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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 21 - Citizen Connor

Connor was walking through the castle corridors making his way to the throne room. Celestia had informed him of the ceremony which put him in a good mood. Then she told him he would have to have a deluxe spa treatment to prepare for it. He wasn't to thrilled with it but understood he needed to look his best. To be fair the treatment was excellent, as expected from Celestia's private spa. The tingling sensation in his wings disappeared and he felt fresher than before. Not to mention his hair looked awesome. The spa ponies dyed and styled his hair so that it looked like fire was flickering on his head.

He looked awesome and he knew it.

He particularly liked his new Wonderbolt flight suit made especially for the occasion. He put it on, slipped his wings through the slits and zipped up the front. The skin tight fabric hugging his body perfectly with not a crease in sight. Rarity was a truly brilliant tailor.

As he approached the stairs he looked over the bannister and saw Celestia below, focussing on reading a scroll. Luna was there also. He got a crazy idea on his head. There were no obstructions between him and Celestia so he climbed over the banister and lined himself up with Celestia. Luna and some guards noticed Connor and he noticed them noticing him. They put two and two together and knew what he was doing but remained silent, Luna was trying not to burst into laughter. This would be interesting to watch.

Connor had lined himself up and jumped off, hoping to land on her back.

Before he landed on her though, he felt himself enveloped in magic and slowly levitated in front of the Princess.

Oh shit, he thought.

Celestia looked at Connor with a cheery smile, "Enjoying yourself my little human?"

Connor felt himself tense a little and answered shakily, "Yes funnily enough. Thanks for asking."

"I'm glad to hear that," she replied, smiling.

There was a silence for a few more seconds before Connor spoke up, "Celestia could you put me down please?"

"Of course my little human," she replied merrily as he gently lowered him onto his feet. Connor quickly hugged Celestia, wrapping his arms her neck tightly.

"Thank you Princess, had you not caught me I could have been really hurt," he said, pretending that his life had really been saved. In reality his Human-Pegasus physiology gave him stronger bones and muscles so had he fallen to the floor he would have had bruised bones at the most.

"You're welcome my little human, but may I ask what you were doing jumping from a banister?"

"Jumping?" he asked with pretend confusion, "No no no I wasn't jumping, what happened was........I fell off. Yeah, I fell off."

Celestia raised a hoof to her face in pretend horror, "You fell off, my poor little human you must be more careful."

Putting her hoof gently on his shoulder she looked into his eyes, "I will see to it that this incident can never happen again. We wouldn't want you to 'fall' from any more banisters now would we?"

"No Celestia, that would be terrible," Connor replied in pretend worry.

"I agree. Now come along my little human, we have a ceremony to go to."

Celestia levitated Connor onto her back and started walking towards the Ball Room adjacent to the garden. Twilight and all the others where already waiting there.


"Yes Connor?"

"Why am I riding on your back? I can walk."

Celestia remained silent for a moment, "It feels nice. You don't mind do you?"

"No, it's no different from riding horses in my world...well on Earth I mean."

"I understand Connor, if it does make you uncomfortable just say so."

They approached the Ball Room door where a Solar Guard was waiting outside. Noticing his Princess approach, he bowed down to her.

"Princess, the ceremony is waiting. Are you and your guest ready to in?"

"Yes, lead the way Corporal."

The unicorn guard turned around and opened the door with his magic. Celestia walked in, Connor still on her back, and immediately everypony in the room bowed down to her.

"Rise my little ponies."

Everypony did. Having got the attention of everypony, Connor dismounted Celestia who gave him a quick hug before making his way over to Spitfire and sitting next to her. A pot of tea was placed in the table next to Celestia. She poured herself a cup with added milk and sugar, taking a sip before starting to speak.

"My little ponies, thank you for attending this party as we celebrate the return of one of Equestria's own. Connor, though born a human, has pony parents. His mother is the Pegasus Star Light who disappeared from Equestria many years ago, through unknown means she transformed into a human and gave birth to Connor. Connor lived his life as a human and until few days ago that is the only world he knew."

