• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 26 - Visiting Hours II

The jolt of the train carriage woke the duo up as they came to a full stop. Spitfire slowly got to her hooves on the seat and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes whilst Connor looked out of the window.

"We're at Ponyville, come on sleepy we don't want to get left on board."

"Right behind you," replied Spitfire as she grabbed her saddle bag and draped it over her back.

Connor slid open the compartment door and walked out into the corridor, followed by Spitfire. They briskly walked to the nearest carriage door and exited the train, avoiding bumping into ponies getting on and getting off and station porters loading and unloading luggage. There was quite a hive of activity for a small station, but Ponyville also had a small goods yard that could hold more than it looks like it can.

Connor and Spitfire walked off the platform and through the booking hall to the exit. They had decided to visit the library first as it highly likely Twilight would be there. Connor and Spitfire walked quickly as rain started to lightly fall. Connor looked up and saw Pegasi still moving rain clouds into place.

"They've planned a large storm today and tomorrow," Spitfire commented.

"Might be best to stay here a couple of days 'till it's over."

Spitfire nodded, "You don't want to fly through a thundercloud, believe me..........I did.......once."

"What was it like?"


Connor grinned, "I guess that explains why your mane is like it is."

Spitfire punched Connor in the arm and got out a small wooden box, "Quiet Stiff Wings, or these Chocolat de roche will 'disappear'."

"No please, anything but them," Connor mockingly pleaded.

The two started laughing as they approached the library. Connor opened the door and walked in with Spitfire immediately following into an empty library area. She set down her saddle bag on a nearby stool whilst Connor called out to see if anyone was home.

"Spike! Twilight!"

The sound of clopping hooves could be heard on the floor boards above. Connors head followed the sound of hooves as they moved across the floor above him when they reached the stairs. A moment later a friendly face appeared.


Before he could react he felt his purple unicorn friend piledrive into him. Knocking him off his feet and onto his back. Fortunately his wings cushioned his fall.

"Connor it's great to see you again!"

"Hey Twilight, good to see you to."

Twilight got up off of Connor and back onto her hooves. Connor too got back on his feet.

"So Connor, what can I do for you?"

"Spitfire and I thought we'd pop to Ponyville for a visit as we've not been in a while, we stayed at Canterlot Castle last night you see."

"Yes, Princess Celestia said you stopped the night."

Connor and Spitfire shared a quick glance.

"Did.....did she say anything about it?"

"Not particularly, she did say she enjoyed your visit. Though not as much as you two did apparently."

Connor and Spitfire went a light shade of red.

"I'm not sure what she meant by that though," Twilight continued, "Anyway, were you staying long?"

"We were going to make it a quick visit but with the storm we might stay the next couple of days. I was going to ask if we could stop here if that's alright?"

Twilight responded immediately, "Of course you can, use the guest bedroom you used when you first came here."

"Thanks Twily."

"You're welcome Connor. Would either of you like a drink? I was going to make a pot of tea."

"Tea sounds great, what about you Spits?"


"Very well. One pot of tea coming up."

Connor went over to Spitfire and picked her up underneath her barrel, "Come on Milkshake, let's sit down and make ourselves comfortable."

He walked over to the sofa and plonked himself down, placing a scowling Spitfire on the seat next to him.

"Something wrong?"

"You just picked me up and carried me across the room," she replied inching closer to his face.

"You picked me up and flew me across town if I remember correctly."

Spitfire raised a hoof to retort but came up short.

"Touche," she replied lowering her hoof.

Just then the library door opened and in walked a rain soaked Spike and Rarity. Spike quickly closed the door after Rarity walked in and his eyes lit up in delight when he saw familiar looking faces.

"Connor! Spitfire!"

"Hi Spike, hi Rarity."

"Connor darling it's delightful to see you again."

"Likewise, so what brings you here?"

"Oh Spike was helping me with a few commissions and I came to the library to return a book. Speaking of which were is Twilight?"

"In the kitchen making a pot of tea."

"I do hope it's a large pot, a cup of tea would be wonderful right about now."

As if on cue, a roll of thunder boomed in the distance causing Spike to jump in fright and hold onto Rarity's foreleg.

"Oh sorry Rarity. I didn't mean to....you know."

"Don't worry about it Spike," she replied as she gently wrapped a foreleg around him.

"Tea's ready!"

Everyone looked to the opening kitchen door and saw Twilight carrying a large tray of tea and cakes in her magical grip. She set the tray down on the coffee table and put the cups and saucers in place.

"Twilight," Connor said.


Connor motioned with his head to Spike and Rarity.

"Oh my gosh I'm sorry I didn't see you there!"

"Don't worry darling, we just arrived."

"Is there anything you need?"

Rarity took a book out of her saddle bag, "I came to return this."

"Oh great, just put it on my desk. I'll sort it out later. Are you stopping for tea?"

"Thank you darling I'd love to."

"Then take a seat while I get some more cups."

Rarity sat down in an armchair while Spike sat next to Connor.

"You OK Spike?" asked Connor.

"I'm fine thanks. Los hi pruzah?" (Are you well?)

"Zu'u los pruzah, nox hi." (I am fine, thank you)

"Pruzah wah hon." (Good to hear)

Spitfire and Rarity looked at each other cluelessly as Connor and Spike talked to each other in Dovahzul. Neither had a clue as to what they were saying. Connor noticed this and turned to Spike.

"Zu'u ofaal pruvos nust dreh ni mindoraan mii." (I get the feeling they do not understand us)

Spike looked at the two mares, each with a raised eyebrow.

"Nid, zu'u dreh ni lorot nust dreh." (No, I do not think they do)

Twilight returned with two more teacups and set them down. She noticed the confused expressions of Spitfire and Rarity and the smirks of Connor and Spitfire.

"OK boys what have you been doing?"

Connor folded his arms indignantly, "Mu los faazrot. Wah lorfonaar mu drey atruk folaas dahik mu los punmak." (We are insulted. To presume we did something wrong because we are male.)

"Zu'u ziist tol," (I second that) replied Spike, he too folding his arms indignantly.

"Are you two speaking....what was it called again?" asked Twilight.

"Dovahzul," replied Connor, "Dragon language."

"How did you become fluent in it?"

"I have no idea. I could only remember a few phrases before I came here but when I first met Spike it was like something came to life inside."

"It doesn't make any sense though."

Connor shrugged his shoulders, "What fun is there in making sense?"

A grinding noise could be heard. Looking at the source of the noise Spike saw Twilight with her teeth clenched and a strand of mane pop out.

