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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 9 - Visiting Hours

Connor and Spike were sat in Sugarcube Corner having muffins and banana milkshakes. Earlier in the day Connor noticed that the books in the library were organized alphabetically. A not very efficient system. So Connor decided to inform Twilight of this. Suffice it to say Twilight used some strong words that did not compliment Connor's observation. After Twilight's little hissy fit Connor mentioned he knew of an even more organized system. The Dewey Decimal System. After explaining this to Twilight she almost immediately un-shelved every book and started to organize them in accordance with the Dewey Decimal System.

As she was doing so, giving everyone a running commentary on the way, Spike and Connor made a knowing look to each other and left the library and a distracted Twilight while they could.

"Do you think she'll be mad?" asked Connor.

"She'll be fine. If she does get mad just tell her more about your world."

Connor nodded in acknowledgement. He had also been to the bank earlier to cash the cheque Celestia gave him leaving him 50,000 bits (£5,000) richer. Apparently the money came out of Celestia's own account prompting him to make a mental note to repay her kindness one day.

"Hey Spike do you know when the Young Fliers Competition is?"

"In a couple of days. If you like we can try and find Rainbow Dash who'll no doubt be practicing new tricks."

"Sure. I got a letter from Spitfire and she said she was sending me a VIP Access All Areas Pass."

Spike went wide eyed in amazement.

"She must really like you to get you one of those. They're not cheap and have to be paid for even if you're family of a Wonderbolt. They can't be given out free to family and friends like the regular tickets."

Connor took in what Spike said. Did Spitfire really like him like that? He didn't know. Did he like like her? He wasn't sure. Maybe he could use the trip to the show as an excuse to talk to her and find a few things out.

"Were we headed to next goraan gein?"

Spike liked the fact that Connor could speak Dovahzul, "Why not head to Rarity's. You may need some new clothes and Rarity offered too do them for you."

"Sure. I'm quite surprised no-one's asked me about my clothes because I've noticed that everyone, or should that be everypony here is naked."

"I'm not sure. Ponies do sometimes wear clothes for social events but not all the time. Except maybe the Canterlot Nobles."

They both finished their muffins and milkshakes and made their way to Rarity's Boutique, a few ponies waving at the duo and some asking Connor questions. Most of them were if humans had certain things the ponies had, some were more interested in his hands.

They approached the Boutique were Rarity was outside hanging up some washing.

"Hi Rarity," said Spike.

"Spikey Wikey it's so good to see you. And to you as well Connor."

"Likewise Rarity," replied Connor.

Rarity gave Spike a hug and moved onto Connor. Connor wasn't really a touchy feely person but didn't want to hurt Rarity's feelings or irritate Spike, he could tell Spike like liked Rarity, by refusing her hug. So he gave her one. He is an English gentleman after all.

"My goodness Connor," said Rarity, "Do all humans hug as well as you?"

Connor blushed.

Rarity giggled, "Anyway darling, you came here for clothing did you not? Follow me deary and I'll see what I can do."

Connor and Spike followed Rarity into the boutique.

"Do make yourselves at home darlings I won't be a moment," said Rarity as she trotted into a different room to gather some materials.

Connor looked around the boutique and was impressed with what he saw. The dresses and suits were of the highest quality, both in the material used and the actual making of the clothes. It was clear to Connor that Rarity knew what she was doing. He felt somewhat more relaxed in knowing that, Rarity would make him clothes that would be the total opposite of a Christmas jumper.

Rarity came back into the room, "Connor darling, let me show you some designs I did earlier."

Connor and Spike walked over to the table with Rarity.

"After you mentioned you like astronomy I got the most fabulous ideas," Rarity stated as she showed Spike and Connor the drawings. Connor like what he saw. Rarity had gone for an astronomy theme. The trousers were different shades of blue with what Connor could only describe as 'glittering sparkles' to represent stars dotted around the trousers; they looked like Luna's mane but in clothes form. There was also a designs for t-shirts and dress shirts with the same look and features.

There were also designs for more plain clothes including pyjamas, coat, socks, underwear etc. Connor was at a loss as to how Rarity knew what Connor would need. He put it down to Rarity being brilliantly intelligent.

"Rarity," Connor said, "These are brilliant."

"Thank you darling I knew you would like them," Rarity replied, "I shall begin immediately."

"How much will this cost?" asked Connor.

"It will cost nothing my dear. This I will do free of charge."

