortly, just let me put things away first."

The guard nodded while Cara went about closing the shop and collecting her messenger bag. She left a message in to door window explaining she had to leave for Canterlot at short notice.

After she locked the door she followed the guard and flew with him to Canterlot. She had no idea why Princess Celestia wanted to see her. She hoped she wasn't in trouble.

After a short flight she touched down on the castle courtyard and was immediately escorted to a private room where Celestia would meet them. Luna who was awake again, took control of the Day Court while Celestia handled the situation with Connor.

As Cara walked in she recognised the other stallion in the room.


The stallion turned around, "Cara! What are you doing here?"

"I got a Royal Summons," replied Cara.

"Me too. I have no idea why though," Vulcan stated.

Just then Celestia walked into the room and the two ponies immediately bowed to the Princess.

"Raise my little ponies. I apologise for summoning you both but there is a situation I feel you may need to be aware of."

Cara and Vulcan looked at each other.

"What would that be Princess?" asked Vulcan.

"A few days ago a strange creature called a human appeared in the Whitetail Woods."

Cara's eyes widened in realisation, "You mean Connor?"

Celestia and Vulcan looked at Cara.

"Yes," Celestia replied, "How do you know Connor?"

"He came into my shop the other day and bought some fudge. I don't think I'll forget him. Dressed as a Wonderbolt and large red wings and walking on two legs, he certainly stood out. Had a soft spot for Spitfire."

Celestia smiled, "That is correct."

"How is Connor?" asked Cara.

Celestia's face soured somewhat, "You know the wings he had where the result of a friends spell, that the wings would eventually disappear?"

Cara nodded.

"Well," Celestia continued, "Yesterday morning when he woke up, his wings had indeed disappeared. His back bore no signs they were ever there. Throughout the day yesterday, Connor had periodic back pains causing him distress."

"I'm sorry to hear that Princess, but why are you telling us this?" asked Cara.

"At about three this morning, Connor woke up with excruciating pain in his back. I will skip the more distressing parts but I will tell you this. Connor is growing a pair of wings. For real this time."

There was silence for a few moments as Cara and Vulcan absorbed what they had just been told.

"Is he OK?" asked Cara.

"He is currently in the infirmary. He has been asleep for several hours. It was necessary to perform an incision to prevent his wings' protrusion from tearing his flesh."

Cara looked like she wanted to vomit.

"I called you both here because I wanted you to answer a question. One of a very sensitive nature."

Cara and Vulcan looked at each other before nodding.

Celestia took in a deep breath, "Do you know, or have you known a Pegasus mare by the name of Star Light?"

Upon hearing that name, both Cara and Vulcan went wide-eyed. Tears were beginning to form in Cara's eyes.

With a shaky voice, Vulcan answered, "She was my wife before she disappeared twenty five years ago."

"Our records show that she disappeared in the Whitetail Woods," said Celestia.

Vulcan nodded, "That is what we were told."

"Was she pregnant?" asked Celestia.

Cara immediately broke down into tears. The memory of losing her mother and unborn baby brother was too much to bear. She remembers vividly the day she was told her mother wasn't coming home. She was five years old at the time and was very excited at having a baby brother to play with. The day she was told of what happened she cried for weeks. The investigators found one of Star Light's feathers at the scene. Vulcan gave the feather to Cara who kept it with her everywhere she went, along with the last photo ever taken of her with her mother. It was the photo showing her with a heavily pregnant Star Light. The photo was taken by Vulcan just a day before she disappeared.


Celestia eyes widened at hearing this, "Your unborn son?"

"Yes Princess. Star Light was heavily pregnant when she disappeared. Were he here today he would turn twenty five in August, the month he was due. Why do you ask these questions?"

The same age as Connor she thought.

"If you would follow me to the infirmary, I will show you."

Vulcan and Cara nodded and followed Celestia to the infirmary. As they entered they saw Connor, still asleep, with nurses changing his nappy. Cara started to get upset. Just a few days ago the same creature was up and about buying fudge in her shop, to see the same person in this condition really got to her.

"As you can see," Celestia started, "Connor is in a great deal of pain."

"But what does he have to do with us?" asked Vulcan.

Celestia sighed, "I have reason to believe he may be your son."

Vulcan stopped breathing for a moment," Come again?"

"I believe Connor is your son. And that Star Light is still alive."

Vulcan and Cara looked at Celestia with very observing eyes. Neither of them got the sense that she was being deceitful.

"How can that be possible?" asked Vulcan.

"I am not sure. The only theory I have is that Star Light did not die, but instead appeared in another world. Though why Connor was born human I do not know."

Vulcan rubbed his forehead with his hoof, "I'd like to believe you Princess, but it's difficult to believe."

"I realise that, but know I would never knowingly lie to you."

Before anyone else could speak Cara spoke up, "I have an idea."

Celestia and Vulcan looked at Cara.

