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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 15 - A Day With Luna

It was early morning and the sun had yet to be raised. Connor was wide awake though not tired. He was sitting up in bed watching X-Men: Days of Future Past on his laptop. Earlier he reluctantly called for room service to see if the kitchen staff would bring up some cheese scones and a pot of tea. They did. They were so good Connor asked for more, which according to the maid that brought them put the chef in a very good mood.

After eating more scones and watching the rest of the film he decided to get up. The sun had been raised after all. He put on some clothes Rarity had made for him, a red shirt and black trousers. As Twilight had stated his wings had disappeared and his back bore no signs they were ever there. There were no feathers or anything on the bed either.

Just as he finished getting dressed there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Connor replied.

Celestia walked in to the room.

"Hi Princess, you OK?"

"I'm fine thank you Connor. How are you?"

"I'm OK," he replied, "My wings have disappeared though."

"Yes, Twilight mentioned they would."

"I'm not too concerned, I'm very used to not having them anyway."

Celestia laughed, "What are your plans for today?"

"I was planning on spending some time with Luna later when she wakes up. She seemed to enjoy herself last night."

"She did. More than you may realise."

"Princess, can I ask you something?"

Celestia nodded, "Of course you can."

"Was Star Light pregnant when she disappeared?"

"I believe so. Why do you ask?"

Connor sighed, "It's just that she disappeared twenty five years ago. I'm almost twenty five. She disappeared and I appeared in the same area with the same kind of unusual energy. She's a Pegasus which means she can walk on clouds. I found out I could to before Twilight cast that wing spell. That and Star Light and my mother are the same age."

Celestia walked over to Connor and stood in front of him, "You suspect your mother is Star Light?"

Connor nodded hesitantly "The evidence would seem to suggest that."

Celestia put a hoof on Connor's shoulder, "Connor, I promise I will do what I can to help you find the answers to your questions."

"Thanks Princess."

"You're welcome Connor. Now, why don't you join me for breakfast?"

"Yeah OK, I've already eaten some scones but I could do with something else. I'm starving."


After breakfast with Celestia, everyone else was still in bed, Connor made his way over to the Wonderbolts barracks. He made his way to the bed of a particular mare. And to his relief he saw she was still asleep. Fleetfoot and Misty Fly were awake though. As was Soarin who had followed Connor in. Connor walked over to Spitfire's bed and poked the sleeping mare.


Connor poked her again.

"Mmmmph go away, sleepy."

Connor, loving every moment of this poked her several times, "Come on sleepy head it's time to get up."

Spitfire groggily opened her eyes and sat up. Her mane and tail were a mess.

"Good morning sunshine," he said with a huge grin, "How is my little milkshake?"

The Wonderbolts who were watching only just stifled their laughter. Spitfire narrowed her eyes.

"Waking up your boss on a Sunday morning is a bad career move," she said flatly.

Connor laughed and gave Spitfire a hug, "You're a funny mare Spits."

Spitfire laughed and returned the hug, "You're lucky you're my coltfriend or you'd be in the brig right now."

The duo let go of each other and Spitfire noticed Connor's wings had disappeared.

"I assume Twilight's spell ended?" she asked Connor.

Connor nodded.

"Too bad," she said, "They suited you."

"They did but I'm used to not having them. Anyway what have you got planned for today?"

"I'm going to meet my folks in Cloudsdale. I haven't seen my mother in a while."

"Are you going to tell them about us?"

Spitfire shook her head, "I don't think so. It's a little soon. I will tell them eventually though, I promise."

Connor spent a few more minutes with Spitfire before she had to leave. She promised she would visit Connor in Ponyville next week.
After Spitfire had left it was mid-morning so Connor took a walk around the castle gardens and took a nap beneath a large oak tree. It would be another couple of hours yet before Luna was awake so he had time.


After his nap Connor made his way back into the castle towards the dining hall. He arrived to find Celestia, Luna, Spike and the girls already there. Making his way to the table and sat down in-between Luna and Rarity.

"Connor it is a pleasure to see thou again."

"Likewise Luna."

Luna looked at Connor and noticed his lack of wings, "Tis a pity thous wings were not permanent. Thou looked the part with them."

"Thanks Luna. Do you have anything planned later?"

"Nay. We have time to spare. Does thou have something they wish to do with us?"

Connor nodded, "Yeah I wanted to show you some of my human things if that's ok?"

"We would enjoy see what thou has to show."

"Can't wait. I know one thing you'll AGH!"

"CONNOR!" shouted Luna.

Connor took a few breaths before he spoke again, "Bloody hell that was painful."

