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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 19 - The Law Bows To No-one

The furious Matron took Blueblood in her magic and stormed out of the room. Her hooves pounded the floor, the corridors amplifying the sound so much one could be mistaken for thinking a thunderstorm was inside the castle. She levitated him through the castle, with him screaming and yelling along the way, and burst into the throne room.......whilst court was still in session......with several high ranking nobles. Ignoring the nobles she marched, still seething, towards a shocked looking Princess Celestia slammed the still screaming Blueblood on the ground.

"BE SILENT!" the Matron yelled at him, her voice echoing throughout the throne room sounding very much like the RCV.

He immediately shut up and didn't move a muscle.

"Princess Celestia," started the Matron venomously, "I have just caught this pony treating one of my patients in an extremely humiliating and demeaning manner. He outright assaulted my patient and continued to abuse my patient even when my patient showed extreme distress!"

Celestia looked away from the seething Matron and towards Blueblood before turning back to Matron.

"Am I right to assume the patient in question to be my personal friend?"

"Yes Princess."

Celestia turned back to Blueblood, "Do you deny these accusations?"

"That filthy ape is good only for amusing nobles and Royalty like me. It should be put in a zoo where it belongs," Blueblood replied, quickly back to his arrogant self-absorbed self, "I fail to see what the problem is. Just lock that filthy creature in a cage and forget it even exists."

Celestia was apocalyptically furious, even some of the more snooty nobles like Jet Set and Upper Crust were appalled. The Matron was glaring daggers and flaring teeth at him, and Princess Celestia looking equally terrifying with wings flared and stood high above on the throne's pedestal.

Blueblood continued his snobbish stance as the Solar Diarch looked down upon him.

"I shall interpret your answer as confirmation you committed the acts stated."

"So what, you can't do anything to me. I'm Royalty."

"Oh yes I can do something," she replied coldly, "GUARDS!"

Several guards from inside the throne room ran over to the Princess and awaited their next command.

"Take Blueblood to the dungeons. He will remain there until his trial. He is to be treated in the same manner as any other prisoner and is not afforded any special treatment," she ordered as she placed a Horn Dampener on Blueblood, "Take him away."

The guards saluted and as Celestia expected, Blueblood put up a fight and fought back against the guards. He deliberately hit several of the guards before he felt himself in Luna's magical aura.


Blueblood scoffed, "What are you going to do about it, Nightmare Moon?"

This remark was enough to cause Luna to drop her magical grip on Blueblood. Her vision blurred as the tears started to flow. She ran out if the throne room crying her eyes out quickly followed by her Thestral Guards and a few Solar Guards.

Celestia called out to in vain her little sister before turning her attention back to Blueblood. The glare she gave him put a shiver down the spine of every pony in the room, even the Matron. Everypony except Blueblood that is.

"What? Too soon?" he asked condescendingly.

"BE SILENT!" bellowed a furious Celestia.


Everypony in the throne room was watching in a mix of fear and awe of the spectacle before them.


"Whatever. I'll get off with everything made against me."

Celestia could feel the veins in her head on the brink of blowing. Fortunately for her, and by extension all of Equestria, she refrained from incinerating Blueblood to ashes where he stood.

She watched as the guards quickly shackled his hooves together and dragged him to the dungeons.

This day would live long in the memory for the guards. They would be able to tell their grandchildren of this day.

Celestia watched as Blueblood was dragged away before turning her attention to the nobles in the throne room.

"I am truly sorry you had too see that but such behaviour will not be accepted or tolerated. If there is no more business to discuss I will adjourn the session."

Celestia looked around the room and saw no hooves raised indicating no more issues to discuss. She smiled internally.

"In that case Court is adjourned and I shall see you next time."

The nobles all made their way out of the throne room and went about their business. Celestia walked slowly over to her throne and sat down, exhausted from the Parliamentary session and the incident with Blueblood. She would make sure to help herself to some extra cake tonight to help feel better. Cake always makes her feel better.

"Excuse me Princess."

Celestia looked up to see a friendly face.

"Yes, how can I help you Duke Fancy Pants?"

