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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 40 - Confrontation

"Do you intend to continue to press charges?" asked Bella.


"Connor will hate you even more if you do."

"Well...his 'father'," Alex spat with contempt, "Should have thought of that before he hit me."

"Can you blame him?" Bella asked, "Considering what you said?"

"Granted what I said was uncalled for, but so was assaulting me."

A moment of silence passed before Bella spoke again.

"Are you going to press charges against Connor?"

Alex hesitated, "...no."

"But you thought about it?"

Alex didn't answer.

In Celestia's private study, Connor stood in front of her desk, seething with anger.

"Why is my dad in the dungeons below?" he demanded, slamming his fists down on Celestia's desk.

"Your...father," Celestia replied, keeping her tone and expression neutral, "Assaulted another without just cause. For his own safety and that of others he has been placed in a cell in the dungeons."

"So why aren't I occupying one also?"

"There is a difference between one blow and multiple."

"You're saying Vulcan really laid into Alex?"

"He landed several blows before he could be restrained."

A semi-sinister smile crossed Connor's face, "About time some one handed his arse to him."


"Don't 'Connor' me Celestia!" Connor snapped back, "He's a conniving, manipulative prick who always has to have things his own way! Those punches to the face were long overdue!"

"Whatever may or may not have happened," Celestia replied, trying to keep her composure, "That does not give anypony, or anyone the right to take such violent actions!"

There was a few seconds of silence as the pair stared at one another.

"I want Vulcan released," Connor stated bluntly, "Now."

"I'm sorry Connor, but Alex is pressing charges against Vulcan."

Connor's previously neutral expression turned into a fierce snarl, "We'll fucking see about that!"

He turned on the spot and promptly left the room, slamming the door after him.

Celestia called after him, "Connor!".

Slamming the door behind him, Connor ignored her, and made his way down the corridor to find Alex, his fists shaking with rage and his blood pressure reaching boiling point.

Celestia decided not to follow, fearing that further confronting Connor would only add to his anger.


The door to the room opened with force, resulting in a loud bang that reverberated throughout the room, causing the current occupants to jump in fright. Before any of the others could get a word in, Connor launched himself at Alexander and took hold of him by the scruff of the neck and holding him firmly against the stone wall.

"I want Vulcan released! NOW!"

"Take your hands off me boy!" Alex bellowed back, trying to free himself of Connor's iron grip; whose strength he was greatly surprised by.

"Not until you drop charges against Vulcan."

"I won't tell you again!"

"There you go again, ordering me around!" Connor spat, "I'm under no obligation whatsoever to do as you tell me!"

"You jumped up little-"


Alex and Connor both looked over to the source of the shouting, and saw Bella walking over to them where she forced herself between the two, separating them.

"You're both acting as bad as each other!"

"I am nothing like him!" Connor yelled back, insulted at the very suggestion he was in any way similar to Alex.

"He's acting like a spoilt little brat who's not getting his own way," Alex replied, before shaking his head in disgust, "This place has turned you even more soft than you were before."

Connor went to lunge for Alex once more, only to find himself held back by Angela who had pinned his arms behind his back.

"I don't know what's gotten into you, boy," Alex said with a shake of his head, "But-"

"What's gotten into me is I was able to grow and develop without you interfering and holding me back!" Connor snapped, firmly removing himself from Angela's grip.

Alex scoffed, "I hardly call cavorting around in a spandex catsuit growing and developing."

Connor grit his teeth, "It's a Wonderbolt flightsuit that is one of their official uniforms."

"From what I hear, you wear them almost every day."

"Because it's a uniform! And because being skin tight they're ideal for flying in, especially at altitude! That and they're extremely comfortable and warm to wear."

"Sounds like you're making excuses for your obsession."

Several seconds passed as Connor and Alex stared off at one another.

"Nothing I ever do is ever good enough for you."

"If you had just joined the RAF then you might have made something with your life."

Connor shook his head, "Why not my sisters? Why did you not force them into joining? Is it because they're women? And you think their place is in the kitchen or in the bedroom with their legs open?"

"You little shit!"

"Dad! Connor!" Bella yelled.

"But then I suppose..." Alex began, ignoring Bella, "When I really think about it, you aren't really the military type. You're too soft and docile."

"I'm no such thing," Connor replied, feeling his blood pressure rising.

"Always tied to mummy's apron strings and far too effeminate, always playing dress up with Elizabeth and watching Disney."

Connor said nothing, his cheeks burning red.

"When will you grow up and start being a man?"