Connor stood there in shock. It took him a few seconds to take in what Rarity said. A pony he barely knew was willing to make him a full set of clothes free of charge. He remembered Twilight telling him she was the Element of Generosity. Connor could see why. He looked up and realised Rarity and Spike were looking at him.

"Connor are you alright?" asked Rarity.

Connor nodded, "Yeah I'm fine. Just stunned that you're willing to do all that at no charge."

"Well I am the Element of Generosity darling, and considering the situation you are in a little bit of Generosity is what you need."

Connor felt overwhelmed. He had seldom experienced people, or ponies in this case, treating him in such a manner. What made this even more overwhelming for Connor was that the ones giving him the nice treatment were ponies of a different world who barely knew him. Connor felt he would need to start a record on who he owes a debt of gratitude to.

"Thank you Rarity," said Connor as he wrapped his arms around Rarity, giving her a firm hug.

"You're welcome Connor," replied Rarity blushing slightly from Connor's affection.

Connor and Spike said their goodbyes and let Rarity get to work. As they left the boutique Connor turned to Spike and said, "Don't worry Spike I'm not taking your girl."

Spike breathed a sigh of relief.

Spike and Connor sat in Fluttershy's cottage having tea with the timid Pegasus. Fluttershy was as you'd expect to be, shy. Still, they were able to have a conversation, Fluttershy was particularly interested in animals on Connors' world. She was quite surprised to hear that humans were the only sapient creatures (most of them anyway), and that Pegasi, Unicorns and dragons existed only in Fairy Tales and mythology. She wasn't disturbed by Connor being an omnivore, after all some of her animals were carnivores. She offered to acquire meat for Connor which Connor gladly accepted.

The only problem during their pleasant visit was a certain white bunny. Angel Bunny was his name. The white pest kept making movement with his paws moving them from his eyes and pointing at Connor, indicating that he was watching Connor.

There's nothing angelic about that bunny Connor thought.

"Don't mind Angel, he's really nice when you get to know him and I'm sure you'll like him to," said Fluttershy as she gave the evil rabbit a cuddle.

I'll like him alright, thought Connor, In brandy sauce.

The duo bade farewell to Fluttershy and decided to head back into Ponyville for some lunch. Sitting at a table outside a café they made their orders, a grilled cheese sandwich for Connor and Hay Fries with cheese for Spike. And a pot of tea for each.

After a few minutes the waiter brought out their order.

"So," said Spike as stuffed his face with fries, "what do you think of Ponyville?"

"It's a very nice place. Very peaceful and clean. And friendly locals. My only gripe would be there's no internet."

Connor had explained to Spike earlier what the internet was. Spike seemed impressed and could understand why not having access to something like that could be annoying.

"I can understand why, especially considering what you said it was capable of."

"How long until Twilight finishes reorganising the library?" asked Connor.

Spike sighed, "I don't think Twilight will ever finish organising the library."

"And just what is that supposed to mean Mister?"

Spike and Connor turned around the source of the voice. And found a very grumpy looking Twilight.

And Spitfire.

"Erm...Uh...well..." Spike spluttered.

"We'll discuss this later," Twilight turned to Connor, "Connor, as you can see you have a visitor."

Connor looked over to Spitfire, her golden-yellow fur looking as radiant as ever.

"Hi Spitfire. It's good to see you again," said Connor trying, but failing, to hide his elation at seeing the fiery Pegasus.

"It's good to see you as well Connor. You seem to be fitting into Ponyville nicely," replied Spitfire.

"Yeah it's a nice place, I can see why the ponies here like the place."

Spitfire smiled at hearing Connor was settling in well. She didn't want anymore incidents like there was with Blueblood. She trotted up to Connor and removed the box containing the necklace Celestia gave her to give to Connor.

"Connor, Princess Celestia asked me to give you this."

Connor took the box and opened it. Inside he saw a golden necklace with a purple gemstone, Amethyst he assumed, that looked like the regalia worn by Celestia. He also noted a scroll as well. Unfurling the scroll he read what was written, it was a letter from Celestia.

Dear Connor

I hope you are settling in well in Ponyville. As you may have noticed, the necklace in the box is a smaller version of the regalia I wear. The necklace in the box is enchanted so that if worn by you, I will know if your life is in danger. It also acts as a defensive shield against excessive use of magic. After the incident with Prince Blueblood I felt it necessary that you have at least some form of defence against magic. Magic can still be used on you such as levitation, but if it detects you are distressed it will attempt to counter the magic used against you.