"I was just wandering if I could meet this Connor fellow, he sounds like a rather interesting chap."

Celestia smiled, Fancy Pants would indeed be a great friend to Connor and vice versa. Fancy could be instrumental in helping Connor associate with the nobility and making powerful connections that could assist Connor in his new job.

"I see no reason why not but I will have to ask him first."

"I understand Princess," replied Fancy, "I shall bid you farewell Princess."

"Likewise Lord Fancy Pants."

Fancy Pants bowed to Celestia and walked out of the throne room. Celestia sighed and made her way out of the throne room through a side door to make her way to her sisters room. She was livid with Blueblood for calling her that. Luna was very sensitive on the matter and was deeply regretful of her actions as that. Luna is one of the kindest ponies there is but most if not all of her subjects are afraid of her.

The arrival of Connor who treated her like any other pony, meant more to Luna than Connor will ever realise. Ever since her return she has desperately wanted a friend to socialise with. The only ponies who would bother with her where herself and the Thestral Guards. Whilst it helped somewhat, ponies where still afraid of her and wouldn't see her during Night Court making Luna feel inadequate and unwanted.

Before Celestia knew it she was outside Luna's bedroom, Thestral Guards stood outside trying to enter to comfort their Princess.

"Princess please let us in, we're worried about you," pleaded Captain Star Gazer.


"That's not true Princess," replied the Captain, "There are many ponies who like you."


Captain Star Gazer and Princess Celestia looked at each other sympathetically. Star Gazer made way for Celestia who tried to open the door with her magic but any attempt proved fruitless.


"I'm worried about you Lulu," she replied gently, "Let me in to talk to you."


Her crying could still be heard through the doors, her crying causing her own Thestral Guards to become upset at hearing their Princess like this. Celestia wasn't sure what to do. She needed to comfort her sister but if she forced her way in she may only succeed in pushing Luna further away, so she decided on the best option open to her.

"OK Lulu, but if you need me I'll be there for you," she said gently.

"OK Tia," replied Luna, tears still in her eyes, "We are going to sleep now."

"Very well Lulu, rest well."

Celestia breathed a sigh of relief. Luna would be OK, she would make sure of it. Just as she would make sure Blueblood answers for his crimes. She would leave the matter to the Crown Prosecution Department. They would look into any charges and decide if the matters should proceed to court. In the incident with Connor earlier, if charged and prosecuted it would most likely take place at Canterlot Crown Court.

Celestia did a quick magical scan of the door before leaving and sensed the door was no longer magically locked which pleased her and the Thestral Guards. Before leaving Celestia asked the Captain to send her a message when Luna awakens to which the Captain said he would comply.

Celestia made her way out of the Night Wing and towards the castle hospital to check on her friend. What Blueblood did what inexcusable and he would answer for those crimes, but first things first she had to check on Connor and make sure he's OK.

She made her way to the hospital in no time and was relieved to see Connor was in bed and cleaned up. The Matron was at his bedside fluffing up his pillows and ensuring he was warm and comfortable. She walked into the room, her clip-clopping hooves attracting the attention on the Matron and Connor.

"Hi Princess," Connor said a little tired, "You OK?"

Celestia smiled, even though he's suffering he's more concerned with other's wellbeing. Blueblood could learn a lot from Connor.

"I am fine now that I see you are OK."

"Don't worry about me Princess, Matron and the nurses are doing an excellent job of taking care of me."

"That is wonderful to hear. I just came by to see how you were."

"Well, Matron said I need some more sleep so I'll be getting some soon for another few hours."

"Good, make sure you do get plenty of rest."

"I will do."

Celestia looked down on front of her and noticed one of the nurses cleaning the floor, her alicorn sense of smell noticing a particularly unpleasant odour. Looking at Connor she was about to ask before Connor spoke first.

"Before you ask no I am not responsible for that one, I'm covered in that department. Literally."

She looked at Connor quizzically, "Then who.......," she said before it hit her, "Blueblood?"

Connor grinned, "Yep. Matron scared him so much he decided to lay a chocolate egg."

"You mean....." inquired Celestia.

Connor started laughing, "Yep. Karma's a bitch ain't it."

