• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 38 - Reunited

"Fucking Tartarus," Hawker moaned,"Since when did little Spitfire hit so hard?"

"Since you knocked out her fiancé," Lightning replied, holding an ice pack in place over his left eye, "Is that why you elected to stay behind, so you could clock him?"

"......maybe. But I didn't mean to crack his skull! Just hit him!"

Lightning rolled her eyes, "I'm sure that will makes things better. You're lucky Spits didn't break your wings and throw you off a very high cloud."

"She wouldn't have done that, I'm her brother. Her twin brother!"

"So? You clocked her fiancé. What would you do in her position?"

Hawker sighed, "The same probably."

"Of course you would, I've seen the way you look at Misty Fly," Lightning teased.


"Or is it Fleetfoot?"

"It's neither!"

A malicious grin spread across Lightning's face, "So you do have the hots for a mare?"


"A stallion then?"

"I am not in love with anypony."

"A griffon then."


"Sheesh, calm down. I'm only pulling your leg."

"You are a very annoying little sister."

"I love you too, bro."

The sound of the door opening prompted the two siblings to look over. Avro and Gloucester walked in, followed by Luna, much to the surprise of the siblings. Quickly though, they went down on their hooves to bow but were quickly stopped by Luna, although not before Hawker's ice pack fell to the floor.

"Please rise, there is no need to bow," Luna said calmly, "Please, allow me."

Luna lifted up the ice pack and placed it back over Hawker's bruised eye.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, but I have information relating to Connor that you all need to hear explaining what happened in Ponyville."

Hawker and Lightning looked over to the father and brother.

"It kinda explains a few things," Gloucester said.

"Indeed," Luna added.

"Explains what?" asked Lightning.

"Connor's behaviour in Ponyville was due to him being unknowingly under the influence of Discord. Unbeknownst to anypony, Discord's chaos magic had made him almost an exact opposite of his usual self. The residents of Ponyville said that Connor showed no obvious signs that he was under any influence and that they thought he was just really being rude of his own accord."

"Until they realised the truth?"

"Yes. It was Twilight Sparkle who realised it and, with the help of the Elements of Harmony, purged the chaos magic from him. It was after this he realised what he had done, and what he had said to Spitfire."

"Soooo, Connor's innocent?" asked Hawker nervously.

"Yes, he was under the influence of Discord and did not act of his own volition. But do not worry," Luna added, noting the look of fear in Hawker, "Connor has decided not to press charges against you and is prepared to consider the matter over."

"Well, if he's prepared to do that, then I suppose I can too."

"Spits might not let it go so easily," Lightning said, "She's really pissed off."

"I'll make it up to her."


"I'll think of something. Anyway, how is Connor?" Hawker asked, looking at Luna.

"He is recovering but suffered a cracked skull. Fortunately the damage is minimal and he'll make a full recovery."

Hawker winced at hearing the injuries he inflicted, albeit unintentionally, a reaction not gone unnoticed by the others.

"Fear not Group Captain Hurricane," Luna said, "Connor is in great care and recovering well."

"I'd like to see him though, and personally apologise."

"I shall ask him. In the meantime, farewell."

Hawker and Lightning bowed as Luna left the room, causing Hawker's ice pack to fall to the floor again. Lightning picked it up and placed it back over Hawker's eye, "So, what are your plans later? Apart from apologising to Connor?"

"Thought I might go out into Canterlot, while I'm on leave."

"Cool. Want me to come along?"


Meanwhile, in another room of the hospital, Connor laid in bed with Spitfire and Elizabeth in attendance, the latter wearing her two tone pink flight suit with white gloves and boots. Connor looked considerably worse for wear at first glance with bandaging around his head and the monitors hooked up to him, steadily beeping away.

"I should have known something wasn't right," Spitfire said, her eyes downcast and resting her hoof on Connor's hand, "He would never behave like that."

"You couldn't have known," Elizabeth replied.

"I should have."

"Don't beat yourself up about it, it won't do you any good. What's happened happened and the one responsible has been punished for it."