"I still have mum's feather from the day she disappeared. Would it be possible to do a DNA test?"

Celestia smiled, this would prove or not weather Connor is indeed the son of Star Light and Vulcan.

"Let us go find the doctor to find out."

A short amount of time later they discussed Cara's suggestion with the doctor. He said it should work but he'd have to wait to get consent from Connor to take a DNA sample. As frustrating as this was, Cara, Vulcan and Celestia understood. Not even Celestia could order a sample be taken. Celestia offered rooms in the castle for Vulcan and Cara who gladly accepted.


It was approaching midday. In the castle infirmary one very unique patient was slowly waking up. As Connor slowly woke up and came to his senses, he sat up noticed a few things. One, he was in the infirmary. The last thing he remembered was collapsing in the throne room. Two, his right foot has been wrapped up tightly in a tubular bandage. Three, his torso and presumably his back were heavily wrapped in bandages. And four, he was wearing a nappy. Which was soaked.

Going beet red in embarrassment he laid back down and felt something on his back. He sat up again and was confused when he saw nothing on the bed or pillows that could dig into his back. It was then he remembered the back pains. He slowly moved his hands to his back to see if he could feel anything. He could feel small bumps underneath the bandages.

Connor quickly realised what was happening.

I'm growing a pair of wings. That doesn't explain the bandages on my foot or the nappy.

Connor felt ashamed at that. If Blueblood saw him now he'd never let him forget it. Connor buried his face in his hands, as he did a nurse walked in doing her usual rounds.

"You're awake."

Connor looked up to see a nurse at the door way.

"Just wait there, I'll let the doctor know."

Connor nodded in understanding.

Before she left however, she scrunched up her nose and sniffed the air.

Please no....don't say anything pleaded Connor silently.

The nurse looked to Connor and saw his face was beet red.

"I'll go and get the nurses first. The doctor will explain everything."

Connor nodded meekly.

A few minutes later Connor had been cleaned and changed into a fresh nappy. Connor insisted he didn't need them but the nurses pointed out he couldn't walk on his injured foot and that they had already changed him once earlier. Connor felt like he would die of embarrassment. The nurses though, were thoroughly professional and understanding.

After the nurses had left the doctor came in.

"Connor how are you feeling?"

"I've felt better," chuckled Connor.

The doctor laughed, "It's good to see you still have your sense of humour."

"I need it considering what I'm wearing."

"Yes," replied the doctor, "I do apologise for that but we felt it would be better for both ourselves and yourself if we did put you in them. During the night you woke up and attempted to go to the toilet. But you went over on your foot and fell to the floor. The nurses found you a few moments later sat on the floor in your own mess in a confused and disorientated state. They cleaned you up and put you back in bed."

"That would explain the bandaging in my foot then."

"Yes. We examined it and it looks like you've just sprained it. It should be ok within a couple of weeks."

"Ok, that sounds good. Now back to the matter of me wearing nappies."

"Yes. We did several scans of your body and there seems to be a massive increase in your thaumographical energy readings."

Connor just blinked, "My what?"

"Your bodies' intake of magic," The doctor continued, "Your body is trying to cope with the sudden increase in magical intake and unfortunately, there are side-effects. They may include incontinence, diarrhoea, nausea, headaches, tiredness and feverishness. Of course we can't say with on hundred percent certainty as this is a unique case. Your body can only cope with so much."

Connor sighed, "Fine. I don't like it but I'll keep wearing them. For now."

"Thank you for your understanding. We don't expect it to last too long. A week or two at the most. We will be keeping you here so we can monitor your progress."

"Fair enough. Could you tell Princess Celestia and the others I'm awake?"

"Certainly. Would you like something to eat?"

"Some vegetable soup, some bread and a glass of water please."

The doctor nodded, "I'll have them sent to you. In the meantime, get some rest. Oh and Princess Celestia said she would be able to explain a few things for you."

"Thanks for telling me. Hopefully it's good news."

"Hope so," replied the Doctor, "I'll see you soon."

"See ya," replied Connor.

The doctor left the room leaving Connor to his thoughts. He felt a little embarrassed regarding......that. But it's only temporary. He can live with wounded pride. Connor made himself comfortable in his bed and used the bed controls to move the bed into a more upright position. He was alone for a few more minutes when a nurse came in with his food and water, as well as some newspapers.

"Hello there. I've brought you your soup and water."

"It smells nice," Connor observed.

"Indeed it does. Enjoy. Remember if you need anything just ring the bell."

"Yes ma'am."

The nurse giggled and left Connor to his soup.

The soup did taste nice. Connor felt less groggy than before but he was still a little queasy. He finished his soup and started to read the papers. He made the front pages of several papers. The photo that was used in the front pages were himself and the other Wonderbolts. The Cloudsdale Times had a pull-out supplement with several of the photos from the shoot included. It was a decent quality supplement as well. A4 sized, about fifty pages and glossy covers.