An uncomfortable silence permeated the room. Connor, not giving Alex the satisfaction of caving in emotionally, stormed out of the room, leaving a fuming Alex with Bella and Angela.

"What the fuck was that?" Bella said, turning to Alex.

"Watch your mouth!"

"What am I? A kid? And that shit you said to Connor?!"

"What did I say that was out of line?"

"What about the bit mocking his new job and uniform? Or mocking him over 'playing dress up' which, if I remember correctly, you forced him to do to keep Lizzie happy."

"I never forced him to do any such thing!"

"Oh really. Because I vividly remember you buying him a video game for 'agreeing' to do just the very thing on her 4th birthday."

"He could have refused."

"A ten year old refusing to do something for a video game he really wanted?"

"What about Halloween then?" Alex asked, evading the question.

"That's different."


"It's Halloween. Loads of people dress up."

"Whatever. It doesn't change the fact that Connor is a pathetic excuse of what a man should be."

"Are you for real?" Bella asked, incredulous like her sister, "How can you have such outdated views on what constitutes a man? And such a low view on Connor?"

"A man is supposed to be strong, confident and in excellent physical shape!"

"From what I've just seen, Connor is all three of those."

"Connor would much rather attend a tea party with princesses than do anything physical and demanding."

Bella and Angela took one look at each other in disbelief and made their way to the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Alex.

"To find Connor. And until you change your chauvinistic attitude don't bother talking to us."

The two girls left, closing the door forcefully, leaving Alex on his own.

That boy has a lot to answer for.

Within a few minutes, Connor was outside and making his way quickly into Canterlot city centre, his blood still boiling from his encounter with Alex. His restrained anger was picked up by a few passing ponies, some edging themselves slowly away; many surprised at seeing the well-known figure looking so cross.

He soon found himself on the affluent Rodeo Avenue. A street lined with very high end shop selling the most ridiculously expensive jewellery, clothing, home decor, exquisite food etc. The kind of shops that don't display prices on the assumption that if you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it. As if on cue, as he passed an up-market bistro his stomach rumbled, diverting his attention for a second. Long enough to accidentally step onto the tail of a pony.

"Sorry," Connor said, "It's been a....stressful morning."

"Hmmph," the pony grunted, cradling his tail, "Commoners."

The pony stuck then his nose up in the air and walked away.

Prick, Connor thought, How can he even see where he's going?

Connor turned his attention back to the bistro and browsed the menu himself.

As soon as he saw the prices though, he wished he hadn't.


He then foolishly looked over to the main meals.


"I thought bistros were supposed to be reasonably priced," he muttered to himself.

Before he could move on to a much less expensive outlet, the door opened and a casual but smartly dressed blue unicorn stallion with a white mane and tail walked out, almost failing to reign in his excitement.

"Good day to you sir."

"Good day to you," Connor replied, silently cursing himself for getting into an unwanted conversation.

"I'm Nourriture Facile, owner and manager of this establishment," he said extending a hoof.

Connor shook the hoof with a smile, "Pleasure, I'm Connor Wakefield."

"I know who you are," Nourriture said with a smile, "Everypony does."

"Yeah I guess so."

"So," Nourriture said looking a little awkward, "Can I interest you in coming into my bistro?"


Connor's stomach rumbled again.

"Well," Nourriture replied, laughing a little, "It seems like your stomach has answered for you."

"Very well," Connor replied in defeat, not in any state of mind to come up with a counter argument now his stomach had betrayed him.

Nourriture positively beamed with excitement and was almost bouncing up and down on the spot with excitement,only his professional decorum preventing him from doing so, "Excellent decision sir, come this way."

Connor followed the excited owner inside where the interior had the appearance of your traditional English pub, albeit without the darts board or Pool table.

The bistro was fairly busy, with at least half of the tables already filled, mostly with ponies but with the odd Griffon here and there. Connor was lead to a two seater table in the centre of the restaurant next to a pillar.

Nourriture levitated a menu to Connor, "Would you like to order a drink, sir?"

"A pint of smooth ale, please."

"Certainly sir."

Nourriture left to get the drink, leaving Connor to browse the menu with prices that could only be described as 'inflated'.


He wasn't left waiting for long when Nourriture returned with his ale.

"One pint of smooth ale," he said, putting it down on the table, "And has sir decided on what he would like to eat?"

"Yes, I'll have the 14oz sirloin steak."

Nourriture's eyes noticeably lit up with excitement, not in the bit fazed by an omnivore eating meat, instead tizzy with delight at making such a big sale, "Certainly sir, and how would you like your steak?"