Spitfire nodded glumly, "I'll have to pay Discord's statue a visit and give him a piece of my mind."

"Mind if I join you?"

"Go ahead."

"Speaking of giving others a piece of your mind, I heard you 'had a word' with your brother."

"Oh yeah, I had a word alright, if delivering a firm right hoof counts as a word."

"You're a fiery girl with a fiery temper, I can see why Connor likes you."

Spitfire smirked.

"That and you're a hot mare," Elizabeth continued.

Spitfire blushed, "Thanks. Don't let Connor hear you say that though, he might think you're trying to steal me from him."

"He wouldn't think that."

"Are you sure? He can be a dork at times."


A knock at the door interrupted the conversation between the pair and the door quickly opened. Entering the room was none other than Luna herself, accompanied by two of her Thestral guards.

"Princess Luna!" Spitfire yelped, quickly getting down to bow.

"Rise, please; there is no need to bow to us in a private setting, Spitfire."

Spitfire rose and approached Luna, "What brings you here Princess?"

"I have news of an occurrence in the Whitetail Woods," Luna replied, looking to Elizabeth, "That will be of interest to yourself Elizabeth, and your brother."

"W-why? What's happened?" Elizabeth asked with a little worry in her voice.

Luna smiled as she answered, "Your family is now in Equestria."

Back in the Whitetail Woods, Alexander and the rest of the family sat in the lounge as they waited patiently for the return of Arch Mage and the arrival of Celestia. Star Light was almost having a fit due to the sheer nerve of meeting Celestia, the Solar Diarch of Equestria and Bringer of Light. Despite the gentle soothing strokes from her daughters, Star Light was still close to hyperventilating at meeting the Princess she had not seen in over twenty-five years.

"It'sgoingtobefine! It'sgoingtobefine! It'sgoingtobefine!" she said quickly and rapidly, rocking back on forth.

"Relax mum," Bella said, "You're worrying too much."

"Did that Arch Mage or whatever he's called say when he'd be back?" asked Angela.

"Just that he'd be back as soon as possible," replied Bella, "Wish he'd hurry up, the waiting's killing me."

"I wonder if Connor and Elizabeth are here?"

"I'm guessing they will be, it'll be nice to see them again."

"A moment I'm not looking forward to."

Bella and Angela looked over to their father, still holding an ice pack to the back of his head, "Did you say something dad?"

"Just that I'm not particularly looking forward to meeting Connor."

The two sisters looked at one another in bewilderment, surprised to hear what their father was saying, "Do you think he'll be angry with you?"

"If he is I can't blame him for it."

"That's if he's here, that is," Angela followed up, "We don't know that yet."

"He's here," Star Light added, "I can feel it."

"If mum turned back into a pony," Bella began to query, "Does that mean Connor will be a pony now too?"

"It's possible," Star Light replied, "Or he could have simply grown wings like you girls."

"I wonder what he's been doing while he's been here, if he is here," Angela wondered aloud, "Getting up to no good probably.”

The ringing of the doorbell caused four heads to simultaneously turn towards the door almost instantly.

"I'll get it," Bella said, standing up and giving her cyan blue wings a stretch, and headed for the door.

As soon as she opened the door she visibly jumped in shock at the sight of not only Arch Mage, but Princess Celestia too, looking exactly as her mother described her.

"H-hi," she muttered.

"Greetings, I am Princess Celestia and I believe you are already acquainted with Arch Mage."

"Y-yeah, he was here earlier. Do you want to come in?"

"That would be lovely," Celestia replied with a cheery smile, "We have much to discuss."

Belle stood aside and allowed the pair to enter along with two of Celestia's Solar Guards. After they entered, she shut the door and showed them to the lounge where they were all waiting. Almost immediately at seeing Celestia, Star Light was down on her hooves in a respectful bow.

"Rise please, there is no need to bow," Celestia replied kindly and softly, putting Star Light at ease, "Especially from those part of Connor's family."

