• Published 6th Aug 2015
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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 35 - Siblings

Princess Celestia walked alongside Arch Mage as he led her to their base camp in the Whitetail Woods, eager to meet the new arrival. From what Arch Mage described in the letter, the creature seemed to have a very similar appearance to Connor; a human with wings.

"Have you discovered more about this new human?" Celestia asked.

"No. All we know is that this human is female, courtesy of descriptions given by Connor, has an insatiable appetite for food and seems to enjoy hugging ponies."

"Hugging ponies?" Celestia repeated, slightly confused.

"Errr, you'll see what I mean when we get there ma'am. But she seems friendly enough."

Celestia was thankful for that at least, though she was still worried she'd much rather the new human cuddle her little ponies than hurt them. She decided to wait until she saw the new human herself before informing Connor, if only so she could get some details first; and confirm that it's the real deal and not an elaborate prank by dark forces.

After a few more minutes, Celestia and Arch Mage arrived at base camp and soon Celestia saw what had been reported to her.

A human with wings. Specifically blue wings slighter darker than those of Rainbow Dash. She was wearing sky blue jeans, white thigh high leather boots and a white top with flower patterns emblazoned in gold on the front. Her shoulder length blonde hair fell loosely and a silver necklace with a heart shaped locket hung from her neck.

She was also still hugging the research pony with great enthusiasm and showing no sigh of letting go.

"You're sooooooo cuuuuute!" she said giving him an enthusiastic nuzzle.

Celestia looked at the poor colt who was trapped in the human's hug; the colt, who looked to be no more than eighteen years old, couldn't blush more even if he tried.

"As I said," Arch Mage continued, pointing to them, "She likes hugging ponies. That poor colt has been stuck there for the last forty minutes."

"You've not tried to free him?"

"No. She wasn't being aggressive or violent and the colt stated he was OK, so we left them be."

Seeing Celestia and Arch Mage approach, the human stood up and walked over, taking the colt with her in her bear hug.

"Greetings human, I am Princess-"

"Princess Celestia."

Celestia and Arch Mage went wide eyed in shock. According to Arch Mage, he had not informed the human of Celestia's name, so her knowing it and her title was surprising.

"How did you know?" Celestia asked.

"My mum told me all about you. Big white horse with wings and pointy stick on her head and sun shaped butt stamp. Well she didn't say those words exactly, that would be my sister's way of describing you, but you look like the big pony she described."

"And who exactly is your mother?" Celestia asked, slightly amused at the crude, if accurate description given of her. The ponies around her seemed close to fainting however, the manner in which others describing their Princess being too much for their fragile minds to handle.

"A pegasus named Star Light."

Connor's mother.

"Do you have any other family members with you?"

"No. At least I don't think so."

"How many are there in your family?"

"There's my mother, my human father and my two sisters and big brother."

Upon mentioning her brother, her face turned sour and tears began to fall, "My brother......he disappeared a few months ago. We haven't seen or heard from him...........is he here too? Please tell me that he is! I can't bare missing him much longer!"

Celestia felt her heart soften, even more than usual as her overly motherly nature overwhelmed her once again. She slowly approached the human, who was looking pleadingly at her and hugging the colt even more tightly.

"What is your name?"

"Elizabeth. Elizabeth Wakefield."

"Such a lovely name, welcome to Equestria Elizabeth. Now, if you come with me, I shall take you back to my castle and along the way tell you of recent events in Equestria."

Elizabeth looked unsure at Celestia, not entirely certain if she should trust her. Celestia, sensing this, offered reassurance.

"I promise you you will not be harmed. You shall be a personal guest and will have your own private room."

"I'll be a guest of royalty and get to stay in a castle?" Elizabeth asked, an eyebrow raised with intrigue.


"OK I'll go with you, but on one condition."

"What condition is that?" Celestia asked, slightly surprised at the gall to make such a request.

Are all humans this bold?

"I'll tell you on the way. It's a bit......embarrassing really."

"Very well, it shall give us something else to discuss. Now, if you'll follow me, I shall lead you to my chariot. But I must ask you to leave the young colt behind."

"But he's sooooooo cuuuute," Elizabeth whined.


"There," Celestia said, watching on as the green flame blew away, "Miss Rarity will come as fast as she can. She will not miss another opportunity to accept a commission from royalty."

"Thank you for agreeing, it's been a bit of a fantasy of mine since I was little and I finally have a chance to fulfil it properly...and without being judged for it."

"That's quite alright Elizabeth. My little ponies are very open minded and accepting, they will not question your choice of attire."

As reassuring that was, Elizabeth was more concerned about the terms and conditions of where she would be staying.

"How long will I have to remain in the castle for though? I won't effectively be a prisoner there will I?"