"What was painful Connor?" asked a concerned Celestia.

"I got a sudden pain in my back. It's gone now."

"Will thou be OK" asked Luna.

Connor nodded, "Yeah I'll be fine, don't worry about me."

Celestia said no more but she was very concerned. She had a theory in her mind as to what may be happening but that theory was formed only on circumstantial evidence. She felt it wouldn't be fair to Connor to give him anything but facts. He had enough unanswered questions and theories already.

It wasn't long before dinner was served. Connor had a Traditional Sunday Roast, so did everyone else except without the meat. Connor also had a pint of smooth bitter, it tasted very similar to John Smiths; Connor's favourite. Everyone enjoyed their meals. For desert they had chocolate fudge cake with hot chocolate sauce.

"Oh Luna that reminds me, did you like the cake I got you?"

"We thoroughly enjoyed it, isn't that right sister?" Luna asked as she looked towards her sister.

Everyone looked to Celestia to see her look her with a forced smile.

"Yes sister. That is correct. Though why you couldn't eat it in your own room I don't understand."

Luna harrumphed, "We simply wanted to enjoy ourselves."

"You could do that in your own room," Celestia replied.

"We could but it wouldn't be as fun," replied Luna before sticking her tongue out.

The two sisters burst out into laughter garnering odd looks from everyone else.

After dinner, Luna and Connor made their way to Luna's chambers after Connor collected his things from his room. As they went in Connor could see that Luna's bedroom looked like the night sky itself was inside her room.

"Wow. This looks brilliant."

"We thank thee. Tis one room we can truly make our own. Would thou like a coffee?"

Connor wasn't really a coffee drinker but he could drink it, "Yes please. Cappuccino if possible."

Luna nodded before walking over to what looked like a top of the range coffee making machine, the kind you would see in Costa's or Nero's. Luna made two large Cappuccino's and brought them over and set them down on a coffee table.

"You have your own coffee machine?"

"Yes. Though our sister much prefers her tea as does thou, we much prefer coffee. The coffee machine was a small gift from sister upon our return. She knows how much we like our coffee. Tis a small but very much appreciated gift."

Connor took his coffee and tried some. Connor may not know much about Luna but he can tell you one thing, apart from her love of the night, she knows how to make coffee. She could get a job as a barista any day.

"Does thou like the coffee?" asked Luna looking a little worried.

Conner nodded, "Tastes great. I may start drinking more coffee if you make it this good."

Luna felt like a great weight had been lifted. She's desperately wanted for a long time to invite someone over to make them coffee. She's done the same with her sister and thestral guards but it's not the same. Everypony is to scared of her but Connor treats her like any ordinary mare, which is just what Luna wants.

Luna walked over to the sofa and sat down next to Connor, setting down her coffee on the table, and watched as Connor got out his laptop.

"Is this your human technology?"

"Yep. But first I want to show you my phone. It's a communications device that allows me to talk to anyone with a similar device. This phone also plays games, music, takes photos and many other things."

Luna watched with fascination as Connor tapped and swiped the phone's surface with his fingers. She then watched as Connor inserted ear-phones into the phone. Connor took the ear-phones and placed the ear-pieces into Luna's ears, Luna giggling a bit when she felt Connor's nimble fingers brush against the inside of her ears.

"I'm going to play a song I think you might like."

Connor started to play The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera. The original version with Michael Crawford.

Luna listened intently as the song played. Connor got the sense that Luna felt a connection with this particular song if the tears forming in her eyes were anything to go by.

After the song finished Luna removed the ear-buds with her magic and Connor put the phone and ear-phones on the table. He turned back to Luna to see tears streaming down her face.

"Luna are you ok?"

Luna nodded gently and answered quietly, "Yes, we are fine. It's just that we have never heard a song filled with such emotion. Tis a great song. Is it popular in your world?"

"It is to those who like that kind of music," he said as he dried Luna eyes with some tissues.

"Thank you Connor."

"Anytime Luna. How would you like to see some other human things?"

Luna immediately perked up, "We would very much like that."

Connor proceeded to show Luna some videos, other music, some photos and some games. Luna particularly liked the games and very quickly picked up the controls. She said that Equestria desperately needed these computer games for the greater good, and that she would make it part of her official Princess duties to see it happen.

"There's some other things I would like to show you."

"More amazing human things?"

Connor smiled, "That's one way of putting it."

Connor proceeded to show Luna an image of a blue and white circle against a black background.

"What do you think?"

Luna looked confused, "We do not know. We only see a painting of a blue circle against a black background. What is special about this?"

