• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 36 - Visitors II

"How is he Doctor?"

"Minor burns on his abdomen from the lightning bolt, multiple charred feathers including primaries and burning on his wing. There's also these strange markings left in his skin by the strike that look like lightning marks themselves."

Luna looked to where the doctor was pointing and grimaced. It was indeed similar looking to a lightning bolt and they covered most of his upper left arm and chest.

"Shouldn't his natural magic have redirected the bolt?" she asked.

"In ponies, it would. But Connor is unique. What we're seeing is likely normal for humans who are struck by lightning. He may be able to tell us more when he wakes up."

"How long do you think that will be?"

"Several hours at least."

"Inform me at once when he does."

"Yes ma'am."

"What of Rainbow Dash?" Luna asked, before looking over to the sleeping mare in the room opposite.

"She's fine, just exhausted from trying to contain the storm and from carrying Connor."

"Very well. I shall leave you to your work now Doctor. Good night."

"Good night Princess."

Before she left the infirmary however, she passed the burnt and ripped Wonderbolt flightsuit that Connor had been wearing. Where the lightning had struck there was now a large hole and electrical treeing had scorched up along the torso and down the left thigh. Sadly, the flightsuit was beyond repair.

Beside it where the charred feathers that had to be pulled out of Connor's wings, no fewer than a dozen of them. It would be weeks before Connor would be able to fly again, let alone them fully growing back.

Luna left the doctor with Connor and began to make her way back to the castle where Elizabeth was being consoled by Celestia. She did not know why Connor decided to fly home to Cloudsdale given that the storm as scheduled, perhaps Connor forgot, but that still doesn't explain the ferocity of the storm. An investigation would be launched to find out why the storm grew out of control and so quickly, and should it be discovered it was deliberate then the one(s) responsible would be punished severely.

An innocent being almost lost his life and was only saved by the fast flying of his friend, who wasn't even scheduled to be working tonight. She was called in in an emergency measure to help bring the storm back under control.

It wasn't long before she reached the castle and her sister's bedroom. Instead of going in through the front doors, she flew straight to the balcony where she walked straight in and saw a crying Elizabeth being consoled by Celestia. Elizabeth was crying into Celestia's chest as Celestia draped a wing around her. It was then she saw Luna had entered.

"Luna, how is Connor?"

Elizabeth looked up at the mention of her brother's name.

"He is sleeping. The doctor says he has minor burns on his abdomen, charred feathers that had to be removed and second degree burns on his wings. The doctor will inform us at once when Connor wakes up."

"What of Rainbow Dash?"

"She's OK, just exhausted and currently sleeping."

"Can I see him when he wakes up?" Elizabeth cried.

"Of course you can," Celestia replied softly, before turning back to Luna, "Has Spitfire been informed?"

"I have sent one of my guards to inform her immediately."

"Good. Please let me know when she arrives."

"Of course."


Spitfire, Stormy Flare, Cara and Lightning Skies were resting in their hotel room high above the streets of Fillydelphia, exhausted from a busy day shopping and maxing the limits on their credit cards. Spitfire in particular was on her bed resting on her back with her wings spread out; the bed itself was surrounded by shopping bags filled with the latest in fashion, some new gadgets and some gifts for Connor.

"That was exhausting," she said, "I feel like I've flown the obstacle course at the academy."

"Well you insisted on visiting almost every shop dear," Stormy Flare replied, "And seemingly buying something from each of them."

"I felt like pampering myself for once," Spitfire replied, sitting up and folding her wings in, "I don't often have a chance."

"You could take more time off you know," Lightning said, "You are in charge after all."

"Which is precisely why I can't just take time off whenever I want, it would be abusing my position and authority."

"I think you're more afraid of Soarin spending the entire Wonderbolt budget on pies."

"Soarin's pie spending habits have been dealt with. There is now a strict budget in place."

"What about Connor buying tea?" asked Cara, "Plantations can't grow tea fast enough with the amount he drinks."

"Him and Princess Celestia," added Spitfire, "I think between the two of them they account for most of the tea bought and consumed in Equestria."

"I wouldn't be surprised if he's having tea with her now."

"Maybe," replied Spitfire, "But I know he'll have been at the academy doing some paperwork regarding finances. Paying wages and ordering new flightsuits and such."