The Matron gave Connor an unamused look, "No swearing in my hospital Mr Wakefield."

"Sorry Matron," he said as his laughter faded away, "Anyway is there something else you wanted Princess?"

Celestia nodded, "Yes, I came to inform you about Blueblood."

Connor's face shifted to one of disgust, "Oh, him. What about him?"

"Due to his actions I have had him locked in the dungeons. There will be investigations into any complaint made against him and if the Crown Prosecution Department see fit to do so, they will press charges. Blueblood will answer for what he's done. I cannot give a custodial sentence myself, it is for a jury to determine guilt and a judge to determine a sentence. What I can do is strip him of Royal status which is what I intend to do."

Connor grinned, "Good. Save me a seat at his trial."

"Certainly, though if he pleads not guilty you would have to stand as a witness and testify."

"I've no problem with that, anything else?"

Celestia's face turned grim, "Yes. When arresting Blueblood, he lashed out and assaulted the guards. Luna held him in her magic, told him he would be punished further and then....."

"Then.....I get the feeling I'm not going to like this."

"He called Luna, 'Nightmare Moon'."

Connor was opened mouth in shock. Twilight had given him a history lesson about Equestria and the subject of Luna and her past came up. Connor got the impression Luna was the sensitive type who desperately wanted to fit in. Calling Luna 'Nightmare Moon' he guessed would upset her.

"I'm guessing she was upset?" he asked expecting a sad answer.

"She was deeply upset. She ran out of the throne room in tears and locked herself in her room."

Connor was about to speak but Celestia raised a hoof, calming Connor's worried expression, "She is fine now. I checked on her and she is sleeping for now. She'll be OK."

Connor nodded in relief, "I'd like to see her if that's OK."

"I have no problem with it so long as Matron gives the OK."

Celestia and Connor looked at Matron expectantly, "I will allow him a short visit to Princess Luna AFTER his nap and ONLY if he is taken by yourself Princess."

"That is reasonable enough for me, what about you Connor?"

"I'm good with that."

"Excellent, I shall see you later then. In the meantime, pleasant dreams Connor."

"Thanks Princess, see you later."

Connor laid back into the bed and made himself comfortable for his forced nap. Celestia meanwhile headed for the palace kitchens for some cake to help cheer her up. Afterwards she would sort out the paperwork necessary to strip Blueblood of Royal status. He would become the very thing he hates.

A commoner.


It was around 6pm in the hospital. Connor was laid back in bed reading the Wonderbolts pull-out from yesterdays paper. The only light coming from the bedside lamp providing a comfortable, and surprisingly cosy, atmosphere. He took another sip of his cup of tea as he read the pull-out, himself much calmer than before.

After the ordeal with Blueblood, the nurses helped clean Connor up and changed his bedsheets, gave him a wash and helped him back into bed. He was able to get back to sleep for another few hours when he woke up around 5pm for his tea, pasta and cheese.

Connor was resting peacefully as he waited for the arrival of Celestia, smiling at the news from earlier and the thought of Blueblood facing justice and the stripping of his Royal status.

He wasn't waiting too much longer when the Princess arrived.

"Hello Connor, did you rest well?"

"Hi Princess, yeah I got some good sleep. I needed it."

"Splendid. Are you ready to see Luna?"

"Yes, hopefully I can cheer her up a bit."

"That I have no doubt."

Celestia levitated Connor out of bed, wrapped him in a blanket and placed him into a wheelchair that had been prepared. Connor was dressed in comfortable nightwear that was very warm, comfortable and the inside was soft to his skin. Rarity had made it for him and had it delivered to the hospital, it even had slits in the back for where his wings would grow through.

"Comfortable?" asked Celestia.

"Very. Shall we get going then?"

"Indeed we shall."

Celestia used her magic to move the wheelchair forward out of the hospital and into the castle proper. The were very few ponies around, most had gone home for their tea, making the trip through the corridors quicker.

"Do you know exactly what happened in the hospital?" asked Connor abruptly.

Celestia grimaced. She had heard some of what happened but not all, what she knew came from what the Matron saw.

