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I wasn't expecting this when I saw that this story had updated I was shocked but I like the new story I can't wait to see where this is going

what happened to the love interest???

.... And I am out of here. I did not start reading this for Appledash and I ain't sticking around for the worst ship ever.

6036328 It's like I said in the blog post, right now this is a proof of concept more than anything. For those that still want second-person stories, I'll try and do another story following the original style, just better written.

6036292 Give it a while. Remember, AJ and the protagonist didn't fall for eachother in one chapter.


Yeah, alright. Sorry for the sass. Been a bad day, man, a real bad day.

6037937 Hey, everyone's got their bad days. No bad blood over it.

I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed to see RD as the new protagonist, but I'm still gonna read this. You've got a nice writing style. And reading the comment that you'll try to do another story following the original style is a great plus! Looking forward to seeing your stuff! Hope everything goes well ^^

Well when you said you were redoing this you weren't kidding. Big change going from a 2nd person insert to Dash. Looks like it's gonna be entertaining.

So we're never gonna learn the secret connection between Discord and Granny Smith?

What a mystery to remain unsolved!

6049778 Oh? Who said I wasn't going to re-use parts of the original? This is a re-write, after all, not just a brand new story.

You don't happen to have the "Old" An Apple a day saved somewhere? Because i really wanna read through it again,because nostalgia.

6060120 I've got it stored on my website. You can download all 8 chapters in a .zip folder here.

The wait for a new Chapter is killing me. Any info on when the second chapter will come out?

6278335 Sorry, July was a busy month filled with moving and working.

I'm thinking new chapter this Friday.

I can't find the old version of the story, But I'm reading this one too, I just want to compare thing. The link says the page doesn't exist.

6657081 Sorry, when I cancelled my frappus.com domain, that link became dead. The new link is here.

6659506 Thanks but... it says page not found... sorry to botter you!

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