"Medium, please."

"Very well, sir," he replied, still only just managing not to leap for joy, "Your steak will be with you shortly."

"Thank you."

Nourriture left, leaving Connor alone once more to ponder on his impending doom.

Spitfire's going to kill me when she finds out how much I spent here.

Back at the castle, a still ruffled Alex was now in the company of Celestia, now aware of what unfolded with his daughters and Connor.

"Where did I go so wrong with that boy?" he asked, more to himself, as he paced around the room, still fuming from his fight with Connor.

Celestia meanwhile, watched and listened as she poured some tea for herself and Alex.

"Why can't he be a man for once in his pathetic life? Living in pastel midget horseland has only weakened him further."

Celestia raised an eyebrow at the insult to her little ponies and country, but decided against chastising him for it, instead choosing to defuse the situation, "Would you like some tea?"

Alex turned around and stared open mouthed at the Princess, "Tea? My s-....that boy, is growing weaker by the day, acting like an effeminate little girl and all you want to do is drink bloody tea?"

"Is there something wrong with having tea with a princess?"

Alex flinched. Celestia continued.

"I have always enjoyed the afternoon teas I've had with Connor. He keeps me updated on events in Cloudsdale and the Wonderbolts, as well as tell me more about Earth."

"The Wonderbolts?" Alex scoffed, "That knock-off of the Blue Angels? Who themselves are a knock off of the Red Arrows?"

"The Wonderbolts," Celestia stressed ever so slightly, her annoyance beginning to show through her Princess facade, "Are an extremely talented stunt team, hugely popular in Equestria and beyond. Connor is their General Manager and also the personal student of my sister."

"I already know that. Quite how he accomplished that playing computer games all day is beyond me."

"Connor is far more intelligent than you realise. From what he has told me, you would sabotage any attempt at him gaining employment and persistently coerce him into joining the RAF."

"I did no such thing!"

"I am merely relaying what he has told me. Now please, sit down and have some tea before it goes cold."

"I don't want-"


Alex, on impulse at following orders, involuntarily sat down, only realising once a cup of tea was floated in front of his face.

"You can shout well," he replied, taking the tea. Still shaking slightly from the force of Celestia's voice, "Reminds me of my CO when I was an officer cadet."

"That wasn't even close to full volume. Now, why don't we talk more about Connor?"

Alex huffed, "What about him?"

"Why are you so critical of him both in his profession and as a person?" Celestia asked, noting Alex's response.

"I'm not. I'm merely making observations."

"You treat him like one of your subordinates."

"I do not."

"Oh? Just a few moments ago, you stopped yourself referring to Connor as your son and instead referred to him as 'that boy'."

"He isn't my son though."

"Family is not defined my blood, Group Captain."

Alex flinched ever so slightly.

"My own personal student is like a daughter to me, as was...."

Celestia looked away from Alex momentarily, painful memories almost causing her regal facade to fail and tears to fall. Something not gone unnoticed to Alex. Celestia quickly recomposed herself and looked back at Alex.

"All I am saying is, Connor is a part of your family, but he feels isolated from you. To him, nothing he ever does will ever satisfy you."

"Playing computer games all day is hardly something to be proud of."

Celestia sighed and rubbed her forehead with a hoof, "Connor is capable of far more than you are prepared to accept."

"I've yet to see any evidence of that."

"Is being General Manager of the Wonderbolts not evidence enough?"

"He got the job because of nepotism, because his fiance is the CO."

"If Connor had joined the RAF, I could say he got in for a similar reason. Only because his father was a senior officer with friends in the Top Brass."

Alex, once again, had no answer.


"Hold still!"

"I am still!"

"Have you put on weight Connor?" Rarity grunted, "This dress fit you perfectly before."

"It still does. It just feels tighter, breathing in it before was hard. Now it feels like my air supply is being cut off."

"Oh stop complaining, you big drama queen."

"That's rich coming from you," Connor muttered.

"I beg your pardon?!"

"Nothing," Connor replied quickly, a trace of panic in his voice.

"Oh good, for a moment I thought you said something quite inappropriate."

Connor looked back into the full length mirror and let out a deep sigh, "I'd hoped I'd never have to wear this damn thing again."

"You're like Rainbow, darling," Rarity said as she finished zipping the back up, "Pretending you don't like it convinces no-one."