Connor laughed, "My dear Luna, what you are seeing is no painting."

Luna looked even more confused, "Then what are we seeing?"

Connor paused for a moment, "A photo of my world."

Luna looked at the photo for several seconds then to Connor. She analyses his face intently, trying to look for signs of deception. She could not see any. She looked back to the screen. She was looking at a photo of his world. Another world other than her own.

"It's beautiful."

"I have plenty more to show if you'd like to see them. I can also show you photo's of the surface of Mars which is another planet in my Solar System, I can show you pictures of the other planets in my Solar System as well as pictures of galaxies, nebulas, comets, asteroids. I'll even show you photo's of what my world looks like on the surface."

"We would very much like that. But first let us make another coffee for us."

Luna went over to make another coffee for herself and Connor. She felt happier than ever before. Before Connor's arrival she felt lonely and upset. She only had her sister and thestral guards for company. But after Connor arrived she felt like she'd finally found a friend that she could open up to and be herself with.

Luna walked back over to Connor with the coffee's in her magic grip. She set them down and Connor began to show her the pictures he mentioned. The surface of Mars, the Andromeda and Sombrero Galaxies amongst others, the planets of the Solar System, the Horsehead Nebula and many others. Including Earth's moon, and Luna showed great delight when Connor told her what its Latin name is.

Luna's favourites included the Pillars of Creation, Saturn, Europa and of course, the moon.

Connor then moved onto photos of human cities including London, York, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Leeds, Tokyo, Gold Coast, Miami, Vancouver, Chicago, Rome and Kingston-Upon-Hull.

Luna was impressed.

"Human cities are truly magnificent. Even your smaller cities would dwarf Canterlot and Manehatten. How did you come you come to have these images?"

"I have a boring interest in collecting photos of cityscapes. Sad I know."

"Don't be silly Connor, tis not sad. Had thou not collected these images then we would never have been able to see what thous world looks like."

"True. I have some more photos to show you."

Connor proceeded to show Luna photos of Earth taken from orbit. Some showed the Hubble Space Telescope and Skylab. Luna was truly impressed with the International Space Station. Connor briefly explained the history of them and what their function was/is.

Luna looked towards Connor and smiled, "Thou has a beautiful world Connor. Humans clearly posses an indestructible will power and determination to achieve the seemingly impossible. Our ponies could learn so much from humans. Do not misunderstand us, as much as we love our ponies they sometimes do not push themselves in the same manner humans seem to."

"We could learn from each other," replied Connor.

"That would be an interesting journey for both our worlds," Luna looked to the clock on the wall, "In the meantime, we should make our way to the dining hall. Tea will be ready shortly."

"What's on the menu tonight?"

"I believe the chef has prepared pasta tonight."

"That sounds good. I love pasta. My favourite is plain pasta with lots of grated cheese."

Luna looked at Connor with glee, "That is our favourite also."

"Then I'm in good company."

The two made their way out of Luna's bedroom and made their way to the dining hall. As they were walking, Connor felt the same pain in his back from before.

"ARGH!" Connor screamed as he fell to the floor.


Luna helped Connor to his feet who was still in some pain.

"Are thou alright Connor?" asked a very worried Luna.

Connor took a deep breath before releasing it, "Yeah I'm fine. It was the same pain I had earlier."

"We should inform our sister of this."

Connor nodded in understanding.

"Does thou need help walking?"

Connor shook his head, "No thanks, I can manage."

The two continued on the dining hall, Connor still feeling some pain in his back. About a minute later they entered the dining hall and found Celestia, Spike and the girls already there.

"Luna, Connor it's good of you to join us. You're just in time," said Celestia.

Luna walked up to her sister and the embraced each other.

"We had a marvellous time with Connor sister. He showed us many human things from his world. And even things out of his world."

Luna proceeded to tell the group what Connor had showed her before informing Celestia of Connor's sudden back pain again. Celestia insisted Connor have the doctor look at him but he was insistent he's OK, but he did agree to go if it happened again.

It wasn't long before tea was brought through. Both Connor and Luna helped themselves to plain pasta and lots of grated cheese, much to the bemusement of Celestia.

Faust help me if they decide to prank together she thought.

The meal went by without incident. Except for Connor drinking another Cappuccino, which appeared to cause Celestia great worry. She was going to lose her new friend to that putrid brown filth. Connor assured Celestia tea was still his favourite drink and that he enjoyed his cups of tea with her. This made Celestia cheery again and Connor swore the room got suddenly brighter.

After tea had finished the group made their way to the Ballroom which had a table and chairs set up.