"How is he at it?" asked Cara.

"Rather good actually. He still asks for Luna's help occasionally but we've little reason to be concerned about the Wonderbolts going bust."

Just then there was a series of hard knocks at the door. The mares in the room all turned their heads to the door in curiosity.

"I wonder who that could be," Stormy said, walking over.

Opening the door, she was taken back slightly by the appearance of a Thestral dressed in the armour of Luna's Night Guard.

"May I help you?" asked Stormy.

"I have been sent by her highness Princess Luna to relay a message to Group Captain Spitfire."

The mention of her name got Spitfire's full attention. Getting up and hopping off of the bed, she walked over to the door, joining her mother and the guard.

"What's up?" asked Spitfire.

The guard turned to Spitfire, "Group Captain, I have been instructed to inform you that there has been an incident involving you fiancée."

"Incident?" Spitfire repeated, her voice quavering having noted the serious look and tone of the guard's voice.

"Yes ma'am. Your fiancée was flying towards Cloudsdale when he was struck by lightning."

Spitfire felt all her fur stand on end, realising the seriousness of what she had heard. She remembers Connor once telling her what can happen to humans who are struck by lightning and the thought of what could happen to Connor gave Luna a busy night.

Now her worst nightmares were really happening. Trembling in fear, her legs began to shake and her eyes began to tear up.

"No, it can't be true!" Spitfire replied, beginning to shake her head.

"I'm afraid it is ma'am."

Spitfire's emotional dam burst and the tears began to flow. She went weak at the knees and collapsed to the floor and was quickly consoled by her sister and mother. Cara meanwhile, was fighting to hold back the tears herself. Trembling at the knees as she approached the guard, she couldn't help but think back to what Connor had also told her about lightning and what it can do to humans.

The horrid thought of losing her brother, for good, so soon after being reunited with him was almost too much for her too take. The only reason why she managed to keep a lid on things was because she needed to be strong for herself and Spitfire, and find out exactly what happened to Connor; and how serious his condition is.

"Do you know his condition?"

The guard shook his head, "I regret I do not. I was told only that he had been struck by lightning and that he was receiving emergency treatment."


"Canterlot Royal Infirmary."

"Then that's where I'm going."

Everypony turned to Spitfire who was now walking over to her bed. She opened one of her bags which contained her raincoat and began to put it on.

"Spitfire darling," her mother started, "I know you're worried about Connor but flying in this weather is dangerous. Even for you."

"I don't care, I need to be at Connor's side right now," she cried out, zipping up her coat.

The others watched on as she began making her way to the door, unsure if they should stop her. Before she left the room though, Spitfire felt a hoof on her shoulder. Turning around she saw her mother.

"Just be careful dear," her mother said, giving her a nuzzle, "I don't want you to become a patient as well."

"I'll be careful mum, don't worry about me," she cried out softly.

Spitfire turned to leave and as soon as the guard stood aside she bolted out of the room in a flash. Looking out of the window, the others saw Spitfire take to the skies, leaving behind her a smoke trail.

"Should we go after her?" asked Cara.

"No," replied Stormy, "There's a storm scheduled for Fillydelphia soon, we should stay here."

"What about Spits?" asked Lightning.

"She can take care of herself," Stormy replied before turning to the guard, "But would you be able to see that she arrives in Canterlot safely?"

"Of course ma'am, we're here to serve."

The guard wasted no time and immediately left the mares and was soon taking to the skies above Fillydelphia, watched on by the others.

"Do you think Connor will be OK?" asked Cara, her voice quavering slightly.

Lightning walked over to Cara and wrapped her hooves around her, pulling her in for a hug, "He'll be OK. He'll soon recover and be flying again in no time."

Cara nodded gently, hoping desperately that would be the case; but the nagging feeling that her brother would be permanently hurt or worse dampened her hopes.


Spitfire was panting furiously as she ran into the hospital lobby, exhausted from flying as fast as her wings would take her; reaching Canterlot in record time. Looking around to see if anyone was on duty, she saw ponies attending the reception desk. She ran up to the desk and slammed her hooves on the table, startling the unsuspecting ponies in the process.

