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The Story Man

I'm posting some of my stories from the /fb/ general on /mlp/ and I'll be writing some other stuff from time to time.

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Well, I'll be watching this one closely.

Very interesting I will continue to read!

Alright, I cannot FUCKING stand a story that doesn't build the relationship first and heads STRAIGHT TO THE BREAKUP! Seriously, what am I supposed to feel for this guy? Because all I'm feeling is he was never around so Vinyl was trying to get sex somewhere she could actually get it. It by no means justifies her actions, but the story isn't built up enough for me to feel for him at all.
In general, I hate stories that begin with a breakup. No offense to your ability as a writer, it's just really really REALLY not my cup of tea. I cannot continue this story in good faith.
Good day.

This story is more about temptation and redemption than it is the actual relationship at the start.

Ideally, you'll be able to get the idea that anon is incredibly hurt and how that affects him as the story goes on.


We get the idea that he's hurt later on? Damn. I thought he was pretty damn hurt from the get go! Can't wait to read more.


The story seems to pick up from other works that story man has already written. Take a look at his page. There should be three other stories focused on this relationship. And they are all pretty built up.

Or I'm horribly wrong, and this is a stand alone with no story.

Oh, you're supposed to pick up on it here, but the effects of it drift into the next chapters.

Oh, didn't see this.

No, this is not a continuation of JYYC. Still, if you wanna roll that way I won't judge you.

6262486 I mean... I was in a bit of a bad mood last night. But my statement still stands about disliking stories that start with a breakup, especially with this sort of situation. But I'll give it another try, and take my dislike back. Story Man seems like a cool dudebro :rainbowwild:

Interesting way to start a break up.

Dude harsh. I'd hate my ex forever if she cheated on me.

Read the latest blog post, and sorry in advance.

6332240 can you give us a specific date when your coming back and writing this fic?

Unfortunately no, a novel is kind of a lot of work and all.

I'm hoping it won't be long, but I did make the post about going on hiatus for a reason.

Oh I can't wait for the next chapter!

So sad :fluttercry:..... need more.

cant wait to see if there is more whoo hoo!

"What you saw was me being me" no matter what she say or how she tries to justifie what she did or say that this is how she is as a person, the one that cheated on him was still her, that's something that can't be explained nor talked away, heh, loved how she claimed he was being unreasonable and broke up with him directly after just because he didn't want to talk to her, gotta love that kind of logic.

What the actual fuck... I read this expecting fun and happy times... not really noticing the incomplete stamp but still... I got to the part where he walked in smiled and thought, oh I get it, she's having sex with Rainbow! I wasn't expecting her to be cheating on him. Jesus! I didn't think you could write something like that! I reaaaaaally hope you have a very good writing to back that up.

Damn wouldve been great to see more of this story, it was great so far.

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