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Radiant Dawn

Write what you know; write what you feel. Give life to that which lacks it, and mend the heart of they who need it most. Love, laugh, and cry. Never be afraid to be yourself. This is me.


Music...it's what drives her, what gives her life. Vinyl Scratch lives for the next thrum of the bass, the next stomp of dancing hooves...but lately, she finds she wants more. What more could there be than living your dream? As she ponders this, she may find that she needs a guide to walk with her through the maze of life...someone who cares about who she is, instead of what she can do.

Rated T for strong, crude language, sexual situations, and use of alcohol.

Cover art provided by Doggie999, used with permission.

Dedicated to Mia B.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 27 )

Not bad, I'm curious to see what happens next. If I interpreted the character selection right, my two favorite parings are in here :pinkiehappy: either way I'm interested! Update when you can.

I can't wait to see what else you do with this story. I can tell that this is going to be a really nice story. Keep up the great writing!

I like how you're going at this story, :moustache:

Awww, poor Vinyl. And yeah, vengeful princess ex doesn't sound fun to deal with.
Really good story so far, dude!

Great story so far!! I love the fact that you made Angel's 'attitude' something good and not just 'he is an ass all the time' kinda thing. Favorited and keep up the good work!

I love the way you gave Vinyl a character that wasn't just party all night sleep all day,but the ending..:fluttercry:

Awesome story so far, can't wait for more! :rainbowkiss:

does this have Flutterdash in it?

Maybe you can write about fluttershy and vynil past

I like the idea of the story, and it's pretty well written. The only problem I have is Dash.

“If you ever roll up on me like that again, I’ll make sure you don’t fly for a week.”

Dash wouldn't back down from something like that. She seems altogether way more subdued than she is in the show without any reason for it.

Vinyl also feels a little over aggressive... Still, good story so far.

2720629 Well first of all you would be right about Rainbow Dash...if she were dealing with an earth pony or pegasus. A unicorn's ability with magic can trump her speed, her strength, and her determination every time though. Also, if you want to better understand Vinyl, imagine if someone did that to you...for no reason.


Have you seen what she did to Twilight ? a unicorn with about 10 times a normal unicorn's power? :twilightsheepish:

2730871 Twilight may indeed be more powerful, but she knows different spells than Vinyl. Magic is universal in application, but that doesn't mean every unicorn knows all the same spells. Sure, levitation and the like is pretty much universal, but from there spells can be augmented and molded to do different things. Twilight for example could modify a levitation spell to handle one large thing instead of many small things, while Vinyl could modify a repulsion spell to focus on one small space the same amount of power, increasing the force to do something damaging to disable an assailant.

Could they learn each other's spells? Of course. Does that mean that every spell is inherently known by every unicorn? Of course not.


And Dash inherently knows which spells a unicorn knows? I think not. I think Dash would just get up in her face, she's not gonna back down without a show of force or other reason to respect Vinyl.

2730944 No, but perhaps after time growing up (and perhaps getting her flank handed to her once or twice), she's learned to recognize when she's acting stupid.


Which is what I brought up in my original comment, if she HAS grown up and changed, we, as the readers, don't see it and thus her behavior seems out of character.

2731736 Understood, but that's also why you shouldn't pass judgement after only two chapters...or a chapter and a half. Things will be explained, worry not, but if it messes with you too much then I'm sorry and I hope you find what you're looking for in another story.

I don’t want to be forgotten or pregnant, and-”

Well, Tavi, that escalated quickly...

2786570 Fear can make one irrational. Couple that with the thousands of random thoughts we have every moment of every day, and you've got a rather entertaining conversation on your hands.


Just to put in my say about this... talk thats going on. I think the fact that she lifted her glasses could help, seeing as rainbow dash and many other of her fans know that she almost never takes of her glasses/shades so it kind of shows that she is being very serious about what she says

It lives!! But seriously, this was a pretty good chapter. Got to see some character development as well. I look forward to reading more.

Damn, I remember this being the first story I ever favorited a year ago... Glad to see it's still alive!

Wow! This is awesome! I'm reading and can't wait until they admit their--Oh, come on! Leave me with a cliffhanger!!!...Well played, my friend...well played.

~ Michael A.

Some serious friend-shipping going on here, I'll be reading the rest later

cant wait for more :twilightsmile:

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