"Oh my!" one of the nurses exclaimed.

He turned around to see Spitfire sweating and panting, "What ever's the matter?"

"Where's...my...colt...friend?" Spitfire asked between breaths.

"Your coltfriend?" the nurse asked, not understanding what Spitfire was asking.

"He's been brought here, hasn't he? Big hairless ape with big red wings?"

The nurse face-hoofed, "Of course, my apologies. It's been a long day. Your coltfriend is in a private room on the tenth floor, but I'm afraid visiting hours are over."

"But I must see him!" Spitfire cried.

"I'm sorry," the nurse replied apologetically, "But-

"It's quite alright nurse, she can see him."

Everypony looked over to see another pony approach, a unicorn mare with a stethoscope around her neck.

"Doctor Lovegood!" the nurse yelped, almost standing to attention.

"At ease nurse, Princess Luna gave Group Captain Spitfire permission to visit after hours."

"OK," the nurse replied before turning to Spitfire, "Sorry ma'am, I was just following hospital rules."

"Don't worry about it kid," a calmer Spitfire replied, "Apology accepted."

"You can go on up Group Captain, he's in room 121."

Spitfire wasted no time a flew away, leaving the doctor and nurses behind. Not bothering with the slower lift, she flew rapidly up the stairwells to the tenth floor before frantically looking for signs indicating where Connor's room was.

Soon finding it on a sign hanging from the ceiling, she followed where the direction arrow was pointing and galloped there as fast as she could.

Finding the room, she burst open the door and froze in horror at the sight before her.

Her fiancée laid upon the bed with missing feathers and charred wings along with bandages covering his left arm and torso. A drip feed was attached to his arm along with other various monitoring equipment, of which included a heart monitor that was beeping steadily.

Just remember human hearts beat faster than pony hearts when resting, Spitfire thought to herself.

She approached the bed, closing the door behind her, and hopped up so that she was resting her front half on the bed side. Being careful not to catch any of the wires, she leaned in close and gently nuzzled Connor.

"You big dumb ape!" she whispered harshly, "Why did you fly into a thunderstorm?! You stupid. Big. Dumb. Ape!"

Spitfire slumped down to Connor's side, still nuzzling him, and cried softly into his neck.


The bright morning sun shined through the window of Connor's hospital room as he and Spitfire, who while she was sleeping during the night, was moved to a chair and covered in a blanket; slept peacefully. A stark contrast to just a few hours ago.

The door opened and in walked the same nurse from the night before. He pushed along a trolley with his magic up to Connor's bedside, and hopping up and resting his fore hooves on the bed, he attempted to wake Connor up.

"Mr Wakefield," the nurse said.

No response from Connor.

"Mr Wakefield," the nurse said a little louder.

Connor began to stir and slowly opened his eyes, his blurry vision eventually coming into focus. The first thing he saw was the golden-yellow fur and fiery mane and tail of a familiar looking pony, curled up on a chair in front of the window.

Looking around the room and taking in the smell, he finally noticed the nurse standing beside him.

I'm in hospital again.

"Hey," Connor said.

"How are you feeling Mr Wakefield?"

"Sore, especially my wings. What happened?"

"You were struck by lightning last night. You were saved from falling to your death by Rainbow Dash and she brought you here."

"Rainbow.....saved me?"

The nurse nodded, "She collapsed in the foyer after we took you off her hooves, but don't worry; she's OK. She resting in the room opposite."

"I'd like to see her if that's OK?"

"There'll be plenty of time for that Mr Wakefield, what you need to do now is rest."

"Fine, could you tell me what exactly happened to me though? I feel like there's a few feathers missing."

"There is."

Connor's eyes nearly popped out of his skull and the only thing stopping his wings from springing out where the tightly wrapped bandages.

"What do you mean 'there is'?"

"The lightning strike severely burned some of your feathers. Removing them was the only option. They will eventually grow back but you'll be limited on your flying ability until they do. You also suffered some minor burns to your skin from the lightning."

"Anything else?"

"The flightsuit you were wearing."

"What about it?"

"It was totally destroyed in the strike. We have what's left of it but I'm afraid it's beyond repair."