Celestia's eyes went to pinpricks, shocked that she would do such a thing.

"Absolutely not!" Celestia reassured firmly, wrapping a wing consolingly around her, "I assure you Elizabeth, you are not and will not be a prisoner in my castle! Whilst I will not stop you from leaving the castle, I would recommend you do not until I can make the necessary arrangements and prevent the press from reporting it before I am ready."

Elizabeth visibly relaxed. Knowing you won't be held prisoner by a magical pony princess in her own castle full of her own guards sworn to obey only her can be quite a relief.

"Can't you just order the press not to say anything?"

"I could, but I don't want to resort to that if I can help it. To do so could be seen as myself trying to control the press or cover something up."

"Fair enough."

"I must say Elizabeth, you seem to be taking this quite well."

"You mean I'm not freaking out? Well I did have time to get used to these wings and my mother being a pegasus. That and she told us loads of stories after she transformed back into a pony and my sisters and I grew wings."

"You mean you didn't always have them?"

Of course Celestia knew this, having being told as such by Connor; but for the time being she had to play the part.

"No, we grew them a few months ago, not too long after Connor disappeared actually."

"Connor?" Celestia repeated, noting the first use of his name by Elizabeth.

"My brother. If my sisters and I grew wings then I'm assuming he as too."

"How was it? Growing wings I mean."

"It was by far the most excruciating pain I've ever and will ever experience. My sisters feel the same way."

"Did you suffer any side affects?"

"Vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, feverishness....things like that. It lasted a couple of weeks and rendered me, and my sisters, bed ridden for its duration."

"My apologies you all suffered so much," Celestia said, wrapping a wing around Elizabeth.

"It's OK, we recovered quickly though after it wore off. I felt a lot fitter afterwards though, like I could run several miles without tiring, and became more tolerant to cold weather too."

"That sounds about right given you have inherited your mother's pegasus genes."

"I never knew she was a pony until the transformation. Makes what Connor said a lot more sense."

"In what way?"

"He told me and my sisters many times that he felt mum and dad were hiding something, specifically from him."

"Did you doubt him before?"

"Kinda, he only ever had suspicions and nothing to prove them. Turns out he was right," she added, looking downcast and once again tears beginning to fall, "I hope I see him again."

Noting Elizabeth's tears, Celestia pulled her into her barrel with her wing, "You will do, I promise."

Elizabeth's head shot up immediately and she looked desperately into Celestia's eyes, "Does that mean....."

Celestia smiled sweetly and nodded her head, "Connor has been in Equestria the entire time. I will send for him after you have settled in and Rarity has seen to your request."

Celestia was nearly knocked out of the chariot when Elizabeth threw herself at her, hugging her tightly, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You've no idea how much my big brother means to me!"

Celestia returned the hug, gently wrapping a foreleg around her, "I can see it though."


The sun shined brightly into the office and a cool gentle breeze in through the open window. The gentle breeze rustled Connor's feathers creating a relaxing, soothing experience to what was a boring, mind numbingly dull task.


Connor had been busy all morning in Spitfire's office sorting out wages and expenses, making sure that National Insurance was paid and the appropriate income tax deducted before processing the payments to Wonderbolt employees; including the actual stunt team, trainees and supporting personnel.

Connor himself earned 630,000 bits per year as General Manager. Spitfire earned 915,000 bits per year as Wonderbolt Group Captain. Wing Commanders Soarin and Fleetfoot 780,000 and 700,000 bits per year respectively in accordance to their time at their rank. Like Spitfire, it increased with each year so veteran Wing Commanders earned more than newly promoted ones, like with all ranks.

Then there was the expenses.

Flightsuits, like what Connor and the stunt team wore, cost 10,000 bits (£1,000) each and there was an order for a dozen, including two for Connor. Trainee flightsuits cost a slightly cheaper 6,000 bits but there was still an order for two dozen of them, to replace the existing ones due to wear and tear.

The goggles cost an extra 1,000 bits.

"Who thought running a stunt team could be so expensive?" he muttered to himself, "Seriously, 500,000 bits to rent the False Creek Stadium in Vanhoover for one afternoon? 25,000 bits for pies alone? Thanks for that Soarin."

I really should get some accountants to help with this.

Connor continued going through the finances, despite feeling as though this wasn't exactly his job; but Luna insisted stating an understanding of business finances would help immeasurably in his studies.

Looking up at the clock, he saw it had just passed 12pm.

Finishing the last little bit he was doing, he stood up and stretched his muscles and wings, cracking joints in process and relieving some tension, "Bloody hell that feels good."

Picking up his flight goggles off the desk and resting them around the top of his head, he walked out of the office and towards the mess hall, passing a few newbies on the way. Entering the busy mess hall, he joined the queue for food and was soon joined by Misty Fly.