Celestia took a sip of tea before continuing.

"When Connor appeared in Equestria, he saw from his perspective a new life and a new civilization and boldly went where no human had gone before. Equestria. He very quickly made an impression on many of us and has already made many excellent friends. And a special somepony."

Connor blushed in embarrassment and pretended he wasn't hearing anything, Spitfire kissed him on the cheek causing his blush to go redder.

Connor ignored the 'awww' coming from the assembled ponies.

"But he also met two other ponies who understandably believed they would never meet their long lost relative. Caramel Fudge and Vulcan, the sister and father of Connor, have been reunited with him in what is without doubt one of the finest moments of my reign."

Celestia slowly walked over to Connor. Spitfire was still sat next to him holding his hand, Cara and Vulcan were sat next to him as well.

"Connor, as you are the offspring off Equestrian citizens and would have been yourself had things happened differently; I see no problem with granting you this."

She teleported into view official looking documents and continued to speak.

"Connor Wakefield, I Princess Celestia; Sol Invictus of the Sun and Diarch of the Day, do hereby grant you full Equestrian Citizenship and all the rights it pertains."

She levitated over a small booklet. Connor looked at it and it was an Equestrian Passport, with his mugshot in the back.

I guess that explains why the girls insisted on going in that photo booth earlier.

Connor took the passport and looked through it. It looked like the British Passport of old with blue covers. It had his D.O.B. according to the Equestrian calendar. The day and month were the same but instead of 1990 is was 975 ANM (After Nightmare Moon). He would be celebrating his 25th birthday in the same year as Luna's return, 1000ANM.

Connor felt a hoof gently pull his chin up and he saw a pony smiling. It was Celestia.

"Welcome home my friend."

He firmly hugged her. The feeling of acceptance and belonging overwhelmed him, he truly felt like he belonged here. He felt like he fit in and could achieve anything in Equestria. On Earth he knew he wouldn't get far with the world in the state it was in.

"Thank you Celestia."

"You're welcome Connor."

After a few seconds Connor let go of Celestia and went back to Spitfire who had a huge smile on her face and was wearing the necklace Connor gave her in Cloudsdale. The two hugged firmly, Spitfire whispered into Connor's ear, "Well done Sleepyhead."

"Thanks Milkshake," he whispered back.

"So, what are we going to do now?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"WE'RE GOING TO PARTY!" yelled Pinkie, blasting everyone's hearing away.

And party is what they did. Pinkie style.

The party guests played a few games including 'Pin the Tail on the Pony' and 'Pony PiƱata', the latter of which Connor won. He was particularly pleased with the large bag of Rhubarb and Custard sweets that fell out, made by Bon Bon. On the subject of sweets, Connor was roped into occasionally helping Cara out at her fudge shop. He was reluctant but the not-bribe of free mint and chocolate fudge persuaded him otherwise.

Spitfire and the Wonderbolts liked Connor's Special Wonderbolt flight suit made especially for the occasion. They decided to discuss at a later date whether to have their own Special Flight Suits for special events, in addition to their dress uniforms. Celestia also unveiled the cake she commissioned Pinkie to bake. The cake was in the shape of the Wonderbolt's insignia, with different coloured icing making up the iconic Wonderbolt icon. The cake was unsurprisingly excellent.

As Connor mingled with his fellow 'Bolts, a familiar looking colt approached.

"Excuse me, Mr Human?"

Recognising the voice, Connor turned around and smiled at the young colt, "Swift Wind!"

The young colt ran up to Connor and jumped into his chest, knocking Connor back a foot in the process.

"Hiya Mr Human!" Swift Wind shouted, his muzzle right in front of Connor.

"Hi Swift Wind, I'm surprised to see you here."

"Princess Celestia invited us," he replied enthusiastically, his smile beaming across his face.

"That's kind of her, I see you're in your Wonderbolts outfit again."

