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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 39 - The Reunion

In the dining room of Canterlot Castle, Connor paced anxiously up and down as Elizabeth, both wearing flight suits, watched on. It had been a couple of days since Connor's family reappeared in Equestria and they were now on the way to see him. Despite insistence from the doctor, Connor insisted on leaving the hospital.

"You'll wear the carpet out if you keep pacing up and down," Elizabeth said, "Just sit down."

"I can't," Connor replied, holding back some anger, "Meeting Dad...Alexander....let's just say he better have some damn good answers."

Elizabeth watched on in worry. Whilst she wanted answers too, she knew that Connor had a tendency to dive in head first whenever he argued with Alexander, demanding answers then accusing him of covering something up when he wouldn't get an answer.

"Just try to be civil this time."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Connor asked, turning around looking pissed.

"It's just that whenever you and dad begin talking about this topic, you always end up shouting at each other and going around in circles."

"I wouldn't have to yell or repeat myself if he just answered a few damn questions now and again!" Connor snapped.


"What? I'm right. Alexander always thought he could keep things from us and intrude into everything we do."

"He had legitimate reasons to not tell you things, and the rest of us. Would you honestly have believed him if he had told you?"

"Probably not...but that doesn't excuse him trying to press gang me into the Air Force."

Elizabeth said nothing in response, having had this conversation many times before and with the same outcomes. Everyone saying the same thing, going continuously in circles.

Connor and Elizabeth sat in silence for a few more minutes, Connor in particular mulling over what he would say.

It wasn't long before the door opened, revealing one of the castle maids.

"Mr Wakefield, Miss Wakefield; Princess Celestia has asked for your presence."

Connor and Elizabeth stood up and began to follow the maid out and through the corridors to wherever Celestia was. Both of them feeling apprehensive and twitching their wings, but for different reasons. Connor because it would be the first time he'd be talking to Alexander knowing what the truth is, Elizabeth was feeling apprehensive because she feared that the pair would row again, though this time the argument would be more heated and one or both of them would say something they wouldn't mean to and come to regret it.

Soon, they stopped in front of the large mahogany doors of the castle's conservatory, where the maid gave the door a firm knock.


The maid opened the door, and the two siblings gave each other one quick, but nervous glance. They followed the maid in and followed her around the corner and sat on wicker furniture, where the rest of Connor's family, enjoying tea with the Princess.

"Your majesty?" the maid said.

Celestia looked up and smiled at the sight of the approaching siblings.

"Thank you," she said to the maid, "You're dismissed."

The maid bowed and promptly left, Elizabeth meanwhile wasted no time in running up to her family and giving her mother a bone-crushing hug, soon joined in by her other sisters. All the while that was happening, Connor and Alexander had been staring at one another. Alexander was uncharacteristically nervous, while Connor tried his best to maintain a poker face. He slowly walked up to where Alexander was sitting, though the latter stood up as Connor approached.

"Connor, I'd first like to apol-"

The next thing Alexander felt was a throbbing pain on his nose and laying on his left side, having fallen back onto the sofa.

"Connor!" Celestia bellowed, "What has gotten into you?!"

Elizabeth and the rest of his family looked up to see what the commotion was and were just as surprised to see blood trickling down Alexander's face, his nose bleeding.

"He deserved it!" Connor spat, "The lying, deceitful, manipulating prick had it coming for years!"

Celestia wore a severe frown, finding herself in the extraordinary rare position of being cross at Connor, "That is no reason to-"

"I'm leaving," Connor replied, cutting Celestia off, "Don't come after me. Stay out of my business and my life Alex, I want nothing to do with you."

Alex slowly sat back up, still nursing a bleeding nose with a tissue offered to him by his wife, and looked up regretfully at Connor.

"Connor, I-"

"Shut it! I don't want to hear anything from you!"

Without another word, Connor left; his blood still boiling.

"Connor!" Elizabeth cried, running after him, "Connor!"

Connor ignored her, and instead of stopping, picked up the pace and took to the air, desperate to leave as quickly as possible.

Elizabeth, instead of trying to go after him, returned to her family. She saw that her dad's nose had stopped bleeding, for now, and Celestia approaching her.


"Elizabeth," she replied, no longer looking cross, "Where is Connor going?"

"I don't know. He's not in trouble is he?" she asked worriedly.

"That depends if your father wishes to press charges. If he does, I have little choice put to pursue legal proceedings."

Elizabeth paled slightly at the thought of her brother behind bars, once again taken from her.

"Since when could he hit like that?"

