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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 11 - Surprises Part 2

The duo embraced each other for several seconds, tears still rolling down Spitfire's cheeks. Connor set Spitfire back onto four hooves and dried her cheeks with his hands, Spitfire enjoying the soft touch and movements of his hands.

"You OK?" asked Connor.

"Yes, I'm fine now. You certainly know how to make a mare feel special."

Connor shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know about that, I've never been in a relationship before, or even on a date for that matter."

Spitfire looked a little hurt by this, "That's too bad. You're a good pony...I mean a good stallion...No I mean-" Spitfire started to blush a little while Connor chuckled.

"I know what you mean Spits. Don't worry about calling me a pony or stallion, I don't mind, they're far nicer than some of the things I've been called."

Spitfire relaxed a little.....then she realised what Connor called her, "You called me Spits."

Connor went wide eyed in realisation, "Sorry it just kind of came out. I-"

Spitfire interrupted, "Hey I don't mind, my friends call me Spits and since you're my friend as well you get to call me that too, Sleepy Head."

Connor laughed, "Is that your nick name for me?"

"Yes it is, and no-pony else is allowed to call you it," said with a modicum of authority. She wasn't sure why she didn't want anypony else calling him that, she just felt it was something only she could call him.

Connor grinned, an idea forming in his mind, "Then I get to call you something no one else can."

Spitfire nodded in agreement. Connor went deep in thought, what could he call her.

"I can't think of anything right now, but I'll come up with something."

"OK with me," replied Spitfire.

The duo continued on their way to Sweet Apple Acres not saying anything to each other, but rather enjoying each other's company and the views of the countryside surrounding Ponyville.

This place could easily pass for being in Yorkshire thought Connor, who took great pride in being a Yorkshireman. The greatest place in the world as far as he was concerned, despite where the town where he lived being less than ideal, Yorkshire is a truly great place and has the most beautiful countryside on Earth.

They approached the main farm house and knocked on the door which was answered a few seconds later by a Apple Bloom.

"Hi Connor."

"Hi Apple Bloom, you OK?"

"Yeah I'm good," It took a few moments for Apple Bloom to notice Spitfire, "OH MY CELESTIA IT'S SPITFIRE!! CAN AH GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!"

Connor and Spitfire both stifled the urge to laugh at the young fillies' excitement, "Sure," said Spitfire.

"I'll be right back just wait here," said as still excited Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom ran off back into the house, Connor turned to Spitfire, "You're quite popular."

"Yeah, it's expected given that I'm a Wonderbolt."

"The Captain of the Wonderbolts. A Group Captain at such a young age, you're must be good to achieve that," Connor said. Deciding to risk serious injury he asked Spitfire a possibly dangerous question, "How old are you?"

Spitfire turned to Connor showing no signs of offense, "I'm 28. How old are you?"

"I'll be 25 in August. It does disturb me slightly that our calendars and measurement of time are precisely the same."

"Same here, but look at it this way, you don't need to get used to a different system."

"--isn't a Wonderbolt at the front door," said a orange furred purple maned filly.

"You sure about that young filly?" said Spitfire in warm and friendly tone.

Scootaloo froze.

"Scootaloo are you OK?" asked Connor.

Apple Bloom turned to Connor and Spitfire, "Yah can come in yah know, Granny Smith won't mind."

Spitfire and Connor went inside and closed the door, "Scootaloo say something," said Connor.

Scootaloo suddenly unfroze and bolted towards Spitfire at a speed that would have impressed Rainbow Dash, "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! I'M IN THE SAME ROOM AS SPITFIRE!! YOU'RE TOALLY AWESOME!! Well not as awesome as Rainbow Dash but you're still awesome."

Spitfire couldn't help but feel great. It was one of the highlights of her job, she loved it when fillies and colts would get excited about the Wonderbolts. It made her feel she was doing something right, "Do the three of you want my autograph, how about a picture as well?"

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle gasped loudly, "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!"

A few minutes later photos were taken, including some with Connor. The CMC insisted that they take one of Spitfire and Connor together as well.

