• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 2 - Guess Who's Coming For Dinner (Rewritten)

Connors sudden question roused Spitfire from her sleep. Getting onto her hooves and walking along the bed up to Connors face, she smiled at him.

"Hey there sleepy head. Feeling better?" asked Spitfire whilst pouring herself and Connor a glass of water.

"Much better," responded Connor, in total awe of what he was seeing, "What happened?"

"I crashed into you and knocked you out," Spitfire replied as she handed Connor the glass of water, "Accidently of course."

"How long was I out?"

"About six hours."

Connor remained silent for a few seconds before continuing, "Where am I?"

"Canterlot Castle Infirmary."

"Where?" Connor asked, completely confused.

Spitfire caught on immediately. "I'll let Princess Celestia explain. She may have more answers than I do."

"Princess Celestia?" Connor repeated aloud, "She sounds lovely."

"Why thank you my dear guest. It is so nice to be complimented by a stranger. And a handsome one at that," Celestia said as she walked into the room. Connor blushed as he saw the white alicorn enter the room. He radiant white fur and ethereal mane blowing taking Connor's breath away.

"My apologies ma'am I meant no disrespect, my name is Connor," he said with slight worry in his voice, he didn't want to insult a Princess. It may not bode well for him he thought.

"No apology necessary, I was not offended," replied Celestia with a serene smile, "How are you feeling?"

"Much better thank you," looking at motioning towards Spitfire he continued, "She said you'd be able to tell me where I am."

"Correct. You are in the Kingdom of Equestria. You are not of this world are you?" Celestia asked.

Spitfire and Connor both looked startled but for different reasons. Spitfire because she realised she was in the in the presence of an alien, and Connor because Celestia knew he was from somewhere else entirely.

"How did you know?" he asked looking more worried than ever.

"As an alicorn, I have a greater sense of magical awareness. What I sense from you is not of this world. I have never met any being like you in my life and I have been alive for over 2,000 years."

Connor was slightly startled by this,"OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS, YOU'RE REALLY OLD!!"

Celestia and Spitfire both looked at Connor wide-eyed. Connor quickly realised his faux pas and responded quickly, "N-not that I ever would have guessed. It's just that you look so young and vibrant....it....it's like you're the living embodiment of the sun itself."

It was Celestia's turn to blush, "Thank you kindly sir. But yes I am quite old so I have seen many creatures in the course of my life.
But you are the first......?"

"Human," Connor responded.

"Human that I have encountered. Are there many like you where you come from?"

"The country I'm from, England, has a population of around 53 million but my entire worlds' population is just over seven billion."

Spitfire and Celestia both look stunned by this. Equestria only had a population of 50 million, their world Equis had a population of approximately 600 million. That includes other pony nations like Germaney, Saddle Arabia, Neighpon and Prance as well as the Gryphon Kingdom and Minotaur Lands.

"That is quite a number," said Celestia still startled by the revelation, "And out of all those you are the only one to appear in Equestria?"

"As far as I know. To answer your next question I don't know how I got to Equestria. I was camping in some woods in my world, went to sleep there and when I woke up this morning I found my self in a different set of woods," Connor stopped momentarily to drink some water from his bedside table, "Not sure where I was I walked in a random direction until I came to the edge of the woods where I saw this Castle in the distance. It took several hours to walk here."

Celestia nodded in understanding, "It sounds like you appeared in the Whitetail Woods. I will send a search team to cover the entire woods to see of they find anything that may explain your arrival," Celestia paused as she looked over to the window, "It's time I lowered the sun."

What? Did she just say lower the sun?

Connor watched in astonishment as the Solar Diarch lowered her Sun beneath the horizon. Moments later a full moon replaced the sun in the sky. Noticing Connor's astonishment the Princess giggled, "Have you not seen that before?"

"No. Where I'm from our world orbits the sun whilst rotating on its axis while the tidally locked moon orbits the Earth, Earth being the name of my world. Here I'm guessing things are a little different?"

"Indeed they are. Now, how about you and Group Captain Spitfire join me for tea in the dining hall. You must be hungry today after all that happened."

"I'd like that Princess, thank you," Connor paused momentarily. He's just realised the name of the Pegasus that has been silent during his conversation with the Princess, "Your name's Spitfire," Spitfire nodded, "That's a bloody brilliant name," Connor said not able to hide his excitement.

Spitfire looked stunned by this unexpected compliment, "Thanks buddy, probably the best compliment I've ever had."


Celestia, Spitfire and Connor walked through the corridors whilst they told Connor some basic details about Equestria, things like magic, races, countries etc. To say Connor was fascinated is an understatement. The two ponies were equally fascinated when he told them some basic things about Earth, things like computers, cars, music and so on. Spitfire was particularly interested in these 'aeroplanes', Connor made a promise to Spitfire to go into more detail one day.

"That reminds me," said Celestia, "I have your belongings in my private room. I kept them safe for you whilst you received medical attention."

"I'd forgotten about them," Connor said, "Would I be able to have them back, I assure you there's nothing in them that will cause harm to you or your subjects?"

"Of course," responded Celestia, "I checked through them but purely as a security precaution, I could not risk the safety of my little ponies. I'll understand if you think less of me for going through your possessions...."

Connor interrupted, "You don't have to explain Princess I understand your concerns. I don't think less of you, on the contrary it's reassuring to see a you care so much for your subjects. Where I'm from politicians are worthless shit stains that care only for themselves."