It will also act as a location beacon and health monitor, so if your life should be in danger I can act immediately. It is magically linked to my own necklace so I will know immediately. It cannot be forcibly worn or removed from you with or without magic.

Once again it is entirely your decision whether you wear it or not.

Your friend


Connor put the scroll back in the box and took out the necklace. Deciding to test to see if what Celestia said actually worked he put on the necklace and fastened it. As he did so the Amethyst gem started to glow purple.

"That looks good on you Connor," said Spitfire approvingly, "Are you going to test it to see if it works?"

"Yes, Twilight be a dear and try to remove this with your magic," Connor said to Twilight.

Twilight lit up her horn and tried to remove the necklace from Connor's neck, but the necklace stayed where it was. Spitfire motioned to Connor if she could attempt to remove the necklace with her hooves. Moving behind Connor she reached up to the necklace and tried to remove it. Again it didn't budge.

Spitfire moved back to the front of Connor, "It seems to work, why not try yourself and see what happens."

Connor reached to the back of the necklace and removed it without problem, the Amethyst gem stopped glowing.

"Celestia is talented I'll give her that," said Connor as he looked at the necklace in his hand.

"Indeed," said Twilight, "That has some advanced magic in it that only alicorns and highly skilled Unicorns could achieve."

Connor put the necklace back on and the gem lit up again. Looking to Spitfire he couldn't help but notice she looked a little preoccupied.

"You OK Spitfire, you look a little troubled."

Spitfire chuckled nervously, "Yeah I'm fine, just thought I'd take a break. I did sprain my wing so I need to rest it anyway, especially with the upcoming Young Fliers Competition. That reminds me, here's that VIP All Areas Pass I promised."

She handed over the pass to Connor who promptly thanked her.

"Where's Cloudsdale?" asked Connor.

"It's in the sky, a city made of clouds and where I'm from," responded Spitfire.

When he thought about it a floating city made of clouds did make sense for Pegasi.

Maybe Pegasi can walk on clouds here, it would make sense he thought.

"A floating sky city? It's not lead by religious fanatics or racist ultra-nationalists is it?"

Spike, Twilight and Spitfire all looked at Connor in confusion tilting their heads.

"Never mind," Connor said, "I was making reference to something from my world."

The other three just shrugged their shoulders.

"Do you want to join us?" asked Connor.

"YES!" shouted Spitfire.

Twilight, Spike and Connor looked to Spitfire who realised she said that louder, and more enthusiastically than she intended to.

"I mean yes, I'd like that."

Twilight and Spitfire sat them selves down and made their orders. Twilight got a Daisy and Dandelion sandwich, Spitfire got a Tuna Salad. Spike and Connor each ordered another of their previous meal.

"Spitfire, can I ask you something?" asked Connor.

Spitfire went slightly wide-eyed and tensed up, but was able to nod slightly.

"Why are you eating tuna? I thought ponies were herbivores."

Spitfire stayed silent for a moment. She thought he was going to ask something in regards to her...affectionate behaviour towards him. She felt a bit embarrassed at overacting like that, even if it was only in her head. She managed to compose herself and answer.

"We are herbivores but tuna in particular help keep our wings in top condition. I'll spare you the details but all Pegasi eat tuna occasionally."

Connor nodded. Then a thought occurred to him. The competition was in Cloudsdale. Though he had never tried it before, he was certain he couldn't walk on clouds.

"Twilight," started Connor, "Can ponies walk on clouds here?"

"Only Pegasi, unless you know a unicorn who knows cloud walking spells. Why do you ask?"

"I'm not a Pegasus. I don't think I can walk on clouds."

"DAMN IT!" yelled Spitfire, causing the other three and a group of ponies to look towards her.

"Spitfire," said Connor sounding concerned.

Spitfire went slightly red with embarrassment, "Sorry, I just remembered I left my Wonderbolts outfit at home. I'll need to go home later and take it to the stadium."

The other three looked at Spitfire who was trying to look innocent.

Spike spoke up slightly confused at what she said, "But don't you have them provided for you before shows. I don't think I've ever heard Wonderbolts of having to take their own flying gear with them."

Spitfire gave Spike a 'Will you shut up now before you land me in it deeper' kind of look.

Twilight, looking between the three and taking note of Spitfires' odd behaviour spoke up, "We can always run an experiment to find out. Why don't we find ourselves a cloud after lunch then we can see of Connor can walk on clouds.

The other three nodded in agreement and the four of them enjoyed the meals when they came.