At the mention of his name, five pairs of eyes lit up and looked immediately at Celestia. Star Light immediately ran to Celestia and getting up on her hind legs and resting her forelegs on Celestia's chest, pleadingly asked, "You mean.....Connor's here?!"

Celestia smiled and nodded, "Yes, and doing very well as a matter of fact."

"Please, Princess, I must see him!"

"Of course, but we'll have to get the OK from the doctor."

"Doctor?" Star Light asked worriedly, "My baby's not hurt, is he?"

"Not exactly, but he did suffer minor injuries due to a misunderstanding earlier."

"Probably got into a fight," Belle quipped.

"Not exactly, but he was unintentionally knocked out by his future brother-in-law."


"What?" Bella asked, dumbfounded.

"Connor is engaged," Celestia replied simply, "Tis quite a story, but I think Connor should be the one to tell you."

"When can I see him?" asked Star Light, "And what about Elizabeth? Please tell me she's here too!!"

"Relax my little pony, Elizabeth is currently at Connor's bedside with his fiancée. I assure you that he is in good hooves."

The reassurance from the Princess seemed to relax Star Light who hopped back down onto all fours and was soon being hugged by Bella, "There you go mum, Connor and Elizabeth are fine and we'll see them again very soon."

Star Light then looked up to Celestia, worry again evident in her expression, "What about Vulcan and Cara?"

"I have dispatched messengers to bring them to my castle, I shall re-introduce you to them there. My sister has informed Elizabeth, who in turn will inform Connor."

"Y-your sister?"

Celestia blinked in confusion as to why Star Light did not know who Luna was, before she realised just as quickly why she wouldn't know, "Luna is my sister, freed from her imprisonment and the influence of Nightmare Moon."

"N-nightmare M-moon?" Star Light asked nervously, visibly shaking.

"Fear not, my little pony. Nightmare Moon was defeated and my sister returned, I assure you Luna means no harm to anypony, and in fact Connor is her personal student."


"Yes, he is undertaking a Business Management Masters degree, and from what Luna has told me, he is doing quite well."

"Sounds impressive," Star Light replied.

"I'd have never have guessed that Connor was interested in that," Angela said, "I thought he was more into gaming and things like that."

"He was initially offered the position of Wonderbolt's Events Manager, but that soon became General Manager and with guidance from Luna and Spitfire has shown to be quite adept at it."


"His fiancée, a Group Captain and CO of the Wonderbolts."

"Wait a minute," Star Light said, her eyes widening, "Spitfire?"

"You recognise the name?" asked Bella, "It is the name of a World War 2 fighter plane."

"I know but what I meant was I recognised the name from before I went to Earth," Star Light replied before turning back to Celestia, "By any chance, is her mother called Stormy Flare?"

"I believe she is," Celestia replied, "Do you know her?"

"I went to Junior Flight Camp with her, helped me fly better. It's not surprising at all to hear that her daughter went on to become head of the Wonderbolts."

"OK," interrupted Bella, "Who or what are the Wonderbolts?"

"They're like the Red Arrows."

"Ah, I can see why he joined then."

"He didn't join the RAF though, did he?" Alex suddenly blurted out with a little more venom than he intended, "Never showed any interest!"

Silence lingered for several seconds as Alex's stinging rebuke made everyone feel uneasy, particularly Celestia. She recalled Connor telling her about how Alexander would relentlessly pressure him into joining the RAF as an officer and pilot, and would show disdain to any other alternative and try to coerce him out of other career paths.

"Spent all his time sat on his lazy arse playing video games!"


Star Light's chilling glare sent a shiver down his spine, the pony half his size made him feel like the smallest person in the room as she stormed over to him, "I will not tolerate anyone speaking of my son in that manner. Connor may have been out of work but that does not mean he is or was lazy! He tried valiantly to get a job but to no avail! It is not his fault that he was constantly rejected!"

"What are you implying?" Alex replied, scowling, "If employers didn't want him, then that's their decision."

"The only employers who ever showed interest just happened to be your employers too."


"Don't pretend you had nothing to do with it! I know how you would pressure the poor lad into joining!"