Connor felt like he'd been punched in the gut with a knuckle duster. That particular flight suit was the very first one, the one that Spitfire had Rarity make especially for him. Yes he had others, but that particular one had sentimental value to it. The others he had just didn't feel the same.

"Well....." Connor replied glumly, looking down, "I suppose I should be grateful that and a few feathers were all I lost. Anything else?"

"No. I shall inform the doctor you're awake, but in the meantime you need to rest."

"Are Luna and Celestia aware of what happened?"

"Yes, they have requested to be updated in your condition. Princess Luna I believe wishes to talk to you about what happened, so we know more of what happened."

"That's fine, do my friends from Ponyville know? What about my family?"

"They are aware. I believe your Ponyville friends are coming this afternoon, at least they're on the list of expected arrivals."

"And my family?"

"They're coming too, but tonight."

Connor simply nodded and looked over to his sleeping fiancée, who was still curled up fast asleep.

"How's Spitfire?"

"She's OK, just very worried about you. She actually fell asleep right beside you in the bed, we moved her to the chair as it was safer for her."

"Can she stay here when she wakes up?"

The nurse nodded, "Of course. Now, would you like anything for breakfast?"

"Just some corn flakes with sugar and a glass of orange juice please. And for Spitfire some waffles with maple syrup and black coffee."

"I shall inform the kitchen, until later Mr Wakefield."

"See you later."

The nurse left and closed the door, leaving Connor to lie back in bed and relax once more. His thoughts soon drifted back to the night before. He was due to go with Celestia to see the ballet but due to Elizabeth's appearance, Celestia agreed to going another night so Connor could reunite with Elizabeth.

He shuddered to think of how she might be feeling right now.

Just as soon as they're reunited they were almost separated again.

Had that bolt of lightning been any more powerful, or had Rainbow not got to him in time; then that separation may have been a bit more permanent than anyone would want.

He went over the events of the lightning strike again and again, remembering as he tried to fly faster to get out of the storm and attempting to dodge the lightning bolts. The pain all over his body and wings, and the noticeable lack of feathers reminded him he wasn't quite fast enough.

Should have asked for some painkillers, thought Connor.

Connor suddenly heard some low moaning noises from Spitfire. Looking over he saw as she slowly began to wake up, blinking her eyes a few times as her vision came into focus.

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with a hoof, Spitfire drowsily looked over to Connor and a feeling of euphoria overwhelmed her as she realised that Connor was not only awake, but looking right at her.

"Hey Milkshake, miss me?"

Spitfire immediately launched herself from the chair and flew over to Connor, wrapping her hooves around his neck and pulling herself close into him.

"You stupid stupid stupid ape! Why did you fly in that storm?!"

Expecting this response, a sigh escaped Connor's lips and his shoulders slumped, "I knew there was a storm scheduled, but it was not meant to be that powerful. I wouldn't have flown in it otherwise."

"I know, but didn't you think of flying back?"

"I was closer to Cloudsdale so I thought that I might as well continue."

"The storm was at its worst in Cloudsdale," Spitfire replied, letting go of Connor and sitting back on the bed, "You should have flown back. What is it you say? 'The longest way round is the shortest way home'?"

"I suppose it was pretty dumb looking back."

"Pretty dumb?"

"OK, it was very stupid."

"Yes it was, have you any idea how scared I was when the guard came and told us of what happened?" Spitfire asked with a noticeable rise in her voice.


"And when I saw you last night, laying in this bed attached to machines? I was afraid you might never wake up!"

"I'm sorry Spitfire," Connor replied glumly, looking down at the bed.

"I know, but let's not get too worked up about it. You're safe now, and all that matters," She replied leaning forward and giving Connor a hug and nuzzling his cheek, "Just don't do it again."

"I won't."

"Or I'll see to it that Matron will tend to your care needs."

Connor's eyes went wide in unremitting horror as spine chilling fear overwhelmed him.


Afternoon arrived and Connor was still in bed, reading one of the day's newspaper. Spitfire had returned to the Academy to fill the other Wonderbolts in on events, and of Connor's condition.

As Connor was reading, the door opened. Looking up from his paper he saw his Ponyville friends walk in except for Rainbow Dash.

"Hey guys," Connor said, "Nice to see you."

The girls stopped in their tracks.