"Hey Connor."

"Hey Misty, you OK?"

"Feel great, I'll feel even better next week when it's pay day."

"I know what you mean, I've been doing wages and expenses all morning."

"My condolences. Has Soarin been putting pies on expenses again?"


"How much?"

"You don't want to know."

"I believe you, though in Soarin's defence he does share the pies with foals."

"True. Still, half a million bits to rent a stadium for one afternoon is expensive enough as it is with out his pie addiction adding to it."

Misty whistled in shock, "Half a million bits?"

"I know. It would have been under 400,000 had it been a week day but then we wouldn't have been able to have families with foals attend."

"True, we still made a profit though, right?"

"Yes. Tickets, merchandise, sponsorship and what not all made for a reasonably healthy profit. Anyway, what are you getting for lunch?"

"Tuna salad. You?"

"Fish and chips."

"Cool. I'll try not to eat too much here, don't want to add to your expenses do we?"

Connor let out a laugh, "No. They're high enough as it is, still, at least we don't have to pay for meals directly ourselves."

"I wouldn't have much money left if we did, Soarin would go broke for sure."

"And the pie industry would suffer as a result."

Five minutes later, Connor and Misty Fly had their meals and drinks and were making their way over to the stunt team table. Though Connor wasn't in the stunt team, being the boss's fiancée had its advantages.

Today though, Spitfire was with her mother, sister and Cara on a girl's day out in Fillydelphia, leaving Soarin in charge of training and the academy for the day.

"How's Soarin doing?" asked Connor.

"OK, he has a different approach than Spitfire but he's just as good," replied Misty, "He should be joining us soon, so should Fleets."

"How are the newbies?"

"As overconfident as ever. They learn very quickly just how wrong they are."

"Where you the same?"

"I wouldn't be where I am today if I wasn't."

A couple of minutes passed before they were joined by Soarin and Fleetfoot.

"Pie again Clipper?" asked Misty Fly.

"What else would I have?"

"Something that isn't pie?" suggested Misty.

"Yeah sure," Soarin scoffed, "Like that will happen; anyway, Connor? I hear you were doing expenses this morning?"

"I was, I've still a few more to do."

"OK," Soarin replied, nervously taking a bite of his apple pie, "Have fun."

"I will do, but while you're here?"


"Were so many pies really necessary?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Soarin replied dismissively.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" Fleetfoot enquired, "Connor?"


"They don't need to know!"

"Know what?" asked Misty Fly.

Misty Fly and Fleetfoot looked between a serious looking Connor and a nervous looking Soarin, before setting their eyes on Connor.

"Connor?" prompted Fleetfoot.

"Soarin here, spent 25,000 bits on pies at the False Creek performance and billed the 'Bolts for it."

Misty and Fleetfoot turned their heads to Soarin with dropped jaws, "25,000 bits!"

"We had to provide catering for the fans!"

"You spent a quarter of the catering budget on pies!" Connor retorted.

"The fans enjoyed them," Soarin replied, "Don't worry so much Connor, Spitfire signed off on the order anyway."

"You got her to sign them off when she was distracted choosing a wedding dress."

Soarin groaned and rolled his eyes, "So I chose a time she wouldn't be able to fully realise what she was signing for, big deal. Besides it was just pies."

"She found out what you did and she's decided to introduce a pie consumption limit for Wonderbolts."

"You're making that up!" Soarin replied, pointing a hoof at Connor, "Tell me you're making that up!"

Connor gently shook his head, "Nope."

"But.....she can't stop me having pie," Soarin whimpered.

"Oh yes she can. She's the captain."

Lunch was over and while Soarin was thinking of ways to get Spitfire to change her mind, Connor was back in Spitfire's office going over the rest of the finances. This time, budgeting for an upcoming show in Hoofton with a one million bit budget.

The Wonderbolts both hired venues and paid for them at their expense, and other times they would be 'hired' to perform at the expense of whoever invited them. Though the cost of a display was expensive at approximately 80,000 bits, and that's just for the stunt team.

Connor's job now was to work out how to spend the one million bit budget and get everything the Wonderbolts would require for the show.

Not easy when you're still a novice at the task. Fortunately, Luna was on hoof to provide any assistance and advice he needed. Rather than tell him what needed doing, she instead pointed him in the right direction.

As he began going through the forms, the dragon-fire lighter in his flightsuit belt began vibrating. Taking it off his belt and holding it in front of him, he pushed the button to cause a small flame to erupt, which in turn caused a scroll to appear.

Putting the lighter on the desk and taking the scroll, he read it.

Dear Connor,

There has been further developments in the White Tail Woods. I would like for you to come to Canterlot Castle this evening for dinner where I can tell you more.