After the quartet finished their lunch they found themselves a cloud which Spitfire brought to the ground. Connor rather hesitantly stepped onto the cloud. Or was it the ground after his feet going through the cloud? He couldn't tell.

After a nod from Connor, Spitfire slowly lifted the cloud.

And Connor went with it.


After raising the cloud a few feet in the air, Spitfire sat down on the cloud with Connor.

"Hey you OK?" she asked him.

"Yeah, I'm just not used to sitting on clouds."

"I'm guessing clouds are different where you're from?"

"Yeah, they're not solid and we can't control them. The weather happens on its own in my world."

Spitfire raised her eyebrows, "Well then I guess I'm glad that here we Pegasi control the weather. Many of us would be out of work if the weather happened on its own."

"That would be a shame," replied Connor looking at the fiery Pegasus, "Are you staying for long here?"

Spitfire looked to Connor, "Not too long. I'll be heading to the stadium the day before the show to make sure everything is ready but I'll be here tomorrow. Why'd you ask?"

Connor shrugged his shoulders, "Just wondering. We could have a look round Ponyville together if you wanted, buy you a milkshake for helping me with Blueblood," Connor suggested trying to avoid eye contact with Spitfire. Why was he feeling awkward around her? He didn't know.

Spitfire's pupils contracted slightly, Is he asking me out on a date? she wondered. Whatever the reason she wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to get to know more about Connor.

"Sure," she replied, "I'd love to, do you want to head back down?"

"No I'm OK. This cloud is so damn fluffy and comfy," he replied as he laid back in to the cloud making himself comfortable.

Spitfire decided to stay as well. She came to Ponyville to relax anyway. She set herself down beside Connor when she felt Connor wrap his arm around her, pulling her closer to her and hugging her.

"I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with Blueblood," he said as he released her from his embrace.

Spitfire blushed, "You're welcome Connor."

She set her self down again, this time resting across Connors lap. He didn't do anything to stop her. In fact he put his arm over and around her. They both fell rather quickly into a blissful slumber.

Meanwhile on the ground, Twilight and Spike were wondering what was taking the other two so long to come back down. Twilight lit up her horn and levitated the cloud back to the ground and stood open mouthed when she saw Connor and Spitfire sleeping. With Spitfire across his lap. She decided to levitate the cloud back to where it was and leave them be.

"Come along Spike," said Twilight as she levitated him onto her back, "We have a library to finish organizing."

"Awwww," came the unenthusiastic response from the young drake.

After a few hours Connor woke from his sleep and looked down to find Spitfire laid on his lap. Gently rousing her she woke up.

"You OK sleepy head?" he asked her.

"Mmmppphh.......very funny Connor," came the response from the still sleepy Pegasus.

"Come on sleepy, I need to pick some clothes up from Rarity she may have finished by now."

Spitfire grumbled a bit more but got her self up and after a few stretches to her limbs and wings, took hold of Connor around his upper chest and helped him to the ground.

"You're really strong to lift me without breaking a sweat," said Connor. Connor wasn't huge, but at 6'2 and 14 stone he wasn't small either.

"Pegasi need strong muscles considering what we need to be able to create and control storms, winds, rain etc."

"I suppose so. Come on, let's go over to Rarity's."

The duo made their way to the boutique and went inside and found Rarity in the main shop area.

"Hi Rarity," said Connor.

"Connor darling, it's good to see you again. If you're here for your clothes and shoes I finished them about half an hour ago. Do you want to try them on?"

"Sure, is there a changing room somewhere?"

"Just over there darling," said Rarity pointing with a hoof.

Connor walked over to the changing room and went inside. He decided to try on the clothes that resembled Luna's mane, with their differing shades of blue and 'glittering sparkles' and noticed that they seemed to have the same wavy motion of Luna's mane. They fit really well. Which surprised Connor as he didn't recall Rarity taking his measurements. After putting on the clothes he stepped out of the changing room and into the shop foyer. Rarity and Spitfire were chatting to each other when they turned to see Connor.

They went wide eyed and their jaws dropped.

"Connor," Rarity said, "You look truly magnificent."

"I'll second that," Spitfire added.

Connor had to admit he did look good in them. He walked over to a mirror that was nearby and admired himself. Rarity and Spitfire flanked him.

"So Connor," Rarity started, "What do you think?"

Connor was silent for a few moments, "I really like them. I might just wear this to the competition. You certainly are talented Rarity."