"Suvulaan dreh ni med nii fod rek nis kroson atruk tir vothni gahziin." (Twilight does not like it when she cannot work something out without logic)

Connor looked to Twilight to see another strand of mane pop out.

"Zu'u lorot hi los viilut. Aalkos mu fend vuth fah nu leh rek geblaan saan nii." (I think you are right. Maybe we should stop for now lest she completely lose it.)

"Nii fund kos fah pruzaan, korah zey." (It would be for best, believe me)

Connor tool the tea Twilight had poured and took a sip, revelling in its taste. Learning how to make tea properly is one of the many things Twilight is good at. No doubt she learnt how from Celestia.

Connor loves his tea.

"Connor darling, how is life in Cloudsdale?" asked Rarity.

"It's going great. My studies are going well as well. Luna is impressed so far with my work," he replied taking a bite into a butterfly bun.

Twilight started giggling and clapping her hooves together, squealing in delight, "I can't believe we're both personal students of the Princesses."

"Yeah it's pretty great. Luna's a good teacher."

"We could be study buddies!"

"Study buddies?"asked Connor stifling a laugh from seeing a jubilant Twilight.

"Yes! We could study together on assignments, make lists together, run through checklists, run through a checklist checklisting checkists oh it will be SO MUCH FUN!"

"But we're not studying the same thing."

"So? We can still help each other."

"OK. I'll think about it anyway."

Twilight had a beaming smile as she launched herself at Connor and hugged him tightly.

"Steady Twilight, remember you have a horn that could impale me."

Twilight let go of Connor and sat back in her seat.

"That wouldn't happen. A ponies natural magic would automatically deflect the horn."

"A magical fail safe?"

"In a sense. And since you are technically a pony you have natural magic as well."

"So I can look forward to more hugs from you in the future?"

"Oh yes. I will hug you many more times Connor and you will enjoy each and every one of them."

"Sounds like I don't have a choice."

"You don't. Pony hugs are impossible to not to like."

The quartet drank the pot of tea dry prompting Twilight to make another. When she returned Rarity spoke up.

"Twilight dear, Spitfire was just telling us that Connor has been invited to the Grand Galloping Gala as Princess Celestia's personal guest."

"That's great, I had a feeling she would send an invite. What are you planning to wear?"

"I was going to go in a flight-suit but I think I might ask Rarity if she can make something for me."

"Connor I would be delighted to. Why not come round after tea and we'll come up with something?"


Connor and Rarity were walking to her boutique to design a suit for him to wear at the Grand Galloping Gala. Connor had an idea of what he wanted but Rarity had an artistic eye and would feel compelled to follow her advice if she suggested something in regards to fashion. He also had with him Spitfire's new tiara which he intended to show to Rarity for a commission he had in mind.

The pair entered the boutique, getting out of the rain, and immediately Rarity went for her sketch pad.

"So Connor, what did you have in mind?"

"I was thinking something with warm colours. Reds, oranges, something that would match my wings. Maybe a suit with a cloak? I'm not really sure."

"Hmmmm......I think I know what I could do. Leave it with me, I guarantee you'll love it," she relied sketching something out.

Connor tried to sneak a peak but Rarity pulled the pad back.

"Ah ah ah Connor, it has to be a surprise."

A groan escaped Connor's lips, "Really?"

"Yes. Now, is there anything else?"

"Yes, I was wondering if you could make Spitfire a dress for the Gala?"

Rarity's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, "Oh absolutely I will."

"Could you make something to go with this?" he asked as he pulled out the tiara.

Rarity's jaw dropped as she looked at the tiara. The solid gold and flawless ruby's shone magnificently in stark contrast to the gloomy weather.

"Connor, it's beautiful. Where did you get it?"

"Long story short it's from Celestia."

"You must tell me sometime. But, I must press on. I have a suit and a dress to make, the Gala is a month away so there's no time to lose."

Rarity began pushing Connor out with surprising strength. Before he was pushed out he had one more question to ask.

"Rarity, would it be possible to keep this quiet from Spitfire? I'd like it to be a surprise."

"Of course Connor, and I have her measurements so don't worry about that."

"Thanks Rarity. How much is all this going to set me back?"

Rarity waved a hoof dismissively, "There'll be no payment Connor. This is a gift for friends."

"Are you sure? I don't mind paying."

"I'm sure Connor."

"Well......OK. But at least allow me to treat you to a Spa treatment in return. Fluttershy too if she wants, or any of the girls."

"Very well Connor. I accept and I'm sure Fluttershy would love to join us."

"Us?" asked Connor.

"Yes. Surely you don't intend to miss out on a Spa treatment with your closest friends Connor?"

Connor felt a bead of sweat on his forehead.

"Nnnno.....no I don't intend to miss out."

"So you'll be with us for a luxurious Spa treatment?" she asked with sparkly eyes and a bright, cheery grin.


Rarity hugged him. Tightly.

Connor returned to the library having stopped off at Sugar Cube Corner for dome takeaway banana milkshakes and chocolate chip shortbread biscuits for himself, Spitfire, Twilight and Spike.

As he entered the library and put the stuff down, he saw another familiar face.

"Hey Rainbow."

She turned around and immediately had a Cheshire cat grin. She flew forward to her flying buddy excitedly.

"There's my flying buddy," she jubilantly squealed, "Put one there Connor!"

She held out her hoof for Connor to bump with his fist, "Hey there Skittles. You seem happy."

"Of course I am," she replied doing a loop de loop, "I'm seeing my flying buddy who I haven't seen in ages."

"It's only been a month, besides I've been busy."

"Only a month. ONLY A MONTH! Do you have any idea how long that is?"

"Errrr...a month?"

"Exactly. That's too long dude," she said scowling and pointing at Connor with a hoof.

Connor held his hands up, "OK, my bad. I promise to see you more often."

"Good. Because I'd really like to visit your place again."

"Is this to play with my trains?"

Rainbow rubbed a foreleg with a hoof, looking away sheepishly, "Maybe."

"Why not come at the weekend when I'll be free. Spits will be away with the 'Bolts so I'll have the place to myself."

"Really?" she asked flying close to Connor again.

"Sure. She won't mind."

"Awesome! Bye Connor!" Rainbow jubilantly replied as flew out of the library and out of sight.

"See you later Lokluvfahin Nelru!"

"What did you just call her?"


Connor jumped in fright and clutched his chest. He looked around to find Twilight, who herself had jumped in fright at Connor's outburst.