Swift Wind nodded excitedly, "Yeah, it's awesome."

"It most certainly is," Connor replied, "Are you joining us?"

Swift Wind looked past Connor and saw the Wonderbolts. He somehow didn't notice them before despite them being in their bright flight suits. Several of the Wonderbolt's held out their hooves motioning him to go over. Squeeing in delight he ran over and started jumping up and down very excitedly, Pinkie Pie style.


"Hey there, Swift Wind wasn't it?" asked Soarin, stifling a laugh at the young colt's excitement.

"Yes sir Mr Soarin!"

"Just Soarin is OK, why not sit yourself down," Soarin replied motioning to an empty cushion.

"Can I sit next to Miss Spitfire, she's my favourite!"

"Sure you can," replied Spitfire, "Did you get any cakes from the buffet?"

"Not yet," he replied shaking his head, "Why don't we go and get some?"

"Why not?" replied Spitfire. The smile on her face not at all hiding her joy at engaging with Swift Wind. It was one of the best things she loved about being a Wonderbolt. Seeing so many young foals talk in awe and wonder about the Wonderbolts and how many young Pegasi dream of being one.

Connor, Spitfire and Swift Wind walked over to the buffet table and piled their plates high with cakes and pastries. Connor and Spitfire shared a very large banana milkshake complete with scoops of banana ice cream.

The party went on some more with Connor speaking to the others, including thanking Pinkie for organising the it at the request of Celestia. She was appreciative of the gratitude and Connor made sure to stop by the kitchen later and thank the culinary staff also, people too often forget the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Whilst standing around he heard Celestia call his name.

"Connor, how are you my friend?"

"I'm doing great thanks, really liking the ceremony. Thanks for putting one on."

"You're welcome Connor. I thought I would introduce you to some good friends of mine."

Connor looked to the side of Celestia and saw one stallion and a mare. The mare looked a little like Luna, albeit without the wings and different coloured fur and the stallion had a monocle and moustache.

Don't laugh don't laugh don't laugh Connor thought.

"Connor, this is Lady Fleur Dis Lee."

Fleur held out a hoof and Connor knelt down, gently held her hoof in his hand and kissed it, "Pleasure to meet you ma'am."

Fleur giggled and her cheeks reddened, "Oh my, he's such a gentlecolt. I can see why Group Captain Spitfire likes him."

"And the stallion is Duke Fancy Pants."

REALLY REALLY DON'T LAUGH CONNOR! he sternly told himself.

"Pleasure to meet you Master Wakefield," said Fancy holding out a hoof.

Connor took the hoof and shook it firmly, "Likewise your Royal Highness."

Fancy was surprised. It appeared that Connor knew about peerages and the place of Dukes in the Royal Family.

"I say such a polite fellow, but call me Fancy. Anypony who is a friend of the Princess is a friend of mine."

Connor felt pleased with himself, his parents had drilled into him from a young age the importance if using your P's and Q's. With calling Fancy' Your Royal Highness', he was only taking a line from the British Royal Family and its nobility. In the British Royal Family, Dukes are the highest ranking nobles with only the monarch above them.

"Then in that case it's a pleasure to meet you Fancy."

"I heard you have become the Wonderbolt's Events Manager."

"Yeah, I didn't plan on it but they made the offer and it sounded too good to pass up. I'm not sure if I'll be any good but Luna is going to be my consigliere."

"Consigliere?" asked Fancy, confused by the word.

"Yeah, it means counsellor. They give advice and guidance to their boss. It's a position of great respect and trust."

"It sounds fitting for Princess Luna. On the matter of your job, I was wondering if you'd be interested in discussing possible business ventures for the future. I have many contacts who I can put you in touch with and would be willing to sponsor the Wonderbolts, I hear you made your first sponsor already."

"Yeah, my sister's Fudge Shop."

"Yes, I read all about it in the papers. A most remarkable story indeed, why not visit my place one day and we can give our life stories. Bring your sister and marefriend as well, they can have a little girl time with Fleur here."

