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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 20 - FREEDOM!

Connor stood bare chested in front of the full length mirror in his room, looking in awe at his outstretched wings. His Rosso Corsa coloured wings shone brightly in the sunlight bringing his wings to life. He stood admiring himself for a while longer, his mind going over the events of the past five weeks where he spent his time in hospital.

After his late night chat with Vulcan, things went downhill. The following day the pain in his back worsened and his wings grew more rapidly. More than once he was physically sick and the other end wasn't any better. There were times he was freezing cold despite the summer temperatures and radiators being switched on, and other times they couldn't keep his temperature down. His wings were growing that fast there were times Connor could swear he felt them growing. It was an extremely painful experience, and with feathers falling out and re-growing it only added to the pain.

Fortunately about a week before he was discharged his condition improved significantly and he was more or less recovered. He also had a nice collection of red quills and best of all he finally had control of his bowels back. Connor vowed never to take the toilet for granted again.

He continued to stand on front of the mirror moving his wings about when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," he said aloud.

The door opened and in walked Celestia with a bright and cheery smile.

"Hi Princess, what brings you here?" he asked still flexing his wings.

"I just came to see how you were," she replied as she stood next to him, "You seem to be much better than the past few weeks."

Connor chuckled a little, "Yeah, I was in a right state. But thanks to the TLC I received I made a swift recovery."

Celestia smiled and took a look at his wings. They were more vibrant than before and looked stunning, when he stretched them out they were six feet in length each. They were rather large and more angular than Pegasus wings, no doubt to compensate for Connor's larger body size (and mass). They did need preening though, but preening was a rather.....private affair with Pegasi (and Alicorns). It was only done between close friends or partners, except young Pegasi who had it done usually by the mother.

Celestia decided against asking though. She knew Connor and Spitfire were in a relationship and didn't want Connor's first preening to be taken away from Spitfire. Lost in thought, she hadn't realised she was just stood staring into space.


The sudden shouting brought Celestia back to his senses and she realised Connor was stood next to her with a hand on her withers.

"Connor?" she blinked, "Is something wrong?"

"You zoned out for a minute, is something bothering you?"

Celestia shook her head, "No nothing is bothering me. I was just going to mention that your wings need preening."

Connor looked at the back of his wings in the mirror and saw some were a little tattered.

"Suppose so. How do I preen wings?"

Celestia smiled, "Why not ask your marefriend to show you?"

"Suppose I could, is that the done thing with wing preening? Asking your other half to do it?"

"Sometimes," she replied, "Other times it can be just between close friends."

Connor simply nodded in understanding, "So is there anything else Princess?"

Celestia smirked, "Back to calling me 'Princess' now?"


"Just before you called me 'Celestia'."

Connor felt worried. He didn't mean to call her by her name without using her title first. Was it a crime for a commoner to call her by her name? Would he be thrown in the dungeons? Would he have his wings clipped? Would he be banished? Would he-


The winged human came back to his senses and noticed Celestia in front of him shaking him gently with a hoof.

"Is something wrong Princess?"

"You zoned out on me."

"Oh," he replied sheepishly, "Sorry."

"No need to apologise and if you're worrying I'll punish you for calling me Celestia, I won't."

"You won't? But-"

Celestia held up a hoof, "Connor, for more years than I can remember I've had almost everypony call me 'Princess', 'Princess Celestia' or 'Your Divine Majesty'. Luna and my parents have been the only ponies to call me just 'Celestia'. I've even tried to get Twilight to call me 'Celestia' but so far I've been unable to."

Connor felt a little upset. It sounded like he'd been unintentionally causing more upset to the Princess by calling her by her title.


Noting Connor look a little glum she walked over to him and wrapped him in a wing hug, "There's no need to apologise Connor. I'm not angry, but do you think that you could call me Celestia, you are my friend after all."

Connor looked at Celestia's magenta eyes and saw a deep longing for acceptance, a desire for someone to see her as Celestia and not a Princess.

"Sure, I've no problem with that.....Celestia."

Celestia beamed at that and the room brightened up, "Thank you Connor, are you joining me for lunch?"


Celestia merrily trotted to the doorway followed by Connor, clad in only jeans and socks made by Rarity. The two made their way through the corridors towards one of the smaller dining rooms that overlooked Canterlot, talking along the way.

"How's Blueblood doing in his new lodgings?"

During Connor's hospital stay Blueblood astonished everyone when he agreed to plead guilty in return for a lighter sentence, everypony expected him to drag the situation out and make a song and dance out of it. He got three years in total with eligibility for parole in eighteen months. Unfortunately most of the cases against him lacked evidence to prove beyond doubt so those charges were dropped. Only his actions against Connor (including their first encounter), the maid he threatened a few weeks ago and a couple of others.