"Oh Suvulaan Viim, it's only you," he replied getting up and closing the door.

"What?" she asked, watching him as he walked across the room to sit down on the sofa.

"Your name in Dovahzul is Suvulaan Viim. Rainbow Dash is Lokluvfahin Nelru, Applejack is Hild Ahvosiik, Fluttershy is Raan Lokaliin, Rarity is Sogaal Nahkiviik and Pinkie Pie is Sufolbrot Naariv."

"What about Spike?" she asked taking the seat next to him.

"Zeik. I'm Doklokaliin Viskfrod, which roughly translates to Dog lover festival field."

"Why does your name translate to that?

"Connor is an Irish and Scottish male given name, anglicised from the Celtic word Conchobhar, meaning lover of hounds. Wakefield is a city in England that probably evolved from the Old English word wacu, meaning a watch or wak; and feld, an open field in which a wake or festival was held. Oh and Spitfire's is Shikyol."

Twilight was furiously writing everything down, ever eager to learn more and more. Connor started to wonder if her brain had enough room to store all the knowledge she would possess.

"Do you think you could teach me a few things?"

"Sure. You might only learn a few phrases and I'm no teacher."

"That's fine, I'd just like to surprise Spike one time."

"Where is Spike?"

"He's with the Cutie Mark Crusaders."

"Ah, those three. They're quite the handful."

"They're always getting into mischief, trying to find ways to get their cutie marks."

Twilight heard laughing from next to her.

"Something funny Connor?"

"I was just wondering what I'd be like with a......cutie mark. Could you imagine me with butt stamps on my butt cheeks?"

"What did I say about calling them butt stamps?"

Connor and Twilight jumped in fright though they both quickly recovered.

"Oh hi Milkshake."

She flew in front of Connor, stood on her hind legs and leant forwards towards Connor; resting her hooves on his shoulders.

"What did I say about calling cutie marks butt stamps?" she asked grumpily.

"You said not to do it," he groaned.

"It looks like you'll be washing the dishes for the next week."

Connor groaned even louder, "Why don't we just use the dishwasher?"

"We are using the dishwasher. It's called Connor."

Connor pouted and folded his arms, "Very funny Milkshake. Maybe you should take a second job as a stand up comedian."

"I think I just might."

It was now late afternoon and Connor and Spitfire were in the kitchen with Twilight and Spike preparing tea. Roast chicken breast, Yorkshire puddings (to be made by Connor) and vegetables. Spitfire was currently cutting carrots into slices whilst Connor was peeling and cutting the potatoes ready to be roasted. Spike was assisiting Twilight with the cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and the rest of the veg.

"When are the girls arriving?" asked Connor.

"Around five," replied Twilight, placing the cauliflower into a pan.

"I got some wine earlier to have during tea," added Spitfire.

"Red or white?" asked Connor.


"Good girl."

"I thought you'd approve."

Five o'clock rolled around and tight on cue the library door opened and in walked the other five girls, all shivering from the cold biting wind and rain. They quickly entered and closed the library door keeping the cold weather out and the warm, toasty temperature of the library in.

They each took off waterproof raincoats they were wearing and hung them up on nearby hooks.

"Hi girls," Twilight aid as she walked over to her friends.

"HI TWILIGHT!" yelled Pinkie, "HI CONNOR!"

"Hi Pink-"

Connor was cut of as the crazy ink pony launched herself at Connor and gave him a very tight bear hug, slowly squeezing him tighter and tighter. Connor couldn't return the hug due to his arms being imprisoned inside Pinkie's death hug.

"Pinkie," Connor wheezed out, "Can't breath."

"Oh sorry Connor," she said as she let go of him and dropped to the floor, "I keep forgetting you're squishier than a pony."

Pinkie bounced away into the kitchen before Connor could respond. He shook his head in amusement, "That mare gets crazier and crazier."

"Indeed darling."

"Hi Rares. Brought something with you?" he asked noticing her bags.

"Yes, something for you and Spitfire."

Rarity levitated out the bags' contents and revealed two items.

"I made these raincoats for you and Spitfire. I was planning on giving you both them another time but since you are here now I thought I may as well give you them while you're here."

Connor and Spitfire each took their respective coats. Connors was red raincoat with dark yellow and orange highlights, mimicking fire, and popper buttons. The coat went down to his mid-thighs and the colour scheme matched his hair. There were also holes in the back to allow his wings through.

Spitfire was also red with 'fire' highlights, popper buttons and tie-belt. The coat covered her body including barrel and covered her forelegs but 'skirt like' when covering her hind legs. Like Connor's coat there were holes for her wings as well as another hole for her tail.

Each coat had a hood as well, Spitfires' with what looked like pony ears but where in fact spaces on the inside for her ears; so that they wouldn't get squashed when the hood was up.

"Rarity they look great, thanks."

"No problem darling. I made one each for the girls and Spike. We shouldn't let rain stop us from going out and about and it's no good getting all wet and cold doing so, hence why I made these."

"Well we appreciate it Rarity," he replied hanging the coat up, "How are you Fluttershy?"

"I'm OK," she replied quietly, "It's nice to see you again."

"It's nice to see you to."

Before they could start a conversation, Spike's voice boomed out of the kitchen.


Everyone quickly made their way to the kitchen and sat themselves down. Twilight and Connor went over to the oven and hob to bring everything over to the table. Steam billowed from the food the moment Twilight removed the pan lids.

"Twilight it smells splendid," Rarity complimented.

"It wasn't all me. Spike, Spitfire and Connor helped out. Connor made the Yorkshire puddings."

"Best thing in a roast are the Yorkshires."

Everyone helped themselves to food, filling up their plates. Fluttershy unsurprisingly didn't have any of the chicken. Twilight poured everyone except Spike a glass of wine each with all but Spitfire and Rarity having white wine. Spike instead had some Sweet Apple Acres Apple Juice.

"So Connor, what are you doing tomorrow since you'll be staying here a couple of days?" asked Rainbow.

"I'm not sure, probably just have a look round. Meet a few ponies and see how they're getting on."

"You could help me a Sugarcube Corner, I'm sure the cakes won't mind," Pinkie suggested as she filled her plate with steaming vegetables.

"I could but I don't really know how to bake."

"That doesn't matter, I'll show you how."

"Aren't there rules and regs regarding working in a kitchen?"

"Only with health and safety."

"So I could help you then without any legal issues?"



"Don't forget about our Spa outing. Fluttershy is looking forward to it," Rarity said.