Your friend


PS: The show in Vanhoover was fantastic. Though there did seem to be a lot of pies in the food courts.

Connor grabbed some paper and a pen from the desk and began writing a reply.

Dear Celestia,

I would like to come for dinner. I'm busy with paperwork at the moment, but hopefully I should be finished by sunset.

Your friend Connor.

Connor rolled the scroll into a roll and using the dragon-fire lighter, sent the scroll to Celestia.

As expected, he received a quick reply.

Dear Connor,

Thank you for deciding to come. I do enjoy your company.


PS: These new pens you brought from your world really are better than quills!

It had taken longer than expected, but Connor had finally managed to find a manufacturer of his ball point and fountain pens, very quickly becoming best sellers. In particular the themed pens with designed based on the Wonderbolts, Princesses and Elements. Celestia herself used very high quality fountain pens, the manufacturer having received a Royal Warrant.

In fact, the manufacturer was in talks to create luxury themed gift boxes inspired by the Princesses.

Connor put that scroll down to and turned his attention back to the paperwork, but before that, he pressed the buzzer on the desk. Within a few seconds, one of the newbie trainee's came in.

"Yes sir?" she inquired.

"Hey there. Could you go to the mess hall and bring me some East Riding Gold Tea please? With milk, sugar and what not?"

"Aye sir. Anything else sir?"

"Some Parkin if there is any."

"Aye sir, I won't be long sir."

The young mare left and Connor leant back into the chair, sighing.

The mare hadn't done anything wrong as such, but he didn't feel right being addressed as 'sir' by the trainees. It didn't sit well with him as he wasn't her instructor but Spitfire had insisted on it, arguing the newbies need to learn their place.

A bit ironic to Connor, he thought, given he was also a newbie....sort of.

But then again, I'm not in the stunt team; I'm more back room staff.

Still, respect works both ways. If you want respect, you have to give it too.

He began his work once more and wasn't waiting too long before the mare from before returned, pushing in a trolley with Connor's tea and parkin. The mare placed the items on the desk before leaving, allowing Connor to pour his own tea. Spitfire thankfully has her own kettle in her office.

Five minutes later he finally had his cup of tea.

"Ahhhh," he said as he drank his first sip, "Maybe not quite Yorkshire Gold."

Sunset had finally arrived. Looking out of the office window, Connor could see the sun setting slowly on the horizon, basking the countryside in a warm, orange glow. Turning around to leave the office, satisfied he got the paperwork out of the way, he fastened his bag tightly around his waist and left the room.

He walked briskly down the empty hallways outside to towards the runway. Most, if not all the trainees had gone into town for the night leaving the academy strangely quiet. Lowering his goggles over his eyes, Connor unfurled his wings and took to the air, basking in the sheer ecstasy of the cool summer air in his face and breeze blowing gently through his feathers.

As he was in no rush, he flew at a steady pace; the warm glow and gentle heat of the sun and the light breeze making for a relaxing and peaceful journey.

The towering structures of Canterlot soon came into view as Connor approached, the multiple platforms on which the city is built never ceasing to amaze him. Descending into the city, he landed in an open area in front of the castle's throne room balcony, surrounded by columns and overlooking the Equestrian countryside.

Folding his wings back in place, he made his way to the entrance.

Upon entering the castle lobby, he headed straight for the throne room where Celestia was waiting for him, becoming even more interested in what developments Celestia wished to tell him about.

He entered the throne room and approached his friend who unsurprisingly has her snout buried in some scrolls.

"Greetings Connor," she said without moving.

"Hi Celestia, how did you know it was me?"

"There is only one creature I know who drinks East Riding Gold, and I can smell it in his bag."

Connor grinned and clapped his hands together, "Fancy a cuppa Celestia?"

Celestia sent the scroll away to fuck knows where and got to her hooves. Walking down to Connor, she extended her wings and embraced Connor in a hug, one he returned.

"You know me too well my little human."

"So," Connor said, letting go of Celestia, "What is it you wanted to tell me?"

"Why don't we discuss it over that nice cup of tea you offered?"

A short while later, Connor and Celestia were sitting in Celestia's private lounge; the dusk sky slowly turning to inky blackness as night drew near. Connor poured himself and Celestia some tea while she sorted out some more paperwork.

"Apologies for this mess Connor, I do try to keep on top of things but lately I've been getting behind."

"Don't worry about it, I know the feeling. I've been doing paperwork all day."

"Involving what?"

"Finances. I've been sorting out wages, expenses, bookings and what not."

"Luna tells me you are doing well."

Connor shrugged his shoulder, "If she says so, personally I think I'm just getting by."

"Don't be too hard on yourself Connor. Luna wouldn't overstate your abilities."

"True. Speaking of Luna, is she still pleased about officiating the wedding?"