Why he agreed to it when he gloated he would get away with it mystified most. Celestia and Luna guessed he had an ulterior motive and pleaded guilty knowing he would get a lighter sentence, and early release if he behaved himself. They made arrangements to keep Connor under close watch upon Blueblood's release, just in case.

"Surprisingly he's become the model prisoner. Honestly I expected him to verbally abuse the wardens but he has not done so."

"He's probably after early release, it's why he agreed to plead guilty because it reduced the risk of being found guilty and getting the full four years," he huffed frustrated, "Thanks for running that deal by me first, I doubt I would've coped in a trial."

"You're welcome Connor. But let us put all that behind us and look to the future."

The two entered the dining room and sat themselves down at the table, Celestia sitting at the head of the table. Connor sat down on the chair nearest to her left, giving him a full view of Equestria in the distance.

"What would you like Connor?" asked Celestia.

Connor turned to Celestia and saw a maid had come to take orders.

"Oh I'll have a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of orange juice."

The maid wrote the order down and turned to Celestia.

"I'll have a cucumber sandwich and an orange juice also."

The maid wrote down the order and bowed to Celestia, "I'll inform the cooks at once Princess."

The maid left the room leaving Celestia and Connor alone.

"When will I be allowed to return to Ponyville?" asked Connor.

"Soon hopefully. I'll arrange for a chariot to take you there when the Doctor gives his approval."

"Thanks, not that I don't enjoy the pleasure of your company. I'm just eager to return."

"I know Connor, I don't want to keep you cooped up here any longer than is necessary."

"I'm looking forward to finally starting my new job though," Connor said with a grin, "I'm sure Luna and I will be a great team."

"I sure you will," replied Celestia with a little dread. She dared not think what would happen of the two of them decided to pull pranks on ponies.

"Will Luna be following me around or will I be with her here in the castle?"

"A bit of both, but you've nothing to worry about. Luna will be a great advisor and she's better at logistics than I am."

"I'll have to look into getting a house sometime. Are there any good estate agents around here?"

"A few, but considering the exceptional circumstances I could get you a house at no cost to you."

Connor looked down in though. Whilst it would mean a house of his own and no mortgage, he much preferred working and earning to pay for a house. Besides, so much had been done for him already, it was his time now to give something back to Equestria.

"Thanks but no thanks Celestia. I appreciate the offer but I'd like to get a house through hard work and earn it," he finished looking into her eyes.

Celestia was secretly pleased to hear this, whilst she wouldn't have been bothered if he'd accepted, she was pleased that Connor wanted to stand on his own feet and not free load off anypony.

"If that is what you wish Connor, I will respect it. I know of a few Estate Agencies with properties in Ponyville, Cloudsdale and here in Canterlot. If you wish why not venture into town after dinner and have a look."

"I think I will. I'll have to pay my bank manager a visit about arranging a mortgage."

"You can do that in Ponyville after you find a property you like. If you wish I can be your guarantor?"

"I can't ask you to do that Celestia, you've done too much for me already."

"Don't be silly Connor, I've said I'll help you and I will. All I ask is that I be guarantor just in case."

"OK. If it means that much to you."

Celestia smiled with joy, "Thank you Connor. Would I be able to see your new home?"

"Course you can you daft mare, after everything you've done for me do you think I'd leave you out?"

"No, you're far too kind to do something like that."

A couple more minutes past until the maid returned with the orders. She levitated them onto the table and left the room after a quick bow to Celestia. Connor immediately devoured the grilled cheese sandwich much to the amusement of Celestia, who delicately ate her sandwiches.

"Enjoying yourself?" asked a bemused Celestia.

Connor just nodded, too busy stuffing his face to give a verbal answer.

Celestia stifled a laugh. She really enjoyed spending time with Connor, she didn't have to be prim and proper all the time and maintain her 'Perfect Princess' image. With Connor she could enjoy being herself and being 'normal'. She made a mental note to invite Connor to the Grand Galloping Gala. She had already sent Twilight and her friends invites. She decided to do so because for many years now the GGG had become stale and boring in desperate need of livening up.