"She is?" he asked before looking at Fluttershy, "You are?"

Fluttershy nodded, "I haven't spent much time with you lately. It will be so nice to be pampered with you."

Connor could hear snickering from Rainbow, Spitfire and Applejack.

"Why don't any of the others join us?" he asked, not wanting to suffer alone.

"No can do partner, ah have a lot o' trees that need buckin'."

Connor looked to Rainbow, "I'm on weather duty."

He looked to his marefriend, "Sorry Sleepy Head, Cherilee asked me earlier to give a lesson on Wonderbolt history at the school."

He then looked to Twilight who giggled, "I'm sorry too Connor, but I have a report to write to Princess Celestia."

He looked to Pinkie in one last hopeful attempt at enlisting support, "Sorry Connor, but I'm baking cakes all day tomorrow."

Connor felt deflated. He could feel his wings droop and he slumped forwards slightly, poking his food.

"Don't worry Connor," Rarity said cheerily, "It's not that bad. Besides, I thought you enjoyed going to the Spa?"

Connor didn't immediately answer.

"I like my wings getting preened and fluffed up. And maybe my hair styled."

The girls all looked at each other with raised eyebrows before looking at Connor.

"What?" he asked seeing them look at him.

"So you admit you like going to the Spa?" asked Rarity.

"I like getting my wings preened and fluffed up and getting my hair styled," he repeated.

"But you don't deny you like going?" asked Rainbow.

Connor cut up his chicken breast and began eating it, "I like getting my wings preened and fluffed up and getting my hair styled."

"Admit it, you like the Spa."

Connor let out a prolonged groan, "Fine I admit I like it. I like getting pampered and........getting pampered."

"Awwww, there there Connor," replied Fluttershy sweetly as she gently rubbed his back, "We can go to Spa tomorrow to make you feel better."

"Can we get the full treatment?"

"Of course. We'll get a mud bath, hooficure, wing preening, mane styling, massages....the whole works."

"Shall we go in the afternoon?"

Fluttershy and Rarity looked at each other and nodded, "Yes. We'll go in the afternoon. We'll come and get you from Sugarcube Corner at let's say......one o'clock?"

"That's fine with me, Rarity?"

"Perfectly fine with me darlings."

"Then it's settled," Fluttershy continued, "We'll pick you up at one o'clock and treat you to a luxurious pampering at the Spa."

"Thanks girls."

Though Connor would never admit it, he liked going to the Spa far more than he let on.

As a matter of fact.

He loved it.

Connor and Spitfire woke up groggily as heavy rain pounded against the window. Rarity's new coats would come in helpful today. He slowly got out of bed and slipped on a new flight-suit he left behind the last time he was at Twilights', 'just in case'. He clipped the metallic belt firmly in place followed by Wonderbolt boots, though these ones had the opposite colour scheme than the others i.e. they were yellow with a blue bolt around the top. The gloves he put on also had the same colour scheme.

Pinkie had spoken to the Cakes the night before and they agreed to let Connor help out under Pinkie's supervision. Pinkie excitedly informed Connor the night before by stuffing a chocolate bun in his mouth.


Her first attempt missed his mouth however and smeared one of his cheeks.

Spitfire helped clean him up though.

By licking his cheek clean.

Much to the amusement of Twilight.

After a quick breakfast of strawberry jam on toast and a strong coffee, he headed off to Sugarcube Corner.

Connor made his way towards Sugarcube Corner, passing a few ponies along the way who were setting up shop for the day. He entered Sugarcube Corner and where greeted by Pinkie Mrs Cake.

"Hello there Connor," said Mrs Cake with a cheerful smile, "Thank you for coming over."

"No problem Mrs Cake."

"Come on Connor, let's get baking!" yelled Pinkie excitedly.

Connor suddenly felt himself being dragged into the kitchen. He washed his hands as Pinkie go out all the necessary ingredients, pots and utensils that would be needed.

"Turn around Connor."

Connor did so and realised Pinkie was putting an apron on him.

"Do I have to wear one?"

"Yep. It's workplace rules."

"It's bright pink and frilly! And suspiciously proportioned for my physical form."

"Rarity made it for you."

"That's nice and all but did it have to be so pink and frilly?"

"Is there something wrong with the colour pink?"

"No," he said quickly.

"Is there something wrong with frills?"

"No," he replied, deciding to giving a safe answer.

"So there's nothing wrong with this pink, frilly apron Rarity made for you?"

"No. No, definitely not."

Pinkie beamed with joy, "That's great, Rarity will be pleased. Now stay still and let me tie it for you."

After a few seconds Pinkie had finished.

"It's a little tight," he moaned.

"And double knotted. Now come on Connor, there's lots of ponies who need cake and we're going to bake them cake."

Connor and Pinkie set to baking cakes and pastries that were required and soon found a working rhythm together. As soon as one batch went into the oven, they started on the next. Just as the second batch was about to go into the oven it was time for opening. Several ponies walked in ready for a quick morning snack before work or whatever it is they're going to do. Connor and Pinkie brought through the freshly baked cakes and pastries and placed behind the glass counters and some in the store window.

Several ponies took notice of Connor, who was placing several full cakes in the display window. None of them said anything about the apron though. He finished putting the cakes in the display window and went back into the kitchen where he saw Pinkie walk over to a side table where he saw some lunch had been prepared for him and Pinkie. A couple of glazed cinnamon rolls and a large white chocolate mocha.

"This looks like a nice set up Pinkie," commented Connor smiling.

"Thanks Connor. I made you a white chocolate mocha," replied a beaming Pinkie. Her expression changed and wad replaced with worry, "You do like that drink don't you?"

"I've never tried it. But, there's a first time for everything."

Connor lifted the mocha to his lips and took a sip.

"Bloody hell that's good, who made it?"

A beaming smile once again adorned Pinkie's face, "Thanks Connor!"

She bounced forward to give Connor another bone crushing hug, accidentally knocking her drink over Connor in the process.

"Whoops! Sorry Connor. Good thing you still had your apron on otherwise your super-duper flight-suit would've been ruined."

"Don't worry about it Pinkie, it was an accident."

Pinkie got a damp cloth and wiped it clean within seconds.

"There you are Connor."

"Thanks Pinkie."

The two heard the door chime go off.

Pinkie bounced away to see who it was.

Connor heard Pinkie voice from the kitchen.

"Oh hi Rarity! Hi Fluttershy!"