"MUM! DAD!" Bella yelled, "We have visitors!"

Alex and Star Light looked over to see Celestia and Arch Mage, and the two guards, looking on in shock at the unexpected argument. To Celestia though, it all but confirmed what Connor had told her.

Alexander had been wilfully trying to force Connor into joining something he didn't want to join.

Celestia though, eager to move things on, changed the topic.

"Perhaps we should discuss what will happen now? There is a lot to discuss."

"Of course Princess," Star Light replied, "Apologies that you had to see that."

"There is no need to apologise, I have arguments with those I love also."

"What will happen now then?" Bella asked rather impatiently, "What will happen to us?"

"For now I ask that you remain here, at least until a press conference can be arranged where you will be shown to Equestria. Star Light's return will be big news given that she is Connor's mother, as will the arrival of the rest of you. There's no doubt you will all become of great interest to the press."

"Great," Bella groaned, "Tabloid writers writing sensationalist bullshit just to sell a few more papers."

"Bella," Star Light warned, "Not in front of the princess."

"It's quite alright Star Light," Celestia replied gently, "Some papers in Equestria have somewhat of a.....different perspective, shall we say, the same papers that are very bigoted against non-ponies, and even against non-unicorns."

"So Equestria has its own version of the Daily Mail?" Bella asked, "Or the Daily Shit Rag as Connor calls it."

Celestia snorted, attempting to stifle giggles, "That does sound like something Connor would say."

"So how long will we have to stay here?" Alexander asked.

"Not long, a few days at most."

"So we'll finally be able to leave this prison?" Bella asked, making no attempt to hide her sarcasm.

"I'd hardly call this place a prison," Celestia replied.

"Well what else do you call a place where you're held against your will?"

"Just give it a rest Bella," Angela said, "I want to leave as much as you do but rushing things won't help."

"I assure you that you can leave but I ask you allow me time to make the necessary arrangements."

"What kind of 'necessary arrangements'?" asked Alex, standing up and approaching Celestia.

"For starters, a press conference revealing you all to Equestria, living arrangements for Bella and Angela, residency permits and there's the matter of Star Light."

"What about Star Light?"

"After several months of no sign of her, she was officially declared dead. Since the arrival of Connor who stated that you were very much alive, I started the process of sorting out the necessary paperwork with regards to things such as pensions, passports and citizenship and so on. Suffice it to say, that there's been quite a bit to do."

"Passport?" queried Bella, "As in pony passports?"

"Well, Equestrian passports specifically. As you, and your sisters, are the daughters of an Equestrian citizen you are eligible for Equestrian citizenship and Equestrian passport. Equestrian citizenship will make gaining employment and such much easier, and an Equestrian passport has the same function as your own British passports. Connor has already taken Equestrian citizenship and carries an Equestrian passport in addition to keeping his British equivalents."

"Can we keep ours too?" asked Angela, "There's no bloody way I'm giving up either."

"Of course, Equestria permits and recognises dual citizenship," Celestia confirmed, before turning to Alex, "Also, I have an item that belongs to you."

Alexander looked confused only for a moment before his eyes lit up in a mixture of shock and excitement, "MY RANGE ROVER! IT'S HERE?!"

Celestia nodded, "Connor was kind enough to explain what it was, but as he had no keys we were unable to gain access and I can assure you that it will be returned to you as quickly as possible."

Alexander visibly sighed in relief, running a hand down his face, "You've no idea how much I can relax now I know it's OK."

"You should have seen him," Star Light said, "He was miming a re-enactment of his last actions before the car disappeared. We thought he'd finally lost his marbles."

"Oh be quiet," Alex groaned, "I was simply concerned at the disappearance of a £90,000 Range Rover."

"Just 'simply concerned'," teased Star Light, "It sounds like a lot more than that to me. I'm almost beginning to feel left out."

"Fear not Group Captain Wakefield, you shall be reunited with your beloved Range Rover soon."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. In the meantime I shall leave you and go and make the aforementioned arrangements and shall return as soon as I can, until then, farewell."