She had already made preparations for Connor's Citizenship Ceremony to be held in two days. She had yet to tell him about it. She would tell him after he gets back later. Twilight and Co, Spitfire, Cara and Vulcan all knew of the ceremony and all promised to keep it secret from him. Connor was unaware there was a ceremony planned or that Rarity had made a special Wonderbolt outfit for him (in addition to several more standard outfits now he would be wearing them more often). It was the same as the standard outfit except it was a bit more sparkly, silver patterns instead of golden yellow and a silver lightning bolt style belt. The boots were also sparkly silver all over, as were the gloves. Like his standard flight suits, there was the winged lightning bolt on each hip.

Celestia would unveil it to him before the ceremony but after a spa treatment.

Lunch didn't last much longer and once finished Connor put on some trainers and made his way into Canterlot to browse properties. He focussed primarily on Ponyville and Cloudsdale but decided on Canterlot as a contingency plan. Though he had yet to start work full time, he had been paid for the previous five weeks. Just under 40,000 bits (£4,000) tax free for the first month. He made that press appearance and photoshoot before going into hospital, and in the last week he got some lessons in the Wonderbolts from Rainbow and Spitfire.

Also, had he not been in hospital he would have been working anyway, so the 'Bolts felt it unfair to penalise Connor for something out of his control. Connor did arrange the Wonderbolt's first sponsor. Cara's fudge shop. She would provide fudge to be sold at venues and in return Cara's gets a huge increase in sales and public attention through association with the Wonderbolts.

Connor still didn't get family discount though.




Connor was sat in one of the many lounges in the castle looking through the property brochures he picked up earlier. He found several that appealed to him including three properties in Ponyville, two in Cloudsdale and one in Canterlot. The Canterlot property was quite expensive but had excellent amenities. He mulled over whether to arrange a viewing whilst stuffing his face with a ham and cheese panini. Viewings for the Ponyville and Cloudsdale properties had been arranged to take place over two days after the ceremony, of which he was still unaware.

Whilst in town he took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping. Amongst the items he bought included a razor and shaving cream, wing balm, chocolate, banana milkshake, cookies and a deck of playing cards. Cara had been kind enough to bring him some fudge 'celebrating' his release from hospital. He was laid back on his wings which were surprisingly comfortable. Connor assumed his back would sweat buckets due to them trapping heat on his back but instead his wings where light and airy, and very soft to rest on acting like a pillow for his back.

The warm heat and glow from the fire provided a cosy atmosphere with candle light adding a pleasant experience. The door opened and in walked a pony that blended into the environment.

"Reading anything good?"

Connor looked around to see a familiar fiery mare, "Hey there Milkshake."

Connor put down his paninis and gave Spitfire a hug. During his stay in hospital she made a few more visits to see him, as did a few of the other Wonderbolts. She hopped up onto the sofa on which Connor was lying and rested on top of him, laying in her side and resting her head in his chest. Her soft fur gently caressing his bare skin.

"Comfortable?" asked an amused Connor.


"Is my little Milkshake tired?"


"Does my little Milkshake want to go to bed?"


"Does that mean my little Milkshake doesn't want food?"

Almost in an instant Spitfire bolted upright and was standing on Connor's chest with wings flared and eyes wide.

"Does this mean my little Milkshake does want food?"

Spitfire nodded.

Connor grinned, "Come on then, let's go to the kitchen."

Spitfire flapped her wings and took to the air. Connor stood up and stretched his limbs and wings, the cracking sounds causing Spitfire to wince.

"Doesn't that hurt?" asked Spitfire.

"No, its perfectly fine. I won't hurt myself doing it."

The two made their way out of the room with Spitfire riding piggyback on Connor. They made their way through the candle lit corridors towards the kitchen, passing a few maids along the way. They entered the kitchen which was staffed around the clock, ready at a moments notice to prepare meals for a castle that never sleeps.

Hard at work at his station was head chef, Master Chef. A dark green earth pony stallion who was a natural in the culinary arts with dishes to die for. When he attended the Royal Culinary Academy with the 299 other chefs, it was clear he was the best and Celestia herself requested his services. He stood out not just because of his culinary prowess, but because he was the only non-unicorn at the school.

"Connor, what brings you to my kitchen?"

"Just came for something to eat, as did Spitfire."

"Sure thing, anything in particular?"

"Haddock and chips for me," replied Connor.

"Same here," added Spitfire.

"Two fish and chips coming right up."

Master Chef bellowed out orders to his chefs whilst Connor and Spitfire sat themselves down at a nearby table.

"I heard you were looking up properties to buy."

"Yeah, I can't live with Twilight forever and having my own place would be nice. I'm looking at Ponyville and Cloudsdale mainly."

"Where abouts in Cloudsdale?"

"I'll show you the brochures I picked up earlier later."

"Cool, will you take me to look around the properties when you go?"