Elizabeth and Celestia looked over to Alex and walked over.

"What has Connor been doing here?" Alex asked, still feeling a little woozy, "Wrestling dragons?!"

"I told you Connor could hit harder than you thought," Star Light said.

"And how would you know that?"

"A mother knows. Besides, if I'm honest, I'm surprised he hasn't hit you sooner."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Alex asked, looking incredulous.

"You were always too hard on him, believing him to be capable of only being little more than an Ablutions Orderly."

"That's a bit harsh."

"But you didn't think he was capable of much though. No matter what he tried to do, job-wise, he was always turned away. Except for the RAF, who didn't know how to take 'no' for an answer. "

"You think I'm at fault for that?"

"Are you?"

Alex didn't immediately answer, something not gone unnoticed by the others. Star Light however, pressed on, not letting Alex get away without an answer.

"Did you have your colleagues harass Connor, pressuring him into joining?" Star Light asked, her voice firm, "I want an answer Alex."

Alex let out a deep, long sigh, "I may have...suggested that he'd be suited to being in the Air Force but I didn't have them continue to pester him."

"But you didn't do anything to stop it, despite his pleas."

"What could I do? I couldn't exactly tell an Air Marshal to stop trying to pressgang my son into joining."

"Why do you always do this, Alex?"

"Do what?"

"Try to deflect blame from yourself."

"I don't."

"You do."

"I don't!"

"Yes, you do!"


"Mum! Dad!" Belle yelled, "Must you argue right now?"

Alex and Star Light looked at one another, quickly remembering as to where they were and who was watching. Star Light, blushing lightly, looked up to Celestia.

"Apologies, Princess."

"There's no need to apologise," Celestia replied kindly, "What you have all been through are very unusual circumstances, it's only natural that everyone is on edge."

"Where will Connor have gone?" asked Bella asked.

"No idea," Elizabeth replied, "He might have gone to the Wonderbolt HQ."

Alexander shook his head and laughed, bemused that Connor was studying for a Masters degree, ,"Since when was Connor an academic?"

Star Light repressed the urge to scream at Alex and plant a hoof across his cheek, "Since he left school. He's far more intelligent that you ever give him credit for, and as I recall he DID apply to some universities, but surprise surprise he was turned down because someone didn't like what he wanted to study."

"Game design is a complete waste of time."

"To you maybe, but to Connor it is what he wanted to study. Tell me Alex, if Connor hadn't returned to Equestria, how long would you keep interfering with his life from the sidelines? Stopping him doing what he wanted to do, simply because you didn't like it?"

"I never-"

"Don't lie to me Alex, you're not very good at it," Star Light replied, her voice full of disappointment, "Until you start treating Connor like the grown man he is, and acknowledge what he does with his life is his business and not yours, don't bother speaking to me."

Without another word, Star Light flew away, leaving the rest to look on in stunned silence.

Meanwhile, high in the skies above Equestria, Connor was flying steadily towards Wonderbolts HQ, still reeling from his reunion with his fake father. So much so he hadn't been paying close enough attention to his surroundings.


So distracted he was with his thoughts, he hadn't realised he'd unintentionally flown into a practice session lead by his fiancée. At the last second he managed to avoid a mid-air collision, though that didn't stop the others from spiralling out of control.

Instinct kicked in though, and they quickly recovered. Frowning slightly, Spitfire flew over to Connor, who was now hovering mid-air.

"Connor, as delighted as I am to see you, next time do you think you could drop by by NOT flying right into a practice routine?"

"Sorry Spits," he replied, looking slightly down, "It's just that.....I've just had a reunion with my fake father."

"Your fake father? You mean..."

"Alexander, my human step dad."

"How did it go?" she asked, placing a hoof on his shoulder.

"...I punched him in the face."

Spitfire and the other Bolts looked at one another awkwardly, before Spitfire called out, "Take a break Bolts."

They immediately flew away, while Spitfire moved in closer to Connor, giving him a nuzzle, "What happened?"

"I was summoned to the castle, with Elizabeth, where we were eventually taken to another room and that's when I saw him. For the first time since I came here. He began to apologise, and that's when I lost it and punched him in the face."


"Because he's not sorry, he never is. Whenever he says 'I'm sorry', it's not because he is, it's just to save face and make himself look good. And after everything he did, sabotaging any effort I made to look for work or apply to Uni, why should I accept any apology? If I hadn't have come to Equestria, I'd still be wasting away while he pulls the strings."

"Come on, Connor," Spitfire said, wrapping a foreleg around his arm, "Let's take a break for the day, head into Cloudsdale, to that chocolate shop and cafe you like."