Connor read some of the articles and most were supportive of him. One paper however, The Noble Times, had a very different view on him. The Noble Times article is full of so much waffle it made Connor wonder if it is supposed to be factual or comical.

After a short while the door to his private room opened and in walked Celestia and the Doctor.

"Hello Connor, you're looking much better than this morning," said Celestia.

"Thanks Princess. I still feel quite rough though."

"That's to be expected," the Doctor said, "You'll probably feel like this for two to three weeks we believe."

"Will I have to stay here during that time?"

The doctor nodded, "Yes. It'll be for the best. It will also allow us to monitor your condition more closely and deal with any problems that may arise."

Connor sighed. He didn't necessarily dislike hospitals he just didn't like being cooped up inside. He's more of an outdoorsy type of person.

"The doctor said you wanted to tell me something?"

"Yes," replied Celestia, "I have news regarding some your situation."

The doctor took this as his cue to leave. He told Connor to get some rest later and that he would be back at tea time to check up on him.

"What news do you have?" asked Connor.

Celestia walked over to Connors' bed and sat on her haunches, "Do you want a blunt answer?"

Connor thought for a moment before nodding.

"I have reason to believe the Pegasus Star Light is your mother. I believe that she somehow ended up in your world while she was heavily pregnant with you."

Connor was silent. Whilst he suspected there was more to his mother than she let on, this still shocked him a bit.

"But my mother is human."

"We don't understand what happened but our best guess is that she turned into a human shortly after she appeared in your world. As she would have been pregnant with you, you were transformed as well. Even though you were born human, we believe you still possessed Pegasi genes which would explain your cloud walking ability even before Twilight cast the spell on you."

Connor could only nod. What Celestia was saying made sense. But there were still unanswered questions.

"How did I start to actually grow wings?"

"I suspect that Twilight may have unintentionally activated your the rest of your previously dormant Pegasi genes and your body reacted accordingly."

Again, this made sense to Connor. Did it have to be so painful though?

"Will any other changes take place?"

Celestia, mind as sharp as an army bayonet, knew Connor was trying to ask something else.

"You will not become a pony if that's what you're asking. The only other changes we believe you will experience are improved eyesight, improved physical strength and a greater tolerance to cold weather and thinner air."

Connor felt relieved. As much as he like the ponies, he doesn't want to be one. Even though he would have been one had all that never happened. He liked being human. The wings he could live with. But hooves.....it would make playing the piano a little difficult.

"Is there anything else?" asked Connor.

"Yes. We have found the husband and daughter of Star Light and we were wondering if you could provide a DNA sample to confirm if you are related or not?"

"Sure," replied Connor, "Would a hair sample be ok?"

"That will be ok. Hold still now."

Connor winced slightly as Celestia plucked a strand of Connor's hair from his head. She placed it carefully in a test tube she magicked from elsewhere.

"I don't believe the tests will take long. I will let you know once we know."

"Who are the ponies in question?"

"They requested to remain anonymous until they know if you are related to them or not. If they are, then they will meet with you."

"That seems fair enough."

"I must go now. I have things to do. I shall see you later. Goodbye Connor."

"Bye Princess."

Celestia made her way out of the room when she sniffed the air.

"What is that smell?" she asked aloud.

She turned towards Connor who was trying to avoid eye contact.

Smiling, she walked up to Connor and levitated necessary supplies over to the bed, "I believe I would be failing my duties as Princess if I did not render assistance to those under my rule."

Connor went redder than ever.

Why me?


A few hours later in the doctors office, the doctor had finally got the results of the DNA test. He now knew with one hundred percent certainty whether or not Connor is the son of Star Light and Vulcan, and the brother of Caramel Fudge. He made is way to Celestia, who is currently in the castle gardens, as fast as his hooves would move him.

He headed towards the castle gardens, "Princess I have the results!"

Celestia immediately stood up and looked at the test results. Deciding not to waste any time she immediately teleported herself and the doctor to the throne room and sent for Vulcan and Cara. A few minutes later the two Pegasi entered the throne room.

"Princess," started Vulcan, "You have the results?"

"Indeed I do my little ponies."

She levitated the test results to Cara and Vulcan.

After a few seconds Cara took the results papers and flew as fast as her wings would take her to her destination, tears streaming down her face.

Meanwhile, Vulcan was lost for words as tears streamed down his face. Celestia slowly walked over to him and wrapped her fetlock around him. She didn't need to say anything.


It was early evening in Connors' private room. Connor was reading the rest of the newspapers when the door burst open, startling him. It took a moment for him to recognise the Pegasus.

"Cara? What are you doing here?"

Cara, crying her eyes out and unable to speak handed the test result papers to Connor.

Connor looked at the papers and he himself started to get misty eyed.

"D-d-d-does this mean we're....?" he started to ask.

Cara, taking a deep breath hugged Connor tightly.

"It means you're my baby brother."

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