"Course I will, I'm not leaving my marefriend out of the loop."

Spitfire smiled warmly. It meant a great deal to her that Connor was involving her in her life. During his stay in hospital she opened up to him about her past relationships and about how stallions would only date her for the sole reason of dating a Wonderbolt. They showed no interest in getting to know Spitfire, only her body.

Connor was appalled at her treatment. When he asked her if that was why she was reluctant to show Connor to her family she affirmed it. Connor promised he would never treat Spitfire like that and again asked if he could meet her family. Seeing she couldn't exactly hide the fact she was dating him, it was the talk of Cloudsdale after all, she agreed. Though unknown to Connor he had already met Spitfire's father, Avro Lancaster. He was the large green Pegasus that directed him towards the Wonderbolts at the Coliseum when he attended the Young Flyer's Competition.

Spitfire later admitted she was dating him after Avro saw the newspaper article. He was understandably sceptical but decided to give him a chance. Though his encounter with Connor was brief, Avro heard the other Wonderbolts give complimentary remarks about him. Besides, it was clear from the photos he cared deeply for her. Unlike the all the other photos where Connor simply put an arm around the mares, Princesses included, with Spitfire if you looked closely you could see him pulling her closer to his body.

That and Spitfire has been happier than she's ever been since she met Connor. Whilst her sister and mother are pleased for Spitfire, her brothers are more cautious. Particularly her twin brother, Hawker Hurricane. He was quite protective of his younger-by-five-minutes twin sister and hated seeing anyone upset her.

But he would give Connor a chance. According to Spitfire he was the son of Group Captain of his nations air force, so he does at least have something interesting about him.

"I love it when you smile," Connor said warmly, "You can brighten even the dullest of days with it."

Spitfire blushed at the compliments, "Thank you Sleepyhead."

"You're welcome Milkshake."

A fake cough caught their attention and the two looked over to see Master Chef with a trolley carrying their fish and chips.

"Your meals are ready, are you eating here?"

The pair nodded.

"Very well," replied Master Chef as he placed the plates on the table.

The portions were generously sized, the battered haddock was huge and the chips were crisp and golden. Master Chef also placed some salt and vinegar on the table along with two extra large banana milkshakes.

"A little birdy told me you two like banana milkshakes. Is it true?"

"You could say that," Connor said nonchalantly, "Thanks for the meals, they look great."

Master Chef's smile widened visibly, "Thank you Connor, you're fast becoming one of my favourite customers."

"Celestia chose well with you," Connor added.

Master Chef was almost bursting with joy. Such high praise from a personal friend of the Princess was greatly appreciated.

"Thank you again Connor, I'll leave you two alone now. But remember if ever you need anything whenever you're at the castle, just come and find me and I'll gladly cook you something up. You too Captain."

"Thanks Master Chef," replied Spitfire as she stuffed her face with haddock.

Master Chef walked away leaving them alone. Connor looked over to Spitfire who was still eating and, deciding not to miss out started his own meal. He put some salt and vinegar on his fish and chips and started eating.

Connor's enhanced taste buds came to life as the battered haddock touched his touched his tongue. The haddock was simply brilliant, perfectly cooked and prepared.

"This is bloody brilliant," he said enthusiastically to Spitfire.

"I'll second that, this is the best fish I've ever had."

The two quickly and enthusiastically finished their meal and decided to help themselves to desert. Connor rummaged through one of the fridges and found what could only be described as a chocolate lovers dream. A huge chocolate cake with chocolate sponge, chocolate filling and chocolate icing was there crying out to be eaten. Someone had already stared it as it was only three-quarters of a full cake. He took the cake out and cut himself and Spitfire two large slices and put them into dishes.

He put the now half-cake back into the fridge and walked over to Spitfire with the two dishes in hand.

"Here you are love, enjoy."

Spitfire looked at the chocolatey goodness before her and started to salivate.

"If you don't want it I'll gladly eat it," Connor said.

Spitfire scowled and wrapped her hooves around the dish and pulled it closer to her, "NO! IT'S MY CHOCOLATE CAKE!"

Connor laughed at Spitfire antics, "I'm only joking Spits."

Spitfire's expression softened, "I know."

The two continued to eat their cake and had a little chat on Wonderbolts business. Connor suggested getting in several more sponsorships before the next Wonderbolt air show in a months time. Spitfire agreed and said she'd arrange a shortlist of potential sponsors for Connor to follow up.

They finished their cake and Connor placed the dirty pots in the sink with the other dirty pots, no need for them to clean them when their was a fully staffed kitchen of ponies whose duties included dish washing. They left the kitchen and went upstairs to Connor's bedroom, deciding to watch a film on Connor's laptop. Connor got changed into nightwear while Spitfire remained her naked self.