Back in the hospital, a still asleep Connor was being tended to by hospital staff with Spitfire and Elizabeth watching on; the former having seen the sight of Matron tend to her fiancée before. And for the same reason. Having finished her task, the Matron packed the rest of the supplies away and pulled the quilt back over Connor, being careful not to pull out the drip feed and monitoring devices as she did so.

"There," Matron said, "Nice and clean again."

"Thank you Matron," Spitfire replied, "Lucky for us you were here instructing Trainee Nurses."

"Indeed. Young Mr Wakefield does seem to have a knack of ending up in hospital. This is his fourth time since arriving in Equestria if I'm not mistaken."

"Knowing Connor he'll be in several more times."

"So long as he stays in bed he'll have no problems from me," Matron replied sternly, "Good day to you Group Captain, Miss Wakefield."

The matron promptly left, leaving Connor alone with Spitfire and Elizabeth once more where they once again took their seats at either side of his bed, with Spitfire resting a hoof on his hand looking somewhat less upset than before.

"The sooner he wakes up, the better," Spitfire said.

"Agreed," added Elizabeth, "I don't like seeing him like this."

"My family are eager to see him too, they sort of....reacted badly to what he did in Ponyville; well my mother didn't. She was prepared to at least allow Connor to explain himself before deciding what to do."

"Has Luna told them?"

"I think so. Hopefully it will calm down my father and brothers."

"Speaking of your brothers....nice hit! You go girl!"

Spitfire couldn't help but laugh and smile, "Yeah, it was a beauty of a black eye I gave him."

"He'll be nursing it for a while."

"He'll live, maybe now with the sense I knocked into him."

"What about the wedding? You're not really calling it off are you?" Elizabeth asked, a hint of worry in her voice.

Spitfire shook her head, "I only said that because I was angry and upset, but after hearing that Connor was a victim of Discord's cruel pranks it cleared things up quite a bit."

"So I can still be a bridesmaid?" Elizabeth with barely contained glee.

Spitfire nodded, completely unprepared for the squeals of joy that emanated from Elizabeth.


Avro didn't need to look to his side to see know his wife was right next to him or that she was angry, he knew she was angry just by the fact that he could feel her nose breath on his cheek. Seldom has he ever felt so nervous and fearful of his well-being as he is now.

"I may have jumped to a conclusion," he whimpered.

"'May have'?" Stormy replied sternly, "You DID jump to that conclusion and now Connor is in hospital with a cracked skull."

"The doctor said he'd recover."

"THAT'S NOT THE POINT!" Stormy screamed, "Connor is injured because certain ponies jumped to conclusions and others let their hooves do the talking!"


"But nothing Avro! Connor was under the influence of an evil spirit of chaos but you just assumed Connor acted of his own accord, you didn't want to believe otherwise; at least I was prepared to hear him out first!"

Avro fell back onto his plot and sighed deeply, "I bucked up again with him, didn't I?"

"What do you think?"

"I'll make it up to him."


"I don't know, I'll think of something."

"Well think quickly, you've taken a disliking to Connor ever since you found out about their engagement and have been looking for any reason to stop him from being with Spitfire."

Avro looked down to the floor in disgrace, unable to respond. He couldn't. He knew his wife was right. Stormy however, didn't stop admonishing her husband and continued getting her points across like a boxer throwing punches against his opponent who's on the ropes.

"I thought you said you didn't mind Connor marrying our daughter? Or were they just words to give the illusion you didn't mind? Lying to our daughter, to Connor, to me? What do you really think, Avro Lancaster?"

Several seconds passed as Avro just sat looking down at his hooves, considering his words very carefully over what he really thought about his future son-in-law.

"I guess I am being unfair to him."

"You didn't answer my question. What do you really think of him?"

"I....I guess I'm just suspicious of him."


"Well think about it. A creature never before seen just appears in our world and just happens to have an encounter with our daughter, who is also the head of the Wonderbolts."

"What's suspicious about that?"