He started to panic. He quickly tried to remove his apron but had no success in undoing the strings.

Damn it! Pinkie's tied them too well!

Every tug and pull seemed to make the knots tighter.

"Come on! Come on! Untie you stupid thing!" he 'shouted' quietly to himself.

"Something wrong Connor?"

Connor froze and slowly turned around to the source of the voice.

All colour drained from his face when he saw Pinkie, Rarity and Fluttershy.

Pinkie still had the same beaming smile as always, Fluttershy was smiling sweetly and Rarity was almost bursting with joy.

"Connor darling you look wonderful!"

Connor went beat red. Again.

"Yeah....I'm sure I do," he said quietly.

Rarity though, noticed his embarrassment and as to why and acted quickly, "Don't worry Connor. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Connor sighed, "No, I suppose not. I can't untie it, could one of you do it? I think Pinkie tied it too well."

"Of course we can. Turn around," Rarity instructed.

Connor did so and quickly felt the apron being untied and removed.

"Thanks. I felt a bit silly wearing it."

"Why so?"

"It's pink and frilly. Neither of which are particularly my thing."

"Maybe not, but no-pony will poke fun at you. Equestria isn't like that."

"I suppose so. It probably comes from growing up on Earth. People there can be very judgemental. But, let's not go into all that. We have a Spa date do we not?"

"Indeed we do darling, so let's not waste another moment and put our best hoof forward."

After thanking Pinkie for the lunch, Connor went with Fluttershy and Rarity to the Spa. The trio walked in and were greeted by the Spa sisters.

"Mr Wakefield, it's such a pleasure to have you here again," Lotus said as she walked up to him, "Are you here for treatment?"

"Yes, the full deluxe treatment."

Aloe's and Lotus's eyes lit up in delight.

"That's magnificent Connor!" Aloe replied, "Miss Rarity and Miss Fluttershy will be joining you I presume?"

"Absolutely. The Deluxe treatment for the three of us."

"Then come right this way."

A few hours later and a pampered Connor walked out of the Spa feeling newly refreshed. The Spa ponies took the liberty of cleaning his flight suit for him during his mud bath, meaning he could wear a fresh and clean suit for a fresh and clean body.

He was just fastening his new raincoat when Rarity spoke to him.

"Connor darling, did you enjoy yourself?"

"As much as I don't want to admit it, yeah. I enjoyed myself," he replied as he put his hood up.

"Splendid, though it is a pity we can't do it together more often."

"We could make it a monthly thing if you like?"

Rarity squealed in delight, "That's a splendid idea darling, what about you Fluttershy?"

"I'd love to have Connor join us regularly."

"Then it's settled. Connor will join us once a month, at least, for a pampering at the Spa. Shall we say a month on Saturday?"

"That's fine with me," replied Connor.

It was still mid-afternoon when they left the Spa and the weather was still miserable. Rainy and cold. There were few ponies about due to the rain, most decided to stay at home and all the market stalls were closed due to the weather. The trio were making their way to a local restaurant for something to eat and to get out of the cold weather.

They entered the establishment and hung their coats up on hooks provided when the maître d' approached them.

"Good afternoon Monsieur and Mademoiselles, welcome to L'ail et l'oignon."

Connor managed to stifle a snicker.

L'ail et l'oignon, ha, brilliant. It would be like calling a German cafe Die Wurst und Bier.

"Mademoiselle Rarity, Mademoiselle Fluttershy,, I see you have brought a friend with you. A gorgeous one at that."

He seems rather friendly for a Prenchman.

"Yes he is, but he's taken," Rarity politely said.

"Too bad. But, I wouldn't dare steal such a gorgeous stallion from somepony."

Rarity and Fluttershy giggled.

"Would you like three seats?"

"Yes please."

The maître d' lead them to a table and pulled out the chairs for the girls. Connor sat himself down, causing the maître d' to pout a little. They each took a menu the maître d' hoofed to them and browsed what was available.

The maître d' left them to decide for a few minutes whilst he tended to other guests. There wasn't a huge variety but still a reasonable amount of options that will will leave few disappointed.

"Found anything you like Connor?" asked Rarity.

"I think I'll have the.........Roasted chestnut & herb pesto pasta with mushrooms. And for a drink I'll just have a pot of tea."

"Very well darling. What about you Fluttershy?"

"The same as Connor."

"Well then I guess I'll have it too."

The maître d' returned to take the orders.

"Are you ready to order my dears?"

"Absolutely darling, we'll have three roasted chestnut & herb pesto pasta with mushrooms and a pot of tea each."

"Of course my dear. I shall bring your tea immediately and your meals should be ready in around twenty to thirty minutes."

He trotted off the fetch the tea and was back within a couple of minutes. Rather than three small pots he brought one large pot that could hold 8-10 cups. He placed a cup and saucer down in front of each of them, getting close to them as he did so. Connor included.

"Here you are sweetums, enjoy."

Connor felt the maître d' was genuinely a little upset over himself being taken, but even if he wasn't; Connor is straight and wouldn't be able to return those kind of feelings anyway.

"Don't worry about him Connor," Rarity said, seemingly guessing what he was thinking, "He'll get over it."

"Is he like this with all stallions?"

"Only the one's he likes. But don't worry, he won't try anything. He may flirt a little but nothing more than that."

Twenty minutes later their meals arrived, and the maître d' was as flirty as Rarity predicted.

"Here you are Honey Bunny, enjoy."

He walked away and 'accidentally' brushed Connor with his tail.

Rarity and Fluttershy had a hoof to their mouths, stifling giggles.

Connor shook his head at their silliness and started his meal.

"So girls, what have you both been doing lately?"

"Most of the usual. Designing and making dresses and suits."

"I've been looking after the animals mostly. I did another bunny census recently."

"Any increase in the population?"

"Only a little increase."

"What about Ponyville, anything interesting been happening?" he asked taking a sip of tea.

"It's Ponyville darling. Interesting things seems to happen frequently in this town."

"No doubt causing your insurance premiums to go up."

"You've no idea darling, they're starting to become so frequent there's now a special policy specifically for Ponyville residents."

"That'll be handy, or hoofy. Heh heh, hoofy."

Fluttershy and Rarity rolled their eyes at his poor joked, "Very funny darling. Though I recommend not quitting your day job."

"Ouch," Connor replied, "Not a fan of my jokes then."

"Not really darling," replied Rarity, "But keep practising and I'm sure one day I may take a, slight interest."

"Has anyone ever told you how cold you can be Rarity?" he asked jokingly.