"Sure it doesn't. Anyway, speaking of dresses, how's-"

"Spitfire's wedding dress is absolutely top secret," Rarity stated firmly, "All those involved have been Pinkie Promised to secrecy"

"So you're not taking chances?" Connor asked, knowing first hand the consequences of breaking a Pinkie Promise.

"Absolutely not. I want to to be in complete and utter awe when you see her on the big day. I want you to realise in that moment how fortunate you are to have Spitfire as your special somepony."

"I already know."

"I want to you feel the full force of it."

" I felt the full force of her the first time we met."

"I want you to feel it again."

"Why don't you wear a gown for your big day, bro?" Elizabeth asked, grinning ear to ear, "I'm sure Rarity could stitch something up."

"No!" he replied firmly, mildly panicked, "No, no, no, no, no! I will be wearing a suit, or if it can be done in time, Wonderbolt dress uniform."

"You have one?"

"Not quite."

"I thought only Wonderbolt officers had dress uniform?" queried Elizabeth.

The other girls looked inquisitively at Connor.

"I hold the provisional rank of Wing Commander, given my position as General Manager," Connor replied with a little bid of pride, "Upon completion of my Masters Degree it will become full and proper, so long as I get at least a 2:1."

"Awesome!" Belle exclaimed, "Wait 'till Dad finds out."

"He'll still find something to whinge about, he always does. He'll whinge that it's only provisional and subject to completing my degree to the required standard."

"What if you get less than a 2:1?"

"I can do further studies to make it so."

"And there," Rarity said with a grunt, finally finishing the dress, "Try not to indulge your sweet tooth though. I don't want to hear seams ripping because you couldn't control yourself."

"No promises. Wish I hadn't had that steak earlier."

"I guess that explains why the dress is tighter," Rarity replied.

"It was a damn good steak though."

"It's not fair," Angela said, "How can you stuff your face with cakes and not put the weight on?"

"I just can. So, anyway, if you'd all be so kind as to laugh your arses off now at my appearance and get it all out of your systems, it would be very much appreciated."


"You look positively beautiful, darling," Bella replied, giving Connor a very un-Bella like hug, which he happily didn't return. Instead giving his sister a stern, un-amused glare.

"Shut. Up," he snapped firmly, "You're wearing a dress too!"

"Yeah, but being a lady no one bats an eye lid if I wear one. Or trousers for that matter."

"You're hardly a lady," Connor quipped.

"Fuck off!"

"Yet when guys wear dresses or skirts everyone loses their minds," Connor continued, "That's double standards for you."

"If I'm being honest," Elizabeth said, "I'm more surprised to see Bella wear a dress than Connor."

"Hey!" Bella yelled.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" asked Connor, putting his hands on his hips.

"Just because I'm not one for being dolled up like a Hollywood skank doesn't mean I don't like wearing dresses!" Bella yelled again, putting her tiara on.

"You don't like wearing dresses though," Connor retorted, "Neither do I."

"Sure you don't," Bella replied with an eye roll, "So why do it?"

"Solely to prove a point to Alex. That he's a chauvinistic, misogynistic dinosaur with views that belong in the past. Especially when it comes to women."

"Fair enough," Belle replied, "This will most certainly piss him off. Now hold still while I put your tiara on."

Connor glared daggers at Bella, clenched his fists and bared his teeth, "There's so many things wrong with what you just said!"

"So, when can I meet Theo?"

"Soon," Cara replied, blushing, "He's a bit busy at the moment. His ex-wife is being a bitch."

"How so?"

"Despite taking almost everything in the divorce, she's now after the profits from our business, claiming she entitled to it because she used to be married to Theo."

"I hope you told her to buck off."

"I did, and banned her from our shops too."

"I can't imagine she was pleased?"

"She wasn't. We had to to take out a restraining order."

"What about Connor? Has he been involved in your business?"

Cara frowned, "If you consider abusing my door bing-bongs then yes, he's been involved."

Star Light let out a cheerful laugh, "Sounds like something Vulcan would do too."

"He did, and as a consequence they both answered to Mr Broomstick. But yes, he's helped out."

"How have the two of you been getting along?"

"Really well. He volunteers in the store occasionally, and often buys a lot of fudge and chocolate which he donates to orphanages."

Star Light's heart swelled with pride, "That's nice of him. Do the foals like him here?"

"Very much so. Have you seen the plushie of Connor?"


"It's a best seller. I'll show you mine sometime."

Star Light could only look on in confusion as a thought entered her mind.

What has my son been doing here?

A short while later, Connor, now in the company of Luna were making their way down into the castle dungeons.