"You don't think it strange that he should meet one of Equestria's most famous ponies very quickly and almost as quickly begin dating her?"

"No, I don't. Frankly I think you're being paranoid. Connor has been a gentlecolt to our daughter, and had it not been for certain events, would have been born in Equestria as a pony, or did you forget about his back story? Or that I know his mother?"

"You know his mother?" Avro asked, surprised at the revelation.

"I went to Junior Flight Camp with her and helped her fly better. I also set her up on a date with her future husband, Vulcan."

"That big bastard?"

"Yes, him. All three branches of the armed forces regularly awarded him contracts to make equipment and weapons. Or did that slip your mind also?"

Avro said nothing.

Stormy however, continued, "For somepony who's looking for faults in Connor you don't seem to know much about his pony family. Did you know he has a sister too?"

"Errrr, I may have forgotten," Avro replied, sweating and smiling nervously.

"He has a sister called Caramel Fudge who owns and runs her own fudge shop in Cloudsdale," Stormy scoffed, unimpressed at her husband's ignorance, "Maybe if you spent more time trying to get to know Connor and less time trying to find fault with him, you'd see he and Spitfire are absolutely right for each other."

"ALRIGHT!" Avro bellowed, "You've made your point!"

"I hope so, because if you continue being like this towards Connor, you risk losing Spitfire."

Avro visibly flinched at the thought of being disowned by his daughter, the mare he helped raise and pushed and encouraged to get her to get where she is today, and looked sullenly at the floor. Stormy, sensing that she was finally getting through to him, gently placed a hoof under his chin and lifted his head slowly up, "I know you're only concerned for Spitfire's well-being, and considering how some of exes have been I don't blame you, but Connor is different. I saw that after after first meeting him. Did you know that when I first saw him at the doorstep, I scolded him for placing his hand on Spitfire?"

"No, I didn't."

"I did. Looking back I feel terrible for it, but after seeing them with each other that evening, I saw how happy Spitfire was and how comfortable she looked with him, and the same with him with her."

"I suppose I'm being a little over protective."

"You wouldn't be you if you weren't. I recall one of her earlier dates from years ago, what was his name...Zeplin?"

"Zephyr. Zephyr Breeze. A lazy scoundrel who only wanted to live off Spitfire."

"Ah yes, I remember now. I seem to recall you and the boys 'having a word' with him."

"We did."

"Indeed, but you've never said what you said to get him to leave for good."

"Does it matter? You got an excellent rose garden because of our little chat."

Stormy's eyes went wide as dinner plates at realising what Avro implied, "You mean he-"

"Yes. It was just coincidence he was stood over your rose garden."

"What...what happened afterwards?"

"He flew away and we never heard from him again. Spitfire was quite pissed off though."

"Would that be why she spent several days at Fleetfoot's?"

"Yeah, though I think her friend talked sense into her."


"I wonder who that could be," Avro wondered aloud, "We weren't expecting visitors, were we?"

"No. I'll answer it though, you stay here."

Stormy left Avro in the lounge and made her way to the front door. Opening the door, she got quite the shock at seeing Celestia standing at her doorway, accompanied by two of her Solar Guards.


"Hello Stormy Flare, I apologise for intruding, but there has been a development I feel you must be made aware of before I make a public announcement."

"What about? Connor?"

"It involves him, but may I come inside and inform you? We are attracting quite a crowd already."

Stormy poked her head out of the doorway and saw what the princess was referring to. All down the street, the few ponies that were passing had stopped to see their princess converse with a resident, who in turn attracted the attention of other home-owners. The odd flash of a camera made it clear they has been seen. A bright gold chariot belonging to one of the princesses alone catches the attention of ponies, it and its owner even more attention.

"Of course," Stormy replied, "Will your guards be joining us?"

"No, they will remain on guard outside; to keep the growing crowd at bay."

Stormy stood aside an allowed the princess to enter, shutting the door afterwards.

"If you'd follow me your majesty."

"Of course, lead the way."

