• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 6 - Meeting The Neighbours

The trio walked out of the library and immediately found a crowd of ponies outside, all looking rather quizzical.

The silence was deafening.

"Twilight," Connor whispered, "Say something before they freak out."

"OK," whispered Twilight back, "Let me think of something."

Twilight stepped forward towards the gathered ponies, "I'm sure you're all wondering about Ponyvilles' newest resident," there was a murmur of agreement.

"His name is Connor. He is a human from a different world. He has already met the princesses and he has their full support. He was sent to Ponyville with me to help him settle into our society. I think Princess Celestia would appreciate it if you all helped Connor feel welcome in our town."

The ponies all gave a cheer and shouted their voice of support. This came as a relief to Connor. He wouldn't have to worry about being chased with pitchforks and torches. Connor decided he should say something as well.

"Towns ponies," Connor started, "As Twilight said, I'm Connor. I'm a human from a different world. How I got here I don't know, why I'm here I don't know. But for whatever reason or for however long I'm here I only wish to be on friendly terms with you all."

The ponies gave another cheer and made way for Twilight, Connor and Spike. They made their way through the crowd when without any advance warning.....


"PINKIE!" Twilight said trying to get Pinkie's attention.

"It's alright Twilight," responded Connor, "To answer your questions Pinkie, no, no thank you, yeah ok, some are ok."

Twilight and Spike just looked at Connor, "You understood that?" asked Spike.


"You don't like parties and you don't want a party?" asked Pinkie in shock.

"That's right."

"Why don't you like parties?" asked Pinkie.

"They're dull, boring, plodding, pedantic and a complete waste of time."

There was an uncomfortable silence. Connor looked around and found Twilight, Spike and some of the ponies from before looking at Connor in shock. Some with looks of worry.

And with good reason. Pinkie's mane flattened.


Connor felt very uneasy at this outburst. He genuinely does not like parties. The only parties he'd ever been to in the past either ended up with him sitting alone in a corner admiring a potted plant or being the centre of attention. Neither of which he liked. Connor got the impression he wasn't getting out if this so decided to go along with it.

"Ok, I'll have a party."

Pinkie's mane puffed up again, "Okie dokie lokie. It will be at 5pm today at Sugar Cube Corner, I'll invite the rest of my friends and other ponies for you to meet. Good bye."

Pinkie bounced away to prepare Connor's (unwanted) party. Turning to Twilight and Spike, Connor asked, "What just happened?"

"Pinkie happened," responded Twilight and Spike simultaneously.

"Do I really have to go to this party?"

"It's probably for the best. If you want we can do just the tour now and wait until tonight before you meet my other friends?" replied Twilight.

"Sure," sighed Connor.

The trio moved on with the tour while every other pony went about their business.


The tour was uneventful, just Connor being shown the sights of Ponyville. The trio made their way back to the library to get ready for the party. Connor took this time to show Twilight and Spike his 'stuff' in the main library area.

"What is this?" asked Twilight pointing to a metal case.

"This is a metal case, Twilight," responded Connor with a hint of sarcasm.

Twilight gave a 'we are not amused' expression.

Connor laughed, "This is a laptop, a portable computer."

"A computer that small? Equestrian computers take up entire rooms. The largest and most powerful is at the Royal Canterlot University, it takes up a room at least ten times the size of this room."

"How powerful is it?" asked Connor.

"It has a 500KB processor, 1MB RAM and 20MB storage capacity. Judging the size of your laptop I reckon it has even smaller specifications. What are they?"

"BTW we use the same terminology. To answer your question, my laptop has an i7 3.5Ghz Quad Core Processor, 16GB RAM and 1TB Solid State Drive and a 2GB AMD Radeon R9 graphics card," Connor replied.


"I don't know but if it's any consolation humanity's first computers once took up entire rooms."

Connor switched the laptop on, Twilight with her eyes almost glued to the screen. He proceeded to show Twilight and Spike what his laptop could do. He showed them some games, videos, photos, art work......but not music. He'd show them later on his phone. If Twilight liked his laptop she'd definitely like his phone.


"So Spike?" asked Connor, "what did you think of Skyrim?"

"It was awesome. A story about dragons, how could anyone not like it? And the Dragon language just made it better."

"I thought you'd like it."

Twilight came through into the main library area, "Ok boys we should get going to the party."

Connor groaned.

"Don't worry about it," said Twilight, "It will be fine."

"Will it?" asked Connor, "I've already made myself an enemy of Pinkie how could it be fine?"

"Pinkie doesn't consider you an enemy. Now come on, Princess Celestia sent you here to make friends and you're going to do just that."


The trio made their way to Sugarcube Corner and proceeded to go inside. Only to be greeted with a sudden increase in the decibel level.



Twilight and Spike just looked a Pinkie, Connor however answered each question, "No, No, Yes, it's ok, I don't know and I don't care."

Twilight turned to look at Connor, "How can you understand what she's saying?"

"I don't know, I just can," Connor turned to Pinkie, "So, shall we get this party started?"

Pinkie turned to the gathered ponies, "You heard the future pony, let's get partying."

The ponies all cheered and stomped their hooves and started to help themselves to food and playing games. Twilight, Spike and Connor seemed to be the only one's who heard a certain bit of information.

"Future pony?" queried Twilight.

"Just my pinkie sense."

Pinkie bounced away before Connor could enquire further.

"It's probably just Pinkie being Pinkie," said Twilight, "Don't look into it too much."

Connor nodded, "Shall we go to meet your friends?"

"Yes, don't worry I'm sure they'll be pleased to meet you."

The trio proceeded to make their way to the rest of the gang sat at the table near the back of the store. Probably to make it harder to sneak out Connor thought.