"Thanks a lot Spitfire," said a very excited Scootaloo, "I can't wait to show Rainbow Dash. I'm gonna be a Wonderbolt one day too."

Spitfire smiled, she liked it when she hears young filly and colt Pegasi say they want to be a Wonderbolt. They always showed so much enthusiasm. She also felt a bit of sadness as well when Unicorn and Earth Pony colts and fillies would get upset knowing they wouldn't be able to fly with them.....for obvious reasons.

"That's great to hear Scootaloo," responded Spitfire as she ruffled Scootaloos' mane.

Connor spoke up, "Hey Apple Bloom is Applejack in?"

"She's out buckin' apples, did ya need tah see her?"

"No I'm just going out and about with Spitfire. I won't bother her if she's busy. Could you tell her I stopped by though?"

"Sure. We'll see yah later bye Connor."

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle also bade farewell. Connor and Spitfire made there way out of Sweet Apple Acres and headed back towards Ponyville.

"Anywhere in particular you want to go?" asked Connor.

"Not really. I'm good with just looking around. What about you, anywhere you'd like to go?"

Connor thought for a few moments, he could use this time to get to know Spitfire a little better, "Why don't we go to Sugercube Corner?"

Spitfire smiled, "Sounds good to me. I hope they do Banana milkshakes there."

"They do. You like Banana milkshakes?" Connor asked.

Spitfire launched herself into the air with wings and hooves spread outwards, "Are you kidding, I love them!"

Connor couldn't help but laugh at what he is seeing, "Then you'll be pleased to know that it's my favourite cold drink."

Spitfire launched herself at Connor, went around to his back and wrapped her hooves around his torso, "THEN WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!"

Connor suddenly found himself lifted off the ground and moving towards Ponyville at a fair speed. As they flew over Ponyville they attracted the attention of the ponies below, who continued to watch as Spitfire and Connor landed on the ground; Connor looking a little pale from the flight. He didn't get chance to recover before his fiery friend took his hand in her hooves and started pulling him towards Sugercube Corner, he wings flapping furiously.

They burst into Sugercube Corner with a little bit too much enthusiasm, attracting wide eyed looks from the ponies in the store, including Mrs Cake. Spitfire pulled Connor over to a table and sat him down before taking a seat herself. It was only when she sat down that she noticed a rather pale looking Connor.

"Connor you OK?"

Connor nodded, "Yeah I'm fine. I just wasn't expecting a journey like that."

"Yeah, sorry about that. I just got excited about Banana milkshakes, surely you can understand?"

Connor nodded, he couldn't help but feel happy himself seeing Spitfire like this. He looked over to the counter and saw Mrs Cake walking over.

"Hello again Connor, do you want the usual?"

"Yes please Mrs Cake. And a Banana milkshake for Spitfire to," he motioned towards Spitfire.

Mrs Cake looked towards Spitfire, "Oh my Celestia, a Wonderbolt in our store."

Spitfire smiled, "Yep. I got the impression that this was a good place to eat, plus both me and Connor both love Banana milkshakes."

"Then let me bring you some over. Would you like some cake as well?"

Connor and Spitfire both gave Mrs Cake a raised eyebrow, "Of course you would, that was a silly question. They'll be with you shortly."

Mrs Cake walked away and left Spitfire and Connor to themselves. There was a few moments of awkward silence as the two sat looking at each other.

"So-" they both said in unison.

"When did-" they both said in unison again.

Connor held up a hand, "Ladies first, you ask your question."

Spitfire smiled at Connor's gentlemanly conduct, "Thank you, sooooo......"

There was an awkward silence again. Spitfire shifted around uncomfortably in her seat, pawing at it with her hoof. Seeing she was preoccupied and clearly nervous, Connor decided to help ease the tension. He gently placed a hand on her back which had the immediate response of Spitfire looking at him, blushing profusely.

"Spitfire are you OK, there's nothing troubling you is there?" he asked with concern.

It took a moment for Spitfire to respond, she was very aware of his hand on her back. It felt comforting and reassuring. Composing herself she finally answered, "No there's nothing wrong. I'm just thinking about the upcoming competition. Thanks for your concern though, I appreciate it."