The two ponies were quite shocked at his use of language but did not object to it. He's been through a lot to day so they both gave him some slack.

The three of them entered the dining hall and took their seats. Connor in awe of its grand size. Though he was starting to panic a little. Due to the fact that the ponies who tended to his medical needs saw his teeth. Noticing his trepidation, Celestia spoke up.

"Is something the matter Connor?"

"Humans are omnivores," Connor responded bluntly.

"No matter. We sometimes have Griffon and Minotaur guests who themselves are carnivores. We will not hold being an omnivore against you," Celestia responded with reassuring warmth.

Breathing a sigh of relief Connor responded, "Then could I have chicken please, so long as it's cooked properly. Raw meat can kill a human."

Celestia slightly stunned at this nodded her head, "I'll see to it at once," turning her head to Spitfire she asked, "What would you like Group Captain?"

"The usual please."

Celestia nodded once more and lit up her horn.

"Tea will not be long now," said Celestia.

"Was that magic you just did?" asked Connor in amazement.

"Yes. I'm guessing magic does not exist in your world?"

"No it doesn't. Only in myth and fairytales."

"Facsinating," replied Celestia, "I know somepony who would love to talk to you about you and your world. I will make arrangements for you to see her. She is very friendly and my own personal student."

"Thank you. When would this happen?"

"Not now. You will stay at the castle for a short while so you can familiarise yourself with our world, and allow my court mages to examine the Whitetail Woods to determine how you got here and how to send you back."

Pausing for a moment, Connor asked "What if I can't go back?"

Celestia noticing the worry in his face said, "Then we will do everything we can to help you settle into our society."

Connor nodded. Celestia could see he wanted to ask something else but was to afraid to do so.

"If you want to ask me anything, please do. I will answer the best I can."

Pausing for a moment, Connor eventually asked "What if I don't want to go back?"

This really got the attention of Spitfire and Celestia, "Why wouldn't you want to go back? What about your family? Friends? Don't you miss them?" asked Spitfire.

"I was just exploring possible permutations of my predicament. Apologies if I mislead you," Connor said trying to keep a stoical expression. The two mares though looked at each other knowingly. They weren't sure what was wrong with Connor, but both decided not to press the issue as to do so could have negative consequences.

Attempting to re-assure Connor, Celestia spoke up.

"We would not force you to go against your will. We have no intention to cause you harm."

Connor nodded in acknowledgement. The dining room doors opened and servant ponies brought in the food. They had noticed Connor but did not say anything. After all who were they to question who their Princess has round for tea.

The two mares spoke to each other on current events in Equestria whilst Connor ate in silence, mentally taking in all the recent events.

"Connor are you alright?" asked Celestia with concern.

"I'm just a little tired."

"Spitfire, could you escort our guest to the guest room near my own chambers after tea?"

"Of course."


After they finished Spitfire lead Connor out of the dining hall and towards the assigned guest room. They walked in silence and were ascending stairs in the main foyer when the sound of one Prince Blueblood could be heard. Spitfire face hoofed.

"What is this disgusting monster?" he said in a snooty tone whilst pointing at Connor.

Connor caught off guard by this struggled to get a response out.

"Watch it Prince Blueblood," said Spitfire spreading her wings out, both to protect Connor and to attack Blueblood if necessary.

Blueblood looked at Spitfire and continued his verbal attack.

"You stupid mare. Your monster of a pet should be on a lead, or better yet locked in a cage and never let out," Blueblood said with an astonishing level of snobbishness, "In fact I'll put him in the dungeons myself." Suddenly Connor and Spitfire found themselves in a magical grasp. Panicking he lashed out and unintentionally hit Blueblood.


Blueblood then swung his right foreleg at Connor. His hoof striking Connor in the face, there was an audible crack as Connor screamed in pain. His left cheek bone has been cracked. Connor was in a lot of pain and in tears. He and Spitfire where still in telekinetic hold.

"You will both be going to the dungeons for a very long time," he said smirking. That is until Celestia popped in out of nowhere.


Celestia shouted in the Royal Canterlot Voice. Connor nearly shit himself it was so loud and unexpected.

Blueblood wisely complied and teleported away before Celestia could deal with him. Looking her two guests over, she saw Spitfire was angry but ok. Connor however was curled up in a ball on the floor in tears and badly bruised. Walking over to him she wrapped him in her wings and stroked the top of his head with her hoof.

"Ssshhhh. It's OK, he won't hurt you ever again. He will be dealt with I promise you."

Connor nodded in understanding as Celestia released Connor from her embrace.

"You feeling better Connor?" Spitfire asked resting a hoof on his shoulder.

"Yeah thanks. A good nights sleep will help."

"I agree," said Celestia, "I will take you to your room to ensure Blueblood does not return, but first let me get you some ice your cheek bone," Celestia lit up her horn and a bag of ice appeared which she then held against Connor's swollen cheek. Turning to Spitfire she informed her she was welcome to stay in the castle for the night and if she could tell her Doctor to meet her in her chambers in one hour. Spitfire nodded and thanked the Princess, bade goodnight to Connor and took off for a guest room in another area of the castle.

"Come Connor," Celestia said in a calm and soothing voice, "I wish to speak to you in private, and return your belongings. Will you join me for tea?"

"Having tea with a beautiful princess, how could I refuse."

Celestia felt flustered. Not for the first time today, this strange creature had complimented her.

The two of them made their way to Celestias' private chambers for another pot of tea.

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