Rarity giggled, "Oh Connor, I can be much colder than that."

"How cold?"

"Keep telling horrible jokes and you'll find out."

The three of them shared a laugh, revelling in each other's good humour. They continued with their meals whilst chatting amongst themselves, Connor telling some funny stories about Luna and how she hides Jammie Dodgers around Canterlot Castle for 'emergencies'. Celestia does the same thing with cakes.

Before long they had cleaned their plates and the maître d' cleared the plates away, again 'accidentally' brushing Connor with his tail.

Connor took the playful behaviour with good humour. The maître d' was just being friendly in his own unique way and getting angry about it would be a bit of an overreaction. Not to mention he'd probably scare him for a good long while if he did yell at him, and possibly ruin his confidence in approaching stallions in the future.

The maître d' brought the bill over as requested and Connor, insisted he pay for it. All 390 bits of it. The meals were 100 bits each and three teas at 30 bits each made up the sum. Connor threw in a generous tab for the maître d'. 510 bits to be precise, prompting the maître d' to call Connor 'Honey Bunny' once more.

Connor got the feeling it would be a name that stuck.

"Goodbye François," Rarity said to the maître d'.

"Au revoir Mademoiselle Rarity, Au revoir Mademoiselle Fluttershy," he said as he kissed their hooves.

He then turned to Connor, "Au Revoir Honey Bunny. Merci for the generous tip, I will put it towards some lovely cologne I'm sure you'll love."

"Vous êtes les bienvenus, au revoir François," Connor replied shaking his hoof.

François's eyes lit up like the Eiffel Tower on a night, "Il parle Prançais! Il parle Prançais!"

François said it again and again as he walked back into the restaurant.

"Well he seems to be in fine mood," Connor commented as he fastened his raincoat hood.

"Indeed he does, Honey Bunny," Rarity replied.

"Yeah yeah, keep it up Marshmallow."

Rarity gasped,"How did you know about that?"

"I have my ways."

"You must tell me!"

Connor shook his head.

Rarity harrumphed, "I'll get you back for this Connor mark my words."


Rarity gave Connor a chilling smirk, "Just so you know, I'm aware of Princess Celestia's intention to commission me to make you a dress should she catch you eating her cakes."

The chill going up his spine froze him to his core, "You are?"

"Yes. And let's just say that if circumstances result in me being commissioned, I will make sure you have the most feminine dress I can make."

"I wouldn't look good in a dress," he replied trying to dissuade her, "It would be a waste of your time, resources and talent."

Rarity laughed, "I can make you look good in a dress Connor, believe me."

Connor laughed nervously, "No you can't. You're joking."

Rarity turned to Connor and looked him square in the eyes, "Try me......Honey Bunny."

Rarity and Fluttershy went back to their homes after thanking Connor once again for spending time with them. Connor was happy to oblige them and was genuinely looking forward to going to the Spa with them next time.

He was walking back to the library when he was joined by a familiar face.

"Hey there."

Connor turned around, "Oh hi Milkshake. Going back to the library?"

"Yep, did you enjoy yourself at the Spa?"

"Yeah it was great. We went to L'ail et l'oignon afterwards."

"I heard François took a liking to you."

Connor snapped his head to Spitfire, "How did you hear about that?"

"A mare has her ways......Honey Bunny."

Connor rolled his eyes, "Yeah yeah very funny. How do you even know about that nickname?"

Spitfire was about to answer before Connor continued, "A mare has her ways, yeah I know."

Spitfire giggled. Connor was easy to wind up but in a joking, friendly way.

"What have you got with you?" Connor asked noting a large paper bag on her hooves.

"Just a little something for us later. Banana milkshakes and chocolate chip shortbread biscuits."

"We'll have them tonight of you like?"

"Sure. The milkshakes are in enchanted cups that keep everything fresh."

"Good good. Off milk is absolutely disgusting."

The pair entered the warmth of the library and hung their coats up. Spitfire took a good look at Connor's hair and wings. They both definitely looked better than in the morning and she noted there were some more highlights in his hair.

"Connor, I see your hair has more colour in it."

"Yeah I had some yellow's and oranges added, make it look a bit like yours, though if I wanted it to stand on end like yours I'd have to fly through a thundercloud."

Spitfire punched him on the arm.

"Or I could just put some gel in it, that would be much better."

"Yes it would."

"Oh hi you two."

Spitfire and Connor turned around to see Twilight walk down the stairs.

"Hi Twilight, what've you been up to?"

"Just writing my report to the Princess. How about you? Did you enjoy yourself with Fluttershy and Rarity?"

"Yeah we had a great time. We're going again next month."

Twilight's eyes lit up in joy, "Great! Maybe we should all go sometime."

Connor raised an eyebrow sceptically, "Can you really see Applejack or Rainbow entering a Spa, let alone get a treatment there?"

"I'm sure we could think of a way."

"Are you sure about that, this is Applejack and Rainbow we're talking about."

"It will be difficult yes but not impossible."

Spitfire and Connor followed Twilight into the lounge area and sat themselves down. Twilight lit some candles as the grey clouds and rain made the library interior look like the middle of the night. She paced glass covers over the candles which were enchanted to amplify the candle light.

"There, much cosier now."

Instead of Twilight cooking tea, she suggested going to a local pub where tonight, it was music night. Connor was almost beside himself in excitement. He loved going to the pub whenever he got the chance. By amazing coincidence, Ponyville's local pub was called the Rose and Crown. A common pub name in England. It was approaching even o'clock and as usual, it was packed. As is usual at this time.

The booze is just as good as the stuff in Yorkshire, much to Connor's delight. Good, proper ale. Not the flouncy, weak, rancid rat piss that the Soft Southern Fairies of England pass off as beer. Those weak simpletons would get legless over half a shot-glass of shandy, unlike up north where the locals could make it to double figures of Carlsberg Special Brew before feeling even remotely tipsy.

"Hey Connor, here for the music night ?" asked John Smith (definitely a pony and definitely his birth name), the bar stallion and owner of the Rose and Crown. He had dark brown fur and a white mane and tail.

"Absolutely my good pony. Pint of smooth ale please."

"Certainly my good man."

John pulled a pint of Equestria's finest bitter and handed to Luke.

"Could you put it on a tab and I'll pay at the end of the evening?"

"Sure thing," replied John, "You'll like the food on offer tonight. An all you can eat carvery."

Every weekly music night there was free food provided you bought drinks. It was different each week. Some nights it was curry and other times it was pizza.