"You're awake?!" Twilight asked half excitedly, half shocked, "But how?! From what Rainbow told us you were hit with at least a 100,000 volt lightning strike!"

"Well I am part pegasus," h replied casually, "That probably helped prevent worse damage."

"That's highly likely," Twilight replied, approaching the bed, "But at least you're OK."

The other girls too sat around the bed in a semi-circle, all facing Connor.

"How are you feeling now Connor?" asked Fluttershy.

"Better, but still in some pain. But there is one thing you should know"

"Oh? What is that?"

"The flightsuit Rarity made for me, the very first one.....I was wearing it when I was hit."

"It's been damaged hasn't it?"

"Not exactly.....it was destroyed by the strike."

A forlorn looking Fluttershy scuffed the floor with a hoof and her head dropped, "Oh.....well I'm sorry to hear that, but don't worry about it Connor. That you're OK is far more important. The flightsuit being destroyed, while disappointing, is trivial in comparison to your well being."

"Pity it's ruined though. I liked that one."

"Perhaps, but natural wear and tear would have taken its effects over time anyway."

"I suppose so. How's Rainbow?"

"She's OK," replied Fluttershy, "She's worried about you though."

"Is she still here?"

"Yes, but the doctors wanted to keep her in until tomorrow just to be sure she's OK."

"Better safe than sorry. So, anything interesting been happening in Ponyville recently?"

"Just the same as usual," replied Twilight, "You know how Ponyville is. How about you? Have you been busy?"

"Studies and work mostly. I was doing the numbers yesterday at the Academy, expenses and wages and what not. The amount of money the Wonderbolts spend is eye watering. Not helped at all by Soarin's pie addiction. I also sent an order to Rarity to make myself more flightsuits."

"You have Rarity make ya flightsuits?"

Connor nodded, "Mine need to be specially made given my unique physical shape. Rarity has been given an official Wonderbolt licence to make them. And given that Rarity had my measurements it made sense to let her make them."

"Well," Applejack started, "If yer want help with keepin' the cost of pies down, ah don't mind supplying a few pies."

"Are you sure you could provide enough? Wonderbolt Air Shows are huge events with tens of thousands ponies attending. Even though only a small minority will have apple pies you might only be able to do the odd show here and there."

"That's fine with me."

"Well we'll have to discuss it in more detail some time, when I've recovered."

"Sure thing partner."

Just then the door opened and in walked Rarity and Elizabeth, the latter still wearing the dress from the night before. Her hair though was dishevelled and her tiara was out of place.

"Elizabeth," Connor said, "What are you doing here?"

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, "Seeing you you big dolt!"

Elizabeth walked over to the bedside and leaned over, giving her brother a hug, "Why did you go out in that storm? You should have stayed at the castle!"

"Spitfire said pretty much the same thing."

"She's a smart mare. Unlike her dork of a boyfriend."

Elizabeth let go and sat on the bed at Connor's left side, close to the head end, "Seriously though, are you OK?"

Connor nodded, "I'm feeling a bit better than this morning. Still a little sore though."

"I'm not surprised. I think I would be if I was struck by lightning," Elizabeth replied before looking over and finally noticing the others.

"Are you Connor's friends?"

Twilight stood forward, "We are indeed. There's another one of his friends in the next room. Rainbow Dash, she's the one that saved Connor."

"I'll have to thank her when I see her up and about. I'm Elizabeth by the way, but I've already met Rarity. She made me the dress I'm wearing now."

"Wow!" Fluttershy said happily, flying over and getting a closer look, "It looks really pretty on you."

"Thank you. You must be Fluttershy," Elizabeth replied, getting down form the bed and kneeling down to Fluttershy's level, "Connor's told me about you all."

"He has? Did he tell you I love animals?"

"He did, I'm an animal lover myself."

"You love animals?" Fluttershy asked, barely containing her joy.

Elizabeth nodded, "My favourite is my pet bunny called Brownie."

"I have a bunny too!" Fluttershy said excitedly, "His name's Angel."

"I'd love to meet him."

"You must come over, I'll introduce you to all of my animal friends."

"I can't wait," Elizabeth replied, surprising Fluttershy with a hug.

