• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 5 - On The Road Again.

Connor was packing up his few belongings, Twilight could barely contain herself. She was with a being from another world and she got to see alien technology firsthoof.

"I can't wait to see what all of these do," said Twilight looking rather excited.

"I'll show you when we get to Ponyville," said Connor as he packed away his clothes and electronics.

"I appreciate it."

"Twilight can I use some of your paper to write a letter?"

"Certainly," responded Twilight, "Who's it for?"


Twilight levitated paper over to Connor whilst he got out a pen.

"What is that?" asked Twilight.

"A ball point pen. It's like your quill but with the ink inside rather than a separate inkwell. It dispenses ink over a metal ball at its point. The ball which is held in place so it can't slip down the ink tube or fall out of the pen, it also prevents ink pouring out. The ink clings to the ball which spins when drawn across paper, leaving a layer of ink behind."

"That sounds more advanced than quill and ink. It would also allow for cleaner writing. Are they common in your world?"

"Millions are made and used every day. Here," said Connor as he passed Twilight some Biros, "I have plenty to spare. Don't know why I packed them really."

"Thank you Connor," said Twilight, "You know you could patent this and have them manufactured here in Equestria. It would provide you a means of income and provide Equestria and beyond with a simple but useful convenience."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Connor went over to the desk and started writing the letter to Luna while Twilight sat down on the bed and started reading a book.

Dear Luna

If you're reading this then I'll probably be in Ponyville with Twilight by now. You were asleep at the time of writing this and I didn't want to disturb you. I just wanted to thank you for the hospitality you, your sister, Shining Armour and Spitfire have shown to myself. I'm a complete unknown in this world, you could have just thrown me in the dungeons as Princess Blueberry Prince Blueblood tried to and left me there to rot; declaring me a threat to your subjects. Instead you treat me as one of your own and took action against those that caused me harm.

I enjoyed our encounter despite how brief it was. Your night really does look beautiful, I would really like to talk to you and tell you about the night in my world. Astronomy is a hobby of mine, and if what I saw last night is anything to go by I can see I will be able to enjoy my hobby even more here in Equestria.

Sorry if this letter is a little short and pointless, letter writing isn't my specialty.

Once again thank you for your assistance, I appreciate it.

Your friend


Connor rolled up the paper and collected his other belongings. He and Twilight made their way to the Luna's room. They found Luna's Thestral guards outside and left the letter with them. Both the day and night guard had been informed of Connor's being in the castle by Celestia so they knew he was no danger, plus it was due to Connor (sort of) that gave the guards one of the funniest moments they'd ever seen.

Connor and Twilight made their way to Canterlot Piccadilly Train Station for the service to Ponyville. It would take around 90 minutes to get there on the train. Connor noted that steam engines were used here, the one that would be pulling their train looked like a Fairburn 2-6-4T. Other locomotives bore a striking resemblance to steam engines form the Golden Age of Steam, some of which in the station looked like Gresley A3 and A4 Pacifics, a BR Standard Class 9F, Black Fives, Princess Coronations; for a steam railway enthusiast, Connor loved it.

Twilight informed Connor that Celestia had tickets paid for already. A private booth in First Class with complementary meal.


Connor and Twilight had their meal. Twilight had a veggie dish, Connor had roast chicken. Celestia had Connor's meal prepared ready for his journey. If Twilight was uneasy about Connor eating meat she didn't say anything.

"What happens when we get to Ponyville?" asked Connor.

"I'll take you to my library first so can drop your belongings off, the I'll give you a tour of the town and introduce you to everypony."

"They're not going to scream and shout monster at me are they?"

"Some might but don't take it personally," responded Twilight, "Princess Celestia and Princess Luna like you so that will definitely work in your favour."

"What about your friends?"

"They'll be cautious at first but they'll warm up to you."

Connor gave a nod, though he was slightly uneasy at meeting a whole town of ponies. They may or may not chase him out of town pitchforks and torches.



The train slowed and came to halt. There were a number of ponies already on the platform waiting to get on. They however turned their attention to Connor when he set foot on the platform. Some just stood and looked at him while some slowly shifted away. No-pony said anything though, maybe due to seeing him with Twilight.

Twilight and Connor made their way through Ponyville, garnering stares from everypony they past. Again nothing was said though. Connor was sure he saw a pink blur but wasn't entirely sure.

The two of them approached the library.

"This is Ponyville Library and my home," said Twilight.

"Looks nice," replied Connor, "Apart from the beehive."

"Don't be such a scaredypony."

"I'm not scared I just don't want to get stung."

"You won't get stung now come on let's get you inside."

The two went inside the library and Twilight lead Connor upstairs to the spare bedroom. Connor set his things down on the bed and turned to Twilight.

"So, are you giving me a tour of the town now or later?"

"We'll go now, some ponies have already seen you so you may as well introduce yourself."

Just then, a purple and green drake walked in.

"Twilight your back so soon? I'd have thought that......"

There was an awkward silence as Spike and Connor stared at each other. Twilight decided it was best if she introduced the two to each other.

"Spike this is Connor. Connor this is Spike, my number one assistant."

"Hey," said Connor.

"Hey," replied Spike.

There was another awkward silence until Connor spoke up.

"What exactly are you, you resemble a lizard but I get the impression that you aren't."

"You're right. In fact I'm a dragon," said Spike with a modicum of pride.

"A dragon ay," Connor stalled for a moment, "Ahnok Goraan Gein."

Spike looked stunned to say the least, "Genazend wah grind hi."

The two shook hands/claws. Twilight looked dumbfounded.

"Would one of you mind explaining what they hay you just said?"

"Relax Twilight he was only speaking the language of the dragons."

Twilight looked to Connor, "I thought you said that dragons didn't exist in your world?"

"They don't. Only in mythology and stories. The language I spoke is a fictional language specifically made for a computer game. I'll show you later."

This got Twilight's attention, "I look forward to it. Now let's go meet everypony. Spike you coming?"

"Yeah sure."


Meanwhile, in the castle Luna awoke to find a scroll on her bedside table. She unfurled the scroll and read it. After reading the scroll she put it her bedside drawer and began writing a letter back to Connor.

Dear Connor

We thank thee truly for thous kind words and for not disturbing our slumber. Thou does not need to thank us for the hospitality given to thou, we only acted as we should. Thou does not need to fear Prince Blueblood (We like your name for him though), he will not harm thou again unless he wishes to incur the wrath of our sister.

We hope thou is settling into Ponyville well and making new friends. We look forward to seeing thou again.

We bid thee well Connor

Your friend Luna

PS: We hope thou enjoys the gift we have sent to thee.

Author's Note:

A chapter in which not much happened.

Note: Thanks to Lightingace for the suggestions on Connor's correspondence with Luna.

On another note Spitfire has been acting the way she has for a reason but you'll have to wait for later chapters to find out.

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