But a carvery was Connor's favourite.

"Hey Connor, good to see you tonight."

Connor turned around to see Vinyl Scratch with Octavia, Lyra and Bon Bon.

"Hey Vinyl. Hey girls, great to see you here tonight."

"Great to see you again Connor," replied Lyra, "Are you going to get shit faced?"

"You know me Lyra, I'm a Yorkshireman. I were born pissed," he said as he took a sip of his pint, "Champion."

The girls laughed and went over to the bar to get their round of drinks. A pint of smooth each and several packs of pork scratchings and dry roasted peanuts. Connor decided to wait until the carvery was ready to stuff his face. The band would start at around 8pm and finish around midnight.

Connor had been to countless nights like these before. Quiz night, music night, karaoke night, meat bingo and so on. Both before and after he came to Equestria. Going to the pub was what he probably missed the most about Yorkshire. Going every Tuesday and Friday night and meeting like minded pissheads alcohol enthusiasts.

The carvery came around and Connor piled his plate high with meat and vegetables finished off with generous amount of gravy. He had just ordered his third pint as the music night began to get under way. This night they were a band from a small town not too far from Ponyville.

It didn't matter that they weren't world famous or ludicrously wealthy. They were a good band that toured the pubs of towns, villages and cities for the sole purpose of playing music and enjoying themselves.

The band started to set up their equipment when some very familiar faces appeared.

"Hey hey everypony!"

"PINKIE!" yelled the entire pub crowd.

Pinkie bounced into the pub followed by the other girls, except for Twilight (because she came with Connor and Spitfire).

"Hi girls," Twilight said as she trotted over to them," Here for music night?"

"They are," Rainbow said, "I'm here for booze and food."

"A truly brilliant reason Rainbow," Connor said standing up and walking over.

"Hey Connor....or should that be Honey Bunny?" she asked, snickering.

"Not you as well."

"Don't worry Honey Bunny- I mean Connor, I'm just messing with you."

Connor just rolled his eyes, "Of course you are Dashiekins."

Rainbow pouted at that name.

"Anyway, the carvery's just been put out if you're hungry. If you want a drink just tell John to put it in my tab. My treat for you all"

Rainbow's beaming smile could brighten even the darkest of days, "Oh sweet! Thanks Connor!"

She flew off to the bar and ordered some dry cider. The other girls added their thanks and ordered their own drinks. Rarity a white wine, Applejack a cider, Fluttershy a Gin and Tonic, Twilight an ale, Pinkie a Pear Cider and Spitfire got a brandy.

After the carvery ended at around 8pm, it was time for the band to start. They had quite a good few tunes as far as Connor was concerned. One sounded similar to 'Whiskey In The Jar'.

The night was going well and the band announced it was time for the audience to have their go at performing.

Connor felt a lump in his throat.

He had that horrible feeling he would be forcibly coerced into getting up on stage.

"Hey Connor why don't you have a go?!" Pinkie yelled loud enough for everyone in the pub to hear.


"No thanks. I can't sing."

Everypony looked at him like he'd gone daft.

"What do you mean you can't sing? Everypony can sing," Lyra said trotting over to Connor.

"Everypony maybe, but I can't."

"Have you ever sang before?" Lyra asked.

"Yes, at school but only because we were forced to."

"So why can't you do it now?"

"My balls dropped," he answered bluntly. Before anypony could continue to coerce him he continued speaking, "Look I get what you're all trying to do but please respect my choice not to take part."

"Don't worry Connor, "Spitfire said wrapping a reassuring foreleg around him, "No-pony will force you. We're just little shocked at what you said. I guess we're so used to what's normal for us ponies we forget things may be different for other races. Yes you're technically a pony, but you grew up as a human in a human world and as such have a different culture than us."

Connor felt like a great weight had been lifted. Having Spitfire come to his aid and support him meant a great deal to him. Had she joined the other ponies and 'encouraged' him to have a sing-song he probably would have just paid his tab and walked out.

He wouldn't have broken up with her, but he would have been hurt by her actions.

"Thanks Spits," he replied giving her a kiss on the forehead.

Spitfire blushed lightly.

The pub ponies 'awwwww'ed in unison.

"I'll go up," Lyra said, "I don't mind performing."

Lyra walked up onto the small stage and started singing a song Connor was unfamiliar with. It was a decent enough tune and Lyra was a good singer. Far better than Connor. He was much better playing tunes, specifically the piano and organ.

There was a stomping of hooves as Lyra finished and got down from the stage. Another pony got up and another song started. Connor didn't recognise him though.

After a few more ponies had a go at singing and Connor paid a visit to the men's room, he came back into the pub to find many sets if large pony eyes looking at him. He was unsure why though, he had definitely zipped up his flight suit.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

"No," Lyra replied, "But we've found out you can play the piano."


So.....play us something."


"We'd all like to hear some human piano music."

Connor sighed. These ponies would just not let up.

"I'm not good at performing in front of others, I get anxiety and feel uncomfortable."

"Don't worry about that," Lyra said, "There's nothing to be nervous about. Many of the ponies who performed tonight were feeling nervous."

Connor sighed internally.

I suppose I could try. I did it at Fancy's, and Spitfire will be here to support me.

"Fine, I'll play something. Just let me think of something."

There was cheering and stomping of hooves as Connor went over to the piano. Connor felt something hug him.

It was Spitfire.

"You'll do fine Sleepy Head, don't worry."

"Thanks Milkshake," he replied giving her a kiss on the lips.

Connor sat himself down at the piano and thought of a brilliant, if difficult, piece to play.

Beethoven's Moonlight Soanata.

Everypony sat in stunned silence for several seconds.

"Who wrote that?" asked Lyra.

"A German composer called Ludwig van Beethoven. Considered one of the best composers in history."

"One of the best?" asked Octavia, "He writes something like that and he's considered only one of the best?"


"Who's considered the greatest?" asked Twilight.

"Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. Or as he's more commonly known, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart."

"Where did the name Amadeus come from?" asked Twilight.

"It's Latin, meaning 'One From God'."

"Can you play something by Mozart?"

"Mostly. His music is.......well, it's best to hear it for yourselves. I'll play something by Mozart next."

Again, everypony sat in stunned silence.

"Do you have any more music like this with you?"

"I have some, but not all. I'll bring them next time I come to Ponyville," he said as he stood up and went back to his seat from before, "Does Canterlot Castle have an organ?"

"Yes, a rather large one in fact," Twilight responded, "Why? Did you want to play us something on it?"