"Princess Celestia what are we doing here?" asked a confused Twilight Sparkle.

"We are here to watch another human film."

"Which one?" asked Twilight.

"Apollo 13," replied Connor, "Pinkie if you wouldn't mind."

"Right away Connor," replied Pinkie and she pulled out a HD Projector out of her mane.

"How did you know what he wanted?" asked Rainbow.

"Because I'm Pinkie Pie."

Rainbow just rubbed her forehead, feeling a headache coming on.

"Luna," started Connor, "could you teleport my laptop here."

"Certainly Connor."

In a flash of blue light Connors' laptop appeared on the table.

"Thank you."

"Thou are welcome Connor."

Connor connected the projector to his laptop and waited for everyone to take their seats. Luna lowered the moon and the room was shrouded in darkness. Connor selected the film to be played and started the film.


The film had finished and the lights in the room turned on.

"So, what did you all think?" asked Connor.

"That was truly amazing," replied Celestia.

"My favourite part of the film," said Connor as he disconnected the projector, "Is the launch sequence. The part that really makes that scene is the music. To me the music in the launch sequence reflects the monumental goal of the mission and the human achievement of putting people in space and successfully walking on the moon."

"We second this," replied Luna.

"Sadly there are people who deny the moon landings ever took place."

Luna suddenly looked very angry with a glare so cold even ice would freeze, "Then those humans better hope that they never meet us."

The rest of the group also complimented the film, even Rainbow Dash. Connor thought she might not like it for it being too 'egg-heady' but she liked the superfast Saturn V rocket.

It was starting to get late and everypony started to make their way back to their rooms to settle down for the night. Connor asked Celestia if a pot of tea and some cheese scones could be sent to his room, to which Celestia agreed.

Connor got himself into bed and put the tray with the tea and scones on the bedside drawers. He opened his laptop and put another film on. This time he decided to watch one of his favourite films, The Dam Busters.

It was late when the film ended. Connor had drunk his tea and eaten the scones. After a visit to the toilet he made himself comfortable in bed and got to sleep. There was a small amount of pain in his back but nothing too bad. He could cope with it for tonight and see the doctor tomorrow.


It was about three in the morning when Connor woke up. As he did he felt a far more intense pain in his back and he also felt a liquid of some sort on the bed. Fearing he may have wet the bed he switched on the bed lamp and saw a sight that horrified him.


His blood.

His blood had soaked the bed and from the intense pain in his back he put two and two together. He rushed to the bathroom to look in the mirror and what he saw caused him to panic.

He rushed out of the bathroom and out of the bedroom into the castle hallways. Knowing Luna would be awake he ran as fast as he could, ignoring the excruciating pain, to the throne room. He burst through the throne room doors and collapsed onto the ground.


"LUNA! HELP ME!" he screamed in agony.

Luna ran over to Connor to see what the matter is while ordering her guards to fetch the castle doctor.

"Connor, what is wrong?"

"My back.....it really hurts."

Luna walked to the side to get a look at Connors' back and what she saw made her feel sick. Blood was seeping out of Connor's back and it wasn't stopping. Luna was starting to worry.


Luna looked up to see the castle doctor running towards her along with the thestral guards.

"Doctor, thou must help."

"What happened?" asked the doctor.

"He burst into the throne room with blood seeping from his back. He collapsed to the floor immediately after entering. We assume he ran here from his bedroom."

"That would explain the trails of blood," said one of the thestral guards.

The doctor examined Connor, "We must get him to the infirmary now, Princess can you teleport us?"

"Yes we can."

In a flash of blue energy Connor, the doctor, the thestral guards and Luna appeared in the castle infirmary. Luna turned to her guards, "Inform my sister at once of what has happened."

The guards bowed and made their way to Celestia.

The nurses had placed Connor on a bed and started to clean up the blood. As they were doing that Celestia teleported into the room.

"Sister where is Connor?" asked a very distressed Celestia.

"He is over there Celestia. We do not yet know what is happening," Luna replied.

Celestia walked over to see Connor, still awake, and blood stained bed sheets. She took a look at his back to see what was causing him to bleed to profusely. As the nurses were cleaning his blood stained back, Connor let out a blood curdling cry of agony. Celestia watched in horror as the two slits in his back appeared. Blood poured out of the openings. Connor was crying in agony and started to thrash around before the nurses were able to sedate him. As Connor fell into a deep sleep, the nurses continued to clean his back.

After a few moments, everyone was able to see what was causing him so much pain.

What they saw, was the unmistakable sight of two red feathers starting to force their way out.

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