"What will your sister say?" Connor asked.

"She agreed to it."


"She believed she could get all involved to talk and apologise, and move on to more cordial relations."

"I have nothing to apologise for," Connor stated firmly, "And neither does Vulcan."

The guard on duty opened the inner dungeon door, allowing Luna and Connor entry.

"I agree," Luna replied, "And if I had my way, Group Captain Wakefield would not be in the castle at all, let alone invited to dinner."

The pair entered the hallway containing the numerous cells, heavily guarded by guards and magic wards and spells. Each door had numerous locks and small slits for guards to look into., and a small flap at the foot of the door to slide food into.

"Was it really necessary to put Vulcan here? He clobbered Alex, not defraud the taxpony."

"Our sister has a tendency to overreact at times."

"That's putting it mildly."

The pair stopped outside the cell where Vulcan was being held. Using the keys provided, she unlocked the door and opened it. As soon as he could, Connor went inside the room, lit only by a candle hidden behind a magical shield.

In the corner, Vulcan was sitting on his plot, his wings strapped to his sides.


Vulcan looked up, surprised to see the house call was not from the guards, "Connor?"

"You OK?"

"I've felt better. I assume you know why I'm here?"

"You planted a hoof in Alex's face. About time someone did," Connor replied, a small grin forming.

"I heard you did too," Vulcan replied, smirking.

"Yeah, but you're the one in the dungeons."

"It's worth it for putting him in his place for what he said."

"Alex is the stubborn type who can never admit to being in the wrong to who he sees as beneath him. But, to other matters. Would you be interested in joining us for dinner?"

"Will Alex be there?"

"Yes. We all will be."


"My sisters... and mother."

"Mother?" Vulcan replied, his eyes slowly going wide, "You mean Star Light? She'll be there too?"

Connor nodded.

"I will attend. That is, if I'm actually being released?" Vulcan asked, looking over to Luna.

"You are."

"I'm assuming that's why you're all dressed up then?" Vulcan asked, a small smirk on is face.

Connor nodded, blushing slightly, "Yeah. And because Luna is host, she's decided it is a formal event, so formal attire is required. This dress just happens to be the only formal wear I have, so it's this or don't attend. And as General Manager of the Wonderbolts it would be insulting to the Princess not too, so.... I don't really have a choice in the matter."

"How convenient. For you."

"Indeed. I'm sure Alex will understand though, putting duty before your own personal needs."

"I'm sure he will."

"So? Shall we leave this dreary place? You need a bath first though."

"There you go darling," Rarity said, as she floated the tiara onto Spitfire's head.

"Thanks," Spitfire replied, admiring her reflection on the mirror, "It feels nice to wear something that isn't stuffy or too formal."

"No problem. Connor and his sisters were dressed earlier."

"I assume Connor is-"

"Yes. He is."

"Good," Spitfire replied, a small smile forming, "I like it when he does."

"I did his mane too. Though he refused most profusely to let me do his nails and make-up."

Spitfire giggled, "I bet. Even Connor has his limits. I think he'd rather throw himself off a high cloud with his wings tied behind his back than do that."

"Moving onto more serious matters," Rarity replied, putting the grisly image of Connor killing himself out of her mind, "Do you think he and his step-father will ever make up?"

"i hope so. But I think what Connor's planning might only anger Alex further."

"Why is Connor doing this?"

"From what he told me," Spitfire replied, stepping down from the podium, "Alex has an outdated view on what makes a stallion a stallion. Connor feels as though because he doesn't match with what Alex views as a stallion, Alex will never accept him or whatever he does."

"So he's dressing up, quite literally, to spite Alex?"

"It seems so. I don't know if it will help, but I support Connor. Maybe what the two need is to vent their anger at one another, get the resentment out of their systems."


Alex was sitting at the long dining table in the company of Luna and all of the Elements sans Twilight, all wearing their gala dresses. Pinkie, much to his annoyance, persistently violated his personal space whilst Rainbow grated away at his mind with her boasting and whale sized ego.

"I don't drink," he repeated.

"It's just a little apple cider."

"As I said, I don't drink."

"It's not alcoholic if that's what yer mean."

"Let me rephrase, I don't want any."

A rare frown crossed Applejack's face, "Yer don't need to be rude."

Applejack left him, insulted more at his rude behaviour than the rejection, and went back to her seat, leaving Alex to sit in his Vulcan like state. Emotionless, serious and completely lacking a sense of humour.

"Is that your dress uniform?" Rarity asked, trying to make conversation she hoped would interest him.