"I do no know anymore other than what the Matron told me. If you wish you can report the matter, I shall send a guard to take a statement."

"I think I will, Blueblood isn't getting away with it. How did you know about what happened exactly?"

"I visited the Matron while you were sleeping."

"Oh," he sighed, "Well let me tell you, I've never been more humiliated. When Blueblood started mocking me, the first thing that came to mind was my childhood."

"What happened in your childhood that would cause such distress?"

Connor sighed deeply, his cheeks reddening in embarrassment, "I had bedwetting problems as a young child and was put in nappies at night to prevent waking up to a soaked bed."

"I am guessing there is more to this."

"Yes," he sighed again, "The other children at school found out and I was mercilessly bullied for it. It happened for years until I went to a different school. In my teens when I was at yet another different school, I had an unfriendly reunion with the same bullies who wasted no time in spreading around the school the fact that I was a bed wetter as a child and was put in nappies."

"That is awful, didn't the teachers or your parents do anything to stop it?"

"They did what they could but it made the situation worse. It got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore."

"What happened?" asked an increasingly concerned Celestia.

"One day after a PE lesson, we were getting changed in the dressing room when one of the bullies asked condescendingly, "Where's your nappy little baby, did your mother forget to put you in one'. The other students all laughed at me."

"What happened after he said that?"

Connor paused for a moment, "I punched him in the face, hard. Broke his nose in the process."

"Whilst I can't condone violence I can understand why you did as you did."

"It didn't stop there."

"What do you mean?"

"I proceeded to punch and kick him hard. I absolutely beat the crap out of him. He ended up in hospital with a broken nose, a dislocated jaw, bruising on his torso and arms and a black eye. Oh and I knocked one of his teeth out."

Celestia was shocked. She would never have expected such violence from Connor but after years of bullying, it was only a matter of time before he snapped.

"What happened to you afterwards?"

"I got suspended from school but no criminal charges were brought against me. Something about my dad having connections in high places. Surprisingly my parents didn't ground me, though they didn't condone what I did they understood I put up with the bullies' crap for years and something would have happened eventually. If I'm being honest I got the feeling my dad was secretly pleased I took no crap from a loud mouth."

"Well, at least the bullying stopped," she replied, "It did stop didn't it?"

"Oh yeah. After I went back to school the bullies never bothered me again. If anything they were terrified of me, I don't think they ever expected a nappy wearing bed wetter to beat the crap out of them."

"Indeed not. You haven't resorted to such measures again have you?"

"No, that was just a one off."

"That is good to hear. Let's hope it doesn't happen again."


The duo approached the main staircase. Celestia lifted Connor (wheelchair included) up the stairs with her magic to Luna's bedroom. Captain Star Gazer was again stood outside awaiting the arrival of Celestia and Connor. Seeing the Princess and her friend approach he trotted down the corridor to meet them.

"Princess, I see you have brought your friend."

"Yes Captain. May I introduce Connor Wakefield. Connor this is Captain Star Gazer. Captain of the Thestral Guards."

"Captain, pleased to meet you," he said extending a hand.

"Likewise Mr Wakefield," replied Star Gazer extending a hoof, "But please, call me Star Gazer."

"Then in that case call me Connor," he replied shaking Star Gazer's hoof.

The trio stood outside the bedroom doors when Star Gazer turned to Connor, "I take it you're here to cheer up her majesty?"

Connor nodded, "I heard what Blueblood called her, and how Luna reacted so I thought I'd see if she's OK."

The Thestral Guards all smiled in delight. It was a rare sight for them to see anyone want to see their Princess, even more so because they want to see her. Connor might not realise it but anyone who is a friend of Luna is a friend of the Thestral Guard.

"That's great to hear," replied a beaming Star Gazer, "Her majesty is in her room. Go in when your ready."

Connor nodded and pushed the door handle down while Celestia pushed him with her magic. The room was very dark with only moonlight the only source for illumination.

"Luna?" Connor called out.

"Connor?" replied a weary Luna.

Celestia stopped pushing Connor and left him in the room with Luna, closing the door on the way out. Luna walked up to Connor, her eyes showing signs of distress and her mane looked a mess.