"You could say that, if talking endlessly about it is anything to go by. Have you decided on where to go for your honeymoon yet?"

"We're looking at Neighpon and Germaney. One package to Neighpon lasts for two weeks and costs 100,000 bits all inclusive, and it includes stays at five star hotels and rail passes for the Shinkhansen."

"I think I've heard of them. Aren't they those really fast steam trains that travel over 100mph?"

"Yep, the Shinkansen trains also exist in my world although they're electric powered and travel a lot faster. And they're run so precisely to schedule you can set your watch by them."

"Sounds impressive."

"It is, though I admit I'm actually slightly jealous of how good the Japanese railways are."

"Japanese? Your worlds Neighponese I take it?"

"Yep. And Germany and Germaney."

"What holidays are available in Germaney?"

"Similar to Neighpon. Stays in top hotels, tours of local breweries....personally I'd prefer to go to Germaney."

"For the local ale?"

"NO!" Connor quickly replied, "What ever makes you think that would be the reason?"

"Oh nothing," Celestia chuckled, "But wherever you decide to go, I hope you enjoy yourselves."

"Thanks Celestia. We'll send you a postcard."

"I look forward to it."

The pair continued to chat for a little longer, mostly about day court and Wonderbolt business, before it was time to head to the dining hall for dinner.

"Come Connor, we can order our meals in the dining room."

"Sure. Anything new on the menu?"

"Salmon and leek risotto."

"Sounds great, I'll have that."

Celestia giggled, "That makes three of us."

"Three?" Connor repeated, "Is Luna here? I thought she was in Baltimare."

"She is, but someone else is joining us for dinner."


"You'll see soon enough."

Connor sat impatiently in his seat, fidgeting around uncomfortably, "Come on Celestia, when is this mysterious guest of yours going to come?"

"Patience Connor, she's here now."

"How do you know?"

"She's right behind you."


Before he could turn around, he felt something cover his eyes and straight away felt there was far more to Celestia's invite than she let on. A couple of seconds passed before Connor realised something about whatever was covering his eyes.

Hang on a minute, whatever they are are too soft to be hooves......

Then in dawned on him.

.....fuck me.....

they're hands!

"It can't be," he whispered.

"Guess who!"

Connor knew that voice too.

The hands covering his eyes let go and he immediately turned around, almost falling out of the chair in shock. Stood before him was his youngest sister, Elizabeth. He said and did nothing except just sit and stare at his littlest sibling, in particular what she was wearing.

She was wearing a strapless, sleeveless floor length double layered dress in dark blue, and behind her were a pair of blue feathery wings. Resting on top of her head, was a silver tiara with small blue sapphires encrusted in the points of the crown along with matching earrings while her shoulder length blonde hair hung loosely; and from her neck hung a silver necklace with a heart shaped locket.

"Elizabeth?" Connor muttered standing up and moving himself in front of his sister, "Is it really you?"

"It's really me big brother," she replied, tears starting to fall, "I've missed you so much!"

Without warning, Elizabeth threw herself forward and hugged her big brother tightly, a flurry of emotions overwhelming her. Connor, still in shock, managed to return the hug and pulled his sister in closely; her smaller frame allowing her to rest her head on his chest.....and her tiara to unintentionally poke him on his throat and knocking it slightly out of place.

"Sorry," she said, putting it back in place, "Forgot I was wearing it."

"Fair enough. You look great by the way."

"Thanks," she replied, blushing a little.

"Why are you dressed like this though? Not that I should be surprised."

"Well it's a long short story. Why don't I tell you about it during dinner?"

"Sure, I have quite a few stories to tell you myself. It's been quite an adventure since I came here."

"I know," she answered with a smirk, "I've seen your pictures from newspapers and glossy magazines."

"My....pictures?" Connor queried nervously, dread once again creeping up his spine.


An awkward silence permeated the room. If a pin dropped, you'd be able to hear it.

"You know Connor," Elizabeth continued with a predatory grin Connor knew all to well, "Considering we're dining with a Princess I'd have thought you would have dressed in more appropriate attire."

"I've dined here in my flightsuit many times," Connor replied, knowing exactly what Elizabeth was referring to.

"Yeah but this is a special occasion, a family reunion. Surely you could have had a look through your wardrobe and found something more formal....and eye catching."

"I don't have anything suitable."

"The pictures I saw say otherwise," Elizabeth replied with a glint in her eye.

"Let's just have dinner, shall we?" he replied, blushing beet red and wings twitching.

He sat back down making sure to hide his embarrassment from Celestia and Elizabeth, both of whom merely looked at one another with stifled giggles.

"So let me see if I understood correctly," Connor said, rubbing his temples with his hands, "You chased a pony around the observation site in an attempt to hug him and in the process fell down a ditch and got your clothes all muddy and ripped; and while your injuries were being treated, you hugged the same pony who was helping to treat you."