"Yes. As this was a formal dinner, formal wear was required."

"I must say, it looks divine."

"Thank you. But I don't think that's what the designers had in mind when they designed it."

A rare frown formed on Rarity's face as she suppressed the urge to groan furiously, "Maybe not, but they accomplished it anyway."

"When is the boy getting here?" Alex snapped, rudely cutting off Rarity.

"Connor," Luna stressed, becoming mildly annoyed with Alex's behaviour, "Is on his way at this moment with his fiance and father."


"Yes," Luna replied, ignoring Alex's high decibel response, "Vulcan is Connor's father. How else would I refer to him?"

Alex, once more not having an answer, stewed in his bitterness as he waited with the others for the other others to arrive.

The sooner this farce is over the better.

Around two minutes later, the doors to the dining room opened soon followed by Vulcan walking in, much to the anger of Alex. What set him off more though, was who came in afterwards. Alex watched in disbelief as he saw Connor approach, clad in his red ball gown, golden necklace and bracelets and tiara.

"What the fuck are you wearing?" Alex spat, rising to his feet and leaning on his fists on the table.

"Please do not swear at our dining table," Luna stated firmly, "And as this is a formal dinner, formal attire is required."

"And as this is the only formal attire I have, it had to do," Connor added, "There was not enough time to have a suit tailor made at such short notice and as I am not eligible for Wonderbolt dress uniform, this had to do."

"Really?" Alex asked, seriously doubtful.

"It's true," Rarity replied, "I've been swamped with orders as of late and even if I wasn't, making a suit for Connor in such little time would have been very difficult if not impossible."

"You could have worn your spandex cat suit," Alex snapped, casting a sneering look at Connor, "At least that is something mildly less girly."

"Didn't you hear?" Connor snapped, "This is a formal dinner, a flight suit would have been inappropriate. Besides, you never thought I'm much of a man, so why bother dressing like one? That is how it is to you isn't it? Men wear trousers, women wear dresses? That's how it is in your outdated views?"

"Watch your tongue, boy!"

"Stop giving me orders! I'm not one of your subordinates!"

"You would have been had you done as I wanted!"

Several seconds passed as Connor simply stared at Alex, the latter slowly realising what he had just blurted out. The others present, felt equally tense, whereas Spitfire felt overwhelmed with anger. Connor had been absolutely right all along and Alex had just unintentionally admitted to it.

"And there we have it," Connor replied, smirking, "The truth comes out at last."

"What of it?"Alex finally said, "As I've said before, you wouldn't have lasted anyway. You're too effeminate."

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

"Men aren't supposed to be emotional and effeminate. Like you."

"What are they supposed to be then? Emotionless and cold? Like you?"

"Don't take that tone with me, boy!"

"Gentleman!" Luna yelled, "Please save the arguments for another time."

There were a few moments of awkward silence, no one daring to say anything; the tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Alex continuously staring at Connor, only to look away in disgust whenever Connor looked back. The silence did not last long though, as the doors opened once more to reveal more guests.

"Hey Milkshake," Connor smiled, walking over and kissing her, "You look great."

Spitfire blushed, "Thank you. You look nice yourself."

"I agree," Star Light added, "You look splendid, Connor."

"He looks ridiculous."

Star Light didn't get the chance to respond as she was beaten to the punch, by a far more intimidating figure.

"Hold your tongue, Group Captain," Luna snapped, looking sternly at Alex, "This is a formal dinner and proper etiquette will be shown. I also remind you that Connor is my personal student. To disrespect him is to disrespect me."

"He's wearing a dress and a tiara."

"So?" Luna replied, "I fail to see how that is an issue."

"Are you blind?"

"Excuse me?" Luna replied, scowling fiercely, "Just remember who it is you're talking to! Now, if you'll excuse me, I must find where my sister has gotten too."

Luna teleported out of the room, leaving the group to themselves. Alex turned back to Connor, scoffing on disgust and slightly humiliated to be given a dressing down in front of his weak, pathetic excuse of a man that was his stepson.

"What?" asked Connor.


"What have I done wrong now?" he asked, sitting down in his seat.

"Showing me up."

Connor rolled his eyes, "The only one who is showing themselves up, is yourself."

"Do you enjoy this?"

"The dresses and tiara? I do actually," Connor replied, "I'm embarrassed by it but then again, being effectively forced to when I was young probably caused it."

"I didn't force you to do anything."

"I never said you did," Connor replied, a smirk forming on his face, "But it was you who insisted I always play dress up for Elizabeth. I still have the game."