Celestia followed Stormy into the lounge, where Avro had wasted no time in making himself comfortable. Laid back in his reclining chair, he had his hooves up and the newspapers held up, covering his face; oblivious to who had just entered his home.

"Stormy be a dear and put the kettle on."

"Put it on yourself," Stormy replied sternly, "You can make a cup of tea for me as well our guest."

"Guest?" he repeated.

Avro lowered the paper and his eyes went to pinpricks as to who was stood in his lounge.


Very quickly, and making a mess of the paper in the process, he fell to the floor in a haste to bow respectfully to one of his diarchs.

"Rise, please. There is no need to bow to me on your own home," Celestia replied gently.

Avro rose and nervously addressed the princess, "What brings you to our home, Princess?"

"I have news which I wanted you to hear before it became public knowledge."

"What news?"

"Put simply, the rest of Connor's family have appeared in the Whitetail Woods, along with his family home."


The sun shone in the cloudless sky over Vanhoover, basking the coastal city in a brilliant bright light that reflected beautifully off of the crystal clear blue waters. Ships of all sizes and shapes manoeuvred in and out of the harbour as ponies watched on from the parks and residential skyscrapers, a particular favourite of pegasi as their balconies provided a quick entrance and exit from their respective apartments.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the harbour to the equally busy Downtown district, Cara and Theo were tending to customers in their newest store, this particular one selling Cara's fudges and Theo's chocolate. Business was incredibly slow at first with very few customers and low sales, with the stores running costs only being supported by Cara's financial input.

Whilst not raking in the cash or having products fly off the shelves, the store is at least running under its own finances.

Cara was busy filling some shelves with white chocolate truffles as she glanced over to her business partner and romantic partner, as he finished making a sale with a pony who's become a regular.

"Here's your change sir, and have a wonderful day."

"Thank you," the Earth Pony replied, putting his chocolates into his saddle bag, "Good day to you too."

The stallion left the store, nodding to Cara on the way, leaving the store empty of customers for the time being. Taking the chance to talk to Theo, she trotted over and gave him a quick kiss on his cheeks.

"Hey handsome."

"Hey sweetie. You OK?"

"I'm good. Wanna go out tonight? There's a new ramen restaurant that's opened a few streets over that I'd like to try out."

"Sounds great, what time were you wanting to go?"

"About sevenish?

"That's fine with me."


The sound of the door chime prompted the pair to look up, only to go slack jawed at who was now in their store.

"P-p-p-rincess M-mi A-amo-"

"Just Cadence is fine," she replied holding up a hoof.

Theo and Cara's breathing calmed a little as Cadence walked further into the store, followed by two of Celestia's Solar Guards, and after a quick look around, made a beeline for the deli counter, where, behind glass panels were piles of different types of chocolates neatly organised into tidy piles.

Feeling like she was in pony heaven, Cadence let out a very un-princessy sequel as she clapped her hooves together in delight at the sight of so much delectable chocolate.

Cara and Theo looked over to the guards who seemed just as perplexed as they were.

Cara decided to take the initiative and approach the Alicorn of Love, "Can we help you princess?"

Cadence turned around, "How much for the chocolates?"

"Errr, the chocolates?" Cara repeated, still a little out of it.

Cadence nodded, "How much?"

"Well, it's 60 bits for a 250 gram box, 120 bits for a 500 gram box, 180 bits for a 750 gram box or 240 bits for a one kilogram box or for a true chocoaholic, a Super Deluxe 1.5 kilogram box for 300 bits."

"Can I choose what chocolates I'd like, or are they already chosen?"

"We have boxes ready off the shelf but if you wish you can let us know which chocolates you'd prefer. Do you have any preferences?"

"Nothing with coconut."

"Of course. What size box ma'am?"

"Ooooh, I'll think I'll have super deluxe box. And for shiny, a kilogram box of dark chocolates only. They're his favourite."

"Of course ma'am."

"Please call me Cadence," the princess replied with a smile.

"Of course......Cadence."

"Thank you. Would I be OK having a look around while I wait?"