Elizabeth nodded excitedly, "Yep. But how could I not? That pony was soooooooooo cute and cuddly!"

"But hugging him for forty minutes?"

"So? I bet you've hugged your fiancée for longer."

"This isn't about me," he replied evasively.

"Not yet. But speaking of forgetting, don't you think I'll forget about wanting to hear how you got in touch with your feminine side."

Connor sighed heavily and leant back in his chair, "I dread to think what will happen when Bella finds out."

"Laugh her arse off followed by lots of teasing, and that's just for starters," Elizabeth said with an amusing smile.

"Undoubtedly," Connor groaned, "Anyway, where were we?"

"Hugging cute ponies."

"Right. So after you met Celestia you agreed to come to the castle on condition you could pretend to be a princess and not chase ponies around in an attempt to hug them?"

"More or less."


"You mean miss out on many a little girl's dreams? Not a chance," she replied with a shake of the head, "Besides, I didn't think it would be appropriate to walk around in dirty and ripped clothing in a royal residence. Princess Celestia agreed and your friend Rarity arrived and made me this gorgeous dress, free of charge!"

"And the tiara?"

"Kindly loaned to me by the Princess."

"It's a very old one I have not worn in many years," Celestia added, "I was more than happy to lend it to your sister."

"And the whole 'Princess' thing?" asked Connor.

"You should know me by now Connor," Celestia replied with a mischievous smile, "I like to have a little fun now and again, besides, it's harmless and your sister was correct in that it would not be appropriate to walk around in dirty and ripped clothing. So after she requested a dress, I summoned Rarity to make one."

"And I was only too happy to make it darling," Rarity happily added, before turning to Elizabeth, "I hope the first of many more for you Elizabeth."

"Definitely, I love dressing up," Elizabeth replied, pouring herself some wine, "Anyway, how long 'till dinner's ready? I'm starving."

"Not much longer," Celestia replied, noting how much Elizabeth reminded her of Connor, "Within the next five minutes I think."

The meals did indeed arrive within the following five minutes. Salmon and leek risottos for Celestia, Connor and Elizabeth, shrimp fried rice for Rarity and plenty of bottles of wine for all.

"So Elizabeth, what do you think of the castle?" asked Connor.

"I love it! It's like a fairytale come to life."

"Then you'll have to see my house in Cloudsdale sometime."

"Where's that?"

"In the sky."

Elizabeth nearly choked on her food, "You have a house in the SKY?! Mum never mentioned that houses are up there!"

Connor nodded, "Cloudsdale is a city made mostly from clouds, and I live in one of the more affluent neighbourhoods with Spitfire."

"Spitfire? Your fiancée?"

"Yep, I'll have to introduce you. Speaking of which, are you coming to the wedding?"

"I wouldn't miss it for anything."

"Excellent, you'll have to see Rarity about a bridesmaid dress though, but I doubt you'll have a problem with that. Bella might though."

"She might but I certainly won't, but are you sure Spitfire won't mind me being a bridesmaid?"

"We discussed it before. We agreed that if any of you turned up before the wedding then you'd automatically be invited with mum, yourself, Bella and Angie as bridesmaids. Speaking of bridesmaids-"

"Connor," Rarity interrupted, "There'll be no prying for information on what the bridesmaid's or bride's dresses will look like. It's a secret and you'll have to wait until the big day before you find out."

"But not knowing is really bugging me," he whined, "Couldn't you just give a clue, even a teensy little one?"

Rarity shook her head, "I'm sorry Connor, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the big day before you find out."

Connor slumped down in his seat a little and his wings sagged. He just wanted the big day to be perfect and not knowing certain details worried him a little.

Celestia placed a comforting hoof on his shoulder, "Worry not Connor, there is not much longer to wait."

"The closer the day gets, the longer it seems to take to get there."

"Everything will be fine Connor," Celestia said reassuringly, "Do not worry so much."

"I'll try."

Dinner had finished and while Rarity had decided to return to Ponyville and Celestia to her office, Connor and Elizabeth took a slow walk in the expertly manicured and maintained gardens. The reflected light of the moon glistened off of the tricking water of the water fountains and a gentle, cool breeze blew through, rustling the leaves of the trees. The cloudless night sky was scattered with stars, the most impressive being a milky-way like band reaching from beneath the horizon to the clouds high above.

"It's a quiet night," Elizabeth said, "I can see why you like it here."

"It's a nice place. The nights here offer fantastic views."

Elizabeth looked up, "I can't disagree with you there. Though you would enjoy it more being into astronomy."

"Yeah. Not long after I got here, Luna gave me a telescope as a gift. A very finely crafted telescope that's brought me many enjoyable nights."