"There's a difference between young children playing and supposed full grown men."

"True, but what harm does it do to you? It's my life."

"It makes me look like I raised a pathetic excuse of a son!"

"Well," Connor replied, fidgeting with his hands in his lap, "Looks can be deceiving."


A few seconds later, a butler approached Connor and Spitfire, unaware of the hostile atmosphere.

"Would you like a drink, sir?"

"Skyeland single malt whiskey, on the rocks please."

"Cognac with ginger ale and ice, please," Spitfire added.

"Certainly, I shall return with them shortly."

"Whiskey?" Alex asked, genuinely surprised.

"I like the stuff."

"At least there's hope for you yet."

A small smile formed on Connor's lips, "Was that a compliment?"

"Don't push your luck, Princess."

The other's looked uneasily at one another, unable to tell if Alex was being condescending or making a joke.

A short while later, Luna returned with Celestia. Elizabeth, Bella and Angela were now sitting at the table, having arrived a few moments before. Twilight followed Celestia inside and took her seat to the right of Celestia and opposite Luna. Connor was sandwiched between Elizabeth and Spitfire. Also next to Elizabeth, was Fluttershy, who was sitting noticeably closer to Elizabeth than she was her other dinner partner, Vulcan.

Alex was sitting directly opposite.

"Thank you all for coming," Celestia said as she took her seat, "I hope that recent...incidents will not sour this occasion."

Connor and Vulcan glared at Alex, who glared at both in response.

"Chef has been able to quickly assemble a menu for the evening. I believe for starters there is a choice between a prawn salad, vegetable soup and charred leek and goat's cheese tartlets. For the main course there is a choice between Parmesan spring chicken, asparagus & broad bean lasagne or smoked haddock and chips. Dessert will have a choice of ice cream or a selection of cakes."

Celestia's eyes noticeably brightened at the end.

"I know what I'm having," Connor said.

"Try not to spill anything on that pretty dress," Alex snarked, "It would be a shame if it got ruined."

"I have more at home."

Alex once more had a face of disgust, "Sissy boy."

Connor simply shook his head slightly while Celestia could only watch on with slight worry.

Starters went by without incident, much to the relief of Celestia; however Connor and Alex were glaring at one another again as the main courses were being brought out. Connor had decided on the Parmesan spring chicken while Alex had settled for the smoked haddock and chips.

Luna was almost salivating at her dish when it was placed in front of her.

"Why didn't you choose the chicken Celestia?" she asked, "We know how much you love them."

Celestia shot Luna a very brief but intense glare, "Because I felt like asparagus & broad bean lasagne tonight. That's not a problem, is it?"

"Oh not at all sister."

"Smells as good as ever," Connor said, placing a napkin on his lap.

"Indeed," Luna replied, "While we remember Connor, tomorrow we have a meeting with a group of business ponies here in the castle. We would like you to join us."

Connor blinked on shock, "Are you sure? Will they mind?"

"We are sure they won't. On the contrary, they know you are our student and General Manager of the Wonderbolts. We think they would welcome your presence. Some of whom may even become sponsors of the Wonderbolts."

Connor glanced over to Alex, the latter looking like he was chewing on a brick, before looking back to Luna, holding back his delight, "Sure. I'll attend."

"Splendid, " Luna beamed, delighted her student, and friend, was joining her, "The meeting is due to start in our private conservatory at 1400, however we shall need to be there to greet our guests."

"I'll be there."

"Wearing your pretty dress no doubt."

Connor's head snapped to Alex, "So what if I do. Ponies are very open minded and generally don't give a damn about such things."

Alex snorted in disgust and shook his head, "What's wrong with everyone?"

"Nothing," Connor replied, "You're the one with such strong issues on the matter."

"Someone has to!"

"You need to move with the times or be left behind."

"Considering what the changes are I'm quite content with being left behind."

"Gentleman," Celestia said sternly, "Please don't argue during dinner."

Alex and Connor silently agreed, continuing to glare at each other.

"I don't understand why you have such hostility," Vulcan replied, "I couldn't care less what he wears."

"I have such hostility because my society-"

"Has deeply ingrained societal norms and expectations that aren't to be questioned or altered no matter how outdated they are?" Vulcan finished, "Equestrian society was like that when I was a colt. Very opinionated ponies who thought that because they thought a certain thing shouldn't be so, went out of their way to make sure things stayed as they were. Even things that would have no affect on them whatsocever."