"Sure, I'd love to. I'll let the girls know."

"Excellent, I'll send an invoice to your office when I'm ready. In the meantime, enjoy the evening."

"I will do, it's been nice talking to you."

"Likewise my dear chap."

"Bye Fancy, you to Lady Dis Lee."

"Just call me Fleur my dear," she replied smiling, "Farewell handsome."

The two walked away to enjoy the party leaving a blushing Connor and amused Celestia together. They looked at each other silently, fully aware of what each other was thinking. Connor decided to break the silence.

"I'm really sorry about eating your cake," he said apologetically.

"Now now Connor, it's all in the past and forgotten about. Besides, I got even with you."

"How so?"

"Did you enjoy your spa treatment?" she asked smirking.

Now that he though about it, the spa treatment was a bit excessive. And the presence of guards at the spa doors now made sense.

"Well played Celestia, well played."

"Thank you my little human. I trust this means you will be more careful when choosing which cake to eat?"

"No, it means I'll have to be more careful to not get caught," he said with a smirk of his own before walking away.

He's just like Luna Celestia thought, secretly looking forward to any cake 'borrowing' he may try. She pondered whether she would need to increase security at the castle. Chuckling to herself she went over to the cakes and piled a plate high with sugary sweetness.

Connor made his way over to Vinyl Scratch at her DJ booth, gaining the mare's attention as he approached.

"Hey Vinyl," Connor said holding out his fist.

"Hey Connor," she replied bumping his fits with her hoof, "What brings over here?"

"Just wondering if you wanted to play some human music."

"Sure, any chance to listen to it I'll take it. Got anything good?"

"Lots of things," he replied, "I'll just need to fetch my laptop from my room."

Vinyl raised a hoof, "No need, I can magic it here."

Connor raised an eyebrow is surprise, "You can do that?"

"Sure I can, I do have above average magic capabilities."

Vinyl lit up her horn and on the table Connor's laptop appeared, "That's a pretty neat trick."

"Thanks, now come on Connor let's get wubba-dub dubbing."

Connor connected his laptop to Vinyl's sound system and brought up the music folders. He found a good song to start off with. 'Dancing Queen' by Abba. Connor started the song and almost immediately everypony in the room perked their ears up. After a minute several ponies made room for a makeshift dance floor and started dancing and singing to the song. How they knew the lyrics completely baffled Connor, but for the sake of his sanity he put it down to 'magic'.

Rarity, Cara, Misty Fly, Pinkie, Fleur, Lyra (who was also invited) and even Rainbow Dash were on the dancefloor singing and dancing along to 'Dancing Queen'.

Connor started to record on his phone. This was too good to pass up and would provide a good laugh in the future when reminiscing over old times. The ponies where all in perfect sync and more or less did the same moves as Frida and Agnetha in the music video.

After that song ended, more Abba sings where played and more ponies joined in the singing and dancing. The only ones who didn't join in where Fluttershy, Spitfire, Connor, Vulcan and the Princesses. Everyone was having a good times regardless, Soarin and Vulcan took a liking to Bon Jovi, Cara liked Aqua. Cara and Pinkie had a blast singing 'Barbie Girl'.

The ceremony went exceptionally well with Swift Wind enthusiastically showing the 'Bolts and Rainbow Dash his flying skills, promising to apply to join the Wonderbolts when he's old enough. He stuck close to Spitfire most of the time, she was his favourite Wonderbolt after all.

Swift Wind did hear about Connor's stay in hospital and though upset about it, was much happier now Connor had recovered. He really liked Connor's wings, saying they looked 'super awesome' and asked if he could see Connor again. Seeing no reason why not, Connor agreed and Swift Wind's parents said they'd make arrangements to have Connor over for tea one evening. Swift Wind almost burst with joy with the thought of Connor being in his home.

Sadly though, all good things must come to an end. It was getting late and Swift Wind, resting on his mothers back, had already fallen asleep.