Before getting into bed though, Connor remembered what Celestia told him earlier.

"Spits, can I ask a favour?" he asked nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.


"Could you......preen my wings?"

Spitfire just stared at Connor. To be asked to do something so personal was no small thing. She looked at his wing and could see they hadn't been preened before, so she would be the first to do it. She felt a lump in her throat. She loved Connor and having the honour of being his first was a big thing. Tears started to fall down her cheek.

Fearing he may have upset her, Connor rushed over to Spitfire and placed his hands on her cheeks.

"Spits I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you, I'll make it up to you I promise," he said, voice quavering.

Spitfire looked up at Connor, tears still falling.

"Upset me, what are you talking about?" she asked drying her eyes with a hoof, "Do you realise what you've just asked?"

"I asked you to preen my wings?" he asked unsure.

"It's not just that. To preen another's wings is an intimate act carried out between very close friends or......lovers."

"Oh yeah, I guess I forgot."

Spitfire smiled, "I'd love to preen your wings."

"Thanks Milkshake," Connor replied hugging Spitfire.

"Turn around Sleepyhead and sit down. Spread your wings out as well."

Connor did as she said and Spitfire went to work on his wings, starting with his primaries. She tidied up several of them and carefully pulled out ones that were too tattered to be of any use. There were a few feathers with blood inside but according to Spitfire those were still growing and shouldn't be removed if it can be helped.

After his primaries, she did the same treatment on his secondaries and tertiaries. After finishing, Connor went over the mirror and admired Spitfire's hoof work. She did a fine job and his wings looked more tidy than when he left hospital and the tiny bit of wing pain had gone. Spitfire promised to give Connor lessons in wing preening and proper wing maintenance.

Afterwards they snuggled up into bed and watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Connor assured Spitfire is was a really good film.



Celestia walked into the castle kitchen to get herself a midnight snack. Specifically some of her chocolate cake. Master Chef had baked her a cake specifically for her. It had chocolate sponge with chocolate filling and chocolate icing.

Celestia licked her lips in excitement at having chocolate cake. A few nights ago she only ate a quarter of it, so that should leave three quarters for her now. She opened the fridge ready to eat the rest of the cake.

What she saw horrified her. Somepony had eaten a quarter of her chocolate cake.

Who would be so cruel as to eat her cake? Her bottom lip started to quiver as she lamented her loss. She would have to launch an investigation into finding the cake thief.

"Princess Celestia?"

Celestia turned around and saw Master Chef.

"Princess, what's wrong?" asked the concerned chef.

"Somepony ate my chocolate cake."

Master Chef walked over to the fridge and saw the cake in question. He looked over to the sink and saw the dirty pots still in the sink with the clear signs that chocolate cake had been on it. He also saw the plates that had Connor's and Spitfire's fish and chips.

His eyes widened in realisation.

"Princess, I think I may know who ate your cake?"

"WHO?!" bellowed the Princess.

Steeling himself, Master Chef replied, "I believe it was Connor and Spitfire."

Celestia was in complete and utter shock. Her dear human friend and special somepony had eaten her cake. She tried to formulate a reason as to why they would do such a thing. It wasn't like Connor to eat her cakes. She decided to ask Master Chef for further information.

"Why do you believe it was them?"

"They were here earlier at tea time, having fish and chips."

That did make sense to Celestia. Connor wasn't around at tea time but her guards informed her they saw the two of them together. She decided she would have to have a word with Connor. As much as she likes her new friend, the pesky little human needs to learn her cakes are not to be touched except by herself and the cooks that bake them.

"Thank you Master Chef. I will take the rest of the cake with me and speak to Connor tomorrow. Have a good night my little pony."

"Good night Princess."

Master Chef watched as Celestia walked away, feeling a pang of sympathy for Connor for what was a simple faux pas.

Connor, may Faust have mercy on your soul.



Celestia was eating the rest of her cake whilst crying and, from what Luna could tell, talking to her cake.

"Don't worry my precious, mummy loves you and mummy will never leave you again," she sobbed as she stuffed her face with cake.

Luna had to stifle a laugh. It was funny for her to see her sister like this. She decided to inform Connor about his faux pas in the morning, and the 'punishment' Celestia intended to administer.

Luna would make sure Connor would escape unpunished though, Celestia had to pay for helping herself to some of Luna's Jammie Dodgers.

Because NO PONY helps themselves to her Jammie Dodgers.

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