Fluttershy yelped quietly but made no move to get away, instead she stood still and welcomed the embrace and in doing so felt an odd sensation overcome her; like a feeling of safety and acceptance.

Elizabeth let go and stood back up, looking over at the others, oblivious to the now blushing Fluttershy, "So, I've met Rarity and now Fluttershy. Who are the rest of you?"

"I'm Twilight Sparkle."

"I'm Applejack," she said giving a tip of her hat.

"AND I'M PINKIE PIE!" she said bouncing up to Elizabeth and giving Elizabeth a bone crushing hug.

It scares how much like Angela she is.

Pinkie quickly found herself enveloped in a magical aura and placed back on the ground.

"Pinkie Pie!" Twilight said, "What did we tell you about hugging creatures when you first see them?"

Pinkie groaned and rolled her eyes, "You said not to do it."

"Don't worry Pinkie," Elizabeth quickly added, "It was just unexpected."

"Elizabeth darling, if you like I can tidy your mane for you?" Rarity asked, getting out a brush, "It's looking a little frazzled."


Elizabeth walked around the bed and sat down on the floor, allowing Rarity easier access to her hair, and was quickly followed by Fluttershy who sat down next to her.

"Just do what you can with it," Elizabeth said, "It doesn't have to be anything fancy."

"Nonsense darling, a beautiful mare in a beautiful dress requires a beautiful mane."

"You can do that right here?" asked Elizabeth.

"Of course I can."

While Rarity saw to Elizabeth, the other girls turned their attention back to Connor.

"How have your studies been going Connor?" asked Twilight.

"Well enough, it's a little hard at times but Luna's a great teacher."

"I know what you mean. Sometimes I struggled too, but with Princess Celestia's guidance, I managed to get through it."

"I've four more years of it yet, and there's no guarantee that I'll pass."

"Pass what?" asked Elizabeth, "What is it you're studying?"

"A Masters Degree programme that lasts four years in Business Management."

"You never wanted to go to Uni before. What changed your mind?"

Connor shrugged his shoulders, "I'm not sure. Maybe having opportunities here that I didn't have in England, people here not attempting to subtly force me into doing what I don't want to."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Twilight.

Connor sighed deeply and rubbed his forehead with his fingers, "Sometimes I felt certain people wilfully prevented me from trying to get somewhere in life. Every time I applied for a job I was rejected but the RAF, which my fake father served in, always tried to recruit me."

An uneasy silence permeated around the room with the girls all sharing awkward glances, Elizabeth in particular looking guilty and regretful.

"Didn't you ever consider joining?" asked Fluttershy.

"No," Connor replied with a decisive shake of his head, "It was pretty obvious it's what Alexander wanted, and that was to join the RAF where he could keep a close eye on me in case you know what happened."

"Are you sure that's what it is?" asked Twilight, "It seems pretty far fetched that he would go to that length."

Twilight then turned to Elizabeth, "What about you, did your father do the same with you?"

"No, at least I don't think so. I was due to start University this autumn but my being here has put an end to that."

"What were you going to study?"

"I was going to become a veterinarian."

"You can still become one," Fluttershy replied, turning around and getting a little closer to Elizabeth, "There's a specialist veterinary college in Baltimare where you can get your degree and licence."

"I'll have a look into it," replied Elizabeth. She then turned her attention back to her brother, "Connor, I know you think dad was against you; but could we not get into an argument about that now?"

"Sorry, now's not the time," he said trying to make himself more comfortable by sitting up.

As he did so he jolt of pain shot up his back and along where his wings connect, causing him to grunt and wince in pain.

"Connor!" Fluttershy cried, flying over to him, "Don't try to move like that, you're hurt and you could loosen your bandages!"

Fluttershy fluffed up his pillows and gently laid him back down on the bed, "You need to stay still and rest. If your back is hurting I'll go and find a nurse and see if they have any painkillers."

Connor nodded and Fluttershy flew away to find a nurse, leaving him with his sister and friends.

"How did you lot hear about what happened anyway?" asked Connor.

"I was with Princess Celestia when a guard burst into the room," replied Elizabeth, "She was going over some plans for how to introduce me to Equestria, and where I would stay in the meantime."

"You introduced yourself by chasing a pony around and trying to hug him."