"Thanks for being here tonight, I know Swift Wind enjoyed himself," Connor said to Swift Wind's mother.

"You're welcome deary, we're looking forward to having you round for tea."

"Any idea what you'll cook?"

"I'm not sure yet but I'll think of something."

"I'll look forward to it, anyway I won't keep you longer. Swift Wind needs to be in bed."

Looking back to the sleeping colt on her back, she smile, "Yeah the little dear's stayed up well past his bedtime. Goodnight Connor."

"Goodnight Blossom," Connor replied.

Blossom walked out with Swift Wind still asleep on her back, Connor and Thunder Flash (Swift Wind's father) exchanged farewells with mutual nods. Several of the other guests had left also including Lyra and the Wonderbolts except for Spitfire. Twilight and Co where wide awake though except for Spike who had fallen asleep.

Connor walked over to where Spitfire was sitting and sat down next to her, putting an arm around her and pulling her close. Spitfire muzzled his cheek before resting on his lap, shattered out from the partying.

"Hey Milkshake, you tired?"

A murmur from Spitfire confirmed it.

"How about we go to bed then?"

Spitfire smiled before answering softly and quietly, "I'd like that."

The two got up and started to leave the room. As they did Twilight and the gang approached.

"Hey girls, you OK?" asked Connor.

"We're fine thank you Connor," replied Twilight, "We had a great time tonight."

"So did we," replied Connor, "And thanks for the flight suit Rarity, it looks great."

"You're welcome darling, I thought you'd like it."

"Are there any rules on when you can wear the flight suit?" he asked turning to Spitfire.

"No, you can wear one whenever you want, I do. They're extremely comfortable to wear," she replied showing off her body.

Connor couldn't help but watch as Spitfire walked away, swishing her tail from left to right. As she did, Connor felt himself get warmer and turn a bright shade of red. Spitfire stopped and turned around, smirking at the sight of Connor.

"I take it you like what you see?" she asked smirking.


Spitfire pointed to his wings. He looked and saw that they had spread out. He tried folding them back in but they were like ironing boards.

"Why are my wings stiff?" he asked confused.

Suddenly Rainbow Dash burst into laughter, "YOU GOT A WING BONER!"

"Rainbow Dash must you be so vulgar!" lambasted Rarity.

Rainbow was too busy laughing to answer and Spitfire looked like she wanted to join in as well. Connor slowly connected the dots.

"A wing boner? You mean I....."

"Liked what you saw?" finished Spitfire seductively.

A blushing Connor attempted to speak but could only manage incoherent utterances, embarrassment severely limiting his ability to function. After a few seconds he finally out together a coherent sentence, "I think I'll just go now before I embarrass myself further. Night girls."

"Bye Connor," replied the girls.

Connor waved goodbye and hastily made his way out of the room, his wings not as stiff as before.

Spitfire chuckled and shook her head, "I've got myself quite a stallion haven't I."

The girls all agreed. Connor was quite an odd one and he seemed perfectly suited to Spitfire. The other Wonderbolts had seen a noticeable difference in Spitfire's happiness since she started a relationship with Connor, she was much more energetic and lively but still terrifying enough to keep the cadets on line.

Spitfire and the girls all said goodnight to each other and left for their respective rooms. Spitfire headed for Connor's bedroom as she would be sleeping with him again. She liked sleeping with Connor for obvious reasons but also because he was warm and squishy, that and she knew Connor liked her soft fur against his skin.

She made her way through the castle corridors towards his room, thoroughly looking forward to what lay ahead with herself and Connor. She decided to suggest to Connor about going 50/50 on a house in Cloudsdale for them both to use, he could still get his own place in Ponyville if he so wished but it would be nice and convenient to have a place closer to the academy.

She walked into the room and noticed Connor was resting in a chair, still in his Wonderbolts flight suit.

"Hey Sleepyhead."

"Hey Milkshake, I was waiting for you."

"Oh," she replied in surprise, "What for?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to bathe together."