"The Old Chocolate House, with the cafe upstairs?"

Spitfire nodded.

"OK," he replied with a smile, "But don't tell Cara, she'd kill me if I knew I was dining with the competition."

"She already knows."

"How?" Connor asked, sounded slightly worried.

"I had lunch with her there a while ago. One of her friends runs the place."

"Oh...I never knew."

"I thought she told you."

"Maybe she did, I just don't remember."

"Anyway, it doesn't matter. Wanna head over there?"


"Great, just let me tell the others. I'm sure Soarin can run things for half a day."

Half and hour later, the pair were sitting in the upstairs cafe, having already placed their orders. Both having gone for an extra large waffle with a generous amount of hazelnut spread and cream, and a large mug of hot chocolate each, made with real cocoa butter, with chocolate drops coming in an edible chocolate pot.

"Reminds me of the chocolate shops in Bruges," Connor said aloud, looking around the centuries old interior of the cafe with its exposed wooden beams and brickwork.


"A medieval town in Belgium, a country world famous for chocolate. And beer."

"A favourite place of yours?"

"Maybe, I usually travelled over once a month. Mostly to Bruges, but also to Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels."

"Nice places?"


"Who did you go with?"

"On my own."

"Didn't you ever go with your friends?" Spitfire asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"What friends?" Connor snorted.

"I thought you said you had some."

"More like people I knew, I wouldn't call them friends. Not really."

"Why not?"

"Too often I wasn't invited to birthdays or they'd 'forget' mine, or I was shut out of conversations. Just little things really that made me question if our friendship was genuine."

Spitfire fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat, not too sure what to say to comfort Connor. She was a stunt pony, not a psychologist.

"You guys here in Equestria were the first real friends I've had. Even more in your case."

Spitfire blushed.

"Anyway," Connor continued, "Enough about that. Let's talk about the upcoming show in Seaddle."

Spitfire immediately perked up, "Sure, is budgeting going well?"

"Well enough, I'll make certain Soarin's pie addiction doesn't blow the budget."

Spitfire let out a small laugh, "No doubt you'll replace pies with chocolate."

"Maybe, chocolate is far more popular. The new flight suits arrived by the way."

"Good, I'll see that they're hooved out when I get back. Anything else?"

"The Mayor of Trottingham and White Star, the CEO of the Peninsular Navigation Company, sent a request for a performance for the launch of the Pride of Vanhoover."

"Isn't that their new Norsun class ro-ro ferry?"

Connor nodded, "Yep. Pretty big for ferries, and powered by four liquid crystal engines with a combined output of 50,000 ponypower. Just like the ferries I travelled on."

"More eerie similarities."

"Indeed. They've also asked if I'd do the honours of christening the ship."

"You mean smash a champagne bottle against the hull?"

Connor nodded, "I intend to accept, I haven't written back yet. Thought I'd run it by you first."

"You don't need to ask me Connor."

"Still, I thought it would be best to let you know. I can let them know if you want to do a performance when I write back if you like?"

"Sure thing."


In a centuries old tea room, down a narrow, cobblestoned street, Star Light was sipping tea, having had an unexpected encounter.

"I can't believe it's really you," Cara said, "And imagine, bumping into you as you left the castle as I was arriving."

"Stranger things have happened," Star Light replied, smiling back.

"Yeah, Connor is living proof of that."

"I imagine you were quite pleased at discovering he was your brother?"

"Elated doesn't even come close to describing it. Though when we first met, I was unaware of who he actually was."


"Yeah. He came into my fudge shop and we had a chat, he bought a lot of fudge, and the next time we saw each other was when he was in hospital."

"What?!" Star Light asked, her eyes bulging.

"He didn't initially have wings, his friend Twilight cast a spell on him to give him temporary wings. They soon disappeared but for reasons outside my understanding, his wings grew back, painfully."

"How so?"

"I'll spare you the details, but Twilight's spell had the side effect of 're-activating' his pegasus DNA, or something like that. He spent a few weeks in hospital though, and that's when it was discovered through DNA testing that we were related."

"Sounds similar to what happened to the girls, and myself. Though why we would be affected too eludes me, thankfully I was at home when I turned back into a pony, and the girl's eyewitnesses, few as they were, were convinced to forget what they saw."

"When you say 'convinced'?" Cara asked, feeling a sense of dread at the underlying tone.

"Well, tuition fees paid for, new cars, new house each...the authorities were quite eager to keep things under wraps. I imagine that Connor didn't have the same problem?"