"Hi Luna."

"Connor, what is thou doing here? Thou should be in bed," she said firmly as she slowly illuminated the room, albeit dimly.

Connor laughed, "You sound like Celestia and the Matron."

"We shall take that as a compliment," she replied smiling.

"How are you Luna?"

Luna shifted uncomfortably avoiding eye contact with Connor, "We......are fine."

The raised eyebrow and folded arms form Connor implied he wasn't fooled.

"Luna," he said softly placing a hand on her withers, "Please be honest with me."

Luna looked her human friend in his eyes. She saw that even though small, they held a lot of emotion behind them. More so than ponies' eyes. She could see behind his small eyes he genuinely cared for her. She liked Connor, he was a good friend who treated her like any other pony and it would be unfair and disrespectful to lie to him.

"We were upset when he called us...N-n-n-n..."

"Nightmare Moon," Connor completed gently.

Luna looked up to Connor with tears once again streaming from her eyes. She sat on her haunches in front of Connor and sighed heavily.

Connor continued, "Twilight's told me about your return and I read some history books."

Luna looked to the floor in shame, "Then thou knows what we did."

Connor gently placed his hand on Luna's chin and gently moved her head up to look her in the eyes. Her teal eyes glistened in the moonlight, their inner beauty radiating through. He looked into her eyes, a few tears falling down her cheeks, and saw genuine remorse over her actions.

"Yes I know," he said gently, "But that doesn't mean I don't like you. You're my friend Luna and nothing will change that."

Luna looked at Connor, tears falling faster, "Does thou truly mean that?"

Connor nodded, "Absolutely. Now give me a hug you daft thing."

Luna gave out a small laugh and gently stood on her hind hooved and wrapped her forelegs around Connor, partially resting on his lap.

"Hehe, thou is squishy."

"You're not the first pony to say that."

"Then clearly there must be some truth to it."

Connor laughed, clearly amused at such a thing, "I don't know about that."

"No no," refuted Luna, "Thou is cuddly and squishy."

"Is that a fact?"

"Yes. It is."

A grin crossed Connor's face. This is what he liked about Luna. She was funny, spontaneous, a foodie and Connor got the impression she was the prankster type.

"Then who am I to argue with the Princess of the Night. Anyway, I should be getting back to the hospital, Matron won't like me being away too long. Sorry if it seems I'm cutting the visit short."

"Thou does not need to apologise, we understand. If thou is OK with it, could we take thee back to the hospital?"

"Sure you can."

A beaming smile adorned Luna's face she went behind Connor's wheelchair and pushed him along with her magic towards her bedroom door. She opened the door with her magic and saw her sister and Thestral guards waiting for them. Pushing Connor out into the hallway she walked over to her sister and the two siblings nuzzled each other affectionately.

"Luna are you OK?" asked Celestia with a hint of worry.

"Yes Tia, we are fine. Connor was able to cheer us up. We were going to return him to the hospital so that he can get his rest."

"Of course sister. I shall see you afterwards," Celestia said before turning her attention to Connor, "Vulcan will be visiting you later, Matron is aware so you needn't worry."

Connor simply nodded in understanding, though he felt a little apprehensive about it, "Just Vulcan?"

"Yes. Cara and Spitfire decided to have a girls night out to give the two of you space to talk and the Elements of Harmony will be arriving in a few days. With your permission I will inform them of earlier."

"Sure, I don't mind. I'd tell them eventually anyway. I can't imagine they'd be too pleased about it."

"No they won't. Should Blueblood go to trial, which I suspect it most likely will, then I will request the trial be postponed until you are discharged from hospital."

"Thanks. I have no intention of missing it. Anyway, I'll see you again Princess. Good night."

"Good night Connor."

Celestia trotted away leaving Connor with Luna and the Thestral Guards.

"So Connor, shall we return thou to bed?"

"Yeah we may as well," he groaned, "Matron will only yell at me if I'm not back."

Luna chuckled at Connor's 'grumpiness'.

"See you later guys," he said waving to the Thestrals.