"Something I succeeded in," she replied with a cheeky grin.

"What about the rest of you?" asked Connor.

"I received a scroll from Princess Celestia," replied Twilight, "As soon as I heard I gathered up my friends and we headed to Canterlot on the chariot provided by the Princess."

"And you came here as soon as you were allowed?"

Twilight nodded, "We weren't expecting you to be awake though? Or be so alert and seemingly unfazed by what happened."

"Well I've been reading that Pegasi can withstand a larger voltage than non-pegasi, that and it's not the first time I've been in a world of pain."

"You've been hurt before?"

Connor nodded, "I cracked my skull open once, when I was very young."

The ponies in the room went went eyed in horror, and Rarity even dropped her hairbrush in the process.

"It's true," said Elizabeth, "I've seen the x-rays. It happened before I was born though."

"How did it happen?" Twilight asked worriedly, approaching the bed and resting a hoof on his chest, "Are you OK?"

"Calm down Twilight," Connor replied, gently removing her hoof, "It happened twenty years ago. But as for how it happened.....it was my own stupid fault."

"What happened?"

"I was swinging about side to side on a chair when on one swing I went to far and kept going, where my head made contact with a radiator knob. I can even hear the sound of my skull cracking just thinking about it."

Each of his pony friends seemed to go a shade lighter, an oblivious Connor however continued his graphic description.

"Even the blood trickling down my head and neck."

Fortunately for the ponies, and Elizabeth, the door opened to reveal Fluttershy returning followed by the same nurse from before. Fluttershy sat down back next to Elizabeth and only then noticed her friends, all of whom had gone a pale shade of green.

"Why do you girls look sick?" Fluttershy asked.

"Connor told them about when he cracked his skull open," Elizabeth replied.

"Oh that? Connor has already told me about that."

"He did?"

Fluttershy nodded, "He told me when he once helped me with my animals."

"I remember," Connor said, butting in, "Help I could have given more easily had that furry little bas-"

"Excuse me," the nurse said, "I have some painkillers for you, from the doctor."

The nurse trotted over and used his magic to levitate two tablets over to Connor along with a glass of water. Connor took the water and tablets and took them quickly, eager to dull the pain in his back. He put the empty glass on his bedside table and relaxed into the bed once more.

"That should help things a little," Connor said.

"They'll take roughly fifteen minutes to take effect," said the nurse, "I'll return now to my rounds, if you need me or a colleague, just call for us."

"Will do," Connor replied.

The nurse left the room and closed the door behind him, giving the gang privacy once more.

"So," Connor started, "What are you all doing when you leave?"

"I'll probably pay my family a visit," replied Twilight, "I haven't seen them in a while. The rest of you are free to join me if you like, my parents won't mind."

"I'd love to meet your parents," Fluttershy replied.

"I believe I'll visit the fashion shops and see what the latest trends are in Canterlot," Rarity replied, finishing up tidying Elizabeth's hair and setting her tiara back in place, "There you are darling."

"Thank you Rarity, much appreciated," Elizabeth replied, before turning to Twilight, " I'll think I'll stay here a bit longer with Connor. We still have some catching up to do."

"Very well," replied Twilight, "I'll let the nurses know. It was nice meeting you Elizabeth."

The other girls nodded in agreement.

"It's been nice meeting all of you as well."

"Bye Twilight," Connor said.

"Bye Connor, get well soon."

The other ponies joined suit and wished Connor a speedy recovery and soon began leaving while Elizabeth went to sit on the side of the bed.

"Are you coming Fluttershy?" asked Twilight.

Fluttershy, who was lost in thought looking at Elizabeth, looked over to her friends and back to Elizabeth, and then back to the girls, "Of course, sorry."

She trotted over to the door and followed her friends out, bidding Connor and Elizabeth another farewell on the way out.

"Are you OK Fluttershy?" asked Pinkie, "Your cheeks are as red as Big Mac."

"Oh are they?!" Fluttershy worriedly replied, holding a hoof up to one of her cheeks.

"They totally are!"

"Calm down Pinkie," Twilight said.

Fluttershy slowly followed her friends and after a few moments, Rarity approached her; making sure to be out of earshot of the others.

"If you ever want my help Fluttershy, don't be afraid to ask."

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