"I don't believe so, from what he told me, he staggered to the Throne Room, after waking up in the middle of the night in extreme pain, and collapsed on the Throne Room floor in front of Luna."

The mention of Luna's name sparked another avenue of curiosity in Star Light.

"I'm told that she and Connor are quite good friends, and that she is also his personal teacher?"

"True. Connor, not being swayed by Luna's past...actions, had an unbiased view on her and long story short, became his teacher of business management."

"He's General Manager of the Wonderbolts is he not?"

Cara nodded, "He's really taken to it, loves wearing his Wonderbolt flightsuit though."

Star Light smiled, "I'm glad he's finally able to do something he enjoys without Alexander interfering."

Cara's face soured, "Connor said he always interfered in what he did."

"Alex may have meant well trying to protect Connor, but in reality held him back and stopped him from living his life. What about you though? It seems as though you took my fudge making lessons and made a career out of it."

"Well I enjoy it. I did have to do an apprenticeship first though whilst at college, but as soon as I was on my own I could do almost anything I wanted. I remember when I opened my first shop in Cloudsdale, rather than just selling them through a third party. Then the other week I met Theo who's-"

Cara suddenly stopped talking, blushed intensely and placed her hooves over her mouth.

"So? Who's Theo?" Star Light asked, "Do tell me more about this young colt. I know about Connor's partner."

"He's just a business partner," Cara tried to convince in vain, "Honest."

"Sure, darling, sure. So, when can I expect to meet him?"

Cara groaned.

"So," Vulcan said, looking intently at the person in front of him, "You are Alexander."

"Yes. And you must be Vulcan, Connor's...father."

"That's right."

The two continued to stare tensely at one another for several seconds, Alexander's greater height doing nothing to intimidate Vulcan. The air around the pair was tense, with the others watching on nervously, anticipating one of them to act.

"Fine boy," Vulcan finally said.

"I'd like to think so," Alex replied.

"He certainly has his mother's softer side."

"I thought that too, until he just walloped me," Alex replied, pointing to the bruise on his nose.

"What happened? It's uncharacteristic of Connor to resort to unprovoked acts of violence," Vulcan asked firmly, squinting suspiciously.

"It's a long story."

"I have time."

"So," Star Light continued, "When can I expect grandfoals?"


"I'm not getting any younger darling, I would like to see at least one before I finally kick the cloud."

"We've only just moved in together!"

"So? That doesn't mean you should wait getting a bun in your oven."

"Urgh!" Cara groaned, "Now I can see where Connor got his sense of humour from."

Star Light couldn't help but start laughing. Despite being separated from birth for almost 25 years, Cara and Connor were fairly similar in their personalities. Quite eerily so, in fact.

"Speaking of Connor, I did see him just before I bumped into you. He stormed out of the castle after punching Alexander on his nose."

"Come again?" Cara replied, looking up in astonishment at her mother, "Did you say, Connor punched his step-dad on the nose?"

Star Light nodded, "He was quite angry as what he saw as Alexander constantly interfering in his life, and I guess knowing for certain that certain...details, were kept from him is what pushed him over the edge."

"He said to me that he felt things were being kept from him."

"Some things we had to," Star Light replied, looking down and tracing circles on the table with a hoof, "What child would believe that in reality they're actually supposed to be a magical flying pony from a different world?"

Fair point, Cara thought.

"What about you? You turned into a human, didn't you?"

"Yes. It was....incredibly frightening at first. I was particularly terrified of falling over, not being used to walking on two legs, and hurting a still unborn Connor. As selfish and narrow minded Alex can be at times, he was always there for me when I needed him. Protected me from those who had...other ideas for me."

"Other ideas?"

"I was too scared to ask, but apparently Alex had support from high ranking officers who made sure no harm came to me."

"Is that why they kept trying to pressgang Connor into joining? So they could keep an eye on him?"

"That's my guess."

"What now though? Now you're back in Equestria? What will you do?"

"I don't know. Nor do I know what I'll do when I see Vulcan again."

Star Light looked up in almost desperate hope, "He is still alive, isn't he?"

Cara nodded, "He missed you, a lot."

"How do you think he'll react?"

"He accepted you were gone a long time ago, but knowing you're OK, and Connor too, seems to have helped settle him a little."

"He's not angry that I'm with Alex?"

Cara shook her head, "No. He quickly accepted that you had to move on with your life, just as I did."

"Did he ever meet anypony else?"

"He went on a few dates, but nothing ever came of them. I think he's resigned to being single for the rest of his life."