The guards waved goodbye in return as Luna pushed Connor away with her magic. They slowly made their way through the castle corridors towards the hospital. Moonlight shone through the corridor windows that overlooked Canterlot, the moonlight alone providing a peaceful atmosphere to the scenery.

Neither Luna nor Connor spoke as they headed back to the hospital, both of them enjoying the tranquillity of the night.

Before long they arrived back at the hospital where, unsurprisingly, the Matron was waiting.

"Princess Luna, thank you for returning my patient."

"Tis no problem Matron, we were happy to return Connor."

Matron nodded before tuning her attention to Connor, "Mr Wakefield you have a visitor."

Connor turned to Luna, "I guess this is where we part ways."

"Indeed it is Connor. Make sure thou gets sleep. We WILL know if thou does not."

"I'll get some sleep don't worry. See ya later Luna."

"Goodnight Connor."

Luna left the hospital and made her way to her sister, she guessed Celestia would most likely be in the kitchens raiding the fridges for cakes. She usually does this time of night. Cakes are Celestia's guilty pleasure. Luna's guilty pleasure.......Jammie Dodgers. As a filly she would hoard them in her bedroom and get very grumpy if anypony else touched them or moved them.

She still does.

The Matron wheeled Connor back to his room and levitated him into bed and making sure he was tucked in.

"I'll bring your guest to you now."

The Matron walked away to fetch the guest which Connor assumed to be Vulcan. His biological father.

Despite being elated at finding out his true father, he missed his step dad, Alexander. He truly hoped to meet him again, and his mother and three younger sisters. Connor laughed when he thought of his sisters. They were all liked horses/ponies. If they turned up in Equestria you'd never get them to leave.

Connor looked up when he heard a cough.

It was Vulcan.

"Hi errr....Vulcan."

Vulcan felt a bit of pain in his heart at hearing his son call him Vulcan and not 'Dad', though he understood why. Connor was brought up in a different world by a man who raised him as his own so its understandable if Connor feels unable to call him Dad. Though if he did ever meet Connor's step dad, he would make sure to thank him for raising him and for doing a fine job at it.

"Good evening Connor," replied Vulcan slowly walking into the room, "Mind if I sit down?"

"Help yourself."

Vulcan moved a chair over to the side of the bed and sat down.

Both of them remained silent for a few seconds, neither sure of what to say.

"Would you like a drink Mr Vulcan?"

Vulcan turned around to find the Matron stood at the doorway.

"Black coffee please Matron."

"Very well. Mr Wakefield, tea I presume?"

"Yes please Matron."

The Matron nodded and went to fetch the drinks.

"So," started Vulcan, "I hear you recently started a job with the Wonderbolts."

Connor nodded and smiled, "Yeah, as Events Manager. Not too sure how to do it but I'm sure I'll learn."

"I'm sure you will," Vulcan responded with a warm smile.

"So what do you do?" asked Connor.

"I'm a retired blacksmith of the Royal Equestrian Air Force. I mostly made armour and weapons for Pegasi soldiers."

"Officer or soldier?"

"Officer. Retired with the rank of Group Captain."

Just like dad......this is going to be awkward.

"Connor," continued Vulcan, "I realise this is awkward for you, it is to me as well. Biologically we are father and son, but I feel wrong in calling you it by which I mean I wasn't in your life until very recently. And by the same token I wouldn't feel right if you called me dad, I didn't raise you and as such have no right to be called as such by you."

"I understand what you mean. Honestly I feel like if I called you dad that I would be disrespecting my.....step dad....," Connor ended prematurely with a sigh.

"Connor," Vulcan said intervening, "You don't have to refer to your stepdad as such, you can call him dad, I won't mind."

"Are you sure, you won't be offended?"

"I'm sure. It's clear he's done a good job raising you, your mother too no doubt," he paused for a moment as he remembered the last day with his wife.

"She's doing well, she's a brilliant mother and an excellent cook. No-one ever went hungry in my house."

Vulcan laughed heartily, "Yeah that sounds like Star Light alright. Such a cute little thing she was when I met her."

"Now that I know she was originally a pony it would explain her vegetarianism, she would try to convert me to it but I could never join the dark side. I like my bacon sandwiches too much."