Connor gently rubbed her back, "No problem......Milkshake."

"Milkshake huh, I like it," Spitfire replied. She then pointed a hoof at Connor and frowned, "Don't you dare tell anypony about that name, especially the Wonderbolts."

Connor laughed, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that the mighty larger than life ferocious Spitfire is actually just a little softy with a warm heart."

Spitfire tried not to laugh but failed to do so, she let out an infectious laughter that got the attention of the other ponies in the store. After several seconds her laughter died down and she composed herself, "Thank you Connor I haven't laughed like that in a while, oh it looks like our orders' here."

Connor looked over to see Pinkie approaching with two large Banana milkshakes and a half dozen iced cup cakes, "Hey you guys," she said excitedly as she placed their order on the table, "Having fun?"

"Certainly am," replied Connor, "Spitfire's a fun mare to be around."

Spitfire blushed slightly, Connor didn't notice but Pinkie did.

"And you're a great stallion to be around. I can't wait for tomorrow when you're coming to Cloudsdale," replied Spitfire feeling a little flustered.

Pinkie started twitching and jerking for several seconds gaining the attention of many, "That was a doozy, it means something you never expect to happen is gonna happen."

Spitfire and Connor looked to each other before looking to Pinkie, "Do you know what will happen?" asked Connor.

"All I know is that it's a doozy," Pinkie said before another Pinkie Sense took hold of her, "Floppy ear, twitchy tail, fluttery eye......" Pinkie gasped loudly in shock, "SOMEPONY HAS LOST THEIR CAKE!!!" Before anyone could ask she bolted away in what appeared to be the in the direction of Canterlot.

Everypony in the store just went about like nothing out if the ordinary occurred, including Connor. He remembers at his party the rest of the Main 6 plus some other ponies just telling him "Don't try to understand or question Pinkie, just go with it and you'll be better off". He looked to Spitfire to notice she had a look of utter confusion, which is understandable as Pinkie was involved.

"That's just Pinkie being Pinkie," said Connor.

"You say that like it's a matter of fact and not opinion," replied Spitfire.

"It is. Don't try to understand Pinkie, it's not possible."

Spitfire stayed silent for a moment, "I think I'll side with you on that one."

The duo had their snacks whilst they talked more about their worlds. Spitfire gave Connor a history on the Wonderbolts and why she joined. After getting her Cutie Mark, Spitfire entered more races and competitions (which she won most of) in which she attracted the attention of the Wonderbolts. They invited her to the Academy to become one of them. Spitfire being fiercely competitive, ambitious and driven accepted and graduated the Academy summa cum laude with the rank of Flying Officer. She didn't star in the big events to start with, instead she started with the smaller events and 'flew her way up' so to speak. When she wasn't performing she patrolled Equestria's borders, the Wonderbolts were a division of the Royal Equestrian Air Force after all.

She quickly rose through the ranks and earned many commendations and accolades for her services to Equestria and the Wonderbolts. It was only about one year ago when she was promoted to Group Captain and head of the Wonderbolts. Her family and her fellow Wonderbolts threw her a huge party. Her family included her parents Stormy Flare and Avro Lancaster, her younger sister Lightning Skies and her older brothers Gloster Gladiator and Hawker Hurricane.

Her mother sits on Equestria's Aviation Council, her father is a retired Air Commodore of the REAF (Royal Equestrian Air Force), her sister is the manager of the Lightning Division of the Weather Factory in Cloudsdale, Gloster Gladiator is a professional Air Hoofball player and Hawker Hurricane is a Group Captain in the REAF.

Also Hawker Hurricane is Spitfire's twin brother, older by five minutes.

"That's quite a family you have," said Connor as he finished a double chocolate cupcake.

"Yeah they sure are something. I take it you like their names?"

"Are you kidding, they're brilliant. You kept quiet about the names deliberately didn't you?"

Spitfire chuckled, "Sort of, I did get side tracked when you showed me a picture of the Spitfire. Heh, it sounds odd saying my name in third person."

Connor laughed. It was reassuring to hear that Spitfire had a good family behind her, though he couldn't help but feel something was amiss. The saying, If it's too good too be true it probably is came to mind. Still, her affairs weren't any of his business. Though he wondered if he could meet her family, there was only one way to find out.