"Thank you darling, I'm pleased to hear it," Rarity replied.

Connor turned to Spitfire, "What do you think?"

Spitfire squinted her eyes and walked slowly around Connor, looking him over.

"Hmmm," she started, "You look good. Princess Luna would certainly like to see you like this."

"She certainly would," he replied, "Rarity can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can."

"How did you get my measurements? I don't recall you taking them."

"I sized you up the moment I saw you darling," she replied with a smirk.

Connor wasn't sure what to say to that so he remained silent. Rarity and Spitfire giggled.

After trying on the other clothes that fit and looked just as well, Spitfire and Connor left the store. But just before they left Rarity spoke to Spitfire, "I'll have that order do for you ASAP Spitfire. You needn't worry."

"Thanks Rarity, bye now."

"Goodbye," said Rarity waving a hoof, Connor and Spitfire waved back.

They left the store and made their way back to the library.

"What is it you're ordering?" asked Connor.

"Nothing much, just something for a friend," Spitfire replied with a smile.

"I'll show you some of my things from my world if you want when we get to the library, I have something I think you may like."

"Sure, sounds good."

Spitfire and Connor had made their way back to the library and were now sitting next to each other on the sofa, with Connor laptop on his lap. He was showing her some games, photos and videos he had on there. Spitfire was impressed. She particularly like the Top Gun film trailer, too which Connor promised to show her and the rest of the Wonderbolts the full film after the competition.

As he was showing her some photos of Second World War aircraft, which she understandably took great interest in, Connor stopped at one aircraft on particular. Connor had set up a new folder with copy and pasted pictures with different names, he didn't want to spoil the surprise for Spitfire.

"What do you think of this aircraft?" asked Connor.

"Isn't that the Hawker Hurricane?"

"No, it looks similar but this one's a different aircraft, this aircraft is the 'sister' of the Hurricane."

"I don't know. What is this aircrafts' name?" she asked looking at the screen.

Connor paused for a moment, "Supermarine Spitfire."

Spitfire froze.

Connor concerned at her silence, gently shook her, "Spitfire, are you OK?"

Spitfire nodded slowly and turned to Connor, "This aircraft is really called Spitfire?"

"Yes," Connor responded.

Spitfire smiled, "It would explain why you thought my name was 'bloody brilliant'."

"Yeah," Connor chuckled.

"Tell me more about the Spitfire," said Spitfire.

So Connor did. He told her about its development and early days, as well as its designer R.J. Mitchell. He also mentioned how the Spitfire, along with the Hawker Hurricane were instrumental in securing victory in the Battle of Britain. He also explained how the Spitfire was considered by many to be the aircraft of RAF Fighter Command and the icon of a nation, and the legacy the aircraft itself.

What this aircraft meant to Connor wasn't lost on Spitfire.

The duo heard Twilight from the kitchen, "Tea's ready. Come and get it while it's hot."

Connor and Spitfire made their way to the kitchen. Tea tonight was something simple, pasta and cheese. Twilight spoke up, "Connor if it's OK with you can I test casting a spell on you before you go to Cloudsdale, it's nothing dangerous and you won't be harmed."

Connor thought for a moment, "Sure, what kind of spell?"

"Oh it's nothing to worry about plus if it works.....well if I told you now it would spoil the surprise."

Connor raised an eyebrow in confusion, Spitfire and Twilight however gave each other a knowing look.

"You two aren't planning anything are you?" he asked suspiciously.

The two mares looked at each other grinning mischievously, "Only a surprise for a friend," Twilight said.

Connor wondered what that would be. Anyway he had a sort-of date with Spitfire tomorrow so he decided to get a shower and have an early night.

"You think he'll like the surprise?" asked Spitfire.

"I get the feeling he will," responded Twilight, "He certainly likes you though, that I am certain of."

Spitfire hummed in agreement, "Princess Celestia said the same thing, he asked me out earlier to go around Ponyville tomorrow."

Twilight smiled, "He seems to be happier when he's around you. Did you ask Rarity about the other half of the surprise?"

"Yes," replied Spitfire, "I asked her while Connor was trying on his new clothes."

"Do you think he'll like it?" asked Twilight.

"After what he showed me on his laptop, I certain he will."

Author's Note:

Apologies for the delay. One thing after another kept coming up. As I promised though the chapter is longer. Anyone like to guess what Connor's surprises will be. There's two. One from Twilight, the other from Spitfire (though she needs Rarity's skills to do it).

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