The pair walked along a little more, until they reached a stone bench.

"Can we sit down a minute?" Elizabeth asked, "My heels are killing me."


The pair sat down on a nearby stone bench with Elizabeth sitting noticeably close to Connor. She wrapped her arms around his right arm and rested her head on his shoulder, feeling a little tired.

"I missed you," she said quietly.

"I missed you too."

"My birthday wasn't as much fun with you not there."

"I know, and I'm sorry I couldn't be there."

"You don't need to apologise Connor, it wasn't your fault."

"I suppose not. Anyway, what did you get for your birthday?"

"Some perfume, clothes and some money."

"Sounds OK. Buy anything nice with the money?"

Elizabeth sat back up, letting go of Connor, and moved her hands up to her necklace. Unfastening it, she held it in her hands and opened the locket. Inside, was a photo which she showed Connor.

"It's the two of us on my 4th birthday, you know when you agreed to...."

"Ah yes. That. And not for the last time it turned out."

Elizabeth giggled and hugged her brother, "Thank you again for doing that, though you've never said how you were convinced to do it."

"I was made an offer I couldn't refuse."

"Oh? Are you finally going to tell your little sister then?"

"I suppose I could. Dad said he'd buy me Pokemon Gold if I went through with it."

Elizabeth put her hands on her hips and huffed indignantly, "So you agreed to do it for a game and not to make your little sister happy on her birthday?"

"Well when you put it like that it makes me sound heartless and uncaring."

Her stance softened and her frown turned into a smile, "Nah, you're not like that; you're far too nice. Besides, I don't blame you for getting something out of it before you agreed. Did he get you a copy then?"

"Oh yes. I still have it, sort of. It's in my bedroom at the house."

"It'll still be there then. But speaking of things that are there, I'll tell you what isn't."

"Dad's car?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"It appeared a few days before you did. It's in the castle labs being examined by Celestia's scientists. Don't worry, I can go there whenever I like and I'm sure Celestia will let you go in as well."

"Maybe we could look tomorrow?"

"That should be fine. Anyway, it's starting to get chilly, wanna go back inside?"


The pair stood up and made a slow walk back to the castle.



"You know you missed my birthday?"


"I was wondering if maybe we could....you know....have a small party together? Just the two of us, to make up for it?"

"That sounds great, how about tomorrow night?"

"I can't wait. If we're having a private party though, I was wondering if you could do something for me?"

"What would that be?" Connor asked, looking at his sister.

Elizabeth said nothing, but her fondling her locket and knowing smile told Connor exactly what she had in mind.

"We'll see," he said.

Back inside the castle, inside Elizabeth's quarters, Connor and Elizabeth were sat on the sofa enjoying a mug of hot chocolate, like many times before; and not too soon either.

"The rain's coming on heavy now," Connor said, watching as the rain pounded hard against the window, "Got back inside just in time."

"Yeah, I still find it hard to believe that ponies control the weather. I honestly thought mum was pulling my leg."

"It still weirds me out, and one of my friends is a weather pony; and she finds our weather doing its own thing to be weird."

"Mum told us a few things about this place, you know, after our wings appeared."

"What sort of things?"

"The Princess, the places in Equestria, her childhood, her first husband."

"Her first husband? You mean Vulcan."

"Yeah, you know him?"

"He's my father. My blood father."

Silence permeated the surrounding air as Elizabeth fidgeted around uncomfortably, slowly realising what it meant for Connor and what he technically is, "So you're actually a pony?"

"Technically I am, but when mum was still pregnant with me she transformed into a human, and I was subsequently born as one. Shortly after I arrived here, Twilight, another friend, cast a spell to give me temporary wings and in the process accelerated the transformation sequence."

"You mean you would have grown them anyway?"

"Yes. It made my ability to walk on clouds a lot more sense."

"Mum mentioned that pegasi could do that. I'll have to try it sometime. Is it fun?"

"Sort of. They're very comfy though. Like being on a memory foam mattress."

"You said you were transformed into a human before you were born, why did you not transform fully back into a pony after you got here? If you would have been one had things happened differently."

"I've no idea, and neither do Celestia or Twilight. Mum and Dad could have said something though, what would I have done if I sprouted wings in the middle of school, or on the high street? I'd have been snookered."

"Fortunately I was at home tending to my rabbits when it happened to me. Angie was a work and Bella was at the gym. It happened to us all within hours of each other."

"I take it after Dad gave you an explanation for what happened?" Connor asked, with trace amounts of venom of which Elizabeth picked up on.

"Dad, Alexander that is, really does regret not telling you Connor," she said placing a comforting arm around his shoulder, "Mum wanted to tell you but dad felt you might feel like an outcast or a freak if you knew, it's one of the reasons they argued a lot."