"You eat meat?" asked Vulcan inquisitively.

"Yep. Spitfire told me Pegasi occasionally eat Tuna."

Vulcan nodded, "We do, in addition to other fish as well. We can consume other meat also but we tend not to, Earth ponies and Unicorns get real squeamish for some reason when they see us eating meat. They can consume meat but they choose not to."

"Oh well, more meat for us."

Vulcan grinned, "That's what I like to hear. Tell you what, when you've recovered why don't we go out to a restaurant in Cloudsdale. There's a real good fish restaurant I know, I go there regularly. If you go in your Wonderbolt's flight suit you may get a discount."

"Sure, sounds fun," Connor looked up to notice the Matron with the drinks, "Thanks Matron."

"You're welcome Mr Wakefield," the Matron replied as she placed the drinks down on the trolley over the bed, "Here you are Mr Vulcan."

"Thank you Matron."

"You're welcome Mr Vulcan."

The Matron left the room closing the door behind her. Pouring himself some tea from the pot, Connor looked to Vulcan, "How did you know I have a 'Bolts flight suit?"

"I saw your pictures in the papers."

"Oh yeah, that. Before I ended up in here."

"Don't worry, it won't be too long before you recover."

"Easy for you to say, you're not growing wings in a month that should take over twenty years."

"You'll be fine, don't worry about it. You've got the best possible care in Equestria."

"That I do," he replied as he added sugar and stirred.

The two continued to talk for another hour on matters ranging from sport, history, food, technology and Connor's birthplace. Vulcan was fascinated by all of it, particularly the bit about the Royal Air Force, Connor promised to show him some of his human technology once he recovers to which Vulcan showed keen interest.

Connor also told Vulcan what he told Celestia earlier about his childhood bed wetting problems and dealing with the bullies. Connor thought Vulcan wouldn't approve but the belly laugh indicated otherwise. Vulcan fully approved of Connor's actions and said he would have done the same.

Vulcan also promised to attend the inevitable trial of Blueblood providing moral support for Connor.

It was starting to get late and visiting hours were over. Vulcan promised to visit again on his way out, leaving Connor alone once again. Connor switched on the bedside radio and listened to some pony music and pony news. One of the artists, Sapphire Shores was popular with youngsters but not quite as popular as Countess Coloratura. The songs were OK but he preferred rock.

The news wasn't anywhere near as depressing as the news back home. Back home whenever you switch on the news there's always someone suffering and dying, in Equestria the worst Connor heard on the radio was about an argument between two ponies over who got the last pie in a bakery. According to eye-witnesses one of the ponies called the other a 'fluffball' much to the horror of everypony, apparently this caused the other pony to cry. Connor laughed when he heard that, he wondered how they'd react to the language used back home. Celestia dealt with the issue apparently, with the name caller 'deeply regretful' of his name calling. The two ponies hugged and all was forgiven.

Connor eventually drifted off to sleep with the radio still playing in the background, his wings had noticeably grown a little more but no blood had seeped out. He was going to be in for a rough time though but with Blueblood now out of the way he could rest peacefully and get an excellent nights sleep.

He better had.

Matron will be very unhappy if he doesn't.

And displeasing Matron is not a good thing to do.



Blueblood was fuming from inside his dungeon cell. That disgusting filthy ape had caused him to be thrown into the dungeon. He shouldn't be the one in a dungeon, he should be the one putting dirty commoners in them. He was thinking all manner of unpleasantries he could subject Connor to and would use every resource he had left to ensure it happens. He still had contacts and allies on the outside, he would use them to achieve his goals.

That filthy creature will pay for what he's done to me. I will break free from wherever they put me in. Then I will take that tramp of a mare he so likes and hide her someplace he'll never find her, then I will get him and make him pay for the humiliation I have suffered.

I swear that HE! WILL! PAY!

Author's Note:

Is Blueblood just boasting or should his threats be taken seriously? You'll just have to wait and see.

Below is a drawing I did of Connor and Spitfire. I'll get better at drawing, because as you can see I'm not brilliant at it.

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