Star Light looked down to the floor sadly, a pang of guilt striking her heart like a thunderbolt, "He wouldn't be alone if I hadn't disappeared. Why did I have to go flower picking that day?"

"Don't let it get you down mum," Cara replied consolingly, "Yeah things were hard, and we've missed out on a lot together, but we're together again."

"We have a lot of catching up to do."


"You can start by telling me more about this young colt you're dating."

Cara rolled her eyes and groaned, again.


Connor's family, Celestia and Vulcan had finished listening to Alex's explanation for how he acted towards Connor. Throughout, Vulcan did not make comments or otherwise interrupt, instead he allowed Alex to explain.

And he wasn't too pleased with the explanations.

"I don't understand why you did not tell him anything at all. Did you not consider breaking the news to him when he came of age?"


"Why not?"

"Star Light wanted to, but I said no. I was afraid of what would become of Connor if he knew. How he would take it, would he put himself in danger?"

"All you did in not telling him was confirm his suspicions of having information withheld from him. How did you persuade Star Light to stay quiet?"

"I convinced her that Connor would be put in danger if he knew too much."

"How so?" Vulcan asked, looking on in disbelief.

"What if Connor knew, and unintentionally blurted it out? People who didn't know otherwise would think he's crazy and mock him for it, or what if, like my daughters, his wings appeared without warning in a public place? In our world with everyone carrying smart phones, in very little time at all it would be filmed and go viral within minutes of being posted online. He'd never know peace ever again."

Vulcan, knowing what Alex was referring to due to a crash course in human technology from Connor, could to some degree see where Alex was coming from. But on the other hoof, Connor was still kept in the dark about his true origins, and that of his mother too.

"Be that as it may, he should still have been told. No one had the right to keep him in the dark about it."

"I did what I thought was in his interests."

"You did what you thought was in your interests," Vulcan replied, a scowl forming on his brow.

Alex stood up with fists clenched, "That is a LIE! As his father-"


Everyone in the room was taken back by the sheer force and volume of Vulcan's response as it echoed throughout the room. They watched on nervously as Vulcan began to move towards Alex.

"You are NOT his father," Vulcan repeated, continuing to walk slowly towards a seemingly unnerved Alex, "I am! You may have helped raise him, but by doing what you have, frankly I feel as though you were wilfully trying to keep him from knowing his true origins. Why else would you do everything you can to keep him under your control?"

"Do not dare question me and my actions!" Alex boomed, "You have no right!"

"I have every right to question your actions when my son is involved!"

"You only met Connor a few weeks ago, you barely have the right to call him your son!"

Almost immediately, Alex realised what he had said. His daughters and Celestia looked on in stunned silence as Alex tried pathetically to stutter out a response.

"I-I'm sorry, I I didn-"

"How dare you," Vulcan replied in a harsh, firm tone, looking severely at Alex.

"I never meant-"



Connor and Spitfire were sitting on a bench in Cloudsdale's market district, enjoying some fish and chips each, watching the hustle and bustle of the market place as ponies shopped and bartered for wares, or just simply browsed the stalls. The sun was still shining brightly through even higher clouds above, and a gentle breeze blew softly through the city.

"Nice afternoon," Connor said, taking a bite of haddock.

"Yeah, it's nice just to wind down now and again."

"Especially after what happened earlier."

"Are you still mad at him?"

"Yes, but I won't hit him."

"Are you sure?"


Spitfire rolled her eyes, "Just try to not get into trouble. I can't bust your plot out of prison should you end up there, which could force your dismissal from the Wonderbolts."

"I'll behave myself, don't worry."

Almost immediately, a pair of Pegasi from Celestia's guard landed in front of them, attracting the attention of other ponies.

"Connor Wakefield?" one of the guards said.

"Yes?" Connor replied, slightly worried they may want him for hitting Alex.

"We need you to come with us."

Connor sighed and looked to Spitfire. She gave him a nod and comforting pat on the leg, "It'll be alright Connor. We'll get through this."

"Yeah, but I guess I have to answer for what I did."

"What you-"

Connor and Spitfire looked to the guards who's faces were of great confusion.

"You are not in trouble, Mr Wakefield," the same guard said, "However, your presence is requested at Canterlot castle."

"Who sent for me?"

"The Princess. She also requested we give you this," the guard replied, holding out a scroll.

Connor took the scroll and began reading it.


And sighed in disbelief.

"What is it?" asked Spitfire.

"Vulcan, my real dad, is currently being held in the dungeons of Canterlot castle for hitting my fake father.

Spitfire blinked.


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