"Yes, specifically the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, arguably the greatest organist ever. He was slightly earlier than Mozart and Beethoven though. Bach was a composer during the Baroque period, Beethoven and Mozart were classical composers."

Connor didn't need to look to know that the furious scratching of a quill was coming from Twilight.

"Well, it's only ten thirty and this place doesn't close until midnight. You guys have more songs to perform don't you?"

The band nodded and got back on stage.

They started playing again after everypony ordered more booze. Connor in particular ordered another smooth ale and some pork scratchings. The band were playings songs that sounded a bit like the '60's band The Seekers, his dad having a few of their records.

He and Spitfire had an arm/foreleg wrapped around each other, enjoying the occasion. They'd be returning to Cloudsdale in the morning. Spitfire had to prepare for a trip with the 'Bolts and Connor had some coursework to complete. Luna had given him a magical lighter that, when lit would magically send his work to her similar to Spike's dragon fire.

Something which prompted him to nickname Spike, Frinbiirn. Hotmail, in Dovahzul.

Spike saw the funny side thankfully.

Not thankfully though, all good things must come to an end and it was time to wrap things up. It was now midnight which meant closing time.

Which meant lock in.

Technically illegal but never prosecuted, mainly due to the argument being it becomes a private party rather than a pub. Connor when paying his tab, 'accidentally' gave John too much money to pay for any drinks during lock in but insisted John keep the extra as a tip.

Most ponies had left, but a few remained. The one's remaining being Connor, Rainbow Dash, Thunderlane, Pinkie, Big Mac, Time Turner and a few others.

The other girls and Spitfire left to get some much needed sleep.

"So girls, did you enjoy yourself tonight?" Connor asked as he started his 11th pint of the night.

"Sure did," replied Rainbow, "Best music night yet."

"Is there a quiz night as well sometime?"

"Yeah, every Monday night."

"I'll have to come to one sometime. Next week maybe."

Two hours later, Connor, Pinkie and Rainbow stumbled out of the pub. Connor finally legless after 16 pints.

"Pity, I didn't have my laptop because I thought of a really funny prank," he slightly slurred out.

"Oh you need your laptop, here."

Pinkie reached into her mane and pulled out his laptop along with a couple of other things.

"How did you........never mind," Connor said. His brain in no state to work out Pinkie.

He took his laptop and accompanying miniature speakers, how Pinkie knew he needed them he didn't know,

"Come on guys, let's prank Twilight."

Rainbow and Pinkie began giggling.

"What are you going to do?" asked Rainbow.

Connor leaned in close to them and whispered his plans.

They both loved the idea and set to work immediately.

They snuck into the library and carefully into Twilight's room. Connor, carefully placed the speakers in concealed places in her bedroom and other places in the library. Using magic stuff he didn't understand, they were connected to his laptop in a manner similar to wifi.

The pranking trio left the library and hid themselves in a nearby bush.

Connor opened the music folders and selected the perfect song to play at 2.30am.

Because the speakers volume were turned up, Twilight got quite the wake up call.

Twilight woke up in a fright, her ears bombarded with the ferocious noise blasting from speakers.......

.....which she couldn't find.


Despite the loud music, Spitfire's voice could be heard above it all.

"I DON'T KNOW! I CAN'T FIND THE SPEAKERS!" Twilight yelled back.

Spike was still hard fast asleep.

Spitfire and Twilight searched frantically for the speakers. They pretty much turned the whole room upside down looking for them but had no success. As they were searching, Spitfire saw something out of the corner of her eye.

She motioned Twilight over.

They both had unamused hard stares at what they saw.

Outside, Connor, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash were splitting their sides laughing. Rainbow Dash in particular thought it was one of the best pranks ever. Their laughter soon faded when they saw the very grumpy frowns of Twilight and Spitfire.

"Oh shit, I think we're in trouble," Connor said to Rainbow and Pinkie.

"Yes you most certainly are," Twilight said.

Connor decided to stop the music now.

After he stopped it, Twilight stomped forward.

"Would you like to explain what you three were doing?"

"We were playing a prank, that's all?" Rainbow replied.

"Playing a prank! You've woken all of Ponyville up with your prank!"

"Have we?"

Twilight pointed her hoof in the direction of Ponyville to point out all the houses with lights on but found they were as dark and quiet as any other night.

"Fine. You may not have woken anypony in town up, but you still woke me and Spitfire up."

Connor sighed, "Sorry, I thought it would be funny."

"Well it wasn't."


As much as Twilight wanted to be angry she couldn't bring herself to. The three pranksters meant no harm and targeted only her it seems, that and Twilight got the feeling that Connor seemed a little upset about something.

But what she didn't know.

"I know, but we'll talk about this in the morning. Come on you three, let's get you inside where it's warm."

Connor managed to stagger to his feet but his partners in pranking where fast asleep. Twilight picked them up in her magic and levitated them back to the library. Inside, she set them down on the sofa and draped a blanket over each of them.

Connor went with Spitfire to the guest bedroom and removed his flight-suit, with Spitfire's help, and slunk into bed.

He fell asleep immediately.

Spitfire, though not pleased at his little prank, could at least see the funny side of it.

"Never mind doing dishes for the next week, you can do them for the next month now. Goodnight Sleepy Head, oh and we'll enjoy our milkshakes and shortbread tomorrow."

She kissed him on the forehead and snuggled down nest to him under the bedsheets, cosying up to his warm body.

Author's Note:

I used the old translator for Dovahzul. https://www.thuum.org/translate-legacy.php

It doesn't need to be completely accurate. If I need to I can say it's a different dragon language.

The girls names in Dovahzul with direct translations:
Note: Some liberties taken and I used the same translator to do it.

Suvulaan Viim (Twilight Sparkle)= Twilight Sparkle
Lokluvfahin Nelru (Rainbow Dash)= Rainbow Dash
Hild Ahvosiik (Applejack)= Apple Harvester
Raan Lokaliin (Fluttershy) = Animal Lover
Sogaal Nahkiviik (Rarity) = Gem Discoverer
Sufolbrot Naariv (Pinkie Pie) = Party Crazy

And the others:

Zeik (Spike) = Spike
Doklokaliin Viskfrod (Connor Wakefield) = Hound Lover Party field (I joined Dok and lokaliin together and Visk and frod together to put his name together.
Shikyol (Spitfire) = Spit fire

And these are what Butterfly buns look like.

Oh and Lock In is brilliant.

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