"They did seem to argue a lot, increasingly over the littlest of things."

"Yeah, there were times I was afraid they'd divorce, or at least split up."

"I always said they were hiding something."

"I know," Elizabeth said, looking down in shame, "And we never believed you, we thought you were just paranoid or making things up for attention because you were the only boy."

"It really frustrated me knowing something was amiss and not being able to prove it."

Elizabeth felt a lump in her throat as guilt took her over; guilt of all those years of dismissing Connor's claims of something not being right. Budging up closer to Connor, she wrapped her arms around her brother, "I'm sorry Connor, for all those times I thought you were just whining for attention."

"Don't worry about it; after all, things didn't turn out so bad," he replied, returning the hug.

"That's not the point Connor, we effectively called you a liar!"

"Maybe, but I didn't exactly have any proof; did I?"

"No, but still; calling you delusional and paranoid was cruel, I certainly should have listened more. All those times you babysat me and endured all those Disney films.......and me singing along to them; you deserved more."

"I didn't mind after a while, you always behaved yourself. And you weren't too bad at singing."

Elizabeth covered her face with her hands as she laughed, "I remember almost driving you insane with 'Let It Go'."

"It's an infuriatingly annoying song."

"Admit it Connor, you like it as well."

"No I don't."

"Liar," Elizabeth giggled, "Don't think I didn't find your blu-ray copy of the film hidden in your padlocked box."

"I don't know what you're talking about, and how do you get in it? Or even know about it?"

"I was trying to find my Xbox controller and I thought I left it in your room, so I went in to look for it and that's when I found the box with a key still in the padlock. Honestly Connor, leaving a key in the padlock, it was just inviting me to look inside."

"There was nothing shameful in there."

"Of course there wasn't. I hardly call Disney films 'shameful'."

Connor huffed, "It's your fault I'm into Disney."

Elizabeth grinned cheekily and tapped Connor on his arm, "Do you remember my 17th birthday party?"

"Yeah, 'Frozen' themed with you dressed up as Elsa," Connor groaned.

"Yeah. I grew my hair for months so I could have it styled properly. Pity you didn't dress up as a character from the film."

"I grew out of that years ago."

"It was a lot of fun when you did though. I honestly think my girly-girl ways rubbed off on you."

Connor shook his head dismissively, "No they didn't, I was always and will always be a manly man."

Elizabeth scoffed and laughed, "Yeah, sure you are girly-boy."

"But I am," he replied with dead seriousness.

Elizabeth lost control of herself again and burst into side splitting laughter, "Oh Connor, I missed you so much."

After another hour or so of catching up and reminiscing over their childhoods, Connor and Elizabeth bade each other goodnight and the former began to return to his house in Cloudsdale, while Elizabeth got herself to bed.

Stepping outside the castle, he shuddered as the cold wind blew through his wings. He looked up into the sky to be greeted with ominous grey clouds as far as the eye could see. Just an hour ago the skies where clear.

At least it's stopped raining.

Deciding not to wait around getting cold he unfurled his wings and with a powerful flap, took to the air. He quickly picked up speed, eager to get out of the cold as soon as possible.

Without warning, the surrounding area he was in lit up in sheet lightning, fortunately his flight goggles filtered out most of the light. But of course, when there's lightning there's usually-


Just great, thought Connor, It couldn't have waited until after I got home,


Shit, sounds like it's getting closer.

Another flash of sheet lightning, even brighter than before lit up the area, even Connor's goggles didn't fully protect his eyes this time prompting Connor to shield them with his arm.


Bloody hell, that was a big one!

Connor flew in for another minute as the storm raged on, gaining in power and strength. The lightning and thunder grew more violent the closer got to Cloudsdale and he wasn't even half way home yet. But the rain and thunder were the least of his problems as a bolt of fork lightning clapped away mere feet from him.

This is bloody dangerous!

Naturally, his heart rate began to increase and his adrenaline began to pump around his body as the the thunder boomed and the bolts of lightning increased. Connor began to gain altitude to reach Cloudsdale flapping his wings harder and faster to combat the wind and heavy rain. Even with Connor's increased stamina and endurance, it was proving to be a strenuous task.

More bolts of lightning and claps of thunder appeared and sounded around him.

Almost home. Then it'll be a hot bath and glass of-

Connor's thoughts were cut short when a bolt of lightning struck him just above his hip on his right side. The enormous electrical current surged through his body causing his hair to shoot up into spikes, and his wings stiffen before suddenly flopping to his sides, all of this happening in a split second before Connor lost consciousness.

He began to spiral out of control and plummet like a stone towards the ground at terminal velocity, every second coming closer to a grisly death.

In the distance, another thundering boom could be heard.

Author's Note:

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