The open mouth of Spitfire indicated she wasn't expecting that. Whilst it was common for ponies to bath together, mostly to help in hard to reach places like their back, she assumed Connor being a human that he would have different customs.

"Bathe together?"

"Yeah, on Earth people in relationships sometimes bathe together. Is that not done here?"

"Ponies do but it's quite common. I'm guessing bathing together is more intimate than on Earth?"

"Yeah, you don't have to though I was just-"

Connor felt a hoof press against his lips, "I'd love to bathe with you."

"Thanks Spits."

The two walked into the adjacent bathroom and started to undress, both of them carefully removing their flight suits and putting them to the side. They're not cheap to make so each flight suit has to be treat with care. After about a minute or so the bath was filled and the two got in. The bath was huge and easily held both Connor and Spitfire.

Connor took a sponge a lathered it in with shampoo. He slowly washed Spitfire who stood still as Connor washed her down, slowly making clockwise motions as he moved across her body. Spitfire showed no signs of discomfort and seemed to be enjoying it.

"You OK Spits?"

"I feel great, you're doing good."

"Thanks," Connor replied, continuing to wash Spitfire.

After finishing her body including wings, he washed her mane and tail. Spitfire looked a different mare with her mane down, she didn't look half as terrifying.

"Your mane looks good when it's down like that. You don't look scary at all."

Spitfire looked straight at Connor and narrowed her eyes.

Connor laughed a little and booped her nose.

Spitfire narrowed her eyes more making the water seem to freeze over, "Did you just boop my nose?"

"Yes. I. Did," he replied, accentuating each word with a nose boop.

Spitfire kept her unamused expression for a few more seconds before bursting into laughter, "You can be really random at times."

"It's nice to see you laugh, I wouldn't let the cadets see you laugh though. They may think you've gone soft."

"There's no chance of that happening."

"Indeed not."

Connor finished washing Spitfire and turned around so that Spitfire could clean his wings. He leant over the corner of the bath and spread his wings out. Connor could feel Spitfire's hooves go to work on his wings, her hooves gently caressing his feathery appendages with feather conditioners and shampoo. She cleaned both of his wings including their undersides and cleaned his back also.

A short while later, Spitfire finished, "There, nice and clean."

"Thank you Milkshake, now how about we dry ourselves off and then snuggle up in bed."

Spitfire's eyes lit up, "I'd say yes to that, snuggles sound nice."

The two dried each other off and Connor out on some pyjama bottoms, made by Rarity, and got into bed. Spitfire also got in and snuggled up to Connor, enjoying his warm squishy body. Both quickly fell into a very restful sleep and started to share an exceptionally rare occurrence.

A shared dream.

When they happened it was usually between lovers. They were so rare Luna could recall each and every one, all thirty-two of them. Connor's and Spitfire's was the 33rd.

Luna watched a bit of the dream incognito before leaving. She didn't need to witness it all, primarily because it was exceptionally inconsiderate to intrude on such an intimate moment.

She would be on standby just in case and make sure nothing disturbed the shared dream.

Luna was also very excited at working with Connor as his consigliere. She liked the title. It sounded so much better than 'advisor' or 'assistant'. She had a few contacts herself and with her skills in logistics and finances she could help Connor make the Wonderbolts and exceptionally profitable outfit.

That and she could sneak Celestia's cakes out of the castle and give them to Connor.

Deciding she would do that she made her way to the throne room to begin Night Court. She began drawing up plans for Connor to consider. She wouldn't do his job for him nor would she decide things for him, but what she would do is guide him in the same way Celestia guides Twilight.

Connor would be like a student to her.

Luna felt elated at the thought of Connor being her student.

Surely it would be OK if we could make it official, we're sure Tia wouldn't mind, she though to herself.

She decided to discuss it Celestia in the morning. Regardless of what happens, Connor was one of her bestest friends and she would help him no matter what. If he was a really good student, she might even share her Jammie Dodgers.

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