"Of course," she replied before turning to Theo, "You heard the lady, Theo. Chop chop!"

"Yes ma'am," Theo replied, mock saluting as he went behind the chocolates counter and began filling the orders in.

Cara turned back to Cadence, "While he's doing that, would you like a tour...Cadence?"

"I'd love one. I must say though, this is quite a lovely store. I can see why you must have paid a premium for it."

"We sure did, mostly because of the location. The business rates and property costs in Vanhoover are eye-watering, but we still make a profit, so we can't complain much."

"I've heard you and Theo have become quite a couple."

"Well, I suppose so," Cara replied, blushing, "Probably would never have met had it not been for....other factors."

"Other factors?" Cadence repeated, not sure what Cara meant until after a couple of seconds she clued into what Cara was referring to, "Oh that. Well, stranger things have happened in Equestria."

"How is Connor? I've not seen or heard from him since he got out of hospital."

"He's back in hospital."

"Sorry?" Cara repeated, "You mean he never left?"

"No, he left hospital regarding the lightning strike incident, but he very recently went back in following being assaulted by a rather angry pegasus."

"Somepony clocked my brother?" Cara asked with a mix of anger and worry.

"You heard of what happened in Ponyville?"

"I heard that Discord escaped but nothing more."

"Well, put simply he used his chaos magic and affected the elements of harmony as well as Connor."

"What did he do to my brother?" Cara asked, her restrained anger audible on her voice.

"He made Connor almost an exact opposite of his true self, making him very rude, violent, uncaring and so on and so forth. He was eventually freed from Discord's corruption but not before he made some very hurtful comments to Spitfire."

"What did he say?"

"I don't know what he said, only that she called off the wedding-"

Cara gasped loudly, "No! Tell me you're only joking!"

"Something wrong sweetie?" Theo asked, hearing the commotion.

"Please," Cadence pleaded, "Hear me out."

Reluctantly, Cara agreed and was quickly consoled by Theo.

"As I was saying, she called it off, but once the situation has been explained to her, she uncalled it off."

"So, my baby brother is still getting married?"


A wave a relief overcame Cara as she let out a huge sigh, "Thank goodness for that, but how does that explain his visit to hospital?"

"After being freed of chaos magic and realising the situation, Connor flew to Spitfire's parent's home to attempt to amend things. However, they had gone out for dinner, except that is, for Hawker."

"Spitfire's twin brother?"

Cadence nodded, "Apparently, upon seeing Connor and unaware of the situation, he punched Connor in the face causing him to fall backwards and hit his head on the pavement behind, causing Connor to suffer a cracked skull."

"My baby brother has cracked skull?" Cara asked with an angry snarl beginning to form on her lips.

Cadence nodded, "Unfortunately so, however he has been awake since and the doctor assures us he will make a full recovery."

"That's good," Cara replied calmly, disturbingly so, "But I'm still going to kill Hawker."

Cadence couldn't help but let out a giggle, "You'll have to join the queue then, Spitfire has already given him a black eye, at least according to Auntie Luna."

"That's a good start. Is that why you came today?"

"Yes. I was going to tell you straight away, but got....sidetracked," Cadence replied, glancing embarrassingly over to the chocolates, "Sorry."

"That's quite alright Cadence, it happens to a lot of ponies. Was there anything else?"

"Yes, and it involves Connor again; albeit not directly."

"In what way?"

"You know of his human family?"

"Yes, I've met his sister Elizabeth. Why?"

"I'm not sure how to say it, so I'll just say it bluntly. The rest of his human family has appeared in the Whitetail Woods."

"The rest of........"

It took only a moment, but once she realised what it meant, her feelings of joy overwhelmed her and she promptly burst into tears and collapsed to the floor.

"Darling, what's wrong?" Theo asked.

"Don't you realise?" Cara cried.

Theo shook his head, "Realise what?"

"Oh you big dolt, it means my mum's back!" Cara cried, put her forelegs around Theo, wrapping him tightly in a hug, "I'm going to see my mum again."

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