"Hi girls," said Twilight.

The rest of the gang all responded in unison. Then they looked to Connor.

"Who's this guy Twilight? Is he your coltfriend?" asked a certain rainbow maned Pegasus.

"No he is not my coltfriend Rainbow Dash."

"Whatever, just seeing you with a member of the opposite gender around your age is something I didn't think I'd ever see."

"Very funny Rainbow," responded Twilight through gritted teeth.

"Well aren't ya gonna introduce yerself?" said an orange furred pony.

The slightly harsh tone didn't make Connor feel much better but he didn't show it, "I'm Connor."

"And I'm Applejack. This here is Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash. You've met Pinkie already, she's one of us."

"You mean the Elements of Harmony?" asked Connor.

Rainbow Dash immediately bolted up and flew into Connor's face.


Rainbow was suddenly enveloped in a purple aura and placed back in her seat, "Rainbow Dash, I told Connor about us, and it's common knowledge we're the Elements of Harmony."

Rainbow gave a sheepish laugh and rubbed the back of her neck with her right hoof, "Yeah, I knew that. Sorry Connor."

"Don't worry about it, so you're all Twilights' friends?"

"Indeed we are darling," responded Rarity, "I'm Ponyville's resident fashion designer. If you ever need a new set of clothes just visit me and I'll make you something you will like and everypony will notice."

"I'll keep that in mind. I may need some new clothes," Connor turned to Applejack, "I'm guessing you have something to do with apples?"

"Indeed I do mister. I run Sweet Apple Acres where we grow the best apples in Equestria, as well as many apple based pastries and apple cider."

"Sounds good. I don't like apples myself but I'll take your word for it."

Applejack frowned at Connor, "You don't like apples?"

Connor shook his head.

Applejack's frown hardened a bit, "I suppose everypony has different tastes."

Rainbow Dash slightly amused at this responded, "Lighten up Applejack if he doesn't like apples he doesn't like apples."

"I know that, I wasn't complaining."

"Yeah sure you weren't," said Rainbow as she turned to Connor, "You've been told before but I want to tell you again, I'm Rainbow Dash, future Wonderbolt and fastest Pegasi in the sky."

"The Wonderbolts," said Connor, "They sound like and aerobatics display team."

"They are, they're the best. Lead by Group Captain Spitfire and Wing Commanders Soarin and Fleetfoot. They are so super amazing."

"Spitfire?" said Connor in surprise, "A yellow mare with fiery mane?"

"Yeah..." responded Rainbow.

"I've met her, she was-"

"YOU'VE MET A WONDERBOLT?!" half shouted Rainbow as she flew up to Connor, getting into his face and placing her hooves onto his chest.

"Yes, though I didn't know what she was until now."

"That is awesome!" said Rainbow as she scrunched her face up with her hooves, sitting back down.

Connor turned his head towards a yellow furred pink maned Pegasus. He could tell she was afraid of him so he spoke up first in a manner he hoped be seen as friendly,"You must be Fluttershy."

"Yes. Erm......it's nice to meet you," said Fluttershy as she tried to hide herself behind her mane.

"It's nice to meet you as well," replied Connor, taking note of her shyness, "What is it you do in Ponyville?"

"I take care of animals."

"That's nice. I like dogs myself, in my world dogs are considered mans' best friend."

"Really?" asked Fluttershy, "Humans must really love animals."

"Many do, though sadly some do mistreat them."

"Oh dear, that's awful."

"Don't worry too much. Those that are caught are prosecuted and punished. Some are even sent to prison. Animal cruelty is frowned upon in my world."

"That's reassuring to hear."

"So," said Rainbow Dash, "How did you get to Equestria?"

"I'm not sure, I went to sleep in a forest in my world and woke up in the Whitetail Woods."

"Why were you sleeping in a forest, it sounds so icky and uncouth," inquired Rarity.

"It's a long story, not something I want to talk about in a public place. I'll tell you but not just yet. I'm a little tired to be honest."

Twilight put a hoof on Connor's shoulder, "Just hang in there, you're doing fine."

"Thanks Twilight."


The girls, Spike and Connor all chatted more. Well the girls did most of the talking the boys did most of the listening, after a while Connor left to go to the toilet. Pinkie was busy bouncing around making sure everypony was enjoying themselves. Everypony was enjoying themselves, everyhuman wasn't. Pinkie remembered Connor saying he didn't like parties so she decided to check up on him to see if he was ok. She looked around but couldn't find him. She approached her friends to see if they knew where he was.

"Hey girls have you seen Connor?"

The rest of the Mane 6 looked at each other. It was only then they realised Connor had not come back from going to the toilet.

"No," said Twilight, "He hasn't come back since he went to the toilet."

A look of realisation struck the Mane 6 and Spike at once.



Connor was laying on a hill not too far from Ponyville looking up to the night sky, gazing at the stars. Connor has had a fascination with astronomy for many years. Sadly where he lived there was too much light pollution and cloud cover to get a good view. Here though, he could see countless stars, some forming a band across the night sky. He didn't recognise the constellations though, not that it mattered too much. Stars are beautiful to look at wherever you are, or so Connor thought.

The peace and tranquillity of the night was disturbed by an irate pink pony.


Oh shit, Connor thought, I'm in for it now.

Author's Note:

Apologies for the delay. I've been busy with work and had a bit of writer's block.

So Connor left a Pinkie party early. Will he survive a Pinkie hair dryer treatment?
And what was that bit about 'future pony'? Probably just Pinkie trying to confuse the readers.

I know my writing's not brilliant, but I will improve given time. Constructive feedback is welcomed.

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