"Hey Milkshake, do you think I could meet your family?"

Spitfire looked stunned, "You...You....want to meet my family?" she asked sounding worried.

Connor nodded, "Yeah if that's OK. They sound like decent folk."

Spitfire thought for a few moments, "I'm not sure, it's just there are some.....mitigating circumstances that might.....cause certain issues to arise."

Connor looked at Spitfire, he didn't know what she was referring to but it was clear that it is disturbing her so he dropped the matter.

"That's fine I understand."

"Thank you," Spitfire replied with a warm smile. She looked outside and noticed it was just after lunch, "Hey do you want to look around the rest of Ponyville?"

"Sure," replied Connor, the duo made their way out of Sugarcube Corner and towards the centre of town.

"Mind if I look in the records store?" asked Spitfire.

"No I don't mind," replied Connor.

The duo made their way to Vinyl's Music Emporium and went inside.

"Hey Connor, how's it hanging?" asked a familiar looking electric blue maned unicorn.

"Hi Vinyl, I'm fine. You OK?" he responded to Vinyl with a Hoof/Hand Bump.

"Never better. We'll have to make copies of your human music to spread all over Equestria, ponies will love it I know it."

"We certainly will. Just hope the original artists don't sue us or demand royalty payments," he said jokingly.

Vinyl laughed, "I promise not to say anything if you don't."

"My lips are sealed. Have you met Spitfire?"

"Yeah we've met, I've performed at some of their parties in the past. I'll be doing another gig at after the competition tomorrow."

Spitfire responded first, "We can't wait, we Wonderbolts love our parties as much as we love flying."


Connor, Spitfire and Vinyl all jumped in fright as Pinkie popped in out of nowhere.

"PINKIE!," Connor started.

"Yes Connor," replied with a huge smile.

"Please don't do that, you startled us," he motioned with his hand to Spitfire and Vinyl who were just now catching their breath.

"Sorry but I heard 'party' and then I thought that-"

"Hey Pinkie," started Spitfire, "Would you like to organise our party for tomorrow after the competition?"

"Would I?! Just leave it to Pinkie Pie Captain Wonderbolt."

Almost has quickly as she arrived Pinkie left. Spitfire looked to Connor, "Pinkie being Pinkie?"

Connor nodded, "It would seem so."

"So," said Vinyl, "What can I do for you?"

Connor and Spitfire looked around for a while, Spitfire bought a few records whilst Connor just browsed. After leaving they next headed to the jewellers and looked in the window. There were a fine assortment of gems, earrings, necklaces and tiaras, all of which looked fantastic.

"Hey Connor," said Spitfire, "I'm headed back to the library, you coming?"

Connor was thrown off by this sudden question, "I'll catch up with you I'm going to look around a bit more."

"Sure, see you later."

Spitfire walked away towards the library, Connor watching her as she did. She's probably tired and wants a nap, I don't mind. She needs to rest for tomorrow considering she's......is that Rarity? Yes it is. They're talking and Rarity has something wrapped up in black in her magic. Connor thought what it could be, then he remembered his visit to Rarity's boutique, That's right, I remember Rarity saying she'd get that order ready for Spitfire ASAP.

But then Connor remembered some odd behaviour from Spitfire, Rarity and Twilight. Spitfire and Rarity were talking to each other when I was trying on those clothes, then suddenly stopped when I emerged. That order Rarity mentioned to Spitfire could have something to do with it. Twilight and Spitfire acted oddly saying they were only arranging a gift for a friend.

Connor's inner thoughts were giving him a headache Just sit tight and you'll find out what, if anything, is going on.

Connor continued to look in the window when he spotted a gold necklace with an Orange Sapphire encrusted in the centre, similar in design to the necklace Celestia gave him.
He looked to find a price......2,500 bits (£250). He had enough........


Connor was approaching the library. As he could he could hear movement and noises inside.

"Sssshhhhh he's coming" he heard somepony say.

Yeah there's definitely something up. Captain I recommend we go to Yellow Alert.