"I can vouch for that," Star Light added, feeling torn between her former and current husbands, "In our day for example, stallions were almost unheard of in construction, whereas on Earth it's the opposite."

"Your point?" Alex asked.

"Which societal norm is 'right'? Yours where males are expected to be macho, big and strong? Or Equestrian, where stallions are more like house husbands? When I found out males were the main breadwinners in human society I was shocked, yet I grew to accept it."

"And you think I should just accept Connor's tranny ways?"

"I'm not trans!" Connor snapped, "You really need to hear yourself!"

"Listen hear boy-"

"Gentleman, please!" Celestia half yelled, a slight scowl on her face, "Please stop arguing. This dinner is supposed to help heal the divide, not widen it."

"Tell him that," the pair said in unison, pointing at each other.

Celestia's eye noticeably twitched.

Connor quickly looked around for something to quickly avoid triggering Celestia's ferocious temper. He very quickly found something. He picked up his whiskey glass and reached for Alex's empty glass, "Drink?"

Alex, also picking up on Celestia close to blowing a fuse, picked it up and handed the glass to Connor, "Please, just an orange juice."

Connor quickly walked over to the drinks cabinet, feeling Alex's eyes upon him has he walked. Alex, could still scarcely comprehend what his stepson was wearing, and how he didn't seem to care.

He walks in it too easily for it just to be a 'one time thing'.

Connor walked back over to the table with drinks in hand, placing Alex's down in front of him.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

The rest of dinner had been quite a tense affair, and Celestia in particular was thankful it went off without too much trouble. Whilst everyone spoke, there was still very obvious tension between Alex and Connor. The former's disgust not having wavered in the slightest and the latter's tolerance no different. Connor stood up and walked over to the drink's cabinet and poured himself another whiskey, when Alex once again butted in.

"That's your seventh whiskey tonight!"

"So?" Connor replied, taking a sip, "I can handle it."

"Spoken like a true alcoholic."

"So I'm an alcoholic now?"

"Drinking that much in such little time? Yes."

"Compared to a teetotaller like you, everyone's an alcoholic."

"Watch your lip, boy!"

"Don't talk to me like that!" Connor snapped, slamming the glass down on the cabinet.

"Connor!" Celestia scolded.

"I will talk to you however I want to, boy!" Alex shouted in response, standing up and walking over to Connor.

"You think that everyone else is inferior, there to only wait on you hand and foot."

"That's a bit rich coming from a layabout who played computer games all day!"

Before Alex knew it, he felt himself on the floor with numbness in his jaw. Quickly deducing what had happened, his staggered to his feet and walked right up to Connor, his mouth bleeding. and his jaw noticeably swollen

"That is the third time you have assaulted me today!"

"And I'd do it again in the same situation!"

Connor and Alex stared at each other, nothing but mutual contempt.

Alex looked from Celestia back to Connor, overwhelmed with shame at having failed to raise his 'son' like his father did him.

Cavorting around in a fucking dress and tiara....where the fuck did I go so wrong?

"I want to press charges against her," Alex spat in disgust, speaking to Celestia but taking his eyes off of Connor.,"For this assault and the others!"

No one missed the manner in which Alex referred to Connor as though, or the manner in which he spoke it, as though being female was somehow inferior. Celestia looked between Alex and Connor. The bitterness and resentment between the two having reached boiling point, and, she feared, past the point of no return. If it wasn't, then it more than likely would be, depending on the answer Alex gave to a question she was duty bound to ask.

"Are you certain, Group Captain?"

"Yes," Alex hissed.

The girls gasped, mortified as to what would now happen to Connor. Alex however, didn't end there.

"I also wish to press charges for the other assault committed upon my person by Vulcan," he said, almost vomiting at speaking Vulcan's name.

"A-as you wish," Celestia replied, her heart shattered into a thousand pieces as she turned to her friend, "I'm so sorry Connor, and Vulcan, but I'm afraid I don't have a choice."

Celestia motioned with her wing to beckon the guards forward. Hesitantly, the guards did so. Celestia looked back to Connor, using all of her regal facade to hold back her tears.

"Vulcan, I hereby place you under arrest for one count of common assault," she said, her eyes beginning to moisten as she turned to Connor, "Connor Wakefield, I hereby place you under arrest for three counts of common assault and one count of threatening to commit common assault."

Author's Note:

So I've finally managed to release another chapter. I know some of you won't like what I did...again.

(Neither do I to some degree).

But it seemed a good way for Connor to get back at Alex and challenge his sexist out of date views.

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