Connor decided to go in normally as to not arouse suspicion. He went in to find the Twilight, Rarity and Spitfire in the main library room.

"Hey girls," Connor said trying to sound normal.

"Hey Connor," replied Spitfire who flew up and gave him a hug, to which Connor happily returned.

"What are you girls up to?"

Twilight was the one to speak up, "Well you see, we don't know how long you'll be here so we wanted to do something special for you."

Connor sat himself down next to the mares, "What sort of special something?"

"Well," Twilight continued, "I got the idea after we discovered you can walk on clouds. This particular surprise only adds to the other surprise."

"Other surprise?" asked Connor confused.

"Let me explain this one Twilight," said an excited Rarity, "While you were trying on your new ensemble I talked with Spitfire, and we agreed we wanted to do something special for you while you were with us."

"Would this have anything to do with that order Spitfire wanted ASAP?"

"Yes darling," Rarity said as she levitated the same black package from earlier into view, "Allow me to present to you........THIS!!"

Rarity removed the black cover to reveal a Wonderbolts flight suit, fit to human proportions, or more precisely Connor's proportions. It has the same blue and gold design but with minor additions. One of which is a gold coloured belt with the buckle in the form of the Wonderbolts emblem. Also added where gloves and boots with the same blue and gold design as the flight suits. The flight suit also lacked a head covering. Last there were a pair of flight goggles.

Connor was, not for the first time since his arrival, stunned into silence.

"So darling what do you think?" asked Rarity.

Connor stood up and walked over to Rarity and hugged her, "It looks brilliant, thank you."

Rarity blushed, "No problem at all darling but you must try it on."

Connor took the flight suit out of Rarity's magical hold and went upstairs to his room to get changed into it. It took a few minutes but he managed to do it. The flight suit fit like a glove, not too loose and not too tight. He went over to the mirror and looked at himself, I look good, not at all like a camp Power Ranger. All that's missing is some wings

Connor held his thoughts at that.........

No that won't happen

Connor went downstairs and into the main library area. Gasps of shock ringed throughout the library. Connor looked around and found there were books all over the place. And the rest of the Main 6 and Spike were there.

How did I not hear any of this happen?

There was silence as Connor stood there in his Wonderbolts flight suit while seven mares and a drake just looked at him open mouthed.

"So......" Connor started, "How do I look?"

Rainbow Dash was the first to answer, "YOU LOOK AWESOME!!"

"Connor you look splendid," Rarity replied.

"YOU LOOK SUPER FANTASTIC!!" Pinkie shouted.

The others all agreed. Spitfire came up to Connor, "You almost look like a Wonderbolt. All you need are some wings."

"I know," Connor replied, "But sadly humans can't just grow them......why are there slits in the back?"

Twilight was almost bursting with joy, "Because I've been practicing a spell that should let you grow wings."

Connor just blinked at her, "You're shitting me."

"Nope, I've been practicing this really hard please let me try it on you?" Twilight asked deliberately making her eyes look bigger.

Must resist those eyes.........."Sure go ahead."

Twilight lit up her horn and fired at Connor (he removed his necklace). As the magic beam hit Connor, red energy enveloped him and lifted him into the air for a few seconds. While Connor was in the air, he felt pain in his back. He felt two 'somethings' push their way out of his back and spread out. The magic slowly lowered Connor back to the floor and the magic dissipated. When it did everyone looked at Connor and saw he had two huge red feathered wings on his back, which were about 6ft long and had angular edges to them.

His large wings had huge Primary feathers, reasonably big secondaries and smaller tertiaries. The dark red wings shone brightly in the sunlight and radiated intensely, warming up the room.

Connor looked around the room to find a sea of open mouths, "So, how do I look?"

Author's Note:

Yep. A Wonderbolts flight suit and a pair of wings were his surprises. I may put out a short chapter between Celestia and Luna later. I'll also do a drawing giving you an idea of what Connor looks like in his flightsuit and wings.
Yes I used my OC but it's not a self insert.

Gloster Gladiator is a professional Air Hoofball player

, I'm referring to FOOTBALL, the original English version and not the inferior American version. Which is watered down Rugby.

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